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Authority and Power Scripture Verses In The New Testament Here's a quick and simple explaination and illustraition

of the difference etween power and authority! Power is defined as "the a ility to do or act" and Authority is defined as "the power to determine or settle issues# the ri$ht to control!" %in$s rule throu$h authority ut conquer throu$h power! Authority rules& ut power expands a kin$dom! Power is may e $i'en as a $ift& ut authority is only as $ood as your relationship with (od! Power is a $ift& and the $ifts and callin$s are without repentance! Authority is estowed or $i'en upon a person# it can lost or $ained! The closer you are to Him )(od* the more of it you ha'e! And the further away from Him you are& the less you ha'e of it! To remain close to (od o ey His word!

+,atthew -./01 And lead us not into temptation& ut deli'er us from e'il. 2or thine is the kin$dom& and the power& and the $lory& for e'er! Amen! +,atthew 3.451 2or he tau$ht them as one ha'in$ authority& and not as the scri es! +,atthew 6.51 2or I am a man under authority& ha'in$ soldiers under me. and I say to this man& (o& and he $oeth# and to another& 7ome& and he cometh# and to my ser'ant& 8o this& and he doeth it! +,atthew 5.-1 9ut that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to for$i'e sins& +then saith he to the sick of the palsy&1 Arise& take up thy ed& and $o unto thine house! +,atthew 5.61 9ut when the multitude saw it& they mar'elled& and $lorified (od& which had $i'en such power unto men! +,atthew /:./1 And when he had called unto him his twel'e disciples& he $a'e them power a$ainst unclean spirits& to cast them out& and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease! +,atthew 4:.4;1 9ut <esus called them unto him& and said& =e know that the princes of the (entiles exercise dominion o'er them& and they that are $reat exercise authority upon them!

+,atthew 4/.40>4?1 And when he was come into the temple& the chief priests and the elders of the people came unto him as he was teachin$& and said& 9y what authority doest thou these thin$s@ and who $a'e thee this authority@ A4?B And <esus answered and said unto them& I also will ask you one thin$& which if ye tell me& I in like wise will tell you y what authority I do these thin$s! +,atthew 4/.431 And they answered <esus& and said& Ce cannot tell! And he said unto them& Neither tell I you y what authority I do these thin$s! +,atthew 44.451 <esus answered and said unto them& =e do err& not knowin$ the scriptures& nor the power of (od! +,atthew 4?.0:1 And then shall appear the si$n of the Son of man in hea'en. and then shall all the tri es of the earth mourn& and they shall see the Son of man comin$ in the clouds of hea'en with power and $reat $lory! +,atthew 4-.-?1 <esus saith unto him& Thou hast said. ne'ertheless I say unto you& Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sittin$ on the ri$ht hand of power& and comin$ in the clouds of hea'en! +,atthew 46./61 And <esus came and spake unto them& sayin$& All power is $i'en unto me in hea'en and in earth! +,ark /.441 And they were astonished at his doctrine. for he tau$ht them as one that had authority& and not as the scri es! +,ark /.431 And they were all amaDed& insomuch that they questioned amon$ themsel'es& sayin$& Chat thin$ is this@ what new doctrine is this@ for with authority commandeth he e'en the unclean spirits& and they do o ey him! +,ark 4.6>//1 Immediately <esus knew in his spirit that this was what they were thinkin$ in their hearts& and he said to them& "Chy are you thinkin$ these thin$s@ A5B Chich is easier. to say to the paralytic& '=our sins are for$i'en&' or to say& '(et up& take your mat and walk'@ A/:B 9ut that you may know that the Son of ,an has authority on earth to for$i'e sins ! ! ! !" He said to the paralytic& A//B "I tell you& $et up& take your mat and $o home!" +,ark 0./?>/;1 He appointed twel'e>>desi$natin$ them apostles >>that they mi$ht e with him and that he mi$ht send them out to preach A/;B and to ha'e authority to dri'e out demons! +,ark -.31 And he called unto him the twel'e& and e$an to send them forth y two and two# and $a'e them power o'er unclean spirits# +,ark 5./1 And he said unto them& Verily I say unto you& That there e some of them that stand here& which shall not taste of death& till they ha'e seen the kin$dom of (od come with power!

+,ark /:.?41 9ut <esus called them to him& and saith unto them& =e know that they which are accounted to rule o'er the (entiles exercise lordship o'er them# and their $reat ones exercise authority upon them! +,ark //.46>451 And say unto him& 9y what authority doest thou these thin$s@ and who $a'e thee this authority to do these thin$s@ A45B And <esus answered and said unto them& I will also ask of you one question& and answer me& and I will tell you y what authority I do these thin$s! +,ark //.001 And they answered and said unto <esus& Ce cannot tell! And <esus answerin$ saith unto them& Neither do I tell you y what authority I do these thin$s! +,ark /4.4?1 And <esus answerin$ said unto them& 8o ye not therefore err& ecause ye know not the scriptures& neither the power of (od@ +,ark /0.4-1 And then shall they see the Son of man comin$ in the clouds with $reat power and $lory! +,ark /0.0?1 2or the Son of man is as a man takin$ a far Eourney& who left his house& and $a'e authority to his ser'ants& and to e'ery man his work& and commanded the porter to watch! +,ark /?.-41 And <esus said& I am. and ye shall see the Son of man sittin$ on the ri$ht hand of power& and comin$ in the clouds of hea'en! +Fuke /./31 And he shall $o efore him in the spirit and power of Glias& to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children& and the diso edient to the wisdom of the Eust# to make ready a people prepared for the Ford! +Fuke /.0;1 And the an$el answered and said unto her& The Holy (host shall come upon thee& and the power of the Hi$hest shall o'ershadow thee. therefore also that holy thin$ which shall e orn of thee shall e called the Son of (od! +Fuke ?.-1 And the de'il said unto him& All this power will I $i'e thee& and the $lory of them. for that is deli'ered unto me# and to whomsoe'er I will I $i'e it! +Fuke ?./?1 And <esus returned in the power of the Spirit into (alilee. and there went out a fame of him throu$h all the re$ion round a out! +Fuke ?.0/>041 Then he went down to 7apernaum& a town in (alilee& and on the Sa ath e$an to teach the people! A04B They were amaDed at his teachin$& ecause his messa$e had authority! +Fuke ?.0-1 And they were all amaDed& and spake amon$ themsel'es& sayin$& Chat a word is thisH for with authority and power he commandeth the unclean spirits& and they come out! +Fuke ;./31 And it came to pass on a certain day& as he was teachin$& that there were

Pharisees and doctors of the law sittin$ y& which were come out of e'ery town of (alilee& and <udaea& and <erusalem. and the power of the Ford was present to heal them! +Fuke ;.4?1 9ut that ye may know that the Son of man hath power upon earth to for$i'e sins& +he said unto the sick of the palsy&1 I say unto thee& Arise& and take up thy couch& and $o into thine house! +Fuke 3.61 2or I also am a man set under authority& ha'in$ under me soldiers& and I say unto one& (o& and he $oeth# and to another& 7ome& and he cometh# and to my ser'ant& 8o this& and he doeth it! +Fuke 5./1 Then he called his twel'e disciples to$ether& and $a'e them power and authority o'er all de'ils& and to cure diseases! +Fuke /:./51 9ehold& I $i'e unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions& and o'er all the power of the enemy. and nothin$ shall y any means hurt you! +Fuke /4.;1 9ut I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear. 2ear him& which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell# yea& I say unto you& 2ear him! +Fuke /5./31 And he said unto him& Cell& thou $ood ser'ant. ecause thou hast een faithful in a 'ery little& ha'e thou authority o'er ten cities! +Fuke 4:.41 And spake unto him& sayin$& Tell us& y what authority doest thou these thin$s@ or who is he that $a'e thee this authority@ +Fuke 4:.61 And <esus said unto them& Neither tell I you y what authority I do these thin$s! +Fuke 4:.4:1 And they watched him& and sent forth spies& which should fei$n themsel'es Eust men& that they mi$ht take hold of his words& that so they mi$ht deli'er him unto the power and authority of the $o'ernor! +Fuke 4/.431 And then shall they see the Son of man comin$ in a cloud with power and $reat $lory! +Fuke 44.4;1 And he said unto them& The kin$s of the (entiles exercise lordship o'er them# and they that exercise authority upon them are called enefactors! +Fuke 44.;01 Chen I was daily with you in the temple& ye stretched forth no hands a$ainst me. ut this is your hour& and the power of darkness! +Fuke 44.-51 Hereafter shall the Son of man sit on the ri$ht hand of the power of (od! +Fuke 4?.?51 And& ehold& I send the promise of my 2ather upon you. ut tarry ye in the city of <erusalem& until ye e endued with power from on hi$h! +<ohn /./41 9ut as many as recei'ed him& to them $a'e he power to ecome the sons

of (od& e'en to them that elie'e on his name. +<ohn ;.431 And hath $i'en him authority to execute Eud$ment also& ecause he is the Son of man! +<ohn /:./61 No man taketh it from me& ut I lay it down of myself! I ha'e power to lay it down& and I ha'e power to take it a$ain! This commandment ha'e I recei'ed of my 2ather! +<ohn /3.41 As thou hast $i'en him power o'er all flesh& that he should $i'e eternal life to as many as thou hast $i'en him! +<ohn /5./:>//1 Then saith Pilate unto him& Speakest thou not unto me@ knowest thou not that I ha'e power to crucify thee& and ha'e power to release thee@ A//B <esus answered& Thou couldest ha'e no power at all a$ainst me& except it were $i'en thee from a o'e. therefore he that deli'ered me unto thee hath the $reater sin! +Acts /.3>61 And he said unto them& It is not for you to know the times or the seasons& which the 2ather hath put in his own power! A6B 9ut ye shall recei'e power& after that the Holy (host is come upon you. and ye shall e witnesses unto me oth in <erusalem& and in all <udaea& and in Samaria& and unto the uttermost part of the earth! +Acts 0./41 And when Peter saw it& he answered unto the people& =e men of Israel& why mar'el ye at this@ or why look ye so earnestly on us& as thou$h y our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk@ +Acts ?.31 And when they had set them in the midst& they asked& 9y what power& or y what name& ha'e ye done this@ +Acts ?.001 And with $reat power $a'e the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Ford <esus. and $reat $race was upon them all! +Acts ;.?1 Chiles it remained& was it not thine own@ and after it was sold& was it not in thine own power@ why hast thou concei'ed this thin$ in thine heart@ thou hast not lied unto men& ut unto (od! +Acts -.61 And Stephen& full of faith and power& did $reat wonders and miracles amon$ the people! +Acts 6./:1 To whom they all $a'e heed& from the least to the $reatest& sayin$& This man is the $reat power of (od! +Acts 6./51 Sayin$& (i'e me also this power& that on whomsoe'er I lay hands& he may recei'e the Holy (host! +Acts 6.431 And he arose and went. and& ehold& a man of Gthiopia& an eunuch of $reat authority under 7andace queen of the Gthiopians& who had the char$e of all her treasure& and had come to <erusalem for to worship&

+Acts 5./?1 And here he hath authority from the chief priests to ind all that call on thy name! +Acts /:.061 How (od anointed <esus of NaDareth with the Holy (host and with power. who went a out doin$ $ood& and healin$ all that were oppressed of the de'il# for (od was with him! +Acts 4-./:1 Chich thin$ I also did in <erusalem. and many of the saints did I shut up in prison& ha'in$ recei'ed authority from the chief priests# and when they were put to death& I $a'e my 'oice a$ainst them! +Acts 4-./61 To open their eyes& and to turn them from darkness to li$ht& and from the power of Satan unto (od& that they may recei'e for$i'eness of sins& and inheritance amon$ them which are sanctified y faith that is in me! +Iomans /./>?1 Paul& a ser'ant of 7hrist <esus& called to e an apostle and set apart for the $ospel of (od>> A4B the $ospel he promised eforehand throu$h his prophets in the Holy Scriptures A0B re$ardin$ his Son& who as to his human nature was a descendant of 8a'id& A?B and who throu$h the Spirit of holiness was declared with power to e the Son of (od y his resurrection from the dead. <esus 7hrist our Ford! +Iomans /./-1 2or I am not ashamed of the $ospel of 7hrist. for it is the power of (od unto sal'ation to e'ery one that elie'eth# to the <ew first& and also to the (reek! +Iomans /.4:1 2or the in'isi le thin$s of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen& ein$ understood y the thin$s that are made& e'en his eternal power and (odhead# so that they are without excuse. +Iomans 5./31 2or the scripture saith unto Pharaoh& G'en for this same purpose ha'e I raised thee up& that I mi$ht show my power in thee& and that my name mi$ht e declared throu$hout all the earth! +Iomans 5.4/>441 Hath not the potter power o'er the clay& of the same lump to make one 'essel unto honour& and another unto dishonour@ A44B Chat if (od& willin$ to show his wrath& and to make his power known& endured with much lon$sufferin$ the 'essels of wrath fitted to destruction. +Iomans /0./>01 Fet e'ery soul e su Eect unto the hi$her powers! 2or there is no power ut of (od. the powers that e are ordained of (od! A4B Chosoe'er therefore resisteth the power& resisteth the ordinance of (od. and they that resist shall recei'e to themsel'es damnation! A0B 2or rulers are not a terror to $ood works& ut to the e'il! Cilt thou then not e afraid of the power@ do that which is $ood& and thou shalt ha'e praise of the same. +Iomans /;./01 Now the (od of hope fill you with all Eoy and peace in elie'in$& that ye may a ound in hope& throu$h the power of the Holy (host! +Iomans /;./51 Throu$h mi$hty si$ns and wonders& y the power of the Spirit of (od#

so that from <erusalem& and round a out unto Illyricum& I ha'e fully preached the $ospel of 7hrist! +Iomans /-.4;1 Now to him that is of power to sta lish you accordin$ to my $ospel& and the preachin$ of <esus 7hrist& accordin$ to the re'elation of the mystery& which was kept secret since the world e$an& +/ 7orinthians /./61 2or the preachin$ of the cross is to them that perish foolishness# ut unto us which are sa'ed it is the power of (od! +/ 7orinthians /.4?1 9ut unto them which are called& oth <ews and (reeks& 7hrist the power of (od& and the wisdom of (od! +/ 7orinthians 4.?>;1 And my speech and my preachin$ was not with enticin$ words of man's wisdom& ut in demonstration of the Spirit and of power. A;B That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men& ut in the power of (od! +/ 7orinthians ?./5>4:1 9ut I will come to you shortly& if the Ford will& and will know& not the speech of them which are puffed up& ut the power! A4:B 2or the kin$dom of (od is not in word& ut in power! +/ 7orinthians ;.?1 In the name of our Ford <esus 7hrist& when ye are $athered to$ether& and my spirit& with the power of our Ford <esus 7hrist& +/ 7orinthians -./41 All thin$s are lawful unto me& ut all thin$s are not expedient. all thin$s are lawful for me& ut I will not e rou$ht under the power of any! +/ 7orinthians -./?1 And (od hath oth raised up the Ford& and will also raise up us y his own power! +/ 7orinthians 3.?1 The wife hath not power of her own ody& ut the hus and. and likewise also the hus and hath not power of his own ody& ut the wife! +/ 7orinthians 3.031 Ne'ertheless he that standeth stedfast in his heart& ha'in$ no necessity& ut hath power o'er his own will& and hath so decreed in his heart that he will keep his 'ir$in& doeth well! +/ 7orinthians 5.?>-1 Ha'e we not power to eat and to drink@ A;B Ha'e we not power to lead a out a sister& a wife& as well as other apostles& and as the rethren of the Ford& and 7ephas@ A-B Jr I only and 9arna as& ha'e not we power to for ear workin$@ +/ 7orinthians 5./41 If others e partakers of this power o'er you& are not we rather@ Ne'ertheless we ha'e not used this power# ut suffer all thin$s& lest we should hinder the $ospel of 7hrist! +/ 7orinthians 5./61 Chat is my reward then@ Verily that& when I preach the $ospel& I may make the $ospel of 7hrist without char$e& that I a use not my power in the $ospel! +/ 7orinthians //./:1 2or this cause ou$ht the woman to ha'e power on her head

ecause of the an$els! +/ 7orinthians /;.4?1 Then cometh the end& when he shall ha'e deli'ered up the kin$dom to (od& e'en the 2ather# when he shall ha'e put down all rule and all authority and power! +/ 7orinthians /;.?4>??1 So will it e with the resurrection of the dead! The ody that is sown is perisha le& it is raised imperisha le# A?0B it is sown in dishonor& it is raised in $lory# it is sown in weakness& it is raised in power# A??B it is sown a natural ody& it is raised a spiritual ody! If there is a natural ody& there is also a spiritual ody! +4 7orinthians ?.31 9ut we ha'e this treasure in earthen 'essels& that the excellency of the power may e of (od& and not of us! +4 7orinthians 6.0>?1 2or I testify that they $a'e as much as they were a le& and e'en eyond their a ility! Gntirely on their own& A?B they ur$ently pleaded with us for the pri'ile$e of sharin$ in this ser'ice to the saints! +4 7orinthians /:.61 2or thou$h I should oast somewhat more of our authority& which the Ford hath $i'en us for edification& and not for your destruction& I should not e ashamed. +4 7orinthians /4.51 And he said unto me& ,y $race is sufficient for thee. for my stren$th is made perfect in weakness! ,ost $ladly therefore will I rather $lory in my infirmities& that the power of 7hrist may rest upon me! +4 7orinthians /0.?1 2or thou$h he was crucified throu$h weakness& yet he li'eth y the power of (od! 2or we also are weak in him& ut we shall li'e with him y the power of (od toward you! +4 7orinthians /0./:1 Therefore I write these thin$s ein$ a sent& lest ein$ present I should use sharpness& accordin$ to the power which the Ford hath $i'en me to edification& and not to destruction! +Gphesians /./6>/51 I pray also that the eyes of your heart may e enli$htened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you& the riches of his $lorious inheritance in the saints& A/5B and his incompara ly $reat power for us who elie'e! That power is like the workin$ of his mi$hty stren$th& +Gphesians /.4/1 2ar a o'e all principality& and power& and mi$ht& and dominion& and e'ery name that is named& not only in this world& ut also in that which is to come. +Gphesians 4.41 Cherein in time past ye walked accordin$ to the course of this world& accordin$ to the prince of the power of the air& the spirit that now worketh in the children of diso edience. +Gphesians 0.31 Chereof I was made a minister& accordin$ to the $ift of the $race of (od $i'en unto me y the effectual workin$ of his power!

+Gphesians 0.4:1 Now unto him that is a le to do exceedin$ a undantly a o'e all that we ask or think& accordin$ to the power that worketh in us& +Gphesians -./:1 2inally& my rethren& e stron$ in the Ford& and in the power of his mi$ht! +Philippians 0./:1 That I may know him& and the power of his resurrection& and the fellowship of his sufferin$s& ein$ made conforma le unto his death# +7olossians /.//1 Stren$thened with all mi$ht& accordin$ to his $lorious power& unto all patience and lon$sufferin$ with Eoyfulness# +7olossians /./01 Cho hath deli'ered us from the power of darkness& and hath translated us into the kin$dom of his dear Son. +7olossians 4./:1 And ye are complete in him& which is the head of all principality and power. +/ Thessalonians /.;1 2or our $ospel came not unto you in word only& ut also in power& and in the Holy (host& and in much assurance# as ye know what manner of men we were amon$ you for your sake! +4 Thessalonians /.51 Cho shall e punished with e'erlastin$ destruction from the presence of the Ford& and from the $lory of his power# +4 Thessalonians /.//1 Cherefore also we pray always for you& that our (od would count you worthy of this callin$& and fulfill all the $ood pleasure of his $oodness& and the work of faith with power. +4 Thessalonians 0.51 Not ecause we ha'e not power& ut to make oursel'es an ensample unto you to follow us! +/ Timothy 4.41 2or kin$s& and for all that are in authority# that we may lead a quiet and peacea le life in all $odliness and honesty! +/ Timothy 4./41 9ut I suffer not a woman to teach& nor to usurp authority o'er the man& ut to e in silence! +/ Timothy -./-1 Cho only hath immortality& dwellin$ in the li$ht which no man can approach unto# whom no man hath seen& nor can see. to whom e honour and power e'erlastin$! Amen! +4 Timothy /.3>61 2or (od hath not $i'en us the spirit of fear# ut of power& and of lo'e& and of a sound mind! A6B 9e not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Ford& nor of me his prisoner. ut e thou partaker of the afflictions of the $ospel accordin$ to the power of (od# +4 Timothy 0.;1 Ha'in$ a form of $odliness& ut denyin$ the power thereof. from such turn away!

+Titus 4./;1 These thin$s speak& and exhort& and re uke with all authority! Fet no man despise thee! +He rews /.01 Cho ein$ the ri$htness of his $lory& and the express ima$e of his person& and upholdin$ all thin$s y the word of his power& when he had y himself pur$ed our sins& sat down on the ri$ht hand of the ,aEesty on hi$h# +He rews 4./?1 2orasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and lood& he also himself likewise took part of the same# that throu$h death he mi$ht destroy him that had the power of death& that is& the de'il# +He rews 3./-1 Cho is made& not after the law of a carnal commandment& ut after the power of an endless life! +/ Peter /.;1 Cho are kept y the power of (od throu$h faith unto sal'ation ready to e re'ealed in the last time! +4 Peter /.01 Accordin$ as his di'ine power hath $i'en unto us all thin$s that pertain unto life and $odliness& throu$h the knowled$e of him that hath called us to $lory and 'irtue. +4 Peter /./-1 2or we ha'e not followed cunnin$ly de'ised fa les& when we made known unto you the power and comin$ of our Ford <esus 7hrist& ut were eyewitnesses of his maEesty! +4 Peter 4.//1 Chereas an$els& which are $reater in power and mi$ht& rin$ not railin$ accusation a$ainst them efore the Ford! +<ude /.4;1 To the only wise (od our Sa'iour& e $lory and maEesty& dominion and power& oth now and for e'er! Amen! +Ie'elation 4.4-1 And he that o'ercometh& and keepeth my works unto the end& to him will I $i'e power o'er the nations. +Ie'elation ?.//1 Thou art worthy& J Ford& to recei'e $lory and honour and power. for thou hast created all thin$s& and for thy pleasure they are and were created! +Ie'elation ;./4>/01 Sayin$ with a loud 'oice& Corthy is the Fam that was slain to recei'e power& and riches& and wisdom& and stren$th& and honour& and $lory& and lessin$! A/0B And e'ery creature which is in hea'en& and on the earth& and under the earth& and such as are in the sea& and all that are in them& heard I sayin$& 9lessin$& and honour& and $lory& and power& e unto him that sitteth upon the throne& and unto the Fam for e'er and e'er! +Ie'elation 3./41 Sayin$& Amen. 9lessin$& and $lory& and wisdom& and thanks$i'in$& and honour& and power& and mi$ht& e unto our (od for e'er and e'er! Amen! +Ie'elation //./31 Sayin$& Ce $i'e thee thanks& J Ford (od Almi$hty& which art& and

wast& and art to come# ecause thou hast taken to thee thy $reat power& and hast rei$ned! +Ie'elation /4./:1 And I heard a loud 'oice sayin$ in hea'en& Now is come sal'ation& and stren$th& and the kin$dom of our (od& and the power of his 7hrist. for the accuser of our rethren is cast down& which accused them efore our (od day and ni$ht! +Ie'elation /5./1 And after these thin$s I heard a $reat 'oice of much people in hea'en& sayin$& Alleluia# Sal'ation& and $lory& and honour& and power& unto the Ford our (od. +Ie'elation 4:.-1 9lessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection. on such the second death hath no power& ut they shall e priests of (od and of 7hrist& and shall rei$n with him a thousand years