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September 3rd, 2013


This addendum in necessary to clarify and expand on a page-5 statement - NAMELY: ADD-ON under the principle that there's no such thing as too much Constitutional protection means that In law the best way our Quadra EDA can represent these agents best interests is to have our agents be the ones who empower our BC-MMAR program to prescribe, for the benefit of the members of any EDA. This full circle loop is Constitutionally, a bullet-proof ways and means to empower the BC-MMAR program to protect every right they try to take away. To explain this first requires this Sec 2 DEFINITIONS SECTION ORDINARY CITZEN: [OR} With the implementation of the 1998 POLICE ACT the Commissioner of the RCMP became part of the Federal Cabinet and that's when CANADA became a POLICE STATE. [for example] Under the BC Police Act- The founding principle of Part-9 was so that police officers MUST be empowered to do things that 'ordinary citizens' can't. Since then ordinary citizens MUST obey orders Recognized Private Individual: [RPI] any ordinary citizens can subscribe to our Recognized Federal Party [for example] and in so doing is actually creating a straw-man called RPI, and the needs of any Party Member are best served by being in an EDA because this RPI /member can now benefit from Freedom of Contract, Freedom of Association, etc under the Elections Act and the Income Tax Act [for example] [side-bar] under the Elections Act any RPI can be a member 'or' an agent of any EDA in other words no one is required to 'reside' in the Electoral District and agents can raise funds in any other Electoral District Recognized Private Agent: [RPA] any RPI actually can become an RPA in any EDA and there is no limit to how many RPAs any EDA can accept. Any EDA Officer can refuse any RPI the right to be an RPA in their District, and there are many good reasons for an EDA operating under the BC-MMAR to exercise this right. Electoral District Association: EDA is actually a 'natural person' under the Elections Act, and the Officers and RPA agents for that EDA can enter into contract on 'behalf' of EDA members. When an RPA is entrusted to do something [for example] by taking a deposit from an EDA member means the RPA must first drop this money into the Electoral District's pool, under the Elections Act, [This money is now sanitized] As in when the EDA wants to spend [in this case - on this deposit] means an agent undertakes the trust to deliver on this contract [the defence is bullet -proof, but we are not] and it's offered as a fix to the Act. Federal Electoral District: [FED] - In law our Electoral District Association EDA is a vessel that's floating on Quadra's pool that's in a FED. [in our case] Our Quadra EDA is a natural person because it's simply a 'vessel' floating on a pool because it's not connected to a pier [until <<in our case>> we create one] NOW WRAP YOURSELF AROUND THIS: We at Quadra EDA are actually entitled to create a trust fund because we are holding deposits, So we called this trust fund the 'BC-MMAR' and our BC-MMAR was tossed into our Quadra FED pond. In law and in fact this vessel called Our Quadra EDA created a pier that is connected to our BC-MMAR vessel [aka -Trust Fund] and in this way the BC-MMAR becomes in law and in fact a 'Pier Trust Fund' and our Quadra EDA CFO has 20-30 years experience at being a Pier Trust Trustee and writer /author of Pier Trust Funds Just ask any lawyer what the 'implications' of this means. Just ask a City lawyer if they don't want to let us remit a city tax to them in return for protecting our Pier Trust? AND a wholesome new Horizon unfolds in the land of the setting sun, under the Gentle Spirit NOW under Freedom of Contract, we can simply walk off our vessel onto the pier and board the MMPR with our articles by engaging our Logenics program [idiot-savant - Exchequer] to deliver goods and services on the deposits and in this Peaceful way we're entrusted to deliver exactly that, under a Pier Trust, In order to address this fully, means i need to table another addendum, in order to board other vessels attached to this pier, with our certificates {Heb 11] [for example] in order to walk down this pier and ask these trusts if they are here to serve the Creator?; THEN under the power of the Sceptre, the Orb and the Chain of Office, we can start unloading these vessels' goods and services, and in this way we trigger Jubilee, A genuine Millennium Trust is being presented - They may say that i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one