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Management for Challenged Children

1. Mentally Challenged Children: There are two kinds of handicapped in the world.
1) 2)

Mentally handicapped Physically handicapped

Physically handicapped people can understand about their privileges & can ask for the benefits provided to them by the government but on the other hand mentally handicapped can neither understand about their rights nor they have the intelligence to ask for that. Causes of mentally challenged children:

Mental retardation Cerebral palsy Autism Multiple disabilities

2. Physically challenged children: Physically handicapped individuals are those who have non-sensory physical limitations, ie, not because of sense organs like eyes or ears, nut because of other organs like limbs, bones, joints or muscle. According to world health organization (1980) disability means any restriction or lack of ability to perform any activity in the manner within the range considered normal for a normal being. Physically handicapped children are defined as those who rare nonsensory physical limitation or health problem interfere with the school attendance or learning to such an extent that special services, training equipment, material or facilities are required

W e l f a r e s e r v i c e s f o r c h a l l e n g e d children in India The school was established with a vision to train the mentally challenged children & their parents or siblings so that such children could come to the normality.

Vocational training center for mentally challenged boys/girls Special education Occupational therapy Physiotherapy Speech therapy Vocational therapy Highly qualified & extensively experienced specialists designed special training programmes

Objectives of rehabilitation programme:

To have early intervention of learning disabled children. To make mentally challenged children expert & maintain adoptive skill by engaging the appropriate experts in the field.

To train them in how to interact socially. To teach reading, writing, counting numbers, read time etc_ To teach vocational activities To prepare assessment & tool adaptive behavioral developmentally disabled

To make children happy by offering them radio, television & other entertainment services.

To teach musical instruments such as piano & mouth organ.

Future Plans:

Have plans to establish & start consultancy & information service through internet & website.

To bring the familiar belonging to the special children to plan, discuss & decide the future prospective of such children

It also has planned to provide home to old aged destitute To provide emotional support to mentally challenged children's parent at special children self-Help Group Organization. The aim is to train their parent who have the disabilities such as hearing impairment, visual impairment, aphasia, encephalitis, epilepsy, poliomyelitis & tongue-tie.

To mentally challenged children & adult in learning art, culture, handcraft & traditional activities.

To help in rehabilitating & getting employment to the mentally challenged adults.

The trust will provide educational help to mentally challenged, helpless people.

The trust seeks publish books, newspapers, & magazine & conduct printing house.

Training Programmes:

Render latest special education for the well being of mentally learning disabled challenged children.

Starting training programmes aimed at opening up new visas & opportunity for the special children through the latest network communication INSAT countrywide & globally wise.

Distance learning programme for training the mentally challenged special children to the parents & siblings especially in-service through trained teachers & helpers.

Teaching the movement education & speech training to mentally retarded. Expanding training programme for autistic hyperactive children. Special training for young mentally challenged deaf children. Special training for the cerebral palsied children.

To teach the special children in movement & travels, train them for getting social skills, such as place. In this programme they learn table games, toys, using telephone, choose TV programmes, washing & self-care & other necessary domestic tasks.

Parents Self-Help Counseling:

Cerebral palsy club Down's syndrome club Autism club

Medicare & Treatment:


To conduct service projects like

Skin care Blood donation Eye donation Organ donation etc.

Clinic Care:

Physiotherapy Occupational therapy Speech therapy Yogasana

New Modern Therapy:

Solar Eclipse radiation Hyperbaric oxygen

Ancillary Objectives:

Relief to the mentally challenged patient with learning disability

To take active interest in the civil, socio & normal welfare of mentally challenged children, without any restriction as to caste or community or creed & to provide them the basic necessity of the life

By providing suitable jobs & arrangements for self employment scheme

Services for the social welfare of children suffering from various disabilities & disorders:

Helping learning disabled children Care for indigent children Serving disabled children Serving disadvantaged children Services for mentally challenged adolescent Services for mentally challenged children Attention learning disabilities Attention deficit disorders

National Policies for Children: The constitution of India guarantees the special protection of children. some of the constitutional provisions are as follows:

No child under the age of 14 yrs shall be in employment Free & compulsory education to all children under the age of 14 years.

The National Plan of Action focuses on child welfare, protection & development.

Social welfare schemes of Tamilnadu Government: The Government of Tamilnadu has been implementing various social welfare schemes for the upliftment of downtrodden community. In order to promote the welfare program the Government of India

established the Central Social Welfare Board in 1953 during the first five year plan. On the basis of this, the Tamilnadu State Social Welfare Board was established in 1954. This social welfare board has undertaken many programmes for women, children, scheduled caste, scheduled tribes & orphans.


The government is committed to provide facilities in the important hospitals in the state to compete with standard private hospitals. The government has chalked out a plan to provide services to patients who come from foreign countries.

At present 25 operation theatres in 20 district headquarters hospitals & 64 operation theatres in 64 taluk headquarters: Hospitals have been provided with air-conditioning facilities.

With a view to impart proper nursing care to rural public & provide opportunity to students from rural area to take nursing profession as a career, seven new schools of nursing have been started.

Idaternity & Child Care: The maternity services comprises antenatal, intra-natal & post-natal care to

the mother & infants. These services are rendered to the pregnant & lactating mothers & children through immunization, medical care & nutritional facilities. Schemes for the Aged: To provide social security to the old age people, the government has enacted various schemes. The pension schemes involving monthly recurring payment consist of 5 types they are:i. ii.

Old age pensions Physically handicapped pensions

iii. iv. v.

Destitute Widow's pensions Destitute agricultural laborers pension Destitute deserted wife's pension