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Line Interactive UPS


PRO Series (650VA-1500VA)




Wide input voltage window Boost and buck AVR Cold start function Intelligent CPU control SMD technology to save space Protection for short circuit and overload Both audible and indication lamp alarm functions Protection for overcharge, deep discharge and automated charge current regulation Wide input frequency range and compatible with small generators Intelligent battery management Dry contact with monitoring software Auto restart

Rear Panel
RS232 Tel/Fax (RJ11/RJ45) Breaker Input power / input socket Output socket Bypass output


Optional RS232 and USB Optional customized output socket


Product Speci cations

CAPACITY INPUT Voltage Range Frequency Phase OUTPUT Voltage Frequency Waveform Transfer Time PROTECTION Surge Protection Input Protection Short Circuit Protection AC mode: Fuse & software protection (CPU) AC mode: Overload Protection Yes Compliance with IEEE 587 Battery mode: Software protection (CPU) 220V 15% AC mode: follow utility AC mode: sine wave 220V + 17% - 22% Battery mode: 50 1Hz Battery mode: simulated sine wave Typical 2ms 160~2755VAC 140~285 5VAC 40~70 1Hz Single phase + GND 650VA 650VA 650VA 650VA 800VA 1200VA 1500VA
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100-120% alarm for 3 minutes & shut down 120-130% alarm for 30s & shut down >130% shuts down immediately Battery mode: 100-110% gives alarm & shuts down in 10s >110% shuts down immediately Prevent Overcharging of battery Protect battery and prolong battery life

Intelligent Battery Management BATTERY Model Recharge Time Backup Time (full load) Charging Current Battery Con guration INDICATION AC Mode Charging Battery Battery Mode Battery Low Over Temperature Over Load Short Circuit COMMUNICATION 9Pin D-Type Connector (RS232) Software (optional) Interface GENERAL Audible Noise at 1m Temperature Humidity Net/Gross Weight(kg) Unit Dimension (WxDxH)mm Packing Dimension (WxDxH)mm Power Factor Built-in AVR YES 5.8/6.20.3 5.9/6.30.3 NA NA NA 1 x 12V/7AH

Sealed lead acid maintenance free 90% capacity after 8 hrs charging 8 - 20 mins depending on load 1.2A Max 1 x 12V/7.2AH 8 - 40 mins depending on load 1.5A Max 3A Max 1 x 12V/9AH 2 x 12V/7.2AH 2 x 12V/9AH

Green LED on, Red LED off, no beep Yellow LED on Green LED and Yellow LED off, Red LED ash, buzzer slow beep Red LED on, buzzer beep twice every second Red LED on, buzzer beep 6 times every second Red LED on, buzzer beep four times every 2.4 second Red LED on, buzzer beep continuosly AC Fault, Battery Low, Shutdown UPS Monitoring Software RJ11 <45dB 0 - 40C 0% - 95% (non-condensing) 6.0/6.40.3 95 x 312 x 158 145 x 370 x 245 Up to 0.7 FULL AVR 6.1/6.70.3 6.8/7.50.3 10.7/11.70.3 12.3/13.50.3 124 x 382 x 225 185 x 455 x 313