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Weve added nearly 200 students to the Climate-KIC alumni over the last two months. What a journey it has been for us. Weve visited countless countries, cities and citadels than ever before were already planning for a bigger summer school offering next year.

Thank you and welcome to all those new alumni from the 2013 Journey cohort.


There are more news and events than we could fit into this newsletter which is why following our LinkedIn and Tumblr pages are more important than ever before. Videos from the Journey are here and blogs from all five journeys can be found on our blog. Over on Tumblr you can read a Q&A from Climate-KIC alumni Devin Malone who offers some invaluable advice on starting up your own business and also read about a new and exciting project, ClimateSnack.

I am delighted to announce that this years Innovation Festival is officially open for business. This means we are now accepting invitations from students (on existing educational programmes) to join us in Wroclaw, Poland, for three days on 21st-23rd October. The festival brings together around 400 people in one room. Climate-KIC, our partners, alumni, students, entrepreneurs, policy makers and business market leaders will all be there to discuss and plan innovate, high-impact emerging concepts and businesses. The bad news is that the Innovation Festival is an invite-only event; sadly we cannot invite you all. The good news is that there are a handful of spaces available for students who either have a business idea/start-up or can convincingly demonstrate and display your projects to guests at the festival. Those luckily enough to be accepted will have their travel costs and accommodation paid for. If you are interesting in joining us - let us know. Simply email your local CLC Education manager with the subject Innovation festival 2013 and in less than 100 words describe why you want to join and what you can offer. Please contact your local Climate-KIC office if you would like to know more about registration.


All eyes will be on Budapest this November (10th-12th) with the EIT due to host two events: the Student and Alumni Connect Event which is immediately followed by the EIT C.H.A.N.G.E. Award. Preceding the awards, but in conjunction with it, the EIT is inviting you to join its Alumni and Connect Event in Budapest, Hungary, 10th November. Youll have the chance to meet up with successful entrepreneurs, innovators and exchange stories and ideas with students and

alumni from all the EITs KIC educational programmes. Youll also be able to stay on to attend the awards. The EIT have generously offered to cover the costs for 50 people who want to attend the Student and Alumni Connect Event. To be in with a chance of attending, email me and explain in why you want to participant in the event.


The EITs Change Agents & Next Generation awards are open to all current Climate-KIC students and alumni who have implemented/initiated an innovation idea, project, service or product that has resulted in change. If you think this is you, youll need to send me or your local Education Manager a proposal and supporting letter which details your achievements, what impact it has had and how you made it happen. Only three applicants will be selected to attend and pitch at the awards and the winner will be offered a tailor made mentoring/coaching programme attuned to your specific needs. Deadline for all applications has been extended to 14 September 2013. Click here to find out more.


ClimateSnack is a new international and inter-disciplinary community for Master and PhD students and early career scientists involved in climate research. As they demonstrated to theJourney 2 participants last month, they help develop writing and communication skills by forming writing and discussion groups at institutes and universities around the world. If you want to improve your writing and communication skills, tap into an international climate research community, set up a writing group at your institute or just become one of their writers, then get in touch with Will or Matthew via I spoke with co-founders Will Ball (pictured right) and Matthew StillerReeve recently who wanted to explain their project in their own words. Your climate research articles (snacks) are published on the website and once the snacks are online, the international ClimateSnack community gives feedback and suggestions for improvement, said Will. This experience improves writing skills and increases outreach experience: two extremely important aspects of our early science research careers. With ClimateSnack already established in Norway and the UK, we hope to expand to Sweden and the United States in the following months. For more information, visit the revamped website, read what has already been published, sign up to email alerts and follow them on Twitter (@climatesnack) and Facebook.


We have awarded more than 125,000 through the Climate Market Accelerator (CMA) programme to a project aimed at shifting electricity usage towards renewable energy at off-peak times.

Supported by the London based National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the Dynamic Demand Challenge is a call for innovative solutions for dynamic electricity demand management. The challenge is working with Climate-KIC's Open Innovation Slam and aims at ensuring electricity demand is shifted from peak to off-peak periods, and importantly towards times when electricity from renewable energy is available. Run by Nesta's Centre for Challenge Prizes and supported by the Centre for Carbon Measurement at the NPL, Climate-KIC and National Grid, the challenge will develop and ultimately fund the best idea for managing electricity demand. Up for grabs is a prize fund of 50,000 (which is separate from the 125,000 Climate-KIC funding) which will be awarded to the solution that demonstrates the most significant impact. Youll also receive assistance from experts at Imperial College London and your business plans will be assessed by the judging panel. Anyone across the European Union can apply but the solution must be applied within a UK context. Deadline for entry is 9 September 2013 and application can be made at

THE SECOND FUNDING OPPORTUNITY to tell you about comes from INNOVENTURE EUROPE, the strategic
initiative of the European Fund for Regional Development. They provide pre-qualified start-ups and SMEs operating in four strategic sectors (Energy, Health, Environment and IT), with direct access to pan-European venture capital funding opportunities. Applications to pitch are now open for the fourth INNOVENTURE EUROPE forum which focuses on Green IT and will be held in Paris on October 17, 2013. For more information, please visit


The Climate KIC Alumni Association (CKAA) hosts an annual community event where we come together as a community, explore the knowledge and expertise within our own network and theyll be electing leadership for next year. For all of you who haven't registered yet click here - youll need sign up by 8th September 2013.

Future editions of this newsletter will sent out during the first week of every month. We are always looking for contributions from our expanding community and you have an idea for this newsletter, or would like to submit materials for any of our blogs, contact Phillip Wood on


September 27-29: Alumni Annual Event, Amsterdam, Netherlands. October 21-23: Climate-KIC innovation festival, Wroclaw, Poland. November 10-12: EIT Students and Alumni Connect Day and EIT Awards, Budapest, Hungary.