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John D. Christian

This book is Copyright John D. Christian, 2011. First published in New Zealand, November, 2011. The copyright is only for the purpose of protecting the original text. This book may be freely reproduced in part or in full, for profit or not, without the authors or publishers permission. All Scriptures are quoted from the Authorized King James Bible Version (KJV). All underlining or emphasis in quotations (whether from the Bible or elsewhere) are the authors unless otherwise stated.

Introduction3 1) History: Colonial Australian and New Zealand Founding ..12 2) Christian Foundations: Australia .16 3) Christian Foundations: New Zealand ..19 4) First Christchurch Earthquake: 4th September, 2010............................. ..26 5) Second Christchurch Earthquake: 22nd February, 2011 ...39 6) Poseidon God of Earthquakes: The Spiritual Dimension.42 7) Russia: Gods Punishing Servant..52 8) Natural Disasters: Counterfeit or Genuine?...65 9) Australia: Nuclear Dump, Floods, Drought and Privatization........74 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) Israels Coming Great Earthquake: The Miracle of the Gihon Spring...83 Plagues Leading up to the Global Great Earthquake...88 New Zealands Hypocrisy and Apostasy ..96 Abominations in the Church of England & Christchurch Cathedral104 The Greatest Abomination of All: The Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacons Ceremony 4th June, 2012...121 Conclusion: Earthquake Liquefaction Why Judgment on Apostate Christianity.......................................................................................... 130


Earthquakes in general There are now literally hundreds of thousands of earthquakes around the world each year, about 15,000 in New Zealand alone. Most of them are extremely small and minor and are never even noticed. Some are much more intense and these are the ones that are recorded and those we usually feel or hear about. Biblically speaking, all earthquakes are not random events, and the big ones that affect buildings or cities are always associated with divine judgment. There is a lot about earthquakes in the Bible. All of the big ones are spiritually inspired, and have a clear, Biblical message, sentence of judgment, or some divine warning associated with them, some more than others. The Christchurch Earthquakes (sometimes called the Canterbury Earthquakes) uniquely, were examples of those that clearly fall into this judgment category with those that are clearly spiritually inspired. Most people would simply scoff at the thought of such a suggestion, however the facts can be easily proven. The subject is a deep one for the average person, yet is intriguing for those who wish to study the matter further. Indeed, when one perfectly understands the reasons for earthquakes, it is inevitable that the student will arrive at the inescapable conclusion that God Almighty does in fact completely oversee and control events here on earth and throughout the entire universe. As preposterous as this might immediately seem to the natural mind, the proof pointing to this inescapable fact is simply overwhelming. Hopefully this work, as incomplete, imperfect, and short as it is, will help at least in some small way to illuminate the enduring truth that the Bible is indeed a living book full of the perfect words of the living God and that many of its meticulous prophecies which foretell all major latter days events here on earth in which we all live at present are now being fulfilled to the letter before our very eyes. At first glance, how such a relatively small insignificant country like New Zealand could be singled out and set forth as a leading example to the world of a former great Christian nation that has so sadly turned away from God can be somewhat of a mystery. How a specific city like Christchurch can be so relentlessly hounded almost on a daily basis by earthquakes for 12 months (and still continuing) is almost unprecedented can also be very puzzling and inexplicable. But there are profound spiritual reasons why this is so. Hopefully this short book will at least in some part unmask a few of them. The Christchurch Earthquakes, or as they are now sometimes referred to, the Canterbury Earthquakes, began with a The Miracle Quake that commenced in the Canterbury region including New Zealands second biggest city, Christchurch (population: 386,000) at 4.35 am on 4 September 2010. The primary quake measured 7.1 on the Richter scale, and in the

following weeks it was followed by hundreds more aftershocks, many of which were in their own right quite severe being in the 4s and 5s magnitude scale in intensity. These aftershock tremors in many respects were even more debilitating on the resident population than the primary one because they were occurring so relentlessly, shaking peoples already frayed nerves to the extent that many could not even sleep. Many were so tired they could hardly even speak. The miracle quake The primary quake was first described by many, including New Zealands atheist, Jewish Prime Minister, John Key, (who coincidentally was brought up in Christchurch) as simply a Miracle Quake. This was because although it was as large as a similar earthquake earlier in the year that hit Haiti (in January 2010 in which 230,000 died), and turned many commercial and heritage buildings into rubble throughout the Christchurch city centre area, severely damaged and knocked homes off their foundations in much of the Canterbury region miraculously, not even a single person died in the event. Most exclaimed that it was simply astounding that nobody was killed!! Most people reflected that had the quake not occurred as early in the morning as it did when nobody was at work, and that many of the buildings in New Zealand were built to earthquake proof codes and standards, the damage would have been very much more severe. Please God, let it stop The quakes damage literally destroyed billions of dollars worth of property, homes, heritage buildings and infrastructure throughout the region and although there was no loss of life, it was New Zealands worst natural disaster to date. Not a single expert scientist or seismologist predicted this quake. It was totally unexpected, as it was over 100 km from the nearest known major fault. The Alpine Fault, over 100km away was the general area where most seismologists would have normally expected a quake to occur. The hundreds of aftershocks were so severe, the front page headline of The New Zealand Herald on September 9, 2010, actually read, Please God, let it stop. This much repeated phrase vividly highlighted most of the residents desperation, terror and debilitating dilemma, although most only used it as a general expression rather than a genuine call for help from God. Yet apart from this headline in The New Zealand Herald, throughout all of this mayhem, in a country of 4.4 million people, to date not a single person, mainstream Christian leader, politician, business leader or academic has publicly spoken up with any force or understanding at all about why precisely this earthquake may have occurred in the first place or Biblically speaking, more importantly, what it may portend for New Zealands future as a [former] leading Protestant, Christian nation and country.

Absence of call to repentance, prayer, or any recognition the disaster may be from God In spite of this overtly biblical-type calamity, (the reason for its sudden occurrence should be obvious for all Christians elementary stuff really, as serious earthquakes in the Bible are always inflicted on nations as judgment) there has been absolutely no public hint at all toward any meaningful call to repentance, prayer, or reference to God about the event from the entire New Zealand community. This is surprising, indeed, for a country in which, according to the most recent census, 60% or more of the general population still officially consider themselves Christian. (Similarly, in the 2006 Australian census, 64% of Australians listed themselves as Christians also). The New Zealand parliament is still opened each day with Christian prayer, and the countrys two national anthems are God save the Queen and God Defend New Zealand. Yes, it is certainly strange, to say the least, that none of the leaders of the country have even hesitated for a second to reflect or meditate about why this terrible tragedy has so suddenly happened to our foremost Christian heritage centre and second biggest city. Since the leaders of the country, (and particularly those of the Christian Church, and the Jewish community who all should know better!) seem to have lost any motivation at all to stand up, be counted, and explain to the public what has truly happened, this author reluctantly, in spite of his own many shortfalls and deficiencies as a Christian writer has felt a compulsion to write this little book. Hopefully, it will, at least, help to inform others about exactly why this calamitous event has so suddenly and so uniquely happened and why it is setting the stage for yet even more, bigger and regular catastrophic events likely to be inflicted on the country in the future. Indeed, while this account concentrates largely on New Zealand and Australias Christian heritage as an example, such events are likely to occur in other countries soon as well so for this reason the book has a much bigger global application and context. From a Biblical perspective and standpoint, this earthquake has far-reaching ramifications and lessons, not only for the residents of New Zealand, but for residents in all the other [former] Christian nations as well. Matthew 24:7 prophesies events like this in the last days are going to rapidly increase and be repeated on a global scale in the not too distant future, heralding Christs second coming. So it is important to understand what is happening. All prophets of doom, any negative or bad news are usually hated Historically speaking, books with bad news about Gods judgment like this are never written to win any popularity contests. Most Jeremiah-type writers producing material on controversial issues like these are usually consistently hated or derogatorily referred to by the mainstream media as simply Bible-bashers or absurd prophets of doom. One can suggest a thousand different reasons why a disaster like this may have happened and the response from most people will be entirely neutral. But if one so much as infers it may

have happened as some sort of divine retribution from above, then the response will be deeply offensive or totally anathema in most cases. But needless to say, truth is truth, irrespective of the messenger, and this book does need to be written be it as imperfect as it is. It is the product not of any burning passion to write about the subject, but more simply out of sheer desperation, inspired largely by the widespread general default, apathy and ignorance of this once great little nations blind and visionless leadership. Out of New Zealands total population of 4.4 million people, surely? one would have thought at least somebody in at least the Christian community would have had the gumption to stand up and say something of substance publicly about the earthquakes Biblical dimension but no, it seems not even so much as a squeak from anybody! Christchurch: The Christian spiritual heart of New Zealand Although the general New Zealand population at large, both secular and Christian, are now almost all largely ignorant of the amazing blessings and prosperity that their Christian founding fathers have left them in modern society, and have forgotten the nations historical roots and heritage over time, the fact is that Christchurch is still very much the Christian spiritual heart of New Zealand in much the same way that Jerusalem is to Israel. As a matter of fact, within the British Commonwealth, indeed the whole Gentile world, the city of Christchurch in the Canterbury region of New Zealand is totally unique. This will become much plainer as we continue, and will become absolutely clear why these particular earthquakes have been, and still are, being inflicted upon this pathetic city and region. One would normally think that in the Christian nations which backslide, become apostate or wicked, Gods judgment would first begin at their capital city where the political seat of power and government resides, but this is absolutely not so at all. Judgment always begins at the house of God The Bible clearly reveals that Gods judgment always starts at the spiritual seat of power i.e. the house of God which today, in New Zealands case, is Christs Church. The reason for this is, similar to the case in that of Israel, the responsibilities of those who have formerly been blessed by God with the Truth are very much greater than for those who have never ever known the truth to begin with. As Jesus said to his disciples, unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required (Luke 12:48). Literally, the definition and etymology of the name Christchurch is derived from two New Testament words, Christ, (Greek Christos from chrio anointed transliterated from Hebrew Messiah) and church, (from Greek ekklesia meaning call out of or assembly). However, the Bibles definition of the word church is much more specific than just the literal Greek meaning of the words and is found in I Timothy 3:15:

But I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church So more correctly, Biblically speaking, Christchurch literally means, Messiah House of God not simply called out or assembly at all. This is why I Peter 4:17 somberly warns: For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? Are you beginning to understand why the city of Christchurch in New Zealand is being dealt to by God? The promise of blessings and curses In much the same way as Israel of old was governed as the result of the everlasting covenant God made between himself and his chosen people, together with the promise of either blessings and curses attached to it, (Leviticus 26:1-46 and Deuteronomy 28:1-44) the true power of any Christian nation ultimately rests not with those who carry the political leadership, or even those who hold the nations money or business purse-strings it always profoundly rests in those who possess the spiritual leadership. Hence, the responsibilities of those who have graciously received this special knowledge, blessing, and leadership privilege, as stewards of Almighty God himself, are very much greater. This is because, by their personal actions and supreme influence, whether they choose to be either good or bad, they have the supreme power to bring either blessings or curses upon the entire nation regardless of what any politicians, bankers, business leaders or any members of the public may think or do. It is only when the leadership of this Godly priesthood becomes apostate and corrupt, that usually the nation follows and then becomes corrupt too. Once this happens, in a relatively short space of time, the moral heart of the nation is quickly destroyed and the nation inevitably ends up being ruled by an immoral, corrupt political leader. When the priesthood remains faithful, usually the people follow and are immeasurably blessed with a good leader and government. This enduring biblical principle throughout all of history has never ever been broken. The old widespread saying, nations get the leaders they deserve emanates from the Bible. When the moral fabric of any nation is gradually weakened, supported by its spiritual leadership, inevitably this leads to the nation being ultimately destroyed. Sometimes this process can take hundreds of years to occur. But sometimes it can happen almost overnight. With the advent of todays computers, satellite TV, and other hi-tech global communication systems, the process is now being enormously speeded up so that the transition is happening almost overnight and within a very short timeframe.

God is very merciful and long-suffering. In the Old Testament, when he dealt with Israels growing apostasy, sometimes over hundreds of years, he only gradually at first removed his divine presence from the nation and priesthood, giving the people plenty of warning and time to repent. First he warned them by inflicting numerous curses and calamities upon them in the hope that they would repent. With each successive warning came a more severe curse than the previous one, so that the nation was gradually encouraged to repent, and was given plenty of time and opportunity to freely do so. Through Moses and Aaron the high priest, God also mercifully dealt with Pharaoh in Egypt with his occult priesthood in very much the same way. Finally, when the nation of Israel became so corrupt and decadent, God through Jeremiah reluctantly said that he would raise up a pagan, Gentile king, Neb-u-chad-nez-zar, king of Babylon, (who even though he was a heathen, would act as Gods special servant) to come and destroy Solomons beautiful Temple (Old Testament House of the Lord New Testament Christs Church) in Jerusalem, kill the worst rebels and carry the remaining balance of the people and precious, holy things in the temple away to Babylon where the people would serve this pagan king for 70 years. During the Jews time of servitude and testing in Babylon, they were given sufficient time to repent, reflect, meditate on what had happened as a result of their sins. Those who were most faithful were invited to witness and preach to the Babylonians about their faith in the God of Israel, encouraging the Babylonians to repent from worshipping nature, the sun and mother earth deities, and be saved like Israel as well. During this severe period of testing, wise leaders and prophets like Daniel were summoned to and exalted by the Babylonian king, to interpret dreams and to prophesy. After the 70 years had expired, mercifully, God kept his word, and the Jews would then be allowed to return back to Jerusalem to rebuild their damaged city and temple. They would again settle peacefully in the land of promise, but this time under Gentile dominion because of their sins and lack of loyalty to God, while the times of the Gentiles had begun. Their Temple would be rebuilt and remain until the coming of their Messiah when, once again, because of their growing unfaithfulness, rebellion and sin, they instigated the most horrible crime, the Roman crucifixion of their very own Messiah at Calvary, and from that very moment of time, beginning with a large earthquake, the destiny and fate of their glorious Temple and House of the Lord was sealed whereby it would finally be desolated and completely destroyed. Not one stone would be left upon another, and those who would not be murdered and tortured in the contagion would be ruthlessly carried away as slaves under the Roman General Titus in AD 70. After the desolation of the House of God in Jerusalem by Titus, this time the whole nation would be dispersed throughout the four corners of the world, and violently thrust out of the promised land. They would be relentlessly hunted down, hated, tortured, ridiculed, and rounded up like cattle for slaughter violently thrown into stadiums to be viciously torn to pieces by wild beasts, boiled alive in hot oil, burnt alive in the most hideous of pagan

holocaust sacrifices, persecuted like sewer-rats living each day continually in fear of their lives for nearly two thousand years all because they polluted the House of God and ended up with a corrupt and obstinate priesthood! Old Testament promise of blessings and curses also applies to the Christian Church Now the former Christian nations could ask themselves a very personal question. If God in his mercy, his omnipotence and divine wisdom, has done all this to Israel and the Jews for their sin in rebelliously turning away from Him by supporting a corrupt priesthood that broke their everlasting covenant with him (a nation who are still his natural, chosen people according to Romans chapter 11) then what is in store for Christs Church and apostate Christian nations like us? Is our judgment going to be any less severe than Israels? One would think not. In many respects our sins are even greater. Like ancient Israel, all the Christian nations established through faith in Christ were founded through and blessed by the faith of righteous Abraham. The great Protestant Christian countries like Germany (that did such an enormous amount to destroy the wicked dictatorial power of the Roman Catholic Church and initiate the Protestant Reformation), Britain (who gave the world the Bible and the English world language that we have today), the United States of America (the greatest Protestant Christian missionary country the world has ever known the US Church has over the years sent out more Christian missionaries than the rest of the world combined) with other smaller great Protestant Christian countries like New Zealand and Australia too are the very countries that have also been so hugely blessed and have become prosperous, rich and powerful. Yet they, too, have now turned away from the faith of their early founding fathers and become the greatest apostates of all. It is for this reason, similar to ancient Israel, that they are now beginning to come under severe judgment as well. The prosperity of these Protestant nations has occurred as the direct result of the profound influence that genuine Christians in the Church have made. This has happened not as the result of any policies perpetrated by any secular people, socialist organizations, eastern religions, banks or businesses which traditionally, if they have been left on their own while operating under the law of the jungle without any natural principles, morals or justice at all in their bones, would have consistently become entirely self-destructive. The real prosperity, liberty and freedom of all these nations primarily has occurred because of one reason and one reason only because of their founding fathers faith in Jesus Christ. However, because of this, identical to Israel and the Jews, the Christian Church has also carried some very onerous responsibilities attached to it as well. Like Israel, they, too, have been divinely called and chosen by God. In Jesus parable of the faithful steward he said: For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: (Luke 12:48). This is why judgment must first begin at the house of God and why these [former] great Christian nations have judgment beginning now.


In Leviticus chapter 26 and Deuteronomy chapter 28, God vividly explained in great detail that if Israel would only remain faithful to their special calling and EVERLASTING covenant with him, obey and observe his commandments, then he would set them on high above all nations of the earth (Deuteronomy 28:1) and those living in the cities and fields would be enormously blessed, more so than all of the other nations on earth. But if they were to rebel and reject his wonderful covenant, promises, commandments and statutes, the very reverse would be true and they would all suffer a whole host of terrible curses, afflictions and calamities even more than all the Gentile nations before them throughout the world. This would happen entirely because their responsibilities were seen to be very much greater than those of the Gentiles, as they alone had been uniquely entrusted with the oracles of God first and had received the blessings of Abrahams faith first. It is important to note that when God called Abram from Ur of the Chaldees (Genesis 11:31) before he changed his name to Abraham because of his faith, Abram was in fact a Gentile first and foremost living in a heathen city where today Northern Iraq is positioned. Iraqi Christians today will appreciate this profound truth more than anyone else. In Romans chapter 11, Paul expands on this ancient Old Testament everlasting covenant (v.27) and describes how, in spite of the nations almost unbelievable unfaithfulness, God has never ever completely disowned Israel not because of any righteousness on Israels or the Jews part at all, but because of his EVERLASTING promises to faithful Abraham, and the small remnant of Jews who have always remained faithful to him. God still considers that Israel is his very own natural olive tree and channel of salvation for the world. God has never ever replaced Israel with the Christian Church. Paul shows how unbelieving Jews as natural branches to the covenant of promise (including the blessings and curses associated with it), are broken off from Israels olive tree (and cursed) for their lack of faith, and are then replaced by grafting faithful Gentiles into it (to be blessed) in their place. Hence, the blessing and curses of Israels everlasting covenant in Leviticus and Deuteronomy were, through faith, also imparted to the Christian Church and to all believing Gentiles as well. They are further expanded upon in Christs messages to the seven churches in Revelation chapters 1-3, which primarily are about the coming judgment on the apostate Christian churches that, like modern Israel, has apostatized too. Literally, in Hebrew, Israel means Reigning with God. One cannot become a true Christian without having a love for, and becoming a joint heir with believing Jews in the everlasting covenant and promises God has given to the nation of Israel.


Israels promise of blessings and curses also apply to Christian countries and nations It follows then, surely, that these divine blessings and curses promised to natural Israel, and later to the Christian Church through faith as well, must now also apply to Christian countries and nations. They do of course, and spectacularly so, especially to countries like New Zealand, Canterbury, and the city of Christchurch. To properly appreciate how the Christchurch Earthquakes were and still are (the earthquake aftershocks are still continuing at the time of writing) so remarkably unique, and as it is plainly alleged, the beginning of Gods judgment on New Zealand, it is at the outset necessary to first understand New Zealand and Australias remarkable Christian colonial history and founding. To do this one must also include Australia, as the two countries since their colonization are inextricably linked. Once this understanding is achieved the picture will begin to become very much clearer. So lets get started.




The beginning of European settlement The first voyage of Captain James Cook with the circumnavigation of New Zealand in 1769 and the first ever European coastal navigation of Eastern Australia from April to August of 1770 set the stage for the first European settlement of Australia and New Zealand then called the colony of New South Wales. The arrival of the First Fleet into Cadi/Port Jackson on Australia Day, 1788, was to establish a penal colony with 751 convicts and their children, 252 marines with their families. Two more convict fleets arrived in 1790 and 1791 and the first free settlers arrived in 1793. The colony of New South Wales in Australia officially was a penal colony between 1788 1823, and was comprised mainly of convicts, marines, and the wives of the marines. Twenty percent of these first convicts were women. From 1810, convicts were seen as a source of labor to advance and develop the British colony. From about 1821 there was a growing number of freed convicts who were appointed to positions of trust as well as being granted land, and by the mid-1830s only about 6 percent of the convict population were locked up. Convicts arrived in Victoria (Port Phillip District) between 1844 and 1849, before Victoria separated from New South Wales in 1851. In 1824, the penal colony at Redcliffe was established and known as the Moreton Bay Settlement, later moving to the site now called Brisbane. Queensland separated from New South Wales in 1859. Western Australia was established in 1827 and established as a British penal settlement in 1849 with the first convicts arriving in 1850. Just under 10,000 British convicts were sent directly to the colony up to 1868 when the last convict ship arrived when transportation to Australia was abolished. In all, around 162,000 men and women convicts were transported to Australia in 806 ships. Most of the convicts were English and Welsh (70%), Irish (24%) and Scottish (5%) and there were some from other areas of the Empire. A large proportion of the convicts were convicted for what today we would consider trivial offences. Most were convicted thieves from cities in England. Simple robbery or larceny could mean transportation for seven years. Compound larceny, stealing items worth more than a shilling meant death by hanging. These strict sentences were a way to deal with increased poverty. Men were transported usually after having been before the courts a number of times, whereas women were usually transported for a first offence.


After convicts served their term they received a Certificate of Freedom. They were not allowed to return to England, but they were free to start a fresh life of their own and often moved to other states or migrated to New Zealand. South Australia and the Northern Territory of South Australia, like New Zealand, only accepted free immigrants and missionaries, and never ever accepted convicts directly from England. Many of South Australias early settlers were Welsh Christians, and after copper was discovered at what now are the Wallaroo Mines, many Welsh miners who were then reputed to be the best hard rock miners in the world, immigrated in large numbers. There were also large numbers of religious refugees from Germany. Hence, Adelaide, named after Queen Adelaide, the German-born consort of King William IV, was founded in 1836 as the capital for a freely settled British province in Australia. From the beginning, Adelaide was shaped more on New Zealand lines than being established simply as a penal settlement like most of the other colonies in Australia. Hence, because of this special heritage, it gradually came to be known as The City of Churches and as the result, many of its residents have had a big part to play in helping to create the Christian civil liberties, freedoms and world-first political and social reforms enjoyed today by all Australians. Of course, the growing secular element within the rest of the Australian population used to derogatorily refer to Adelaide as the Wowsers Capital (a wowser is an Australian derogatory term for a prude, puritan or killjoy) because of its predominant resident populations strong Christian convictions. Adelaide is to Australia what Christchurch is to New Zealand. Today, Adelaides Christian Wowers Capital reputation has largely all but disappeared as most of the inhabitants have predominantly turned their back on their early strong Christian faith and synthesized their beliefs into the prevailing secularism now ruling in other states. In fact, in relatively recent times, South Australia was the first Australian State to have a legal nudist beach, a short drive from Adelaide. Certainly a great contrast now from the strong, Christian beliefs of its early founders. Edward Gibbon Wakefield who was largely responsible for the bill for the foundation of South Australia being passed on 10 August, 1834, was also a short time later the same person who founded the New Zealand Association in 1837, that became the New Zealand Colonization Company in 1838, (that founded settlements at Wellington, Nelson, Wanganui and Dunedin, and also was involved in the settling of New Plymouth and Christchurch), which led up to the Canterbury church settlement, which will be referred to later. New Zealand separation from New South Wales Treaty of Waitangi After the founding of the colony of New South Wales in 1788, Australia was divided into an eastern half named New South Wales and a western half named New Holland, under the administration of the colonial government in Sydney. In 1817 the laws of New South Wales were extended to New Zealand. New Zealand was then part of the Australian colony of New


South Wales when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 between the British Crown and various Maori chiefs, and New Zealand became a colony in its own right on 3 May, 1841, when the country was divided into provinces. Prior to the Treaty of Waitangi, many Europeans traders and businessmen bought land from the indigenous Maori, but many misunderstandings and different concepts of land ownership led to serious conflicts and bitterness. In 1839, the New Zealand Company announced plans to buy large tracts of land and establish separate colonies in New Zealand which would have involved effectively confiscating much of the land off the Maoris. As the result, this alarmed the large body of Christian missionaries, who then called for British control of all European settlers in New Zealand to sort the mess out, and this, (aided by the fact the British aristocracy in London feared that the French might attempt to make New Zealand a colony of their own) advanced the signing of the Treaty the following year. From 1840, in New Zealand, there was considerable European settlement, primarily from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and to a lesser extent the United States, India, China, and continental Europe. The New Zealand Constitution Act 1852 established central and provincial government. As the result of the discovery of gold, the development of agriculture, trade and export of various commodities by the mid-1860s (Dowie, 1966, p. 123) New Zealand had the highest overseas trade per capita in the world (Condliffe 1959, p.17). With the export of wool, the development of refrigeration which promoted huge exports of frozen meat and dairy products to Britain, and other products, during the late 1890s early 1900s New Zealand had the highest per capita export income in the world, and by the end of World War II, had the second highest standard of living in the world, second only to the United States of America. But sadly, as the result of the countrys growing apostasy accelerating after the end of the Second World War, this is far from the case now and the country is still rapidly falling down the prosperity ladder to the present day! In the 1890s, as a direct result of its Christian heritage, New Zealands welfare state was introduced, age pensions and so on, and in 1893 voting rights were extended to women, the first country in the world to do so. These policies were the result of the nations Christian values not the Fabian Socialist dogma which would come later. Founding of Commonwealth of Australia / Dominion of New Zealand New Zealand participated as a member of the Federal Council of Australasia from 1885 and fully involved itself among the other self-governing colonies in the 1890 Conference and 1891 Convention leading up to the Federation of Australia. Ultimately it declined to accept the invitation to join the Commonwealth of Australia which was formed in 1901, remaining


as a self-governing colony until becoming the Dominion of New Zealand in 1907 and with other territories later constituting the Realm of New Zealand effectively as an independent country of its own. Under the Australian Constitution, New Zealand is still a state of Australia However, the 1901 Australian Constitution included provisions to allow New Zealand to join Australia as its seventh state, even after the government of New Zealand had already decided against such a move, mainly because of Christian views relating to equal rights for Maoris and religious issues. In the future, it was thought, should New Zealand ever wish to join Australia, ratification would only be required by New Zealand as under the Australian Constitution, New Zealand is still the SEVENTH state of Australia in the document today. Over the years, many people have emigrated from New Zealand to Australia, including former Premier of Queensland, Joh Bjelke-Petersen and the Premier of South Australia, Mike Rann. Two Australians have been New Zealand Prime Ministers, Sir Joseph Ward (17th) and Michael Savage (23rd). In recent years, emigration from New Zealand to Australia has sharply increased because of superior employment opportunities created by the mining boom, warmer weather in Queensland and a hate by many of increasing socialism in New Zealand politics. Now, in 2011, there are about 550,000 New Zealanders living in Australia, with about 10% of that figure of Australians living in New Zealand.




For many years there has been a pre-conceived idea pushed by the secular media that the missionaries first came to indoctrinate the Aborigines in Australia and Maoris in New Zealand for the white land grabbers but this is simply not so. Most of the missionaries gave up their nice, comfortable, settled lives in England to come to what were largely wild, difficult, inhospitable environments in both countries to preach the gospel, educate and help the natives and settlers. One cannot ever underestimate the huge part they played in the early colonization of Australia and New Zealand and it is to them alone that we owe [what is left of] the freedoms, liberties, and prosperity that we possess today. Each city and state in Australia has its own missionary story to tell, but the best example linked to New Zealand is that of New South Wales. Samuel Marsden Samuel Marsden (1764-1838) was born in Farsley, Yorkshire, England. In 1790, the Elland Society, an evangelical group within the Church of England sponsored him to Magdalene College, Cambridge. In January 1793 he accepted an appointment as assistant to the Chaplain of New South Wales, arriving in the colony on March 10, 1794 with his wife and young child. By 1800 the population of Sydney was about 2,500. In 1803 the St Johns Church was opened in Parramatta by him and he became the first rector from its opening until his death on May 12, 1838. Governor Macquaries dictatorial style of leadership clashed with Marsdens who objected to his government interference both in church and various commercial activities. Macquarie hated Marsden and commanded him to avoid his presence except when performing public duties. Marsdens wide missionary activities included the setting up of an orphanage and school in Sydney in 1801. He worked widely with the aborigines and travelled to New Zealand on a number of occasions organizing the first Christian mission to the Maori at the Bay of Islands in 1814. He was a devout Christian man, had a strong personality, and being appalled at the vice and immorality displayed by the convicts in the colony attempted to eliminate it controversially through his harsh rulings as a magistrate having a reputation for extreme severity. Because of this he sometimes was referred to as the flogging parson. He was a sincere Christian man who achieved a lot, although he had fixed views, some of which were not generally looked upon as being correct. For example, he refused an appointment on the board of trustees of the Parramatta turnpike road because two ex-convicts were also on the board. Macquarie, (who


was far from perfect himself) correctly viewed Marsdens decision as insubordination, as he felt the convicts, having served their sentences, were now free and able citizens of the colony. By about 1803 about one third of the Australian general population that was resident in the colony of New South Wales was Catholic. Between 1810 and 1830 representatives from the major denominations were fully established in the colony. Before 1820 the Anglican Church was the recognized established church in Australia. It worked with the State to maintain law and order and organize the education system, and first established the Christian Sunday schools. As the other denominations increased in numbers the influence of the Anglican Church diminished. The first New South Wales census was taken in 1828. The respondents were all asked to nominate their religion as either Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or Mohammedan and pagan. Of the 36,484 respondents that returned the census, 19 people were classified in the last category! Sunday School Movement & Foundation of Australias Education System The Sunday School Movement was founded in 1780 in England by Robert Raikes for factory children in Gloucester. Raikes, a devout Christian, also passionately believed there was a need for prison reform because he considered prisons were full of people who had endured deprived childhoods. He believed that education, especially religious instruction from the Bible, would enable children to avoid the pitfalls of poverty and crime in adult life. Children between the ages of five and fourteen were encouraged to attend, no matter what the state of their clothes or background. The Sunday school curriculum largely consisted of simple lessons in reading and spelling in preparation for reading the Bible, memorizing Scripture and hymns. The first Sunday school in NSW was established by Thomas Hassall (1794-1868) when he was nineteen, on the corner of George and Charles Streets, Parramatta. His mother and father had been missionaries in Tahiti and settled in Sydney in 1798. In the early days of the colony in Sydney it was the children of the missionary families, the Hassalls and the Marsdens who established and taught at the first Sunday school at Parramatta in 1813. Sunday schools in New South Wales taught reading, writing and arithmetic, alongside spiritual subjects and often childrens libraries were attached to t he schools. These schools remained the primary education establishments in New South Wales until the introduction of the Public Instruction Act of 1880. Thomas Hassall, three years after starting a Sunday school class in his fathers house, formalized the Sunday school education movement in NSW, with Requirements and Rules established and printed for the guidance of teachers. A meeting on December 1, 1815, resolved to form the Institution for Establishing and Promoting of Sunday Schools


throughout the Colony, with a view to the Instruction of poor Children of both Sexes, to read the Holy Scriptures In the top section of the document Requirements and Rules that all teachers had to comply with was the slogan: FEAR GOD, HONOR THE KING. Clause (1) of the Requirements read: As being the great object of the Institution, that you endeavour, to the best of your ability, in the plainest and most endearing manner, to impress on the minds of your Scholars the plain, simple, and fundamental principles and doctrines of the Bible Today a copy of this complete document is in the Manuscript Safe 1/31a of the State Library of New South Wales. THIS was effectively the founding document of Australias State Education System that all Australians are blessed with today! The colonial social highlight of the year in Sydney at the time was the annual Sunday school picnic day. This tradition had begun in England. The first Australian Sunday school picnic was organized by Thomas Hassall in 1821, where all the children were served a picnic dinner of roast beef and plum pudding. The picnics would begin with hymn singing before lunch; grace was then said, followed by grand feasts of turkey, goose, sandwiches, puddings, tarts, cakes and buns. Afterwards there were nut and lolly scrambles, foot races, tug-of-wars, croquet and cricket matches. By the mid 19th century, the largest Sunday school in Sydney was St Barnabas Broadway which had 1750 children and 300 teachers in its heyday. All traffic came to a standstill on George St West when the children of St Barnabas and their teachers left for their annual picnic. Carrying huge, colorful banners and accompanied by a brass band, Sydneys main streets would be closed to traffic until the parade had passed. In July 1880, worldwide celebrations were held to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Sunday school movement by Robert Raikes in England in 1780. In Sydney, over 10,000 children, representing 61 schools, gathered in Hyde Park before marching with colorful banners in a giant parade down Macquarie Street toward the Exhibition Building singing beautiful hymns. Most of the population of the whole city lined the streets, cheered and celebrated. In contrast, remarkably, on 27th February 2010, just 130 years later almost to the day, an audience of literally hundreds of thousands of people crowded the sidewalks of these very same streets to watch over 10,000 people also spectacularly display their faith and beliefs in a similar way the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardigras parade! the largest such event in the world! Can one say any more? Australias great Christian founding fathers could never have even dreamed that in just 130 years or so, almost all their Christian work, ideals, values and heritage would have almost been completely overturned and destroyed, and replaced with the secular, socialist, liberal Australian society that exists today.




As outlined, it can be seen Australias deep Christian foundation was profound. However, New Zealands was, arguably, even greater (as will be shown shortly). According to Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, if New Zealands responsibilities were then greater, the countrys potential blessings were greater if it were to remain steadfast and faithful, but if it were to apostatize, its potential judgment was to be much quicker and more severe than even Australias. Herein rests the real reason for the Christchurch Earthquakes and the reason why, if the nation does not repent soon, the country has much more serious impending judgment coming in the future before that of Australia! Both countries have apostatized to be sure, but the following explains why New Zealands judgment and decline is to begin before that of Australias. In contrast to Australia, which was largely settled as a penal colony, New Zealand was settled predominantly by free settlers, evangelical missionaries and pilgrims from the Church of England, and to a lesser extent other Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church. New Zealands founding was more akin to the early colonizing of the United States of America with the founding of Jamestown (named after King James and the King James Bible etc.). Originally New Zealand was part of the Australian colony of New South Wales up to 1840 when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, but it became a colony in its own right on 3 May, 1841. Up to this point Maori had generally welcomed British settlers for the trading opportunities, supplies and guns that they brought. However it soon became plain that they had vastly underestimated the numbers of settlers that would arrive. As the European population grew dramatically, pressure grew on Maori to sell more and more land, some of it actually being purchased by speculating banking pirates back in London who had no intention of ever migrating to New Zealand at all. A few tribes had become nearly landless and others feared losing their lands. As the result, against the wishes of the missionaries, the New Zealand Land Wars of the 1860s 1870s ensued between the Maori and Colonial troops, in which much of the land was confiscated by the Crown from the Maori. While the North Island was convulsed in the Land Wars, the South Island, being colder, with its low Maori population, was generally peaceful. The South Island contained most of the


European population until around 1900. After the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840, the Debora, captained by Thomas Wing carrying a representative of the New Zealand Company, Frederick Tuckett, in 1844, came south to determine the location of a free church settlement, and selected a site hopefully which would be free of land speculators and the turmoil that had plagued the North Island. In 1848 the Lay Association of the Free Church of Scotland founded and named this site Dunedin. The name comes from Dn Eideann, the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. In London, also, a similar association to the Scottish one, called the Canterbury Association, was to be formed to create a special evangelical Church of England colony in the South Island of New Zealand. Canterbury Association The Canterbury Association was founded in London on March 27, 1848, and incorporated by Royal Charter on November 13, 1849. The prime movers in establishing the Association were Archbishop of Canterbury John Bird Sumner (1780-1862) (Archbishop 1848-1862), Edward Gibbon Wakefield and John Robert Godley. Wakefield was heavily involved in the New Zealand Company which by this time had already established other colonies in New Zealand, and he was instrumental in founding South Australia. In all there were eighty-four members of the association, mainly British aristocrats, who were active in the Church of England. Most had priests and prelates in their families. The President of the Associations Committee of Management was the Archbishop of Canterbury. It included several other bishops and clergy, as well as members of the peerage, Londons powerful banking fraternity and members of parliament. At its first meeting the Association decided upon names. The settlement was to be called Canterbury, after the evangelical Archbishop of Canterbury John Bird Sumner, and the seat of settlement would be named after the Oxford College, Christ Church, at which Godley had studied. The name seemed to be most appropriate for a centre of a colony of evangelical Christians founded explicitly by the Church and not the Crown. Godley (note the name) with his family immigrated to New Zealand in early 1850 to oversee the settlement that had already begun. Today there is a large statue of him in Christchurchs Cathedral Square honoring him as the founder of Canterbury. Four ships of settlers departed from England in September 1850 and arrived in Lyttelton Harbour in December 1850. The settlers on these ships were called the Canterbury Pilgrims because of their deep, evangelical Christian faith by the British Press. A further 24 ships of Canterbury Association settlers arrived over the next two and a half years, making the total about 3,500. The affairs of the Canterbury Association were wound up in 1853, having served its purpose. Many of the chief names of the locations in the new region were named after members of the Canterbury Association Lord Lyttelton, Lord Ashburton and so on.


Subsequently, Christchurch became a city by Royal Charter on 31 July, 1856, making it the oldest established city in New Zealand and most unique in the world because, unlike the other colonies of the Empire, it was established as an exclusive colony of evangelical Christians by the evangelical Archbishop of Canterbury John Bird Sumner by the Church of England. The difference is profound. A great number of these pilgrims were leading evangelical members of the Church of England. But first and foremost, they were committed Christians and missionaries in the evangelical arm of the Church of England. Archbishop of Canterbury John Bird Sumner was an outstanding Christian man unlike his pagan predecessor, William Howley (1766-1848), who was an active English Freemason or like the current Archbishop of Canterbury today, Dr. Rowan Williams, who is a self-confessed British Druid (initiated early August 2002). See: Although not perfect, like most men, John Bird Sumner was no ordinary Archbishop of Canterbury. He came from a family with strong evangelical Anglican links. He was the first truly evangelical leader of the Church of England and was a great encouragement to evangelical missionaries wherever he went and he affected the whole world. His great mentor and inspiration was his cousin, William Wilberforce, arguably the greatest evangelical Christian man of the 19th century. No account of the early missionary colonization of Australia and New Zealand could ever be complete without a mention of this amazing Yorkshire man William Wilberforce. At the time, there was not a single Christian missionary in either Australia or New Zealand, indeed in many other nations as well including the United States, who was not personally inspired by William Wilberforce. William Wilberforce William Wilberforce (1759-1833), born in Yorkshire, was an eminent British Christian politician, philanthropist and leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade. Although he suffered from poor health through much of his life, he was a dynamic supporter of the evangelical wing of the Church of England and was the 19th century hero of most Protestant Christian missionaries. He believed that the Church of England needed to be revitalized in response to the moral decline of the nation, and Christianity should be practiced unashamedly both in public life and private life by the upper and middle classes, by politicians and other important leaders alike. He supported and fostered missionary activity in Britain and abroad, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, was a founding member of the Church Missionary Society, with many other charitable organizations as well. Greatly concerned by what he considered to be the rapid degeneracy in British society, he actively lobbied for many moral reforms including the abolition of the slave trade, cruelty to animals and discouragement of vice, brothels, pornographic material etc.


Through his tireless effort and inspiration beginning in 1787, and after a lifetime of incessant lobbying to abolish slavery, while he was nearing his death, the British Whig government introduced the Bill for the Abolition of Slavery in May 1833, formerly saluting him in the process. He died on 29th July, 1833, and one month later the House of Lords passed the Slavery Abolition Act which abolished slavery in most of the British Empire from August 1834. In the United States, the Christian community had reacted to slavery in a substantially different way to Wilberforce. Slave traders rarely claimed to be devout men although they came from Christian nations. While there was much vocal Christian protest against the slave trade in the US and much of the abolitionist movement was spear-headed by Christian groups such as the Quakers, there were also many people who claimed to be Christians who also defended slavery. The issue of slavery grew more divisive, and eventually most of the Protestant denominations and leaders divided over the issue, setting the stage for the Civil War. While many factors contributed to the onset of the American Civil War, slavery was the principal cause for the split in the nation. Many correctly contend that it was not Abraham Lincolns original objective in the war to remove slavery from the South. Yet it is clear, as the war was proceeding, he was directly inspired by William Wilberforce, by eloquently saying that he believed God was judging the United States for preserving the institution of slavery. William Wilberforce, indirectly, was responsible for the abolition of slavery in the United States, as set out in the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution adopted on December 6, 1865. In the United States, missionary efforts to preach the gospel to the slaves had an enormous effect when many of the Negro slaves discovered the great contradiction that not all of their masters who claimed to be Christian were in fact Christians! After receiving this transcendent truth from the Bible, although still slaves, they found great hope, courage, strength, peace and comfort. Many of the great Negro spirituals left to us today are the legacy of the amazing faith of those who had great cause to despair, and endure incredible hardships and abuse. If one listens carefully to these moving Negro spirituals, it will become evident that the slaves who turned to Jesus knew the great difference between versions of white Christianity that they were often seeing practiced or preached, and the real Christianity promoted so clearly in the Bible. Hence, the line in the Negro spiritual, Everybody talkin bout heaven aint goin there. In 2010, Wilberforce University in Ohio, founded in 1856 by African-Americans celebrated William Wilberforce Day on his birthday, 24 August. The modern Protestant missionary movement was still very much in its infancy when Samuel Marsden brought the first group of missionaries from the Church Missionary Society (CMS) to New Zealand in 1814. The first two Vice Presidents of the CMS were William Wilberforce and Charles Grant. The CMS was allied to the Clapham Sect in England, whose political, commercial, and social connections were used to abolish the slave trade, encourage stricter observance of Sunday and the distribution of Bibles and Christian tracts. Samuel Marsden had actually received his appointment as assistant chaplain to the convict colony of New South Wales directly through William Wilberforces recommendation.


Today, CMS-Australia is still Australias largest evangelical mission organization with 160 missionaries serving in 33 countries worldwide. William Wilberforces evangelical Christian faith and influence on the founding of both Australia and New Zealand can only be described as profound. In New Zealand, it was largely the CMS missionaries who worked to persuade the Maori to relinquish their old pagan deities and cannibalism to become Christians. Prior to Christian Western influence, most Maoris lived to about 30-35 years of age. In 1769 their population was about 86,000, but declined to around 70,000 in 1840 and 48,000 by 1874 as a result of war, influenza and disease. Many of the Maoris had become Christians (as imperfect as much of their form of Christianity was as many still held to some of their superstitions) it was largely the CMS missionaries who persuaded the Maori chiefs to sign the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. This profound fact is rarely mentioned or understood today by secular historians. The British Government had sent out Captain Hobson to negotiate with the Maori chiefs for the establishment of the Queens supremacy over them. However the Maori chiefs were very reluctant to surrender any of their rights, but they trusted the missionaries. Henry Williams assured them that in no other way could they be protected from the immigrants, so they entered into negotiation. The French Roman Catholic priests used all possible influence to get them to refuse, but in the end the famous Treaty of Waitangi was signed on February 6, 1840 by 46 chiefs. In the following three months, Henry Williams travelled throughout the country to interview all the tribes and 400 more signed. The New Zealand Companys agents who were in Wellington (at the time Wellington belonged to the Company) were very angry about the missionarys influence in getting the Maori chiefs to sign the Treaty, as this impeded their greedy plans to effectively take all of the land in the country off the Maoris. After the negotiations and signing of the Treaty was brought to a conclusion, Captain Hobson warmly acknowledged the efficient and valuable support that the CMS missionaries had given and he at once appointed one of the CMS lay agents, George Clarke, to the office of Protector of the Aborigines. Had the CMS missionaries not been so successful in persuading the Maori chiefs to sign the Treaty of Waitangi, the Maori people in New Zealand would have had almost all their land confiscated from them and been left with very few rights at all! As imperfect as the Treaty was, and the Crowns policy in honoring it, today the New Zealand Maoris have the early CMS missionaries to thank for what they liberally possess in comparison to many other indigenous peoples in colonized countries that were left with very little. The CMS Mission House in Kerikeri, completed in 1822, is now New Zealands oldest building. In 1892 the New Zealand branch of the Church Missionary Society was formed and the first New Zealand missionaries were sent overseas soon after. Funding from the UK was cut off in 1903. Today the NZ Church Missionary Society works closely with the Anglican


Missions Board, concentrating on mission work outside New Zealand. In 2000, it amalgamated with the South American Missionary Society of New Zealand. Second to Britain and the United States, Australia and New Zealand have been among the worlds greatest Protestant missionary countries, sending missionaries out to almost every other country on earth. As far as this author is aware, New Zealand had no official national event to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Slave Trade Act 1807, the date on which the British Parliament voted to ban the transport of slaves by British subjects as the result of William Wilberforces work, and the huge impact he had on the country. To New Zealands shame, and Australias credit, a public lecture to celebrate the bicentenary of William Wilberforces profound work was given by Associate Professor Stuart Piggin on March 2007, at Parliament House, Canberra, hosted by Senator Guy Barnett. It was entitled, William Wilberforce, the Clapham Cabinet, and Liberating the Captives in Australia. In his outstanding lecture, Dr. Piggin provided a chilling commentary of how Wilberforce and his Christian missionaries hugely influenced the foundation of Australia. See: In 2007, Amazing Grace, directed by Michael Apted, a film about Wilberforce, was released to coincide with the 200th anniversary date on which the British Parliament voted. The movie was named Amazing Grace after the well-known hymn by John Newton, the Christian man who was Wilberforces chief mentor and inspiration. John Henry Newton & Amazing Grace John Henry Newton (1725 1807), born in Wapping, London, was the son of a shipmaster. Before he was saved he was a heathen of the worst type and had the most exceedingly filthy language one could ever imagine. He was a slave-ship captain who was miraculously converted through a violent storm in which he thought his ship would sink and he would be lost. He arose from this experience to become a Christian inspiration for countless millions around the world by his amazing life and prolific hymn-writing inspiring even eminent Christian men like Wilberforce. John Newtons poetic hymn, Amazing Grace, is the most famous, widely sung Christian hymn in world history. Millions sing this moving, succinct hymn each year. It is all about how God, through his amazing grace, mercifully saved him on his near sinking ship in the violent storm. The original first verse reads: Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound) That savd a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see


Interestingly, it was the American Negro slaves in the United States who were so deeply inspired by this moving hymn that they sang it wherever and whenever they could and they were the ones who most perpetuated it. The epitaph on John Newtons gravestone says:
JOHN NEWTON, Clerk [preacher] Once an infidel and libertine A servant of slaves in Africa, Was, by the rich mercy Of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, Restored, pardoned and Appointed to preach the Gospel which he had long labored to destroy, He ministered, Near sixteen years in Olney, in Bucks, And twenty eight years in this Church

In the last 200 years, more people have made a decision to become Christians around the globe through the preaching of the gospel, while singing this amazing hymn than any other hymn in world history! Not only did this simple hymn greatly inspire the early Australian and New Zealand missionaries, it has inspired many of their Christian children and grandchildren as well. In fact, in the last 50 years or so, more people around the South Pacific Islands, Australasia, and to a lesser extent, other parts of the world as well have become born-again Christians as the direct result of the late New Zealand evangelist Barry Smiths (1933-2002) preaching than any other single person while quietly singing John Newtons moving hymn at the conclusion of his meetings during the altar call Amazing Grace! In recent years, before his untimely death in England, Barry Smith, in spite of the vast blessings he gave to his home country New Zealand, Australia and the nations of the South Pacific both as a writer and a Christian evangelist (yes, he had some imperfections like those in many of us) he was largely ridiculed, ostracized, and unrecognized by the vast, general body of the population of New Zealand. Since his tragic death nine years ago, absolutely no one has stood up to replace him. We have had our last chance have we not? As the result, our judgment is quickly coming now. With this background in mind, hopefully, one can now better fully appreciate the following chapters and exactly why the Canterbury earthquakes have and still are so severely affecting the people of Christchurch, and indeed the whole population of New Zealand.




Three strikes and youre out: South Canterbury Finance First, just prior to the earthquake, on June 20, 2010, Allan Hubbard and his wife Jean, based at Timaru just south of Christchurch in the Canterbury region, majority shareholders of South Canterbury Finance (SCF), the biggest finance company in the South Island of New Zealand, was put into statutory management. Shortly afterwards it was put into receivership on August 31st, owing about $1.7 billion to depositors including many small Canterbury investors. Following this, under the terms of its Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme implemented following the 2008 global financial crisis, the Government committed itself at great cost (not yet fully determined) to bail the company out by borrowing even more from foreign bankers to fund the bailout. This cost will ultimately all have to be serviced by the rest of New Zealands taxpayers in the future. Second, then came the earthquake on 4th September 2010. Third, this was then followed by the arrival of abnormal howling gales, heavy rain, hail, freezing temperatures, and snow around September 23, 2010, creating a nightmare for South Island farmers. This extreme weather killed about a million new-born spring lambs, and threatened the viability of their farm production in the future. A number of people in Christchurch commented, Why us all the time? it is as if the South Island was being targeted and punished by God for something or another. Destruction and damage to old Christian missionary heritage landmarks All these targeted disasters collectively surely did not happen just by chance! Even the first full front-page report in The New Zealand Herald, Monday, September 6, 2010, read; DAY OF RECKONING: Historic homes, city buildings and essential services are destroyed but quake-stricken South Islanders are unbowed. Today we tell their stories, as they face a new threat and a soaring bill. After the quake wind and rainstorms more misery is on the way as a shattered city struggles to cope with natures devastation. Tens of millions of dollars damage have been done to the port of Lyttelton alone.


Remember? Lyttelton was named by the Canterbury Association after Lord Lyttelton, a member of the association! Deans family heritage: From Christianity to bread and circuses Then again, the feature color photo on the front page of The New Zealand Herald article had a brief description under it: WRECKED: The Deans Homestead, used in the film The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, is one of Canterburys most famous historic homes but it has been destroyed by the earthquake. This building, built 154 years ago, is owned by the Deans family, one of the many great old Christian pioneer settler families of the Canterbury region. Do you know the hero in the book and movie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by occult witchcraft author, C. S. Lewis, is named Aslan simply the scrambled world for Satan, with the t in it replaced with the l for lion? Lewis used this principle of scrambling occult words into his characters to deceptively hide their real identity. This movie is a leading occult film characterizing the soon-coming role of a Satanic, N.W.O. hero, so its quite appropriate, in Biblical terms, that this old Christian heritage home should be wrecked as it is. Yet millions love C. S. Lewiss writings naively believing he was a Christian. The Deans family, perhaps, epitomize the radical transformation in New Zealand culture from the Christianity of the early pioneers to the current neo-paganism. Sport and entertainment in both New Zealand and Australia now have almost completely replaced Christianity as the national religion. This is similar to the religious and political environment of bread and circuses that persisted in ancient pagan Rome. The term bread and circuses originates from Rome in Satire X of the Roman satirist and poet Juvenal (circa. 100AD) who gave us the Latin metaphor panem et circenses bread and circuses. Through it he identified the only remaining cares of the new Roman populous as no longer caring for its historical birthright, religion, ethical or moral standards, but only for free food (the bread) and the provision of lavish public stadiums of entertainments (the circuses). When Romes general populace (the mob) became so decadent and ignorant, selfish, mentally deficient its shallow requirements cared not for any serious debate about anything of any consequence at all. It repudiated anything that appeared negative. It cared not about erosion of personal or civil liberties, political freedom or even the preservation of basic democracy itself but only for the most basic of human necessities food, triviality, frivolity, and entertainment. At this stage most people had totally lost their integrity, and had degenerated into not much more than low level beasts.


The Roman emperors and dictators understood this mass ignorance in the mob, and gained the acquiescence of the majority of their citizens by the distribution of free food (wheat, bread, olive oil, wine, and pork) and the provision of costly circus games, lavish sports and entertainments to divert attention away from their nefarious activities and to help them retain political power. To facilitate this exuberant deception, they dramatically increased taxes on the rest of the empire and watered down the currency. Is not the same thing happening now in modern times with the almost national worship of sports and entertainment blended with government handouts? A descendant of the historic Christian Deans family in Christchurch, Robbie Deans, is presently the coach of Australias national rugby team the Wallabies. Another descendant of the family is the well-known music rock star, Julia Deans. Having rejected the Christian faith of her parents and heritage, she actually has rebelliously named her band Fur Patrol, a slang word for female genitalia. On a much wider, global context, the well-known movie Gladiator starring New Zealand born, Russell Crowe, actually has a scene in it where the crowds are showered with loaves of bread as gladiators enter the stadium. Its not just a coincidence that these great old Christian pioneering family heritage buildings were destroyed in the earthquakes. Heritage churches destroyed Then, again, page 2, of The New Zealand Herald, September 6, 2010, featured another article on the big quake with a color photo, this time of the badly damaged 1911 St Johns Church at Hororata, 40km west of Christchurch. The photo showed the heritage missionary building, with an inset photo of its present woman vicar, Rev. Jenni Carter. For a long while now the Church of England seems to have forgotten that the Bible condemns woman vicars (I Timothy 2:12 and I Corinthians 14:34). Wonder why God gave it the hammer? Another article on the same page read, Some of Canterburys most treasured landmarks hardest hit by the big jolt. Most of the serious damage inflicted by the massive quake in Christchurch and the surrounding areas was to the older missionary architectural heritage buildings. The historic homesteads of Homebush and Hororata inland were seriously damaged as was Godley House on Banks Peninsula. (Remember? John Robert Godley was the Christian man who founded, and oversaw the settling of Canterbury and Christchurch! He was one of the three main leaders of the Canterbury Association, the others being the Archbishop of Canterbury John Bird Sumner, and Edward Gibbon Wakefield who also founded South Australia and Adelaide).


The damage was so severe to many of these old cherished heritage missionary buildings, countless local residents commented that they were so upset and heartbroken because they felt Christchurchs uniquely distinct cultural heritage and historic identity had almost all been totally erased destroyed! Buildings like the 1881 Oxford Terrace Baptist Church were extensively damaged, St Marys Anglican Church at Merivale, Rugby Street Methodist Church, St Johns Anglican Church in Latimer Square and St Albans Community Center. Shattered streets were left swimming in a sea of sewage. Houses and buildings built on sandy, alluvial sediments or reclaimed, swampy land were a write-off. After the land liquefied underneath them with the shaking it caused some houses to sink in the sludge. Other properties were swamped in grey sludge. Soil liquefaction of the alluvial sediments underlying much of the city, severely damaged much of the water, sewer and power supply services. Sand had gushed up into mounds like small volcanoes of mud, through cracks inside and outside of houses, in the gardens and neighboring roads. Whole tracts of dream homes were lost or badly damaged. Had they been reading their Bibles this interminable quagmire would never have happened. Basic stuff really. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon sand : (Matthew 7:26). Of course, Christchurch is not the only city in the world unwisely built on sections of alluvial sediment, sand, reclaimed swampy low-lying areas, flood plain, salt or freshwater wetlands, dangerously susceptible to earthquakes or tsunamis. Many coastal regions of the world are also built on sandy or unstable foundations. There are many other beachside resorts and towns in New Zealand built on sand such as Pauanui, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, and Whakatane to mention just a few. In Australia, the Gold Coast area south of Brisbane was actually named after its original low-lying golden sandy beaches and sand-hills for this very reason. Much of Florida, California, New York, London, Venice, Holland and numerous other low lying islands of the sea are all potential alluvial earthquake or tsunami disaster hotspots. In sharp contrast to Jerusalem in Israel which is built high up a mountain on solid rock, many of the former great Canaanite and Philistine cities were built on low-lying sandy or alluvial sedimentary flats or mounds also. Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gaza, Gath, Jericho are some good examples in Israel. Christchurch Cathedral: Epicenter of Destruction Although the earthquakes epicenter was about 40km west of Christchurch, near the town of Darfield, the worst damage occurred in the Christchurch CBD city center. At first a squareshaped cordon was set up by Civil Defense around the most damaged part bordered by


Montreal Street, Kilmore Street, Madras Street and St. Asaph Street, with a curfew. The epicenter of this entire zoned off emergency area was Christchurch Cathedral / Cathedral Square which did have some damage, but was relatively unharmed compared to many other CBD buildings. Can you, dear reader, begin to see what is happening with this first earthquake? Gods hand of providence is certainly still resting on the people of Christchurch, exhibited by the glaring fact he has not completely destroyed the city, and more particularly still, has preserved its greatest Christian landmark, the Christchurch Cathedral with its forecourt and Square (Cathedral Church from Latin ecclesia cathedralis church having bishops seat or throne) because of the Godly faith of the citys remaining small remnant of Christians who still live there. But the citys judgment is beginning. The citys unique Christian heritage is beginning to be destroyed! The glaring warnings have begun. It is now obvious that without any marked, meaningful improvement in the morals and actions of this [apostate] Christianprofessing nation through the initiation of some form of genuine national prayer and repentance, this city and country is now DOOMED and it will only be a question of time before many more intense curses (outlined in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28) are to be summarily thrust upon both the city and the country. One might quite reasonably ask, If this were really judgment from God, why was the Christchurch Cathedral (and Cathedral Square) spared, being the founding missionary heritage and spiritual Christian heart of New Zealand while many of the other CBD buildings surrounding it were destroyed? Simple answer: God is giving the city time to repent. Why was the Christchurch Cathedral and Square at the epicenter of and main focal point of the CBD main area of destruction? The following is the simple answer: The Wizard of New Zealand and the False Prophet Believe it or not, from 1974 to the present, the official Wizard of New Zealand, QSM, (born Ian Brackenbury Channell, 4th December 1932 in London) an apostate, former choir boy of St Michaels Church of England in Framlingham, Suffolk has been standing on a ladder in the middle of Cathedral Square in front of Christchurch Cathedral incessantly pontificating and taking the Mickey out of the Christian Church. This charade has unabatedly been going on now for almost 36 years! without hardly so much as a peep of complaint from most members of the New Zealand general public who consider themselves to be Christians. Indeed, rather than revile him, most people have been admiring him as a colorful celebrity for his arrogant wit, humor and ridicule of the Christian community! The following are a few key dates in the Wizard of New Zealands curriculum vitae: 1969 Appointed Wizard of the University of New South Wales. 1970 Appointed Wizard of


World University Service (Australasia) Melbourne. 1974 Arrives in Christchurch, commences speaking in Cathedral Square. 1980 The Canterbury Promotion Council appoints him official Arch-wizard of Canterbury. 1982 Christchurch City Council appoints him Wizard of Christchurch. 1989 Receives Newman Award for individual services to tourism in New Zealand. 1990 Appointed Wizard of New Zealand by the Prime Minister, the Hon. Mike Moore (a leading Labour Party/Fabian Socialist/Communist). 1992 The Christchurch Ministry of Transport arranges a special Driving License for the Wizard and the British High Commission arranges a Passport in the name of The Wizard of New Zealand. 1993 The Wizard accompanies the Mayor of Christchurch, Councilors and others on a Sister City visit to Adelaide, South Australia (Remember? previously how the author paralleled Adelaides and South Australias unique Christian missionary colonial founding [unlike the rest of Australia] with that of Christchurch and NZ). 1995 In September a Conclave of Wizards from Australia and various parts of New Zealand, with assistance from the Christchurch City Council, joined with him to celebrate a week of activities for his 21 years of wizardry service in Christchurch. 2003 On 8 September his own wooden house was destroyed by fire at Cranford Street, St Albans, one of the old heritage suburbs of Christchurch. (This suburb subsequently was also extremely badly damaged in the quake). 2009 The Wizard of New Zealand was awarded the Queens Service Medal (QSM) in the Queens Birthday Honors List. But this is not all. False Prophet of New Zealand The Wizard of New Zealand, depending on his programmed activities, wears either a costume as a False Prophet of the Church of England when he is preaching in Cathedral Square, or he is dressed in black as a wizard with a black pointed hat. The New Zealand Prime Minister, Mike Moore, who appointed him Wizard of New Zealand was and still is a Fabian Socialist. The coat of arms created by George Bernard Shaw of the Fabian Society established in 1884, is literally a wolf in sheeps clothing. Matthew 7:15 says, Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 2 Peter 2:1 warns, But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that brought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. Can you see how remarkably accurate and precise the Holy Scriptures are? And yet, believe it or not, there actually are still people today who do not believe the Bible! Can you see how this false prophet with all those who support him have summarily brought Gods divine judgment on themselves and the people of Christchurch in New Zealand?


Wizards are not particularly liked by God either. As a matter of fact, Leviticus 19:31 reminds us, Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God. Leviticus 20:6 And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people. Remember, all this supposed light-hearted wizardry in Cathedral Square in Christchurch has been going on here for 36 years in a nation that still claims to be Christian! The people of Christchurch and New Zealand have had plenty of time to rectify the situation but have not. Rather, they have advised HRH the Queen to give him the Queens Service Medal (QSM). Wizard of Oz Interestingly, on Thursday 30 September Sunday 3 October 2010, the Wizard of Oz produced by the Different Light Theatre Company was actually scheduled to play at the NASDA Theatre, Madras Street, inside the Christchurch earthquake CBD cordon zone which now contains the most badly damaged buildings. It was cancelled as the result of the earthquake. Perhaps this planned running of the Wizard of Oz (originals published in 1900) play in the CBD exemplifies the inhabitants of Christchurchs current apostasy and love of the wizard better than most. The Wizard of Oz is a Theosophical fairytale full of witchcraft and occultism. Oz is simply a covert reference to Osiris, the green, Egyptian sun god (sometimes called Ra). Before Christian missionaries came to New Zealand, the indigenous pagan Maori people worshipped Osiris the Egyptian sun god and called him Tama-nu-i te-ra (They have even kept the Egyptian name of the sun god Ra (sun) in their language and culture intact and handed it down from father to son for at least two or three thousand years). Osiriss son was Horus, the rising sun god, and the Maoris called him Tane-rore. The consort to Osiris was the Egyptian mother earth goddess Isis and the Maoris call her Hine-raumati (the summer maiden). Even today, many New Zealand Maoris often wear a green Hei-tiki ornamental pendant of Osiris around the neck for protection. The Christian missionaries first came to New Zealand to free the pagan Maoris from the bondage of these heathen gods that inspired them to be cannibals (priest of Baal) and motivate their women to cut themselves with grief weeping for Tammuz on the death of a relative, because they had no real hope of salvation at all unlike real, born-again Christians. But now, the tide has turned and many apostate Christians are beginning to do the same thing in joining the pagan Maoris in worshipping Osiris. The author of Wizard of Oz, Frank Baum, who lived in South Dakota, USA, was a member of the Theosophical Society. The moral of his books is that we must rely on ourselves, for we alone have the power to save ourselves, contrary to the Bibles teaching on the subject. At the


time he wrote his book, the Russian cabalistic Jewess, and Luciferian, Helena P. Blavatsky, was head of the occult organization to which Baum belonged. She wrote an occult book, The Secret Doctrine. Hitler kept a copy of it by his bedside. The story was chosen in the late 1940s to be the basis for the CIAs MK-Ultra Project Monarch trauma-based mind-control slave program. The word witch derives from the Old English nouns wicca sorcerer, wizard. Some time ago the Wizard of New Zealand published an autobiography about himself (now out of print). It was called, My Life as a Miracle. Interesting, the quake was called by many as the Miracle Quake! There is an old Biblical saying, You reap what you sow! This is why Christchurch has and is still being cursed and shaken with earthquakes. University of Canterbury, United Nations, Lucis Trust and Lucifer Alice Ann Bailey, a leading disciple of Helena P. Blavatsky who headed the Theosophical Society, later formed a publishing company in 1920 to distribute her own and Blavatskys occult, Luciferian, anti-Christian beliefs and writings. Bailey called it Lucifer Publishing Company, but because of criticism by colleagues who thought it was too brazen a name, in 1922 she changed it to Lucis Trust. Lucis Trust has many divisions, offices and branches around the world and it is the spiritual foundation of the Communist United Nations Organization. Through a branch organization, World Goodwill, it is a leading accredited NGO of the United Nations and controls the UN Meditation Room. The stated aim of World Goodwill is to; cooperate in the world for the preparation for the reappearance of the Christ. (One Earth October/November 1986, Vol.6, Issue 6, p.24). In reality the Christ they are referring to is the man of sin the Bible refers to as Antichrist! From 1979, for almost 20 years up to about 1997 -1999, Steve Nation, a New Zealander, and his late Australian wife Jan, ran Lucis Trust in London. Together they founded Intuition in Service and the United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative. In 1985 Jan was appointed Chair of the Commonwealth Headquarters of Lucis Trust, with responsibilities for the work in the Commonwealth of the Arcane School, Triangles, World Goodwill and Lucis Press Ltd. She died of cancer in 2001. Since 2002, Steve Nation has coordinated an annual global meditation Vigil for the United Nations International Day of Peace. He also serves on the Boards of; Lifebridge Foundation (where he is an NGO representative to the UN), Lucis Trust, Triangle Center NZ, Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter Trust (India). He now lives in the Hudson valley, New York, with his new wife, Barbara Valacore, and together they are Co-convenors of the Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations.


Lucis Trust, World Goodwill, Luciferian One World Government From the time of its founding of World Goodwill, Lucis Trust has been aggressively involved in promoting a One World Government and One World Luciferian Religion pushed through the UN. Featured on its website, for example, is the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities, brought forward in April 1998 as a companion document to the notorious UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Signatories to the World Goodwill document include: Helmet Schmidt former chancellor of West Germany, Malcolm Fraser former Australian prime minister, Oscar Arias Sanchez former prime minister of Costa Rica, Shimon Peres, Robert McNamara, Paul Volcker and Jimmy Carter. The UN Charter was copied almost word for word from the USSR Communist Constitution. Believe it or not, the Marxist former New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, now Head of the United Nations Development Program (just three weeks before the earthquake), on August 13, 2010, actually gave a lecture to over a thousand leading New Zealanders in the Christchurch Cathedral entitled; The Millennium Goals: Ten years down, five to go. What are the Millennium Development Goals? They are eight global Communist goals that all 192 UN member states and at least 23 international organizations (including the Lucis Trust) have agreed to achieve by the year 2015 in preparation to set up a Luciferian one world government. Are you beginning to appreciate why there was to be yet another much more severe earthquake about 3 weeks later? which would destroy, this time, much of the Christchurch Cathedral! Is this the sort of evangelist or dignitary that should be speaking in your countrys leading Christian cathedral? Within the central Christchurch CBD earthquake cordon zone, not far from the Cathedral, is the old Canterbury College building, now called the Arts Centre. Canterbury College was founded in 1873 by a Christian Board of Governors, affiliated to the University of New Zealand, a body consisting of representatives of the Fellows of Christs College and trustees of the Museum, called the Collegiate Union. Today the Christchurch representative of the Lucis Trust is an organization called Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom. Where do they meet and have many of their Luciferian conferences in Christchurch? Why? At the arts Centre of course! Canterbury College Canterbury College was a world leading university almost from day one. Women students were admitted from the start, and a graduate, Helen Connon, became the first woman in the British Empire to win honors. For 100 years or so the University was situated in the center of


Christchurch (now the Arts Center) but in 1975 it moved to a new location in Ilam 7km away. It is now known as the University of Canterbury. A few notable alumni that have graduated from the university are: Rob Fyfe current CEO Air New Zealand, Ken Henry - Secretary to the Treasury Australia, Roger Kerr - Executive Director of the NZ Business Round Table, John Key - NZ Prime Minister, Alan MacDiamid Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2000, Craig Nevill-Manning Engineering Director at Google and founder of Googles New York Development Center, Sir William Pickering Director of NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 22 years, Baron Ernest Rutherford nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize in chemistry, the global father of nuclear physics and the worlds first to split the atom. Today the University of Canterbury has totally lost its former Christian heritage and now is simply packed full of atheists, godless Socialists/Communists and globalists as are all of the other universities in New Zealand. For example, Dr Kennedy Graham, an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the University of Canterburys School of Law was formerly Secretary-General, Parliamentarians for Global Action (formerly called Parliamentarians for World Order) in New York for many years. A large number of New Zealand MPs have been and still are members, dedicated to bringing in a One World Luciferian Government. Presently the New Zealand Government and bureaucracy, banking and business elite are now simply filled to the brim with these kinds of socialist people, intent on destroying the country from within, plunging the entire country into the global slavery of the communist/fascist United Nations getting the nation into further massive foreign debt and are selling the countrys family silver off to the highest foreign bidder. In little more than about 100 years, and most of it in the last 20 years, New Zealand has fallen from having the highest per capita income in the world to 33rd according to the IMF and 28th according to the World Bank and were still falling like a stone. In short, an utter disgrace, largely all caused by the rapid decline in the Christian moral fabric of the nation headed by a whole army of these highly educated visionless Socialist idiots and pagans. Islam and Christchurch In John 8:12 Christ said, I am the light of the world In 1984-85 the South Island of New Zealands first mosque was built in Riccarton, an old colonial suburb of Christchurch for over 2000 Moslems. It was the worlds most southern-most mosque until 1999. What was it called? Masjid An-Nur Mosque of Light. Hence, Riccarton House, the iconic old heritage homestead of the suburb owned by the Deans family, who along with the Gebbies and the Mansons were the first Christian Europeans to settle in Christchurch was also COMPLETELY DESTROYED in the earthquake. The earthquakes in Christchurch were extremely precise, and destroyed the founding Christian heritage buildings of the city first. This is only the beginning of judgment for the residents of Christchurch is it not?


Islam, Christchurch, and Air New Zealand Flight 901 On October 1979, the New Zealand Meat Producers Board initiated a series of meat export deals with Iran which began a divine curse over all the sheep and beef farmers of the country, particularly in the South Island. One of the primary conditions agreed to was that all stock had to be killed according to Islamic regulations (Sharia) law. To support the contract, a number of designated freezing works were converted and licensed for halal ritual slaughtering. In the first year, 21 Iranian Moslem slaughter-men were brought to New Zealand to slaughter lambs in these freezing works. By the early 1980s, nearly one fifth of New Zealand lamb went to Iran, but now halal meat is exported to many other Moslem countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia as well. Halal slaughtering involves four things: 1) 2) 3) 4) The slaughter-man must be a practicing Muslim. He must face toward Mecca (Alkaabah Alsharifah). The words Allah Akbar (Allah is great) must be prayed as the animal is slaughtered. The animal must be killed with a sharp knife by cutting the throat.

These requirements may seem relatively innocuous or innocent to the average secular person, but to Christians they are a serious concern, for Islam hates Christianity. Islam does not recognize Jesus as the Son of God. It is a basic belief of Christianity that God has revealed himself through his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. No one can come to God except through him (John 1:8; 14:6). In contrast, the following words are inscribed inside the Dome of the Rock Islamic mosque on Temple Mount in Jerusalem: There is no God but Allah who never produced a son, nor had a companion, nor needed a protector. Praise his greatness. From a Christian perspective, Allah is not great, but is a leading false god that the Bible harshly warns against respecting in Exodus 20:3 and Deuteronomy 13:6-17. Islam requires obedience to the detailed laws and regulations laid down in the Koran. Islam literally means submission. So it is plain that the New Zealand Meat Board on October 1979 in submitting to Islams requirement to use halal killing introduced idolatry into our freezing works and placed all of the farmers who supply them under a divine curse, as promised in Deuteronomy 28. The spiritual forces behind Islam, of which New Zealand farmers are submitting to, will lead to the destruction of all agriculture. Wherever Islam has spread in North Africa where much of the fertile land was once a rich grain growing area, over time the land has been turned into a desolate desert. This will happen to us if we do not repent. All New Zealand farmers should be very concerned as most of the stock now killed in all of our freezing works is now halal slaughtered. Legally, the responsibility is carried by each and every farmer because the animal is still the farmers while it is being slaughtered before it is graded. Hence, it is not simply just a coincidence that the crisis for New Zealand sheep farmers commenced in the


1980s immediately just after the introduction of halal ritual killing. It shouldnt come as too much of a surprise also to see it has continued almost unabatedly right up to the present day. But this is not all. The introduction of Moslem halal killing to our freezing works in October 1979 also had a very close relationship to New Zealands most deadly accident to date the Mount Erebus Disaster. Air New Zealand Flight 901 was an Antarctic sightseeing flight that operated between 1977 and 1979, departing from Auckland Airport to Antarctica and return via Christchurch. On 28 November 1979, the 14th flight, a DC-10 aircraft registered ZK-NZP, slammed into Mount Erebus on Ross Island, Antarctica, killing all 237 passengers and 20 crew on board. The accident remains New Zealands deadliest accident and is now known as the Mount Erebus Disaster. Initially, the air accident investigators concluded that the crash was caused by pilot error, but after a public outcry a Royal Commission was established, headed by Justice Peter Mahon. In his conclusion Justice Mahon accused Air New Zealand of telling an orchestrated litany of lies and found that the accident was caused not by pilot error, but by erroneous flight path coordinates given to the flight crew and pilots by Air New Zealands navigation department, which directed the aircraft straight into the mountain. If you visit any halal freezing works in New Zealand, you will see that large arrows are painted on the floor pointing to Mecca in the slaughtering room where each halal butcher prays and stands while facing Mecca while he slaughters the animals consecrated to Allah. Do you know that on the exact date, on the very same day, 28 November 1979, that Air New Zealands navigation staff set up the navigation coordinate positions of these arrows facing Mecca in the first halal freezing works in New Zealand the Air New Zealand Flight 901 crashed into Mount Erebus creating the countrys worst disaster! Of course, you will not read about this in your local newspaper. Mount Erebus in Antarctica is the southernmost historically active volcano on Earth. Located on Ross Island, it is 3,794 meters high (12,448 ft) and is home to three active volcanoes, most notably Mount Terror. It is the southernmost active volcano in the huge Pacific Ring of Fire, an area where there are large numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the basin of the Pacific Ocean in a 40,000 km horseshoe shape. The Pacific Ring of Fire includes over 160 volcanoes, running through New Zealand and many other countries. Mount Erebus and Mount Terror were named by polar explorer Sir James Clark Ross after his two ships, Erebus and Terror. Erebus by the way, in Greek mythology was the god of darkness below the earth, the region of the underworld through which the dead must pass before they reach Hades (King James Bible Hell). Rather a strange place to experience New Zealands worst disaster dont you think? on the very same day Air New Zealands navigation department set up the first halal killing coordinates in our freezing works?


Following the introduction of halal killing in our freezing works in October 1979, on 16 September 2004, several members of the Christchurch Muslim community took the lead in establishing the first Halal Union, which was officially registered with the NZ Registrar of Unions. Following this, the first feasibility study to train NZ Muslims as halal slaughtermen was prepared and sent to Work & Income NZ, The Tertiary Education Commission, Christchurch Polytechnic, Canterbury Development Corporation, Canterbury Community Trust, Department of Internal Affairs, Immigration NZ, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Somali Canterbury Association and the Muslim Association of Canterbury. On 6 December 2004, the first meeting with officials to discuss the Unions feasibility study to train NZ Muslims to join the Meat Industry was held in the Christchurch Polytechnic. There are many reasons why the Canterbury Earthquakes have hit Christchurch so hard! Similar to New Zealand, today many freezing works in Australia also operate halal ritual slaughtering methods. Australian farmers could do well to take a look at what is happening to their farming colleagues here in New Zealand to appreciate what may happen to them as well. Ultimately, this will all radically affect people in the cities through rapid rises in food prices. Nations are destroyed from within For many years Haiti has been an incredibly corrupt, poor, crime-ridden country and major transit point for drugs being trans-shipped from Latin America into the United States by the CIA and US Government. The same sized earthquake that killed no-one in Christchurchs first earthquake on 4th September 2010, killed 230,000 people in Haiti. The Haiti quake also destroyed its major Christian icon the beautiful Port-au-Prince Cathedral including its Archbishop, Joseph Serge Miot. He was found lifeless under the Archbishops residence rubble. This is why some commentators referred to the first Christchurch earthquake as the miracle quake because not one person in the entire city was killed. Absence of repentance in New Zealand However, after the first earthquake, rather than exhort the Christian Church to humbly pray to God for forgiveness of the nations many sins, and encourage everyone to genuinely repent, in the hope that God would remove the severe shaking from the Christchurch region all of the political and Christian leaders actually vehemently opposed such measures while at the same time they derisively said, we will rebuild! Hence, they provoked God to visit them again with a very much more serious and damaging earthquake almost six months later on 22nd February, 2011.




Christian Heritage of the City destroyed The first Christchurch earthquakes intensity on 4th September 2010 was recorded at a 7.1 magnitude level. While it caused a large amount of widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure, land liquefaction and damage in many residential areas, and destroyed many of the old Christian heritage missionary buildings in the process, it killed nobody. It left the old heritage churches intact and Christchurch Cathedral itself relatively untouched. However, the second Christchurch earthquake on 22 February 2011, although only 6.3 magnitude and significantly smaller than the first quake, was much different. It was devastating and caused much more serious widespread damage across the whole city. It inflicted multiple fatalities, especially in the CBD area, and destroyed much more of the Christian heritage of the city than the first. This time, many of the old Christian landmarks and heritage churches themselves were either totally destroyed or incurred major damage. This included serious damage to the Christchurch Cathedral itself. In short, clearly, the CHRISTIAN HERITAGE OF THE CITY HAD BEEN LARGELY DESTROYED! Christchurch earthquake destruction statistics Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and is the countrys second biggest city. As at June 2010 the citys population was about 376,000, however in the succeeding period since both major earthquakes (including thousands of after-shocks with many of them of 4.0 or 5.0 magnitude or greater and still continuing on a daily basis up to time of writing, up to May 2011, around 10,000 15,000 people had fled from the city. As of May 2011, 181 people were confirmed dead and over 2000 people were treated for injuries. Of the 3,000 buildings inspected within the Four Avenues of the CBD 45% had been given red or yellow stickers to restrict access for safety problems with most of the old Christian heritage buildings included in plans for demolition. As at May 2011, it was expected 1,000 to 2000 of the 4000 buildings within the Four Avenues CBD area were to be demolished. At this point, it was clear many buildings would never be rebuilt. Even many non-Christian people were beginning to wonder if the city may be cursed doomed. Global interest in the Christchurch earthquakes Both Christchurch earthquakes were featured on all major news media organizations around the world. In September 2010, web-traffic recorded 564 million hits on the website alone. Clearly, there is now a growing global interest in


earthquakes. In Matthew 24:7 Jesus prophesied this would clearly happen, and be reminiscent of the period immediately leading up to the time of great tribulation which would involve the whole world. Christchurchs city squares founded in memory of Protestant Martyrs As previously mentioned, Christchurch is no ordinary city. The city is unique, in that it was founded exclusively by the evangelical Protestant Church, not the Crown, bankers or merchants. This is no better illustrated than through the names of the three, chief, central city squares. Originally the Canterbury Association planned for the city to be designed around three central city squares named after the three leading Protestant martyrs bishops Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley, sometimes referred to as the Oxford Martyrs. These three courageous Christian men were the first Protestant martyrs in England who died by burning at the stake because of their religious beliefs under the tyranny of Roman Catholic Bloody Mary I. Both Latimer and Ridley were burned on 16 October, 1555, and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer was burned on the same spot six months later on 21 March, 1556. Cathedral Square (Ridley Square) The geographical epicentre of Christchurch and principal central city square which was to include the Cathedral was to be called Ridley Square on account of the Christian settlers and Canterbury Associations deep respect of Nicholas Ridleys (c.1500 October 16, 1555) amazing courage and suffering through martyrdom while being slowly burned at the stake. The square is not actually a square but is shaped in the form of a cross to represent the cross on which Christ was crucified. In 1850, an architect, Edward Jollie, produced a plan of the city and changed the intended name of the square to simply Cathedral Square on account of the planned cathedral which would be built upon it, with the foundation stone being laid in 1864. Nicholas Ridley was private chaplain to Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and then to King Henry VIII. Under the reign of Edward VI he became bishop of London, and was part of the committee that drew up the first English Book of Common Prayer. When Mary came to the throne, Ridley was arrested. In the Victorian era his death was commemorated by the Martyrs Memorial, one of the greatest monuments of the English Reformation, located near the site of his and Hugh Latimers execution. Also named after him is Ridley Melbourne Mission & Ministry College, a theological college in Australia founded in memory of him in 1910. Hugh Latimer is reputed as saying to Ridley while he was being burned at the stake, Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by Gods grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out. There is a court in Cathedral Square called the Four Ships Court to commemorate the first four ships of the Christian Canterbury Settlement.


The predominant icon in Cathedral Square other than the Cathedral itself is the Godley Statue unveiled on 8 August 1867. The statue commemorates the Founder of Canterbury, John Robert Godley, who acted as the Resident Chief Agent of the Canterbury Association that founded Canterbury and Christchurch. During the second violent earthquake on 22 February 2011, the bronze Godley Statue was literally ripped off its giant plinth and was violently cast to the ground. Latimer Square One of the first stone churches in Christchurch, St. John the Baptist Anglican Church, was built on the edge of Latimer Square in 1864. This church also was seriously damaged in the earthquakes. Hugh Latimer (c.1487 16 October 1555) was Bishop of Worcester before the Reformation, and later Church of England chaplain to King Edward VI. He was executed by burning at the stake with Nicholas Ridley. Latimer was one of the great, courageous, English reformers who publicly preached on the desperate need for the translation of the Bible into English when the New Testament by William Tyndale had been banned. Cranmer Square In April 1876 the Normal School in Cranmer was founded and became New Zealands first teachers training college in 1877. Thomas Cranmer (2 July 1489 21 March 1556) was a leader of the English Protestant Reformation and Archbishop of Canterbury during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, and for a short time, Bloody Mary I. At the pulpit on the day of his execution, he opened with a prayer and exhortation in a written speech to obey the king and queen, but he ended his sermon totally unexpectedly, deviating from his prepared script. He renounced the previous recantations he had written or signed with his own hand and then said; And as for the pope, I refuse him, as Christs enemy, and Antichrist with all his false doctrine. As the flames engulfed him, he fulfilled his promise by placing his right hand into the heart of the scorching fire and his dying words were, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit I see the heavens open and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. Are you, dear reader, beginning to understand how such a great, former Christian city with such an amazing evangelical heritage as this may be doomed?




Previously, in the Introduction, Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 were referred to regarding Gods everlasting covenant with Israel, with his unalterable promise to greatly bless Israel more than any other nation on earth. This would happen only if the children of Israel were to be obedient, but included a further promise and warning that God would curse Israel even more than the Gentiles if the nation was to be unfaithful. Clearly, with extra blessings comes extra responsibility. At the end of chapter one it was also shown how, in Romans chapter 11, Gods plan is to remove all unbelieving Jews from his special olive tree,(Israel), and graft in Gentiles by grace through faith into it in their place. These Gentiles are now the members of the Christian Church predominantly in Christian nations and countries and hence, the promises of blessings and curses to Israel (name literally means, Reigning with God) are also shared spiritually by them as well. The first Christians were all Jews, saved by grace through faith alone, not by birthright, race or genealogy. Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 should be read in their entirety. However, here are a few significant verses from Deuteronomy 28 about the special curses for disobedience God has promised are to come on Israel, and hence similarly those [former] Christian nations who have turned away from their faith that are applicable today: But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses will come upon thee, and overtake thee: Cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field. Cursed shall be thy basket and thy store. Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep. Cursed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and cursed shalt thou be when thou goest out The LORD shall smite thee with a consumption, and with a fever, and with an inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew; and they shall pursue thee until thou perish The LORD shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust; from heaven shall it come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed The LORD will smite thee with the botch of Egypt, and with the emerods, and with the scab, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed. The LORD will smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart: And thou shall grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save thee. Thou shalt betroth a wife, and another man shall lie with her: thou shalt build an


house, and thou shalt not dwell therein: thou shalt plant a vineyard, and thou shalt not gather the grapes thereof The fruit of thy land, and all thy labours, shall a nation which thou knowest not eat up; and thou shalt be only oppressed and crushed always Thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a by-word, among all nations wither the LORD shall lead thee. Thou shalt carry much seed out into the field, and shalt gather but little in; for the locust shall consume it. Thou shalt plant vineyards, and dress them, but shalt neither drink of the wine, nor gather the grapes; for the worms shall eat them. Thou shalt have olive trees throughout all thy coasts, but thou shall not anoint thyself with the oil; for thine olive shall cast his fruit. Thou shalt beget sons and daughters, but thou shalt not enjoy them; for they shall go into captivity. All thy trees and fruit of thy land shall the locust consume. The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low. He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in this book, that thou mayest fear this glorious and fearful name, THE LORD THY GOD Moreover he will bring upon thee all the diseases of Egypt, which thou wast afraid of; and they shall cleave unto thee And thy life shall hang in doubt before thee; and thou shalt fear day and night, and shalt have none assurance of thy life: In the morning thou shalt say, Would God it were even! And at even thou shalt say, Would God it were morning! For the fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear, and for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see. As the nations rebellion increased against God, gradually these chastisements and curses got worse and worse. Gradually the nation became so ignorant and wicked the adult population would end up even killing and eating their own children (Deuteronomy 28:53). Then their beautiful land would be confiscated from them, and they either would become poor tenants, peasants or serfs in their own country, then finally they would be mocked as animals, unmercifully tortured and violently killed by their enemies or taken captive as slaves by a foreign tyrannical pagan power. Are not these biblical curses beginning to be introduced against the [former] great Christian nations at present? including both New Zealand and Australia now! Earthquakes & Volcanoes Earthquakes almost always accompany these major periods of judgment as well. There are many scriptural references to specific earthquakes in the Bible, including some very explicit prophecies of some big earthquakes still to come. All are associated with severe judgment. The following is a very brief outline of some of them and how they may manifest themselves in the future:


The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet. He rebuketh the sea, and maketh it dry, and drieth up all the rivers The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yea, the world, and all that dwell therein. Who can stand before his indignation? And who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? His fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by him. The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him. (Nahum 1:3-7) HAARP: (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and I will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger. (Isaiah 13:11-13). This author personally knows an eminent German nuclear physicist who has worked with the Russians on the development of the International Space Station and other hi-tech projects. Although he does not believe it himself, he says there are a number of Russian nuclear physicists today who believe that the Russian Defense Departments Tesla Magnifying Transmitters /Ionospheric heaters [nicknamed Woodpecker by Americans] at Sura, Gorkiy, Monchegorsk, Dushanbe and at other locations, linked with the American HAARP ionospheric heater/radio transmitter bases, operating as a global network now have such enormous power at their disposal using massive high frequency wattage radio waves to heat up or manipulate the ionosphere modifying the weather creating storms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, droughts, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. can actually change the magnetic field of the earth so much that they have the amazing ability to drive the earth off its axis! It is difficult to know if this is true or not for the average person, however, God has used wicked men as his servants on numerous occasions before to implement his divine judgments. It is also of relevance that Revelation 11:18, does say that finally God is going to destroy them which destroy the earth so conceivably, wicked men may very well have these enormous powers now to achieve this end unless God himself ultimately stops them! This author also believes that the Alpha International Space Station (ISS) is definitely not just a scientific laboratory at all as is deceptively claimed, but is a giant, electromagnetic weapon, Alpha MIRACL deuterium-fluorine chemical laser weapon or something similar. The orbit position, track and timing of the International Space Station, in contrast to most other satellites, is so uniquely positioned that as the earth turns on its axis within its orbit it can strike almost any target anywhere on earth with fire from heaven. NASAs space shuttle trips to the station in early-mid 2011 were the last. After these missions, Russia effectively will take over the control of the station! Can you imagine?


And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles (i.e. MIRACL laser) which he had power to do in the sight of the beast. (Revelation 13:13-14). When Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? (Matt. 24:3) And Jesus answered and said unto them, For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places. (Matt.24:7) He also prophesied in Luke 21:25-27, And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Mens hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Watch for increasing numbers of earthquakes throughout the world accompanied by a steady growth in the mockery of the Rapture and other end-time events prophesied in the book of Revelation. When these things all begin to happen, know that Christs second coming is getting close. HAARP, Poseidon Greek god of Earthquakes, and the Spiritual Dimension HAARP is thought to manipulate the ionosphere much like firing a childrens cap gun to produce a giant avalanche. When the snow is heavily built up ready to collapse, under the right conditions even just the slightest disturbance or vibration in the atmosphere can often upset the delicate balance to initiate a giant avalanche over the whole surface of the mountain. Similarly, in key seismic areas when pressures are under stress and ready to shift, HAARP can be used to stimulate these sensitive areas with huge amounts of energy reflected off the ionosphere to cause the earths tectonic plates to vibrate or shake resulting in an earthquake, tsunami or volcano. HAARP radio pulses are sometimes described to resemble a donut-shaped spool, web or net of magnetic strings like the longitude meridians on maps. As transmission power is dramatically increased or altered, these HAARP impulses vibrate geomagnetic flux lines, sending vibrations all through the geomagnetic web, much like an insect in a spiders web. Interestingly, in ancient Greece, Poseidon was the god of the sea, storms and earthquakes. Just as Zeus the supreme sun god ruled the sky and wielded his deadly thunderbolt like Lucifer Poseidon, was often depicted as an angry, turbulent god, and controlled from his sea domain the sea, rivers, floods, drought, horses, and through his wrath all the devastating forces of violent storms, earthquakes and tidal waves (tsunamis). Usually he was personified as a sturdy man with a dark beard, carrying his powerful deadly weapon a


trident. This was not a pitchfork, but a spear with three prongs. When he was either ignored or offended he would strike the ground with it shattering rocks, causing chaotic springs, floods, droughts, shipwrecks and earthquakes. Hence he earned the epithet Earth Shaker by the Greeks. Because the sea surrounds and holds Mother Earth, the Greeks understood Poseidon was therefore the god who literally holds the earth and has in his power to shake the earth. In ancient Rome, Poseidons name was changed to Neptune. In the Colosseum there was a class of gladiator associated with Neptune called a retiarius net fighter who traditionally fought with a cast net and trident. First the net would be used to wrap an adversary (a secutor) in it and then finally the trident would be used to kill him. Today this same system of gladiatorial combat is no longer used in the Colosseum. Now it is beginning to be used on the whole world. But there is a major difference. Poseidons trident is now electronic and nuclear, with the HAARP/Sura programs being used as the modern equivalent of the retiarius net, and the global Tesla-scalar electromagnetic / nuclear weapons program is become Poseidons trident. Hence, it is no coincidence that apostate Protestant Britain now leads the world in the pagan worship of Poseidon/Neptune in this way, exemplified by the fact that the British Sovereign is carried in the cabin of the Gold State Coach consecrated to this pagan god. See: The cabin of the Gold State Coach is carried by the sons of Neptune, four tritones, daimones of the sea, with the rear two each carrying the Roman [Nazi] fasces which now have been replicated and mounted on the rear wall behind the Speakers Podium in the US House of Representatives in Washington DC, signifying the US Government is a fascist government subservient to the Queen. On December 19, 1976, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved the Convention of the Prohibition of Military or any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques, and issued a report about it. Such a convention and report surely would not have been issued if there were not known technologies in place capable of environmental manipulation, with the ability to modify the weather and induce human engineered earthquakes. In January 1978, Specula Magazine ran an article which described how, using the Tesla Effect, electromagnetic signals of certain frequencies can be transmitted through the earth magma creating standing waves within the earth itself to induce earthquakes at targeted spots around the world. It is thought, that if these electromagnetic signals could ever be made strong enough, they could actually cause the whole earth to literally vibrate or shake to pieces. Britain was the first to conduct Tsunami bomb experiments in conjunction with the New Zealand Ministry of Defense under Project Seal, headed by an Australian, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Leech, in 1940-1945 at Whangaparoa, New Zealand. These early experiments using conventional explosives later led to the development and testing of Nuclear Depth Bombs


(NDBs) in the 1950s through to the 1970s by both Britain, USA and Russia. See: The British ground and atmospheric tests were carried out on and around Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean with the Australian Defense Department and the underwater NDB Tsunami nuclear bomb tests through to the 1970s were conducted by Royal Air Force Coastal Command bombers off Sumatra, Indonesia which just happens to be the very same location that the giant tsunami occurred on Boxing Day, December 26, 2004 in which 230,000 people died! More recently, the tsunami which occurred as a supposed result of a 7.7 magnitude earthquake on October 25, 2010 occurred in the same area. These occurrences are very strange to say the least. In 1981, Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, a nuclear engineer and the leading Tesla researcher in the US gave a lecture before the US Pychotronics Association. In part of his talk he referred to standing waves produced by Tesla Magnifying Transmitters that were also discussed in Specula Magazine in 1978. He was, in essence, describing how HAARP now works. In his lecture he said: Then, what you do is change the frequency. If you change the frequency one way (by de-phasing it), you dump the energy up in the atmosphere beyond the point on the other side of the earth that you focused upon. As you start ionizing the air, you can change the weather flow patterns, the jet stream etc If you dump it gradually, real gradually, you influence the heck out of the weather. Its a great weather machine. If you dump it sharply, you wont get the little ionization like that. You will get flashes and fireballs (plasma) that will come down to the surface of the earth. You can cause enormous weather changes over entire regions by playing the thing back and forth. Dr. Peter Beter (June 21, 1921 March 1987), an American attorney, businessman and controversial patriotic figure, in 1973 published a book, Conspiracy Against the Dollar: The Spirit of the New Imperialism, which alleged that world events were controlled by three secret factions: the Rockefeller family, the Bolshevik-Zionist axis, and the Kremlin. His intent was to warn everyone against the secret plans of the Rockefeller Cartel which he thought risked having the United states meet the same fate as France in World War II. Following the publication of his book, he released a series of 80 audio newsletter tapes between 1975 1982 alleging amongst other things that particle beam weapons and other advanced aerial weapons were then under secret development by Russia and the United States (that subsequently have since been built such as the HAARP Research Station built near Gakona, Alaska between 1993 2007). In his audio tapes, Dr. Beter stated that Americas atomic secrets were handed over to the Soviet Union before Americas first atomic bomb was finished, not stolen by Soviet spies, and it was the Rockefellers who were directly involved in this plot.


He also revealed that by 1977 the Russians had placed fission-fusion-fission Super-bombs in certain deep undersea trenches around the Philippines, as a keystone within the giant Pacific Tectonic Plate. At the time, he said, Russia had been setting off lower yield undersea weapons in other areas around the Pacific Ocean causing strong earthquakes. He explained the basic idea was to relieve tensions all around the Pacific Plate, except the Philippines where stresses would increase markedly. Then, at a certain point, the bombs around the Philippines would be set off triggering volcanic eruptions, creating large earthquakes and tidal waves which ultimately, he believed, would be directed at Americas West Coast. Neptune, god of earthquakes, the Gold State Coach and the British Sovereigns control over the world Who is it that now financially, politically and spiritually heads all of this nuclear hi-tech military madness globally? in Russia? in the United States? China? or indeed everywhere? Who is it, really? Who right now controls the world? Well, the simple answer is it is Queen Elizabeth II. This can be easily proven by simply taking a brief look at the spiritual symbols on the apostate, Protestant sovereigns Gold State Coach (or sometimes called the Royal State Coach). The Gold State Coach was built for King George III (r.1760-1820) and has carried each monarch since William IV (r.1830-1837) to his or her coronation. Queen Elizabeth II (r.1952-) has been carried in the Gold State Coach on three occasions: to her Coronation in Westminster Abbey on June 3, 1953; to her Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving Service at St. Pauls Cathedral in 1977, and most recently to her Golden Jubilee Service, also at St. Pauls Cathedral on June 4, 2002. The year 1760 saw not only the accession of a new British king but also significant successes for the British Navy in the Seven Years War of 1756-1763 against France. Thus the new Gold State Coach was built as a celebration of the monarchy and of Britains military triumph. Firstly and most importantly, the cabin of the coach in which the sovereign sits is gilded in gold to represent the sun, and to signify the fact the sovereign is ruling not as a Christian monarch, but as the spiritual incarnation of the pagan sun god, emblems of him are decorating the coach. Thus the cabin is carried by four tritones, sons of Poseidon/Neptune, god of the sea, storms and earthquakes. At the front of the coach there are two gilded tritones (son of Neptune god of earthquakes) each carrying conch shells as trumpets blowing a fanfare announcing the coming of the sun king. This is a pagan representation and counterfeit of when king David, and Zadok the high priest, anointed Solomon king of Israel. At the beginning of his reign Solomon was a type of Christ at his anointing, but later, after his apostasy, he became a type of Antichrist figure foreshadowing the current role of what the British Monarchys is today.


And Zadok the priest took an horn of oil out of the tabernacle, and anointed Solomon. And they blew the trumpet; and all the people said, God save king Solomon. And all the people came up after him, and the people piped with pipes, and rejoiced with great joy, so that the earth rent with the sound of them. (I Kings 1:39-40). The main body of the British Sovereigns Gold State Coach is adorned with Eight Golden Palm Trees curved over to form the edge of the roof while the trunks are decorated with military trophies to simulate both Solomon and Christ. SOLOMON: and cause Solomon my son to ride upon my own mule, and bring him down to Gihon. (I Kings 1:33). CHRIST: And they brought the ass, and the colt, and put on them their clothes, and they set him thereon. And a very great multitude spread their garments in the way; others cut down branches from the trees, and strawed them in the way. And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest. (Matthew 21:7-9). Hence, the golden palm trees spread over the British Sovereigns State Coach! The Union of England, Scotland and Ireland (as the United Kingdom) is represented by the three putti (cherub-like statues) on the roof of the coach cabin that hold up the sovereigns Crown, Scepter, Sword of State and Ensign of Knighthood. At the rear of the coach are two more tritones carrying tridents (Neptunes three-pronged weapon that causes storms and earthquakes) and the Roman fasces (symbolizing the British Sovereigns global fascist power). These representations of pagan Roman and Greek mythological deities on the Gold State Coach continue on into the cabins painted panels by Cipriani. On the front panel the goddess Victory presents laurels (sacred to Apollo) to an enthroned goddess Britannia attended by Religion, Justice, Valor, Fortitude, Commerce, and Plenty. The door panels illustrate Industry and Ingenuity presenting a cornucopia to the Genius of England, and Mars god of war, Minerva and Mercury (god of Commerce, merchants, liars and thieves) supporting the Crown of Britain. Below the side windows are panels depicting the Liberal Arts and Sciences protected by History who records the reports of Fame while Peace burns the implements of War. Finally, on the rear panel, Cipriani painted representations of Neptune and Aphrodite emerging from their palace in a triumphal carriage attended by the Winds, Rivers, Tritones, and Naiads to bring the tribute of the whole world to Britains shores. So prolific is the carved decoration that it is hard to see the main structures of the coach. The four tritones, (son of Neptune), two at the front and two at the rear, support the leather straps


that carry the cabin. The spiritual reason for this is that as the monarch is considered ruling as the divine, sun god, no part of the cabin can be connected directly to the carved and gilded wooden chassis that connects the front and rear axles and wheels to the ground. Ref; On the side of the British Sovereigns Gold State Coach is an image of the sun god Mercury/Apollo. In ancient Rome, (and coincidentally also in the City of London Corporation today), Mercury and Neptune were paired together for worship. This was because Mercury, god of merchants, liars and thieves, couldnt rule the Roman World Trade Organization and financial world without the direct assistance of Neptune, god of the sea, who controlled shipping, storms and earthquakes. Modern English words like merchant, merchandise etc. are all derived from the name of the Roman god Mercury. This is why Britannias (the pagan mother earth goddess) personification of Great Britain is always depicted with Neptunes trident to symbolize Britains control of global naval power, merchant banking, world trade and earthquakes. In Rome, at the time of Christ, Neptune was subservient to Pythic Apollo, represented by a red dragon, who was the chief deity worshipped by Augustus. Today this red dragon is now the symbol of the Prince of Wales and the City of London Corporation. This also explains why pagan Britains nuclear weapons missiles program today is appropriately called Trident, named after Poseidons earthquake-bringing weapon of wrath. According to Pausanias, Poseidon was one of the caretakers of the oracle at Delphi before Olympian Apollo took it over. Like Neptune and Mercury, Apollo and Poseidon also worked together in many spiritual realms. Another name for Apollo is Apollyon, mentioned in Revelation 9:11 as the angel of the bottomless pit. (In Revelation 9:11, in Hebrew his name is Abaddon, literally father of green plant destruction.) In ancient Greece the special name day set aside for honoring Apollo in the Greek calendar is June 5th, and this name day is still celebrated by Greeks even today. In Revelation 12:9 Pythic Apollo, the great dragon, is vividly described as that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world. This special day consecrated to the worship of Apollo on June 5th now just happens to be World Environment Day! It is also no mere coincidence that Poseidons earthquake bringing trident just happens also to be the very same shape and symbol as the Hebrew letter shin (), in English sh. This Hebrew letter shin is sealed on the forehead of all Eurasian badgers, which were the species of badgers in the desert that provided the badgers skins used to cover the tabernacle of the LORD in the wilderness. (Exodus 25:5). Modern apostate Bible version editors have, understandably, cunningly removed all reference to these badgers skins and the Hebrew letter shin from the KJV text. The reason these scholarly vipers have deceptively done this is because the sacred Hebrew letter shin marked on all the badgers skins that covered the House of the LORD signified the name of Jesus on them fifteen hundred years before the Lord


Jesus Christ was even born! There is not a Bible believing Jew in the world today who reads Hebrew who does not understand the special sacredness of the Hebrew letter shin with Israels Messiah because it is the all-encompassing, central, primary Hebrew letter in the middle of the name of Yeshua (Jesus). There is now a full-scale spiritual war taking place between God and Satans incarnation in many of his old Greek and Roman mythical masquerades to be sure. But the Bible in Jeremiah 5:15, 25:30-33, indicates that in the last days, finally, all this growing judgment on the world is going to be led, not by either Britain or the United States, but by a nation raised up from the north which can now only be Russia. So lets see what Russia has been up to in recent years.




Judgment first comes on a nation from within: Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house; because thou hast despised me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife. Judgment on the world finally to come from a nation in the north: Russia Throughout the Bible God has consistently brought his most terrible judgments on apostate Israel and the Gentile nations as well, from the north. The following are just a few sample passages in Jeremiah and Ezekiel illustrating this: Jeremiah 1:14-16 Then the LORD said unto me, Out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land. For lo, I will call all the families of the north, saith the LORD; and they shall come, and they shall set every one his throne at the entering of the gates of Jerusalem, and against all the walls thereof round about, and against all the cities of Judah. And I will utter my judgments against them touching all of their wickedness, who have forsaken me, and have burned incense to other gods, and worshipped the works of their own hands. Jeremiah 4:6-7 for I will bring evil from the north, and a great destruction. The lion is come up from his thicket, and the destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way; he is gone forth from his place to make thy land desolate; and thy cities shall be laid waste, without an inhabitant. Jeremiah 6:1 for evil appeareth out of the north, and great destruction. Jeremiah 6:17-23 Also I set watchmen over you saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken Thus saith the LORD, Behold, a people cometh from the north country, and a great nation shall be raised up from the sides of the earth. They shall lay hold on bow and spear; they are cruel, and have no mercy; their voice roareth like the sea Jeremiah 10:22 Behold, the noise of the bruit is come, and a great commotion out of the north country, to make the cities of Judah desolate, and a den of dragons. Jeremiah 25:8-9 Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts; Because ye have not heard my words, Behold, I will send and take all the families of the north, saith the LORD, and Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon, my servant, and I will bring them against this land, and


against the inhabitants thereof, and against all these nations round about, and will utterly destroy them, and make them an astonishment, and an hissing, and perpetual desolations. Jeremiah 46:20 but destruction cometh; it cometh out of the north. Jeremiah 46:24 The daughter of Egypt shall be confounded; she shall be delivered into the hand of the people of the north. Jeremiah 50:3 For out of the north there cometh up a nation against her, which shall make her land desolate, and none shall dwell therein: they shall remove, they shall depart, both man and beast. Jeremiah 50:9 For lo, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the north country: and they shall set themselves in array against her Jeremiah 51:48 Then the heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, shall sing for Babylon: for the spoilers shall come unto her from the north, saith the LORD. Latter Days Judgment to come from Russia Ezekiel 38:15 And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army: And thou shalt come up against my people Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Art thou he of whom I have spoken in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee against them? And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the LORD GOD, that my fury shall come up in my face. For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel; So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground. And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the LORD GOD: every mans sword shall be against his brother. And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone. Thus will I magnify myself, and will sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the LORD. The only nation today that can possibly fill this terrible latter days global role is RUSSIA.


Russia and Satan Russia is still essentially a committed Socialist, Marxist state that has never ever changed its spiritual conviction and should never be trusted or underestimated. The Jewish Christian pastor, Richard Wurmbrand, in his classic book, Marx & Satan, summarizes Socialism by saying, Marxism is Satanism! Marxism is not just another political system. It is a religion i.e. Satanism. Its primary goal is the rejection of Jesus Christ and the destruction of Christianity. Although a Jew, Marx even hated himself, Israel and his own Jewish people. It is important to understand and appreciate that the seemingly innocuous Labor Party member who quietly says he is simply working toward social justice or social reforms to benefit everybody is in fact lying and is in the strictest sense following Marxist theology Satanism. Hitlers National Socialist Workers Party was also called the National Socialist Labor Party. One cannot be a member of a Labor Party without being a Socialist, Christian Socialist or Fabian Socialist, and you cannot be a Socialist without either being a Fascist, Marxist or Communist. It is really that simple. Of course, there are many more secret Socialist infiltrators in most other political parties as well. These deceptive individuals, more often than not, while they may outwardly publicly claim to hate Socialism, by their actions they usually end up supporting the same Marxist social reforms and policies of Labor, proving that they are still avowed Socialists themselves, but under a different name. Nowadays Russia is often presented through the mainstream media as being increasingly modernized from its backward, and relatively non hi-tech police state USSR days following the tyrannical Communist regimes of mass-murderers Lenin and Stalin. They ruthlessly killed about 20 million or more of their own people. It is true in some things Russia is still definitely lagging behind developments in some other countries. However, in military weapon development in many cases Russia is years ahead of other nations including even the United States. Dont forget that it was Russia that first put a satellite into space with Sputnik I launched on October 4, 1957. Russia was the first to send a spacecraft into orbit. It sent the first animal to enter orbit, the dog Laika on Sputnik 2 in 1957. The first human to go into outer space was Yuri Gagarin in 1961, the first woman into space was Valentina Tereshkova in 1963 and Alexei Leonov was the first astronaut to venture outside a spacecraft in 1965. The Soviet space program has pioneered many aspects of space exploration and hi-tech space weaponry. After the 2011 final NASA Space Shuttle trips, Russia, not the United States, will largely control the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting 356 km (221 miles) above the earth from its giant intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile base at the Baikonur Space Center in Kazakhstan. It was a Russian who designed the worlds first helicopter. In 1957 Russia produced the worlds first nuclear intercontinental missile, the R-7 Semyorka. Since then, Russia has advanced enormously in the development of hi-tech weapons, and clearly is not as underdeveloped or primitive as many believe or consistently try to make out far from it.


Russian nuclear power At its peak, most authorities estimate Russia possessed around 16,000 nuclear weapons in its stockpile. Most people simply do not fully appreciate what amazing level of military power that Russia possesses, even today. For example, Russia has produced and tested the worlds largest nuclear bomb the RDS-220 Tsar Bomba which was initially designed as a 100 megaton-bomb, but was scaled down to 50 megatons for testing. It only took the Russians 16 weeks to design, build and test this bomb from start to finish. This was a remarkable feat by anyones standards. This infamous test is well documented and cannot be disputed. To illustrate the massive force of just this one Russian weapon alone, a comparison with the US nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, killing 140,000 people provides a good example. The Hiroshima bomb was only about 15 kilotons (equivalent to 15,000 tons of TNT) and destroyed buildings in a one mile radius from ground zero. By comparison, the Russian RDS-220 Tsar Bomba was 100 megaton, but limited to a reduced force of 50 megaton (equivalent to 50 million tons of TNT). When tested over the Mityushikha Bay test site on 30 October, 1961, and detonated at 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) it produced a massive fire ball from ground level up to about 12,000 meters high. The flash of light it produced was visible over 1000 km away despite cloudy skies. In districts hundreds of kilometers away from ground zero, wooden houses were destroyed, and window-panes were broken over 900 km away from the explosion. Remember, that was way back in 1961. The massive level of atmospheric disturbance generated by this huge blast orbited the earth three times. The force was so great, that according to the US Geological Survey, the explosive blast produced a seismic magnitude earthquake between 5.0 and 5.25mb and the blast wave that was detected circled the entire world. Remember? Much of the earths crust is only about 75-200 km thick in places surrounding the center of the earth filled with liquid molten magma! If such a huge bomb were ever dropped on a large city like New York or a small country like Israel, it would literally wipe the target off the map! It would seriously damage the earths crust and magnetic field. Remember, this weapon was tested way back in 1961, 50 years ago! One can only but imagine just what incredible level of power Russian weapons have transformed into now! Russia was one of the founding signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) which came into force on 5 March 1970, yet according to a Ria Novosti article on 22 October 2008, 38 years later, Russias [nuclear] Strategic Missile Force over the preceding 5 years conducted 31 test launches of RS-12M (SS-25 Sickle), R-18 (SS-19 Stiletto) and RS-20 (SS18 Satan) ICBMs and will double the number of test launches after 2009. So clearly, the NNPT treaty is not working or is being respected!


Just for the record, and those who think the Biblical Satan doesnt really exist. Russia has produced a whole range of powerful nuclear SS-18 Satan ICBMs. While many people living in the [former] Christian countries like the US and Britain may not now believe Satan genuinely exists Russians do! With this sort of weapon development and nuclear testing still taking place (and bear in mind this is what we know about) can you really trust Russia? Indeed, for that matter can you trust any of the nuclear superpowers? Again, Ria Novosti ran an article on 22 September, 2009, entitled, Russia developing laser weapons military chief, and said, Russia is working on a military laser system, the chief of Russias armed forces General Staff said on Wednesday. Work on laser weapons is underway across the world, and that includes us, General Nikolai Makarov said. It is too soon yet to speak about the specifications of the Russian laser system, he added. A ccording to some media reports, Russia has been developing an airborne laser the so-called flying laser to disable enemy reconnaissance and data processing systems, as well as shoot down missiles in flight. This is not a rogue report from some dubious foreign media source. It is coming straight from the Russians very own mouths! At present the United States, Russia, Europe, China, Japan, Israel, North Korea, India, Pakistan and possibly other nations as well, are frantically, secretly developing even more powerful, advanced, deadly, sophisticated hi-tech nuclear armaments, nuclear tsunami bombs, space-based laser weapons, electro-magnetic pulse weapons, HAARP ionospheric heaters, scalar weapons, plasma bombs, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction the list goes on and on. All this is happening now at an alarming pace while the global fascist media would still largely have us believe the world is moving closer to peace. But is it really? These hi-tech super-weapons are only a few of the ones that the public even knows about largely as the result of a few concerned individuals blowing the whistle or publishing material about them through the passage of time. However, there are now many more new, revolutionary, exotic technologies held by the military complex that are still kept entirely secret and generally are unknown by the general public. These may be the ones we need to know more about in the future. Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 These nuclear powers and governments all have past records that show absolutely none of them can be trusted and will lie through the teeth whenever it suits them. In essence they are all totally corrupt. The United States Government alone, although historically much more transparent in its dealings than the Russians, is so dishonest it actually passed the Invention


Secrecy Act of 1951 to suppress all important patent applications on new inventions it considered it wanted to censor. From as far back as 1951, it officially has issued secrecy orders restricting publication or private development of new technologies and inventions if government agencies, usually the military, believe that disclosure would be detrimental to national security. Decisions under the Invention Secrecy Act are not publicly available and are denied access under the Freedom of Information Act. This devious form of secrecy and censorship has been going on for a long time and shows governments cannot be trusted. After the ice melts A Taiwanese paper published by the Institute of Strategic and International Affairs Studies, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan, entitled, After the Ice Melts: Conflict Resolution and the International Scramble for Natural Resources in the Arctic Circle claims that as global warming melts the Arctic ice cap, the huge natural resources beneath the ice-covered region will then become available for exploitation by principally the United States, Canada, Russia, Denmark and Norway. The size of the Arctic shelf is about 4.5 million square kilometers, and the US Geological Survey estimates that 25 percent of the worlds undiscovered gas and oil reserves may be there. So there are a number of reasons why big business and banking pirates behind the scenes may be working toward seeing global warming increase not decrease money! Russian Heat-wave and Wildfires Between approximately late July early September, 2010, Russia experienced the hottest summer and worst heat-wave on record. This produced massive drought in the area, and hundreds of raging wildfires broke out in seven regions, producing a huge amount of toxic smoke choking many towns and cities across western Russia including Moscow. Another 28 regions were declared a state of emergency due to serious crop failures caused by the drought. Over 240,000 people were mobilized to fight the fires and 56 aircraft were in engaged in the operation. According to official figures, by August 4, 2010, the wildfires had killed 48 people, destroyed 1267 homes and incurred in excess of $US15 billion in damages. At the time, Russian research scientist Dr. Andrey Areshev writing for the Kremlins independent think tank Strategic Culture Foundation warned that the catastrophic heat wave and fires raging throughout the Motherland may have been caused by American weather weapons and stated that, the incidence of the current anomalously high temperatures exclusively in Russia and some adjacent territories invites alternative explanations. According to Dr. Areshev, the warnings of the United States using these most devastating of weapons were first noted by Russia in a book written by former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski Between Two Ages (1976).


RIA Novosti, the Kremlins official newspaper later wrote a report on Dr. Areshevs findings and stated, To the catastrophic weather events now occurring in Eurasia and the SubContinent it should be noted that we had previously warned of them coming in our January 6, 2010, report titled Norway time hole leak plunges Northern Hemisphere into chaos wherein we detailed the United States testing of their HAARP weather and atmospheric weapons in preparation for total global war. They continued, Not just to weather weapons has the US been testing, but also earthquake ones too, and as we had detailed in our January 14, 2010, report titled US quake test goes horribly wrong, leaves 500,000 dead in Haiti and February 28, 2010 report titled US puts South America on notice with catastrophic Chile quake test. So could Russias massive heat wave and wildfires in July-September 2010 been caused by the American Defense Departments HAARP base in Gakona, Alaska? Well, not really??? The epicenter of the heat-wave and wildfires gives a clue. According to the Sydney Morning Herald August 3, 2010, the worst hit area was the Nizhny Novgorod region east of Moscow where 20 people lost their lives. Well it just so happens that the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility operated by the Radiophysical Research Institute (NIRFI) in Nizhny Novgorod and the base is located near the small town of Vasilsursk, only about 100km eastward from Nizhny Novgorod! Further, strangely, Sergei Kiriyenko head of Russias nuclear agency Rosatom, and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin both expressly visited the Nizhny Novgorod region during the heat-wave and the fires which supposedly were threatening the numerous nuclear bases and facilities, including the Sura facility. It is not known exactly all that they did, but it was widely reported in the Russian media that Kiriyenko visited most of the nuclear bases in the region including the city of Sarov (Soviet code name Arzamas-16) during the disaster. The first Soviet nuclear weapon ever made was made in Savov in 1949 at the Institute of Experimental Physics which continues to be the main nuclear design and production facility in Russia today. Savov is home to the electro-mechanical factory Avangard, specializing in nuclear warhead production and dismantling. The nuclear city has a closed territory of 260 square km and a population of 81,000. What were Kiriyenko and Putin doing? The logical answer is that the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility created the heat wave and drought largely centered round the giant base not HAARP! Russias socialist history has consistently shown its leaders have not hesitated to bring suffering on their own people to achieve their ends, and that process is still continuing today. Sergey Kiriyenkos Jewish grandfather, Yakov Israitel, made his name as a devoted Communist and Lenin awarded him with an inscribed pistol for his good service to the party. Can Russia be trusted?


Australia-Russia Nuclear Cooperation Agreement and Sergey Kiriyenko On Friday, 7 September 2007, in Sydney, the Australia-Russia Nuclear Cooperation Agreement was signed between Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Sergey Kiriyenko, head of Russias Federal Nuclear Power Agency Rosatom in the presence of Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Russian President Vladimir Putin, for Australia to supply Russia with 4,000 tons of uranium per year. This agreement was signed to replace one that concluded in 1990. Following the expiration of this 1990 agreement, on 26 December 1991, Australia recognized Russia as the successor state of the Soviet Union after its dissolution. Today Russia has an embassy in Canberra and a consulate-general in Sydney, and Australia has an embassy in Moscow. While Australians hardly created a murmur about it, this agreement was so controversial in Russia, groups from Siberia, the Urals, to Moscow and St. Petersburg formerly declared their opposition to it, and sent a letter of protest to Australias parliament in June 2008. Most of the uranium would be processed at the controversial International Uranium Enrichment Center, slated for construction at the Angarsk Electro Chemical Combine, near Irkutsk, which will enrich foreign uranium from other countries including that from Australia. There is little faith among Russias environmental community that the uranium enriched at the center will not fall into the hands of unstable regimes, including Irans nuclear program, which is still supported by Russia. Ninety two percent of Russian citizens are against projects for importing foreign nuclear materials for reprocessing for storage. Mayak: Russias International Nuclear Waste Dump In the late 1940s, about 80 kilometers north of the city of Chelyabinsk, an atomic weapons complex called Mayak (in Russian beacon) was built to produce weapons -grade plutonium. Its existence has only recently been acknowledged by Russian officials. The complex is bordered to the west by the Ural Mountains and to the north by Siberia. Today it is Russias largest nuclear fuel reprocessing plant handling products from decommissioned weapons and local and imported waste from foreign nuclear reactors. As the result of a number of serious accidents in the past, general radioactive contamination of the local and surrounding population, the plant continues to dump radioactive waste into the Techa River at the rate of more than 10 million cubic meters per year. Thus the surrounding region of Chelyabinsk, including thousands of square kilometers, is considered to be the most radioactive contaminated area on earth. The territory around the plant is a literal wasteland, with generations of residents suffering from sterility, cancer, asthma, leukemia and many other


illnesses. Nearly half the adult population is sterile, and one-third of babies are born with severe physical abnormalities. To date, 70 percent of Ozerskys residents and employees at the Mayak plant are people with mental disabilities, and the level of drug addiction there is five times higher than elsewhere in the region. In short, the Mayak nuclear waste dump is a radioactive nightmare! At present Russia is the only country in the world that receives depleted uranium hexafluoride from abroad on an industrial scale. It is too expensive to keep radioactive materials with half life periods of 24 thousand years in the territory of a [normal developed] country, thats why life-threatening cargo is transported to Russia, experts explain. So Russia buys uranium from foreigners, and hopes to get rich by making another $20 billion over the next ten years from the importation and processing of waste material from foreign nuclear plants. But more and more people in Russia are becoming unhappy with Mayak. So they are looking for an alternative dump Australia! Yes, Australia! Russia claims it is planning to build 40 new nuclear reactors in the country by 2030, and as many as 60 new additional reactors for clients abroad. Australia has 31% of the worlds proven uranium resources, Kazakhstan has 12%, Canada 9%, Russia 9%, and the rest of the world has the balance with small concentrations in other individual countries. So this is why Russia has a particular interest in Australia. For two reasons, one, it wants to purchase a steady supply of uranium from the worlds biggest deposit, and two, it wants to transfer its international nuclear waste dump and processing facility from Mayak to Australia!! Australias Judgment: to be turned into a Mayak nuclear waste dump by Russia? Andrew Bartlett (a former Queensland Senator from 1997-2008) on his outstanding website on the subject says Dr. John Carlson, head of the Australian Nuclear Safeguards Office, after his visit to Russia to negotiate a new bilateral agreement that would allow Australia to supply uranium to Russian reactors said: I think our principle is to have enrichment in Australia in the future. Mr. Bartlett reveals, Despite the federal government being happy to promote nuclear power in Australia, the possibility of uranium enrichment in Australia is something which has not yet been made clear but clearly it is on the agenda. The prospect of receiving nuclear waste back in Australia is also something which has also been raised by many people, but thus far has been denied by the federal government, but a motion supporting an international nuclear waste dump was recently passed by the Liberal Partys Federal Council. On his website Comments page, on 6 June, 2007, Christina Macpherson wrote, The article about Dr. Carlsons proposed deals with Russias Sergei Kiriyenko appeared in the English version of Novosti. In fact, all the information I have been able to find, in recent months, about the Australia-Russia deals, has appeared in Russian news services only, not Australian. Sergei Kiriyenko was to visit Australia in February this year, however this visit was


cancelled, and instead, Chip Goodyear of BHP Billiton went to Moscow to talk with Sergei. Its a poor thing that we have to rely on the Russian media, to know whats going on! Subsequently, (as previously mentioned), Sergei Kiriyenko, head of Rosatom, signed the Australia-Russia Nuclear Cooperation Agreement with Alexander Downer on 7 September, 2007. On 27 February, 2010, a news report entitled Fallout over NT nuclear dump site on the federal governments proposed nuclear radioactive waste dump site was published on It said, For centuries, Aboriginal clans followed their dreaming across the low scrub land that became known last century by white people as Muckaty cattle station. Now, some members of one of those clans have agreed to allow Australias first national waste dump to be established on 1.5 kilometers of land they claim is theirs in return for $12 million, most of it in cash. The terms of the agreement remain secret even some members of the Ngapa clan who might share the money have not been given a copy Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson revealed this week the government plans to pursue Muckaty as its nuclear dump site, saying it is the only place in Australia that had been volunteered. He introduced legislation that gives the government power to override a threat by the Northern Territory to block the dump at Muckaty, an earthquake-prone area 120 kilometers north of Tennant Creek In 2015 and 2016, about 32 cubic meters of highly radioactive waste from the reprocessing of spent research reactor fuel that Australia sent to Scotland and France over decades is planned to be transported to Muckaty, probably by ships docking at Darwin Harbor, 1000 kilometers to the north Mr. Ferguson is determined to push ahead with Muckaty despite strong objections from environmental and indigenous groups The story of how some members of a small Aboriginal clan came to agree to allow nuclear waste to be dumped on their land in remote Australia began in late 2005 when Norman Fry, the then chief executive of the Northern Land Council, met Canberra bureaucrats who were assessing three possible defence-owned sites in the territory Amy Lauder, who sits on the Northern Land Council, said in 2007 her peoples acceptance of the deal was right, despite protests from other clans owning Muckaty, which was handed back to traditional owners in 1995 after a long court battle. On 29 September, 2010, ABC News reported, Greens urge rethink of nuclear dump site: There is a bill that will soon come before this Parliament the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill it will target our land for the waste dump, Senator Ludlam read. We are the Aboriginal people who own the land and the dreaming you are talking about, we are asking that you reject this bill and scrap Muckaty as a site for the waste dump.


On 26 October, 2010, ABC News reported, Nuclear dump parties to enter mediation: The Federal Government and the Northern Land Council have agreed to mediate with Aboriginal clans who oppose a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory. The Government plans to put a radioactive waste dump on Aboriginal land near Tennant Creek. The Northern Land Council says the recognized traditional owners of the site support the proposal. But a representative from other clans, Mark Lane Jangala, has launched a Federal Court challenge against the Government and the land council to try to stop the dump. The Federal Court ordered by consent, that the parties enter mediation by the end of January 2011. This mediation failed, and another hearing was set down for August 2011. Most of the general Australian population is largely unaware of the corruption and seriousness of what is happening. Hence, in a relatively short space of time, unless there is major change in this process, Australia could effectively soon become just a raw commodity slave of China, Pakistan or India and a nuclear serf of Russia (with all the implications that has). In return for its export of raw uranium, it may very well get back from the Russian bear literally mountains of depleted uranium and a Mayak nightmare in Northern Territory into the bargain. A number of serious nuclear accidents and blasts (largely kept secret by the Russian authorities) have previously happened in Mayak before showering the regional inhabitants with radioactive material, indescribable suffering and death. Should the nuclear waste dump go ahead at Muckaty, and a similar accident occur like the ones previously in Mayak, depending on wind flow, it potentially will put the whole of Australia at risk from severe radiation contamination in the future. All Australians should stop this madness from going ahead. When Australia has serious bushfires, often the smoke will drift over New Zealand creating a pronounced haze with prevailing winds across the Tasman. New Zealanders, too, should be concerned. Russian bear is part of the beast in Revelation 13 and The Abduction of Europa Could the references to the bear in Revelation 13:2 and Daniel 7:5 both refer to Russia? Could the final fourth, and last Gentile world power, dreadful and terrible beast with ten horns in Daniel 7:7 and the final beast with ten horns in Revelation 13 to arise in the last days both be the same, and include the feet of a bear (perhaps Russia and Germany) with the main body of a leopard (United States) led by the mouth of a lion and leadership (Great Britain)? John stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a giant, Gentile beast rise up out of the sea. (Revelation 13:1). This is precisely what happened in the Greek myth called The Abduction of Europa in which Zeus, the Greek sun god, represented by a beast, a bull, rose up from the sea after raping Europa, the mother earth goddess, after which today Europe is named to rule the world. It is not just a coincidence that on September 15, 2002, the former square of the Kievsky Railway Station in Moscow was renamed the Square of Europe. In the center of the 3,000 square meter square is an abstract sculpture, the biggest in Moscow surrounded by 48 columns with flags of the European states. What is it called? Abduction of Europe. What


does it represent? Zeus the bull carrying Europa on his back! What is the sculpture made of glittering steel! Could this represent the woman riding the beast in Revelation 17:3 ? After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. (Daniel 7:7). Do you know that all countries in the European Union, including Britain, have already been regionalized (i.e. broken up) and are now being run by the Committee of the Regions in Brussels! in the same way as all the countries that previously were in the former Soviet Union! The term here in Daniel, stamped the residue with the feet of it in Revelation 13:2 represents the feet of a bear [Russia] does it not? Berlin in German means little bear. Could Britain, the lion, and the Prince of Wales/City of London red dragon (Revelation 13:2) become the final head and Antichrist mouth of this great World Government Gentile beast that rises up in Revelation 13 to finally rule the world? Could the main body be America (regionalized and broken up) and the feet of the bear represent Germany and Russia? Russia still has a big part to play, being an integral part of the beast. Soon the ten horns (ten kings) are to arise to complete the beast, when the 666 mark of the beast buying and selling system is introduced as well (Revelation 13:16-18). Britain, United States, Germany and Russia are still the dominant powers in the global beastly system and world government in Revelation 13. Interestingly, in real life, all of these predators are arch-enemies of each other and cannot be trusted! Watch for London and Moscow coming closer together, with the City of London Corporation (and its demonic mascots, Gog and Magog) controlling Russian commerce as well. Nuclear speaking: Australia & New Zealand Australia and New Zealand were once among the worlds greatest Protestant Christian countries but now, as the result of their growing apostasy, corruption, and determined will to sell their souls, principles, national assets and family silver for mammon to the highest bidder, they are largely become as pagan now as anyone else and are embarking on a perilous mission to inevitable completely destroy themselves. Paradoxically, because of this, and if the Muckaty waste dump plan proceeds, Australia may soon to be enslaved by Russias nuclear program to such an extent it will soon be virtually impossible to retract or revoke its commitments to Russia without instigating serious repercussions or war. The reason for this is that as Russia becomes more and more dependent on uranium shipments from the country, and if its anticipated depleted uranium waste shipments to Northern Territory commence, any major attempt to revoke the Australia-Russia


nuclear agreements for any reason by Australia would be catastrophic to Russia and would, if Russian history repeats itself, incur a swift military reaction. Of course, this may be much more subtle than most Australians expect, as Sergey Kiriyenko head of Russias Rosatom nuclear agency, the man who signed the AustraliaRussia Nuclear Cooperation Agreement with Australias Alexander Downer on 7 September 2007 just happens to be very close friends with Vladimir Putin still an avowed Leninist and also Mr. Vladimir L. Frolov, head of the Radiophysical Research Institute (NIRFI) which just happens to run the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility at Nizhny Novgorod that probably has created the massive heat wave and wildfires over Russia in July 2010!!! In Daniel 7, there are four powerful Gentile kings prophesied to arise in the world in the future, one of which is to be symbolized by a bear. In Revelation 13:2, we are told that the great Gentile beast that arises to rule the world has the feet of a bear. The new centrist, and largest political party in Russia founded on 1 December 2001, now led by Vladimir Putin is United Russia. The logo of the party is the Russian bear. Compared to Australia, little New Zealands part to play in this nuclear madness seems comparatively insignificant but remember, it was a New Zealander, Baron Ernest Rutherford, the father of global nuclear physics, who first split the atom who was educated at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch that first set this whole interminable nuclear nightmare going! So you see. The Canterbury earthquakes clearly did not just happen by chance! The simple reason for the quakes is that the inhabitants of Canterbury, Christchurch, representing the spiritual Christian heart of New Zealand, (who were once leading evangelical Christians), have now turned away from God and for this they are now coming under severe judgment beginning at the house of God Christchurch Cathedral!




Time of Great Tribulation coming Jesus did emphatically warn that at the time of the end leading up to the end of the times of the Gentiles the world situation would be increasingly characterized by wars, famines, pestilences and earthquakes in many places. (Matthew 24:6-7) This period he described as only the beginning of sorrows (Matthew 24:8). Much worse would be to come, and this period he described as the time of great tribulation that was to be far worse than anything the world had ever known before. From the Garden of Eden onwards, God has generally allowed man the free will to choose between either good or evil, and has only ever stepped in on a major scale when man has become so desperately wicked there is simply no more remedy other than to destroy him. Good examples of this are the state of man at the time of Noah and the flood, and Sodom and Gomorrah. Similar events are also to occur immediately before Christs second coming, the period Christians generally now refer to as the end of days or last days and things are to get so bad that if God himself does not quickly intervene man would completely destroy the earth everything! including himself! (Matthew 24:21-22). This period would first be characterized with signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring. Mens hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. (Luke 21:24-26). Finally, the Bible tells us, during this horrendous time of evil, man is going to get so wicked, so unrepentant, rebellious, destructive, ignorant and angry, his only desire will be to destroy the earth and everything in it including himself! completely! This is the hallmark and final goal of global Socialism is it not? the suicide of mankind under a Socialist New World Order of total destruction! Karl Marxs nickname was, in fact, Destroy! Socialistic leaders have consistently murdered even members of their own friends and families or have unrepentantly committed suicide. Hitler is a good example. Socialists like him have consistently simply ended up blowing their own brains out or like the pagan philosopher, Socrates, they have ended up drinking the poisoned hemlock. This is what happens when evil men turn away from God and follow Socialism death and destruction! Thankfully, in the end, God is going to going to step in himself, and finally come and destroy those who would destroy the earth. (Revelation 11:18). But in the mean time events on earth are going to get very much worse than they are now before this eventually happens.


Satans ultimate Plan is to try and Counterfeit the Second Coming of Christ and many of the prophesied amazing signs and wonders events predicted to miraculously occur surrounding it Moses was a type of Christ, and Pharaoh was a type of Antichrist in the Old Testament. The signs, wonders and miracles plagues brought against Pharaoh leading up to Passover (Exodus chapters 7-12) through which Israel and the mixed multitude of Gentiles (Exodus 12:38) were saved were a type or shadow of the various great plague judgments, and seven last plagues prophesied to come upon the whole world in the latter days soon heralding Christs second coming. (Revelation 9:20, 11:6, 15:6 16,8, 16:9, 18:4, 18:8, 21:9, 22:18). At the beginning of Gods great judgments (Exodus 7:4) on Pharaoh and Egypt (a type of the world in the Bible), Pharaohs wise men, sorcerers and magicians of Egypt amazingly duplicated and counterfeited Moses and Aarons genuine miracles for a time. The Egyptian wise men were able to duplicate the first three plagues, the turning of Aarons rod into a serpent (Exodus 7:10). They duplicated the turning of Egypts rivers, streams and pools of water into blood (Exodus 7:22). They duplicated the plague of frogs from the river (Exodus 8:7), (bringing these curses on themselves one must add) but after that, beginning with the plague of lice, they could not duplicate Gods judgments any more (Exodus 8:16) and had to admit to Pharaoh that they were powerless and that this was now the finger of God himself (Exodus 8:19) who was bringing these plagues on them. This process will be repeated in the last days. Special Note: Of all the 12 plagues brought against Pharaoh, the Egyptians and all unbelievers, including the first three duplicated by Pharaohs wise men ONLY God, through Moses and Aaron could eliminate all of them. There were twelve plagues, each successive one growing in intensity from the previous one. These all gradually grew in severity and were then finally followed by the terrible destruction of the Egyptians and salvation of Israel through Passover and their deliverance through the Red Sea. The plagues in consecutive order were: 1. Serpents 2. Waters turned into blood 3. Frogs 4. Lice 5. Flies 6. Murrain on animals 7. Boils upon man and beast 8. Pestilence 9. Thunder, hail and rain 10. Locusts 11. Darkness over all the land


12. All the firstborn die / Jewish Passover The seven last plagues in the book of Revelation are simply a giant, global amplification of those in Exodus, and it is important to differentiate between those that are initially counterfeited or duplicated by man (the modern equivalent of Pharaohs wise men) and those that are genuinely thrust upon wicked mankind by God. It is important to remember there have been numerous great earthquakes and volcanic activity taking place on a regular basis for thousands of years all around the globe, long before the modern Russian Sura or American HAARP ionospheric heating bases and others were ever established. The construction of the American HAARP facility at Gakona, Alaska, was quite recent. It commenced in 1993 and was finished in 2007. So now, it is important, (yet extremely difficult), to properly differentiate between those earthquakes and extreme weather events that occur naturally by the finger of God, and those that may possibly be duplicated by Pharaohs wise men. Blue light or flashes that light up the sky For example, numerous people have reported brilliant blue flashes lighting up the sky during the Canterbury earthquake on September 4, 2010. There are many theories of why this is so. Some seismologists believe it may have something to do with the sparking effect of rock grinding against rock. Others believe it may be caused by the local disruption of the earths magnetic field in the region of tectonic stress, resulting in the observed glow effects from ionospheric radiation. Some people have interpreted these brilliant blue flashes as being the direct result of transmissions from the HAARP ionospheric heating base in Gakona, Alaska. However, these flashes during earthquakes have been observed for many centuries, long before any ionospheric heating bases or nuclear weapons were ever created, so it is important to stick to the facts and not speculate wildly about what has happened. A good website with links on HAARP technologies is; Russian Heat Wave Although it is difficult to prove that the Sura ionospheric heating facility directly caused the heat wave and associated wildfires in Russia in July 2010, it is, suspiciously, a fact that Vladimir L. Frolov head of the Sura facility with other leading Russian experts conducted the GPS-Study of Ionospheric TEC variations induced by powerful HF-heating study from the Sura facility not long before the event in March 2009. They published a paper about it;

68 and (PDF) EGU2010-5799-GPS-study of ionosphere. The axis of the earth is soon to change with dramatic consequences BEHOLD, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again. (Isaiah 24:1, 19-20). This verse is very emphatic that it is the LORD that does these things. However, can God use wicked men as his servants to achieve some of these objectives? He has done so in the past. Nebuchadnezzars desolation of Jerusalem is a good example. There is ample evidence now which suggests that the US/Russian military scalar weapons and ionospheric heating bases are so powerful they can replicate these types of events as well. A number of physicists also believe these weapons are so far advanced they can be deployed to heat up the ionosphere and change the magnetic field of the earth to such an extent that they can alter the geomagnetic magma currents of molten rock within the earth itself. Thus they now have so much power, not only can they cause severe changes to the earths weather systems, create global warming, earthquakes, volcanoes and so on, they can cause the earth to actually wobble off its axis! Clearly the earth is very precisely balanced and intricately designed and just a small variation in its adjustment or rotation can cause massive repercussions. It can best be described using the old party raw egg trick which illustrates the physics of fluid dynamics. Place a raw egg on a table top and spin it. Then stop the spin by quickly pressing your finger on the egg, and as quickly remove it. The egg will start to spin again. Why? The fluid inside was not stopped when you stopped the outside shell from spinning. Those are exactly the dynamics involved in the earths rotation, except for one major difference. The earth is spinning within a stasis system that involves the sun and moon in the operation of gravity as well in its magnetics. It is a delicate balance. It is basis physics. If you play around with the delicate magnetic fields of the earth affecting the magma currents inside the earth or the magnetic fields up in the ionosphere above the earth, it will inevitable upset the spin angle and balance of the earth. This can best be described acting much like when a childs top wobbles off its axis when it is not spun properly being out of balance, or falls over when it is spun at insufficient speed. Mess with the delicate magnetic fields of the earth then it is clear you invite disaster.


Isaiah is very clear that this is going to happen, as the result of mans transgressions (Isaiah 24:20). Sin City Las Vegas judgment fast approaching Most people are familiar with the account in the Bible in Genesis 19 of how God rained brimstone and fire in judgment on the people of Sodom and Gomorrah for their homosexuality, sodomy and wickedness, but very few understand such events are prophesied to occur again in our days to the former great Christian nations and cities. The US city of Las Vegas provides a good example of how such impending judgment may soon come. As previously mentioned in the Introduction, in relation to Gods everlasting covenant, Deuteronomy 28:1-44 vividly sets out the blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience, including the following curses: Cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field. (Deuteronomy 28:16) The LORD shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust: from heaven it shall come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed. (Deuteronomy 28:24). So, look at what is now coming down on Las Vegas from heaven. This is only one example of many. Do you know that Las Vegas now mocks God (like the people in Noahs day and the people who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah) by actually calling their town Sin City, It is described in their official Chamber of Commerce website at: Their official slogan is; Where Business is Pleasure. The clear implication is sexual licentiousness and pleasure. Their Godless website goes on to say in subsection, Sin City for Gays, Gay Las Vegas. The Sin City Chamber of Commerce is pleased to support the Gay and Lesbian Community. We believe everyone enjoys the freedom to live the lifestyle they choose. They are now quite open and brazen about their rebellion and sin. Well, in response to this wickedness, mockery and rebellion, do you think that God is going to continue to bless this Sin City forever? Do they have judgment coming? Why, yes they do and very soon! The following are some basic facts the residents and investors of Las Vegas are presently overlooking. Las Vegas draws 90 percent of its water from Lake Mead on the Arizona-Nevada border. Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States, located on the Colorado River about 30 miles (48km) southeast of Las Vegas, and it is RAPIDLY GOING DRY! NOW!


Lake Mead was formed by water impounded by the giant Hoover Dam constructed between 1931 and 1936. It is 115 miles (185km) long), 1-10 miles (1.6-16km) wide, has a water capacity of over 31 million acre ft or (38 billion cubic m) and has a surface area of 229 sq mi (593 sq km). The Hoover Dams generators provide electricity for utilities in Nevada, Arizona and California, and Lake Mead supplies water to millions of Americans living in Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico. Lake Meads maximum water capacity is 1229 feet. As the result of growing drought in its water catchment region, since 2000 through 2008 the water level has dropped from 1215 feet to 1095 feet. In June 2010, the lake dropped to 1083 feet setting a new record low. In 2010 Lake Mead was running an annual water deficit of 2.7 million acre feet. There were 8.2 million acre feet coming in and 10.9 million acre feet going out. On May 26, 2010, at the Southern Nevada Certified Commercial Investment Managers (CCIM) Chapter monthly meeting at the Rio in Las Vegas, Mrs. Mulroy, General Manager of Southern Nevada Water Authority said: At 1050 feet, Hoover Dam stops generating power and the dam supplies all of the electricity to Overton Power and Lincoln County Power. At 1000 feet, Vegas loses the lower intake that would literally cut off 90% of the water supply to Las Vegas and all of the water supply to Boulder City. In 2010 the Southern Nevada Water Authority was pursuing permits necessary to urgently build a $3.5 billion, 300 mile pipeline to shuttle water from aquifers draining rural Central and North Eastern Nevada, Western Utah and Southern Idaho to supply Las Vegas. This will deplete most of the water being used by farmers. Then the farmers will not be able to irrigate their farms. Remember? Deuteronomy 28:16? Cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field. The time is not far away when Las Vegas and the farmers surrounding the city may have NO WATER! Is this multi-trillion dollar den of sin soon going to die? Is it going to become a ghost town of powder and dust destroyed! exactly as Deuteronomy 28:24 has predicted? Only time will tell. While there has been some welcome respite following a wet winter in the Rocky Mountains increasing the water level in Lake Mead by about 30 feet to September 2011, and there are projections that the lake level may rise another 40 feet over the next year, the long-term trend is still pointing to increasing drought. Specific earthquake Bible prophecies soon to be fulfilled But if one restricts the study only to the many references to coming earthquake judgments in the Bible, there are two that are particularly outstanding yet to be fulfilled. These are to be


fulfilled (very soon) and are very precise prophecies to affect the country of Israel. These prophecies are so specific, when they soon happen it will so clear NOBODY WILL HAVE ANY EXCUSE AT ALL NOT TO BELIEVE THE BIBLE! They are: Prophecy #1: Jerusalem to become Spiritually Sodom and Egypt (Revelation 11:8-13) This prophecy is to take place very soon when Israel is under control of a world government. It will commence when the prophesied new temple of God in Jerusalem is to be measured, followed by 42 months (3.5 Hebrew years) of final judgment on the world beginning at Jerusalem and ending at Armageddon. During this terrible time of conflict the Masonic (worship of Egyptian deities) leadership in Jerusalem and (homosexual) population in Israels capital is to become so corrupt and wicked the city is thus referred to in Revelation as spiritually Sodom and Egypt. As the result, the wicked general population and leadership in Jerusalem will persecute and finally kill Christs two witnesses whose mission is to prophesy, preach the gospel, testify and warn of impending judgment. These two witnesses are Jewish and Gentile believers in the city and are to receive similar miraculous powers at this time like Moses and Aaron did immediately before the Exodus, who testified before Pharaoh and were able to smite the earth with plagues as often as they will (Revelation 11:3-7). After they are killed, they are then resurrected, and are drawn up in a cloud at the second coming of Jesus Christ. IN THE SAME HOUR, there is to be a huge earthquake in Jerusalem, destroying a tenth part of the entire city, with EXACTLY SEVEN THOUSAND MEN BEING KILLED. And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven. Immediately after this momentous event takes place, the full force of Gods wrath commences, during which time God proceeds forth to destroy all those who would destroy the earth! (Revelation11:18). This period lasts for 1260 days or 3.5 Hebrew years. How close is Jerusalem to this impending judgment today? Well very close indeed. Most of the leaders in Israel and Jerusalem are presently all Freemasons (spiritually, Egyptian sun god worshippers). Many of the resident population are homosexuals or gay supporters and believe it or not, the homosexual community in Jerusalems Hebrew University now actually call themselves The Other Ten Percent. It is for this reason God is going to destroy EXACTLY TEN PERCENT OF JERUSALEM! The stage is now set already! Remarkably, the Jerusalem Pride March and associated activities during July, 2010, included a rally in front of the Israeli Knesset in which the homosexual community was demanding a number of important rights. Amongst these were; Access to Health Services: Cover for gender modification treatment and surgery under general basic health insurance; funding for


research into transgender health issues; approval for men to have sex with men (MSM) to donate blood to Magen David Adom. This is why God is soon going to slay EXACTLY SEVEN THOUSAND MEN IN THE COMING EARTHQUAKE IN JERUSALEM! Even now, without the increased revelation of the New Testament, there are still some concerned Jewish people, mainly Orthodox Jews and Jewish Christians, who quite correctly, increasingly believe the current increase in earthquake tremors in Israel can be stopped by repealing Israels liberal laws on homosexuality passed by the Israeli Knesset, or parliament. Israel and New Zealand are both founded on similar earthquake zones: Israel and New Zealand in quite a few respects are very similar. Both were founded on faith in God, and also are located on major earthquake zones. In seismic terms, interestingly, New Zealand is almost identical to Israel. Many of Israels seismic judgments in the past, and others in the surrounding area have been intimately connected to the giant Jordan Valley Fault, part of the African Rift running from the heart of Africa, through the Red Sea, Dead Sea and Jordan Valley. Jerusalem is located less than 40km (25 miles) from the fault. Similarly, the Pacific Ring of Fire runs straight through much of New Zealand. In many respects, Israels Promised Land, and New Zealand also, survive only by the graceful providence of God. This is particularly the case in Israel because the African Rift Zone as the deepest known break in the earths crust runs right up through the land which potentially can regularly wreck havoc on the geology of the entire country. It is only by the grace of God that limits this from naturally happening on a regular basis. Much of Israel is also a dry and thirsty land, and it is ultimately dependent on the blessings of God to rain on it and miraculously provide for its continuing sustenance. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah at the Southeastern shores of the Dead Sea in the time of Abraham in about 1900 BC is vividly described in Genesis 19. It too is intimately connected to the African Rift Zone, so too the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah (Amos 1:1), Elijah at Mt. Horeb 300 miles south of Mt. Carmel (I Kings 19:11), also the fall of Jericho (Joshua 6). The giving of the law to Moses on Mount Sinai was also accompanied by a frightening earthquake (Exodus 19:16-18). The Scriptures are abundantly clear that it is God alone who fully controls nature not man. There simply are no accidents in Gods universe. When Jesus died on the cross, the end of his life was punctuated by a severe earthquake (Matthew 27:50-54). Another occurred at the time of Jesus resurrection (Matthew 28:2). Yet another released Paul and Silas from jail in Philippi in Greece. (Acts 16:11-40). The timing was perfect. Earthquakes in the Bible symbolize judgment not grace, so it will not be surprising to see a worldwide increase in earthquakes and seismic activity characterizing the end of the age in which we live soon.


The increase in earthquakes is going to get so bad that all countries will be affected, not just the ones located on major fault lines at present, like New Zealand, Israel or Japan, and this is going to culminate at the time of Armageddon where all the cities on earth are going to be shaken so much they are all going to fall. (Revelation 16:16-21). Now is not the time to invest in skyscrapers! Prophecy #2: Mount of Olives in Jerusalem will split (Zechariah 14:2-10) This precise earthquake prophecy is to be fulfilled by God when all nations gather together against Israel soon in a futile attempt to destroy Jerusalem and Israel. This period is now only a few years away at the most. For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city. Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south. And ye shall flee to the valley of the mountains; for the valley of the mountains shall reach unto Azal: yea, ye shall flee, like as ye fled from before the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah; and the LORD my GOD shall come, and all the saints with thee. (Zechariah 14:2-5). And all the land shall be turned as a plain from Geba to Rimmon south of Jerusalem: and it shall be lifted up, and inhabited in her place, from Benjamins gate unto the place of the first gate, unto the corner gate, and from the tower of Hananeel unto the kings winepresses. (Zechariah 14:10). This prophecy is closely allied to the one foretold in Revelation 11:8-13 where a tenth of the city of Jerusalem will be destroyed. This momentous time is getting very close indeed, illustrated by the establishment of The Other Ten Percent in Jerusalem. It is clear that Jerusalems homosexual residents now all need to get right with God fast! In the next chapter, a very brief summary of a few of the major curses soon likely to beset apostate Australia will be considered.




Clearly, since the whole globe now is becoming pagan, no part of the world is immune to Gods soon-coming judgments briefly summarized in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, and expanded in many other later scriptures as well concluding with the book of Revelation. These judgments are first to be characterized by sharp increases in numbers of earthquakes, changes affecting the sun and moon, extreme weather events, rapidly changing climatic conditions, natural disasters, floods, heat waves, extremes in cold, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, pestilences, plagues and so on, culminating in fire coming down from heaven. However, the subject being covered here is primarily limited to what is beginning to happen now in New Zealand and to a lesser extent Australia. Some countries are naturally more susceptible or prone to earthquakes or seismic events more than others and it is clear some forms of plagues and curses, due to climatic conditions or geographic location, will affect countries differently. The predictions here are based on prophecies in Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 28, and the book of Revelation, combined with current statistical trends and other factual evidence which in most cases is now widely available for anyone who should wish to pursue an understanding of the subject. Really, it is not now very difficult to accurately predict what may likely happen in the near future. This is just a brief summary of just a very few of the foremost judgments likely to affect Australia and New Zealand. Planned Nuclear Dump in NT and Australias Nuclear Agreements with Russia These issues were previously dealt with in chapter seven. Although not yet fully implemented or agreed to, in the opinion of this author, Canberras apparent determined plan to go ahead in building and operating this giant nuclear dump/uranium enrichment facility with Russia at Muckaty, Northern Territory, potentially poses by far the greatest threat to Australia. The proposed dump is supposed to be a 400-year temporary facility that will house only radioactive waste / spent nuclear fuel from Australias Lucas Heights reactor and components of the decommissioned HIFAR nuclear reactor. But, the real truth of course is that it is to become a waste dump and reprocessing facility for Russia. It seems that there is now only a very short window of opportunity to stop this project from going ahead since the court case between the five different groups of Aboriginal traditional owners of the land supporting it and opposing it was to be heard by the end of January 2011 was not resolved. Another case against the land Council and the Federal Government was


also filed in the Federal Court, where the parties were all scheduled to resume mediation in August 2011 but to date the final outcome is unknown. However, despite the dispute with the Aboriginal owners legal action in progress, Australian Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson is already forging ahead to get plans and legislation for the radioactive waste dump under way as soon as possible . Subsequently, in the June 2011 sittings of the Australian Parliament the Senate is set to debate the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill (NRWMB), overriding the Aboriginal Heritage Act and Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act in the process. A number of concerned Australian groups have been protesting, but not enough. Few people have any idea that the Governments true intentions are ultimately to develop the Muckaty site with Russia. There have already been a number of serious accidents at Russias nuclear Mayak facility over the years causing countless deaths, some even worse than the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in the Ukraine in 1986, although they have mostly typically been kept largely secret by the corrupt Russian authorities. The results of these accidents are now causing hundreds of thousands of people to die of cancer, and are producing other major health disabilities in other populations in the wider surrounding area. The plant at Mayak in Russia is located in a very much cooler geographic area than is Muckaty just North of Tennant Creek in Northern Territory which typically has a searing hot climate for much of year and one wonders what affect this may have on the primary safety parameters of the plant should it be built. A major nuclear accident or explosion at Muckaty, or even at Darwin the main transshipment port, depending on the wind and weather at the time could do irreparable damage to almost all of Australia. Indeed, with the normal prevailing wind coming across the Tasman from Australia, New Zealand could be affected as well. In view of this, all Australians should unite now to quickly stop this plant from going ahead forthwith. Only time will tell what will be the ultimate outcome, but one literally shudders at the potential nightmare which could ensue from the establishment of such a facility. Australians could well be inspired by the determination of protestors in the recent massive protest in Germany against such similar measures. Australias death through extreme weather events: floods, drought, lack of rainfall, and poisoning by desalinated water Either too much water or not enough water is the biblical big one for Australia, indeed many other countries in the world now as well. Australia is statistically the driest continent on earth. However, it is not always dry and it can experience spectacular variations in rainfall and extreme weather events including flooding. But even this may be dramatically changing as the result of increased global weather manipulation and warfare techniques dominated by both the Russian and US military.


Basically what is happening is Australia as a whole is getting about the same annual rainfall it got on average 100 years ago (actually there has been a very slight increase nationally over the last 100 years). But the rain is generally falling much less around the coasts, in the south, southwest and southeast and is generally consistently falling much further north and in the northwest. The problem with this is the greatest decline in rainfall is concentrated around the areas and major cities where it has normally fallen in the past, where most Australians have traditionally preferred to live, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and to a lesser extent Brisbane. See Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology Trend in Annual Total Rainfall 1970-2009 (mm/10yrs): What is highlighted by this revealing map is that, in particular, most of the dramatic increase in rainfall now is occurring in most of Western Australia at the huge expense of all the other states. This dramatic increase in rainfall is being experienced right from the very extreme South coast, through Central Western Australia and up to the Western Australian Northern coast. Paradoxically, it is dramatically declining only on the coast from the Albany region, right up through Perth to about Port Hedland, the area where most West Australians unfortunately live. What this outstanding map alarmingly shows in the 1970-2009 Australian rainfall trend, is that the rainfall is substantially declining now around the Albany-Perth-Port Hedland coastal region and inland to about 300km from the coast. But in all the other states it is declining at an even faster rate with the worst declines around Melbourne, the Southeast of Victoria, Southeast and Northeast of Queensland pushing into NSW which now incredibly have the fastest growing population densities in Australia. This long-term trend is accelerating at such a pace, that official statistics now show that over just the last ten years there has been about a 20% average decline in rainfall surrounding these highly populated areas, an enormous amount in such a short period of time. Some areas have even experienced up to a 40% decline in rainfall over this short period. This growing dramatic change in the climate is potentially very serious for Australia. The latter period of 2010 through to January 2011, has seen a sharp aberration in this pronounced rapidly declining rainfall trend in many of these areas. In fact, for example, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology says that Australia recorded its wettest September on record in 2010. Queensland had its wettest September on record. Most areas in Queensland received above average rainfall for the month, with the central coast and western Queensland receiving particularly large downpours. Central Australia received abnormally heavy rain and Alice Springs experienced its coldest September day on record. Regardless of whether one believes this is being caused by natural causes, man-made global warming, or the direct result of the Sura or HAARP induced MAN-MADE changing climate conditions, it is clear that the extremes in heat and cold, rain and dry are becoming much more intense and pronounced. This is not only unique to Australia but is beginning to happen in many other parts of the world as well, including New Zealand which traditionally has had much more consistent weather.


As the result of 2010s sudden aberration in the long-term trend to date, many of Australias chief city water storage dam levels have increased dramatically, but certainly not all. As at 12 November, 2010, the official figures were: Perth: 33.4% full (according to the 2003-2010 averages, it was still at the lowest level for this time of the year in 7 years). Adelaide: 87% full (slightly above 5yr average for this time of the year). Melbourne: 51% full (at the same time in 2009 the figure was 38.1%). However, much of Melbournes higher storage levels in November were largely attributed to runoff from previous heavy rains in late October. The major catchments were already experiencing a dramatic decline in rainfall in early November 2010 with an average of 2mm, while the 30 year average for the period was 29mm. Sydney: 59.1% full. Brisbane: 100% full (with many of the dams spilling). From these figures it can be seen most Australians will be extremely happy about the welcome large increases in rainfall in some regions during 2010, particularly people living around Brisbane, but the flooding in Queensland in early January 2011 has been very destructive.

However, Australians should not become too complacent as the result of this increased rainfall in late 2010 early 2011. This is because the massive flooding and increased rainfalls have only made limited inroads into the much broader longer-term picture of serious deficiencies which remain on multi-year trend time-scales especially in southwestern and southeastern Australia, southeast Queensland and Tasmania. Perth and southwest Australia remain particularly serious, with Melbourne and southeast Australia coming a close second. Prior to the late 2010 early 2011 rains, based on the declining rainfall trend in the area, Melbourne would have entirely run out of water completely within just three years a city of over 4 million people! Whilst recent rains in eastern Australia have provided, in many cases, short-term relief, sustained periods of above-average rainfall are needed to remove the longterm deficiencies. The simple fact is that over the last 10 years of rainfall, on average, all of the most highly populated states, have seen rainfall declining at an alarming rate, against a background of well above average temperatures, including Australias warmest decade on record. Unless this trend is soon permanently reversed, Australias major cities and population areas may very well soon die of thirst or, at a minimum, they are going to experience drastic restrictions on water use, and be poisoned with desalinated water! Because the process is happening so insidiously and so gradually, a lot of Australians simply do not fully appreciate how potentially serious this long-term decline in average rainfall data really is, but Australias foremost climatologists and scientists certainly do. Unless this alarming trend is soon permanently reversed, (and judging from the past 12 months of floods it could) Australias major cities and chief population areas may soon literally risk dying of thirst or be poisoned by desalinated water! What is the point in living in a beautiful $5 million house in Melbourne if you cannot take a shower? cannot water your garden? cannot wash your car or drink pure water? The extreme flooding in Queensland in January 2011 and increased rainfalls in late 2010 may yet prove to be false flags and be replaced by more extreme heat waves in later summers. Both of these extreme weather conditions could potentially destroy much of Australias mining and agricultural wealth. Mines could be


flooded, crops destroyed though flooding. Heat waves can destroy crops as well, buckle railway lines, and cause widespread fires and heat exhaustion. Combined, extreme flooding and heat can accelerate the spread of disease and plague. What is so unique to this most recent 10 year tragic rainfall trend arising in Australia is that it is not being caused by any decline in total national rainfall at all. In fact, over the last hundred years or so Australias annual rainfall has on average actually increased slightly. What is happening is that as Australians turn away from their forefathers great Christian faith, God is therefore gradually removing his rainfall blessing from the nation proportionate to its declining faith. There simply can be no other logical explanation for this recent unique phenomenon. For example, look at the Albany/Perth region on the rainfall trend chart. All around this region in most of the huge state of Western Australia, EXCEPTING between Perth and south toward Albany where most people live, there has actually been a huge long-term increase in average rainfall over the last ten years. Yet in the area precisely where the vast majority of people live based in and around Perth the rainfall is rapidly declining ONLY IN THIS RELATIVELY SMALL, THIN, ISOLATED REGION! Perth is thus coming under serious judgment, and unless the citys inhabitants soon repent, like Melbourne, the time may be coming when they simply will have no water at all, or desalinated water which will poison them and at the rate the rainfall trend is declining this sad day may not be very far away. This is not happening merely as the result of any global warming. It is happening as the direct result of Gods judgment on this once great Christian nation that has now largely turned away from their faith. Water Desalination and Privatization: As a result of this rapidly growing decline in rainfall affecting the major highly populated areas all across Australia, most states either have built or are in the process of building desalination plants. Globally there are now over 3,500 land-based desalination plants in more than 160 countries. In spite of deceptive claims that these plants can operate entirely from renewable energy which is rarely the case (usually wind farms) large scale desalination plants typically use extremely large amounts of energy and require very specialized, expensive infrastructure, making desalinated water extremely costly to produce compared to the use of natural freshwater from rivers, streams, springs or groundwater. The fact is ocean desalinated water is among the most expensive ways to supply water requiring huge subsidies drawn from major electricity generators to even break even. The true cost is many more times what it costs to supply water from traditional sources, not only from the initial upfront construction costs, but the long-term running and maintenance costs as well. As global carbon and emission taxes dramatically increase on the huge amount of energy footprint used in producing desalinated water, the costs are going to rise astronomically in the future.


But this is not all. Israel leads the world in desalinated water plants and technology. In recent times Israeli researchers have discovered that while desalinated water is good to drink, it is not good for crops. In these internet articles, desalinated water is found to adversely affect some crops, such as tomatoes, basil and certain varieties of flowers. Some years ago, in Israel, it was found to be toxic to fruit trees and cause orange trees to die. Desalinated water not only separates undesirable salts from the ocean water, it also removes precious ions that are essential for all proper plant growth. Indeed, ions are essential for all life and play an important role in the cells of all living organisms, particularly in cell membranes. Desalinated water also typically removes all the basic nutrients like calcium, magnesium and sulfate from the water. Desalinated water is deadly poison, not for what it possesses but rather for what it lacks. On top of this, it leeches existing precious nutrients and minerals from the body. If desalinated water is not good for crops then surely it is not good for human consumption. Even regular, highly treated, chlorinated water in many cities taken from streams and rivers is bad enough. Put a gold fish in it, and see how quickly it dies. But desalinated water is many times worse than that. PRIVATIZED, desalinated water is a curse: first on Israel, then on the rest of the world. Water Privatization in Bolivia Probably the most well known example of how water privatization (more correctly piratization) has cursed a nation through endemic corporate greed and corruption is the case involving International Water (Aquas del Tunari), a subsidiary of the US corporate giant Bechtel, based in San Francisco, in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In response to a World Bank recommendation, the Bolivian Congress passed the Drinking Water and Sanitation Law in October 1999, allowing privatization and ending government subsidies to municipal utilities. Soon after International Water took over the water services in Cochabamba, the company dramatically increased monthly water bills by between 60% - 90% to sharply increase profits, knowing full well most people simply could not pay the unreasonable increases. For most residents the bills reached $20 in a city where the minimum wage is less than $100 per month. These onerous increases forced some of the poorest families to literally choose between food or water since it costs not much more than $20 to feed a family of five for two weeks. As a result of these unreasonable price hikes, an alliance of the citizens of Cochabamba called La Coordinadora de Defensa del Agua y de la Vida (The Coalition in Defense of Water and Life) was formed in January 2000 to fight the company and government. Within a month millions of Bolivians marched to Cochabamba and held a general strike, stopping all transportation. The protesters then issued the Cochabamba Declaration which called for the


protection of universal water rights for all citizens. In response to this, the Bolivian government promised to reverse the price hike. They never did. In February 2000, La Coordinadora organized a peaceful march demanding the retraction of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Law, the termination of the water contract, the participation of citizens in creating a water resource law, and the cancellation of ordinances allowing privatization. Catchy slogans such as: Water is Gods Gift and Not a Merchandise and Water is Life were used by the protestors to highlight their concerns. These demands were strongly rejected by the government. The following April, the government declared martial law to try and silence the water protests. Activists were arrested, protestors were killed, and the media were censored. Only a day after martial law, three protestors had been killed, including a 17-year old boy who was shot in the head by soldiers in Cochabamba. Many more were injured, jailed or flown to a remote location in the Bolivian jungle. The people finally won on April 10, 2000, when Aguas del Tunari and Bechtel left Bolivia and the government was forced to revoke its water privatization legislation. In November 2001, Bechtel filed a lawsuit with the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) an international tribunal housed at the World Bank in Washington DC that holds all its meetings in private, against Bolivia, demanding $25 million in compensation. Because of the secrecy of the hearings, the Center for International Environmental Law and Earth Justice filed a request in August 2002 to open these proceedings to the public of Bolivia. However, in February 2003 the ICSD sided with Bechtel, announcing that it would not allow the media or public to have any part in or even witness the meetings. International banking pirates and water privatization Not only is the World Bank secretly forcing its programs and policies on the people of Bolivia, but it is also actively preventing the affected residents from participating in the proper defense of their basic rights. As at May 2004 there had been no verdict on the lawsuit. Today, Bechtel is spreading its water privatization elsewhere, aided by war. Within a month after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Bechtel acquired a $680 million contract for rebuilding Iraq controlling water and other vital services. George Shultz who was Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan, and chairman of the post-war Committee for the Liberation of Iraq just happens to be a past president of Bechtel. Bechtel is now responsible for over 19,000 projects in 140 countries on all continents and is involved in over 200 water and wastewater treatment plants around the world. The Rush to privatize the world, including privatized water, continues unencumbered, despite its unpopularity among most residents worldwide. Usually it starts in countries faced with large debts that are forced by the World Bank and IMF to privatize water as part of their loan conditions. In 2000, out of forty IMF loans distributed through the International Finance Corporation, twelve had requirements of partial or full privatization of water supplies. African governments, such as Ghana, have given in to World Bank and IMF policies to


privatize water at market rates requiring the poor to spend up to 50% of their earnings on water purchases. The control of the global privatization process (including public/private partnerships which are the same thing under a much more deceptive name) is at N. M. Rothschild & Sons head office in London. It directly and indirectly controls the state privatization process throughout the world through their Overseas Privatization Unit. Oliver Letwin, a British Jew, Fabian Socialist, and former member of British PM Margaret Thatchers Policy Unit and former head of N. M. Rothschild & Sons Overseas Privatization Unit, wrote a book published in 1988 entitled Privatizing the World. John Redwood, a colleague of Letwin, who wrote the Foreword in the book was also head of the Prime Ministers Policy Unit for a time and was actively involved in the establishment of the UK privatization program begun after the 1983 general election. In the Daily Mail, page 37, May 20, 1999, John Redwood wrote an article, Good Bye Britannia extracted from The Death of Britain by Fabian author Peter Hitchens (1999). Letwins book is the primary handbook now being used by all governments, treasury departments, the World Bank and IMF, and other key City of London Corporation-controlled banks all around the world to privatize the national state assets of all countries. In 2010, Oliver Letwin, was British Minister of State for Policy under Jewish PM David Cameron. It is no coincidence that David Cameron is currently British Prime Minister. His predecessors have served on the board of Standard Chartered Bank, which was established to launder illicit opium drug money with Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in China after the First and Second Opium Wars. Today Standard Chartered Bank launders most of the illicit opium drug money in Afghanistan now supplying over 90% of the illicit opium and heroin to the world. This is one of the main reasons why the coalition troops are presently in Afghanistan to protect the huge drug dealing profits of British banks! N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London control a handful of giant companies, mostly based in England and France that have come to dominate the global water multinationals. The largest water corporations in the world are part of the French transnational company Suez, and the German energy conglomerate RWE. Another is Vivendi (Veolia Environnement), a French company. These companies invest in a wide variety of assets such as telecommunications, energy, waste, etc. in addition to their vast water businesses. The top two, Vivendi and Suez, have captured about 70% of the existing global privatized water market. Suez operates in 130 countries and Vivendi in over 100, with their combined annual revenues now over $US70 billion. RWE revenues are currently over $US50 billion (energy included), having acquired British water giant Thames Water (recently sold to Kemble Water), and American Water Works the largest US private water utility. Some of the other major water corporations include Bechtel, Biwater Plc, Bouygues/Saur, U.S. Water, Severn Trent, Anglian Water, Aguas de Barcelona, United Utilities and the Kelda Group. Suez Environment, through its affiliate Degremont, is one of the partners in the AquaSure consortium currently chosen to build Australias Bass Coast desalination plant at Wonthaggi in Victoria for Melbourne.


A common thread with these multinational global water pirates, both past and present, is that to protect their monopolistic centralized systems, they usually demand that government dictatorships introduce treacherous laws that exclude small wells, reservoirs or rain collection systems, denying all individual farmers and others rights even to collect rainwater without paying for it. They also pressure corrupt governments to introduce Drinking Water Guidelines and Standards for public health and aesthetic qualities which then force everyone to purchase only the corporate water, be it as poisoned as it is. Once these onerous laws are passed and privatization is entrenched, they then increase charges at will with absolutely no account to anyone but themselves. In ancient Rome at the time of Christ, fascism was simply the merger of state socialism with corporatism and that is what is happening now global fascism! New Zealand and Australia are no exceptions! This is part of both Australia and New Zealands national judgment the confiscation of the nations natural resources through privatization to foreigners.




One cannot be a modern Jeremiah-type preacher or writer warning of impending judgment (and subsequent salvation) without mentioning Gods ultimate desire and plan to miraculously bless both Israel and the whole of mankind through the Gihon Spring in Jerusalem. The prophet Jeremiah prophesied a lot about what would happen to the water supply system in apostate Israel in the latter days and said: I will surely consume them, saith the LORD: there shall be no grapes on the vine, nor figs on the fig tree, and the leaf shall fade; and the things that I have given them shall pass away from them. Why do we sit still? Assemble yourselves, and let us enter into the defenced cities, and let us be silent there: for the LORD our God hath put us to silence, and given us water of gall to drink, because we have sinned against the LORD. (Jeremiah 8:13-14). REMEMBER, O LORD, what is come upon us: consider, and behold our reproach. Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens. We are orphans and fatherless, our mothers are as widows. We have drunken our water for money: our wood is sold unto us. (Lamentations 5:1-4). Jerusalems Gihon Spring In ancient times in Jerusalem the life of the whole city was solely provided by water from the Gihon Spring, which miraculously gushed out of solid rock high up the mountain on which Jerusalem is sited. Gihon in Hebrew literally means to gush forth. Solomon, (a type of Christ) riding on the kings mule was brought to the Gihon Spring and there anointed to be king according to his father King Davids instructions. When he was anointed there, an earthquake occurred (I Kings 1:32-40). Many of these events were repeated by Jesus in the finest detail during his earthly ministry, and will finally be repeated again on a much grander scale at his second coming. Interestingly, the very first verse of the New Testament calls Jesus the son of David, like king Solomon. When God first made the Garden of Eden, he made provision for mans salvation by creating the tree of life and a river with four heads. (Genesis 2:9-10). The second head was called Gihon. (Genesis 2:13). This is what the Gihon Spring in Jerusalem is named after. Prior to Judahs Babylonian captivity for sin, Jeremiah prophesied; For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns,


broken cisterns, that can hold no water. (Jeremiah 2:13). Of all the terrible sins of Jerusalem, these two were sharply singled out by God as the most severe: 1) Forsaking the fountain of living waters (Jeremiah 17:13). 2) Building broken cisterns. (Jeremiah 14:3-4, 38:6, Genesis 37:24, Zechariah 9:11). A cistern was like a well, built into the ground as a water reservoir only. It had no independent source of water as water was brought to it from another source for storage. God likens those who without faith trust in their own resources as those who build broken cisterns. Today, because of Israels massive sins and unbelief in rejecting their true fountain of living waters is why God has specifically now largely removed his special blessings from Israel and reduced the Gihon Spring from gushing forth to now as it is running at just a trickle while the whole nation is blindly turned to drinking poisoned, desalinated water water of gall (Jeremiah 8:14) from man-made storage facilities broken cisterns. God has not cut off Jerusalems water supply completely, because there are still a remnant of faithful believers still left in the city. In ancient times there was a special gate that provided the primary access to Jerusalems fountain of life (Psalms 36:9) at the Gihon Spring called the Fountain Gate (Nehemiah 2:14). This fountain of life which came out of pure solid rock represented the life source of God himself. Paul explained exactly why this was so to the Corinthians; And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ. (I Corinthians 10:4). In Jerusalem this Fountain Gate was literally the way to the sole fountain of life for everyone in the city, both Jew and Gentile alike. This is why Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6). During Jesus ministry he spoke with a woman of Samaria (faithful Gentile) at Jacobs well who said to him, Art thou greater than our father Jacob, which gave us the well, and drank thereof himself, and his children, and his cattle? Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosover drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. (John 4:6-14). Again, on the last and greatest day of the feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because Jesus was not yet glorified.) (John7:37-39). Gods soon-coming judgment on Israel and the world at Armageddon, when Jerusalem is to become a cup of trembling and burdensome stone for all people when all of the people of the earth will be gathered together against it and the Jewish people (Zechariah 12:1-3) is soon to ultimately lead to the final promised purification, cleansing, and restoration of Israels water supply in preparation for Jerusalem to become the head of the nations during the new millennium. The time is at hand when many Israelis who are suffering both spiritually and physically as the result of their sin in rejecting the Messiah, (the true fountain


of life of the world), and also as the result of drinking their own horrible, poisoned, desalinated water for almost a generation from Israels broken cisterns are to be the first to be purified and healed by drinking proper water from the Gihon Spring which is to be miraculously transformed. During this coming time of terrible judgment on the nations centered in the Middle East, which includes punishment on both Israel and the world, Zechariah tells us fully two thirds of the entire nation of Israel are to be killed (Zechariah 13:8) (and probably a similar proportion of the Gentile nations as well) before God finally steps in as he has promised to come and save the third of the population that are left from the full force of the evil Gentile hate and destruction perpetrated by all the nations intent on destroying Israel. Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south And it shall be in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the former sea, and half of them toward the hinder sea: in summer and winter it shall be. (Zechariah 14:3-8). In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and uncleanness. (Zechariah 13:1). Then comes a terrible plague on all those who have fought against Jerusalem: And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. (Zechariah 14:12). And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles. And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain. (Zechariah 14:12-17). From this time forth and during the following millennium Israels priesthood will literally rule the world on behalf of the King (Jesus Christ), with no defense force other than these promises of God to immediately punish the nations who rebel by withholding the rain. This great fountain of water prophesied by Zechariah to literally gush out from the Gihon Spring / new temple after the earthquake splitting the Mount of Olives is to become a great river of blessing from Jerusalem. In prophesying about it with the building and operation of the new millennial temple, the prophet Ezekiel gives much greater detail about it:


AFTERWARD he brought me again unto the door of the house; and behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward ; for the forefront of the house stood toward the east, and the waters came down from under from the right side of the house, at the south side of the altar. Then brought he me out of the way of the gate northward, and led me about the way without unto the utter gate by the way that looketh eastward; and, behold, there ran out waters on the right side. And when the man that had the line in his hand went forth eastward, he measured a thousand cubits, and he brought me through the waters; and the waters were to the ankles. Again he measured a thousand, and brought me through the waters; the waters were to the knees. Again he measured a thousand, and brought me through; the waters were to the loins. Afterward he measured a thousand; and it was a river that I could not pass over; for the waters were risen, waters to swim in, a river that could not be passed over. And he said unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen this? Then he brought me, and caused me to return to the brink of the river. Now when I had returned, behold, at the bank of the river were very many trees on the one side and on the other. Then said he unto me, These waters issue out toward the east country, and go down into the desert, and go into the sea: which being brought forth into the sea, the waters shall be healed. (Ezekiel 47:1-12). This river will miraculously gush out of solid rock and flow out from Jerusalem through the Mount of Olives valley created by the great earthquake, head toward Qumran, Jericho, and then onward to revive the Dead Sea. Israel will literally then truly blossom like the literal Garden of Eden. In ancient times a cubit was a linear measure from the elbow to the tip of the longest finger of a man, about 18 inches. There is also a long cubit mentioned in Ezekiel 43:13 which is the same length as a cubit plus a handbreadth, about another 4 inches. Using this formula a thousand cubits is 611 yards. Today, if you were to stand at the Gihon Spring site, bear due east, and measure 2000 cubits (1222 yards) you will find yourself standing on top of the peak of the Mount of Olives or a little past. Once there, what will you see looking back to the Gihon Spring and Temple Mount? acres and acres of shining white tombs running down the slopes to the Kidron Valley! In Ezekiels vision of the resurrection of dry bones, (a prophecy of the resurrection of all the saints, both Jew and Gentile, at Jesus second coming) there was a valley full of dry bones (Ezekiel 37:1-2) which are those of the whole house of Israel (Ezekiel 37:11). Paul explains in Romans 9:6, 11:1-36 and Galatians 6:15-16, that this whole house of Israel includes believing Gentiles as well). There is a noise, and behold a shaking (Ezekiel 37:78) (i.e. an earthquake) before the Lord GOD comes to open your graves and resurrect them (Ezekiel 37:12). When the Lord comes for the saints GLOBALLY, in Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives literally splits into two during the earthquake opening the graves on the slopes in the shaking, creating a great valley and believers in Jerusalem flee to the valley. Then is the statement: and the LORD my God shall come, and all the saints with thee.


(Zechariah 14:5). And it shall come to pass in that day, that the light shall not be clear, nor dark. But it shall be one day, which shall be known to the LORD, not day, nor night: but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light. (Ezekiel 14:6-7). But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my father only. (Matthew 24:36). When these living waters begin to gush out from Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:8), Israel (only a third of the nation will be left) will, on a national basis, repent, be cleansed, and converted over a period of 1260 days (3.5 Hebrew years), and be protected by God from the full force of the Gentile armies and nations. The New Testament account of the Apostle Pauls miraculous conversion in the wilderness on the road to Damascus, his blindness after Jesus spoke to him through a great light, and after three days his subsequent receipt of full sight, is also a prophecy of Israels end-time national conversion and redemption.

As John concludes in Revelation 22:17: And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely. Finally, Israels old poisonous desalination plants will all have become obsolete or have been destroyed in the last great earthquake. Then Israel on a national basis comes to full faith in their real Messiah, Jesus Christ, the true, fountain of life of which the Gihon Spring is representative. Then Israel as a nation is to be blessed physically as well as spiritually by genuine, God-given purified, top quality water, it will literally gush out of Jerusalem blessing the entire nation, and ultimately the whole world. The barren wilderness all around Jerusalem like it is now will become like a literal Garden of Eden, as it was at first when Joshua first sent his spies into the Promised Land when they cut down a branch with a cluster of grapes on it so big it took two men to carry it! (Numbers 13:22-24). That is a big bunch of grapes! Hence, this controversial question of declining rainfall and the building of desalination plants in Israel, Australia, and in many other countries of the world, is now not the result of any global warming at all. It is entirely spiritually based the direct result of simply turning away from God in pursuit of the love of money and lest we forget, Baal and his consort!



Heat-waves and wildfires Even all nations shall say, Wherefore hath the LORD done thus unto this land? What meaneth the heat of this great anger? Then men shall say, Because they have forsaken the covenant of the LORD God of their fathers, which he made with them when he brought them forth out of the land of Egypt. (Deuteronomy 29:24-25) They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat, and with bitter destruction: (Deuteronomy 32:24). Could these above verses ever apply to New Zealand? Australia? United States? Britain? very soon in the future! Prolonged periods of excessively hot weather or heat waves historically are Australias deadliest hidden natural hazard. Australia holds the record for the worlds longest heat wave set in Marble Bar from October 31, 1923 to April 31, 1924 when the temperature broke the 37.8C (100.0F) benchmark, setting the heat wave record at 160 days. In January 2008, Alice Springs in Northern Territory recorded ten consecutive days of temperatures above 40C (104F) with the average temperature for the month being 39.8C (103.6F). Later, in March 2008, Adelaide in South Australia experienced temperatures of above 35C (95F) for fifteen consecutive days, seven days more than the previous longest held record at these temperatures. This March 2008 heat wave included eleven consecutive days above 38C (100F) which was totally unique for Adelaide in a autumn month in which the city historically averages only 2.3 days above 35C (95F). In the last ten years Australia has experienced its warmest decade since records began in 1910, ending the period with extreme bushfires, dust storms, record-breaking temperatures and heat waves. The average temperature between 2000 and 2009 was 22.3 C (72.1F) compared with the 1961-1990 average of 21.8C. The country experienced its second warmest winter in 2009 with the average temperature 0.9C above the 1961-1990 average. Melbourne, in 2009, set a new record temperature for the city at 46.4C. There has been an accelerating clear upward trend in the number of extreme hot events and a downward trend in the number of cold events in Australia over the recent decade. This last decade has also been one that has set both high temperature records and low temperature records with extremes in the weather pattern emerging. Over the last 10 years, high


temperature records have been broken at a rate two-to-three times higher than low temperature records. The loss of human life in heat waves, although not widely recognized and consistently underreported, exceeds deaths from all other extreme weather events combined, including lightning, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and tornadoes. In addition, it has been observed heat waves induce physical and psychological stress on the wider population creating a sharp upsurge in violent crime whenever they occur. Heat waves also lead to serious drought, bushfires, forest fires, devastation of agricultural production on farms, cereal and grain producers, orchards, vineyards, and widespread death of animal livestock and crops. Heat waves can cause damage of electrical grids, buckling of railway lines and roads, and affect a sharp drop in workforce performance. In the 21st century there has been a sharp rise in recorded intense heat waves in the US, Canada, France, Portugal, Germany, Britain, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. During the European heat wave in 2007 affecting south-eastern Europe in June through August, Bulgaria experienced its hottest year on record, thus contributing to the forest fires in Greece. During the 2007 Asian heat wave, the city of Datia in India experienced temperatures of 48C (118F). In June 2008 the heat wave in Southern California contributed to the widespread wildfires in the state. During the state of Victorias heat wave in summer 2009 around Melbourne, bushfires claimed the lives of 210 people, destroyed more than 2,500 homes, and left people without power as the heat wave blew transformers when the power grid was overloaded. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, in August 2009 an unusual heat wave hiked winter temperatures 22C above normal creating the hottest day ever recorded in winter at 34.6C with the hottest August since records began. In Japan, during September 2010 many Japanese cities recorded the highest temperatures since 1868. Russias heat wave and wildfires late July-August 2010: The 2010 Russian heat wave and devastating wildfires, most probably were an omen of what is soon to come to Australia. Here are the reasons why: The Russian heat wave of 2010 was a unique, extreme and abrupt event that did not simply follow normal weather pattern sequences experienced over recent decades. It was aptly described by Russians as a from the freezer to the stove event because it uncharacteristically followed one of the harshest, wettest, coldest winters in Russia since the mid-20th century, (very similar to what Australia has recently experienced in its generally cold, 2010 wet winter and January 2011 floods), characterized by increased rainfall and flooding over much of the country. But the Russian heat wave caught everybody by surprise! The summer started normally, then, as if orchestrated by an overzealous conductor responding to a supernatural power, the heat wave gradually built in intensity as summer progressed. Then, in late July early August, numerous cities witnessed a crescendo of


record-breaking daily temperature readings near 40C, more than 10C warmer than normal creating a debilitating heat wave, caused by an extreme, giant, anticyclone, stationary atmospheric block hovering over the huge area. This led to widespread drought conditions, devastating crop losses and raging wildfires over western Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and Baltic nations choking many cities including Moscow with acrid smoke. A total of 48 people died and 1267 homes were destroyed. The most badly hit region covered by the massive heat-wave, giant anticyclone block and associated wildfires was Nizhny Novgorod east of Moscow where twenty people lost their lives. Not only does this particular region just happen to be the precise area where Russias main nuclear research center is located at Sarov, it is also the location of the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility military weather-control weapon near the town of Vasilsursk. This is the biggest Russian base of its kind that many believe can heat up the ionosphere to manipulate the weather, create storms, floods, heat waves and earthquakes! So how come these events were epi-centered precisely around this particular base? Is it just a coincidence? Is this what is soon to come to Australia this coming summer or other summers in the near future? Only time will tell but it certainly looks like Australia is in a very vulnerable position to experience these huge extremes in weather conditions that are gaining in intensity. And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. (Revelation 16:8-9). Swarms of disease-ridden flies, sand-flies, mosquitoes, cane toads, frogs, locusts, rats and mice behold, I will send swarms of flies upon thee, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thy houses: and the houses of the Egyptians shall be full of swarms of flies, and also the ground whereupon they are. (Exodus 8:21). As the result of the rapidly increasing extremes in the weather throughout Australia, gyrating between extremes of flooding and heat, sand-flies and mosquitoes carrying a wide range of viruses and diseases are increasing. Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes in Australia include Dengue fever, Australian encephalitis or Murray Valley encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, Ross River virus disease, Barmah Forest virus disease, and Malaria (usually brought in by travelers). Serious mosquito born diseases like Japanese encephalitis (JE), which traditionally occur in many parts of Asia but not Australia, have recently occurred in Papua New Guinea and north Queensland. It is thought the type of mosquitoes that spread JE breed extensively early in the wet season, and it is possible the prevailing northwest winds and tropical storms have blown infected mosquitoes into and past the Torres Strait. The vast majority of people infected with JE virus have no symptoms, but a small proportion of people do develop severe headache,


high fever, convulsions and coma. About a third of these cases die and another third are left with permanent disabilities. Dengue fever is now endemic in over 100 countries and found primarily in urban settings in hot climates and in the tropics. Because the dengue mosquito and Asian Tiger mosquito that spreads dengue fever do not breed around swamps or creeks but breed around houses and commercial buildings in stagnant water in containers, old tyres, buckets, pots, blocked gutters, wells, gully traps, birdbaths, bromeliads etc. in urban settings they are particularly nasty and hard to eliminate. There are four types of dengue fever, which can cause illness ranging from just a mild fever to severe confusion, haemorrhage, shock or death. The average fatality rate with dengue haemorrhagic fever is about 5% and there are not as yet any vaccines that prevent it. In 2010 there was a dengue fever outbreak in Townsville and Cairns, north Queensland. Up to early November 2010, Cairns had recorded 35 cases of dengue fever for the year which was a new record. Sand flies can also transmit dangerous diseases to people when they bite, including pappataci fever virus, kala-azar, Oriental sore, espundia and batonellosis. Fortunately so far for Australia these diseases are mostly found in Africa, Asia and South America. Kala-azar, or as it is sometimes called, black fever or Dumdum fever (visceral leishmaniasis VL) is the second largest parasitic killer in the world after malaria. It is found in tropical and temperate regions like those which already exist in Australia and it is only a question of time before it arrives. Without proper treatment the mortality rate for kala-azar is close to 100%. Closely related to the Japanese encephalitis virus, is West Nile Virus (WNV) (remember Gods judgments on Pharaoh?). Although not yet in Australia, this is yet another impending threat likely to soon arrive because it suits Australias climate and can be transported on ships or infected people on aircraft. It is spread by mosquitoes and birds, and causes severe high fever, headache, neurological illness, encephalitis and meningitis. Presently it is in 43 states of the US, and there is no effective vaccine for it. In 1950, a sero-survey in Egypt found 90% of those over 40 years in age had WNV antibodies. West Nile Virus has been found to be transmitted from female Culex pipiens mosquitos to their progeny in laboratory tests. A characteristic of infected Culex mosquitoes is that they have an overwintering mechanism and spend the winter hibernating in protected subterranean cracks or holes in the ground, root labyrinths, caves, abandoned mines or tunnels. If the weather conditions are right (such as the result of heavy rainfall or flooding creating stagnant water) at favorable times in their breeding cycle, potentially these mosquitoes could close Australias entire booming mining export industry down! This possibility may seem extremely remote but such plagues have been spread like this before. Some Australian authorities are well aware of the potential threat. On September 8, 2010, as the result of the flood-affected areas of Victoria being followed by hot weather with


widespread areas of stagnant water, Victorian chief health officer Dr John Carnie actually warned that rising mosquito numbers could provoke a rapid rise in mosquito-borne diseases in the near future. An article in The Advertiser March 28, 2010, entitled, South Australias growing parade of pestilence summarized what may be to come: Creepy crawlies and four-legged critters are invading the state, with warm weather and summer rains providing perfect breeding environments. High numbers of rabbits and mice are being reported across SA and authorities are warning a locust plague could be on its way following floods in NSW and Queensland. Mice and rats are also crawling through the suburbs, with residents in areas of Charles Sturt Council receiving letters warning of an increase in vermin numbers. And as water flows into the states north, mosquitoes are hatching in huge numbers, prompting fears of a Ross River virus outbreak. The name Mosquito is taken from Spanish meaning little fly. There are about 3,500 species of mosquitoes found throughout the world, and it is quite possible that they have, by being vectors of various diseases, killed many more people than weapons of war. New Zealand Agricultural diseases and pests New Zealand is largely just a big farm and agricultural primary product exporting country. It generates a large proportion of its overseas income from dairying, wool, meat, forestry exports, kiwifruit, pip-fruit, honey and wine. On a global basis, most of these agricultural producers are increasingly being attacked by a whole host of serious pests and diseases. Globally, radiata pine forests are being attacked by diseases and pests like Pine Pitch Canker for which there is no effective treatment. It loves Radiata or Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) and presently the mortality rates in mature trees is reaching 80% in some parts of California. and Many people believe its only a question of time before New Zealands huge radiata pine forests will be hit as well. In dry periods fire can also decimate forests. A number of diseases are now increasing in sheep, pigs, goats, dairy cows and cattle, and because of intense vaccination programs and the widespread use of antibiotics, some superbugs and bacteria found in these animals are now becoming resistant to nearly all antibiotics. Grass Grub plagues are increasingly becoming a problem with changing weather patterns and are beginning to destroy productive pasture. The grubs attack the roots of most pasture plants, and they love white clover, ryegrass, pine seedlings and a number of common horticultural plants.


Bees are also under serious threat. It is estimated the value of bees to the New Zealand economy is many billions of dollars per year because of the countrys heavy reliance on fruit, vegetable, dairy, meat and fibre exports, all of which rely to some extent on pollination by bees. Already the varroa bee mite has been blamed for large losses of hives in the past 11 years. Now alarming concern has arisen about a new family of insecticides and neonicotinoids, which are used to coat seeds and control pests. They are neurotoxins and are believed to interfere with a bees nervous system, inducing chronic mortality. Then there is the threat of Bee Collapse Colony Disorder which has caused many American beekeepers to report losses of up to 90 per cent in some cases, creating crop failures and shortages. If this worrying decline in bee health and populations continues, since bees are the worlds pollinators, it is only a question of time before there is widespread crop failure, causing food prices to rise astronomically. If bee populations decline too much, drastic food shortages will inevitably occur and lead to starvation in many parts of the world. New Zealand has a giant, vibrant kiwifruit industry. Recently, a fatal disease, Pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae, otherwise more commonly known as Psa, was discovered for the first time in a number of kiwifruit orchards. Psa is a bacterial disease which kills kiwifruit vines. It is spread by airborne spores so is, and can, move quickly and easily between plants and neighboring orchards in ideal environmental conditions. Potentially in a relatively short period it could destroy New Zealands entire kiwifruit industry. It already has destroyed huge areas of production in Japan and Italy. Australia: Volcano and Earthquake Risk Historically, on a world scale, unlike New Zealand, Australias earthquake risk would be considered extremely slight. However, there still have been a number of significant earthquakes in the country. Mount Gambier in south east South Australia is considered Australias youngest volcano, about 4,500 years old, with water now filling its main craters. If one looks at a map of the locations of Australian earthquakes 1800-2003, it becomes quite clear where most of Australias earthquakes have occurred. Among Australian cities, Adelaide and Perth share the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous cities seismically. Generally the most dangerous seismic areas and faults with a history of earthquakes over 3.5 on the Richter scale are regions along eastern Australia (in bands running from Melbourne to Newcastle, Brisbane to Gladstone, and Mackay to Cairns), in the Adelaide geosynclines, and in parts of Western Australia. There are two other zones, one near Kingston SE, and the other in the Simpson Desert in the far north, possibly the most active seismic zone on the Australian continent. To access information about Australian earthquakes see Geoscience Australia website:


While large earthquakes could theoretically also affect Australia like New Zealand, and many of Australias climatic trends could also affect New Zealand, on a historical basis Australia will more likely either be struck with flash-floods, shrivel up and die of thirst, be fried to a cinder, or eaten alive by mosquitoes or pestilence, whereas New Zealand, as one of the many countries dangerously located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, may be increasingly shaken to death by steadily growing seismic activity volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes! New Zealand: Volcano and Earthquake Risk New Zealands volcano and earthquake risk could be considered extreme. With over 15,000 earthquakes archived by GeoNet in New Zealand each year, about 250 of these could be described as significant. Unfortunately for New Zealand, this is because the country lies right on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a 40,000 km (25,000 mi) horseshoe shaped seismic arc around the Pacific. The Ring of Fire has 452 volcanoes, and is home to over 75% of the earths active and dormant volcanoes. It also produces about 90% of the worlds earthquakes and 80% of the worlds largest earthquakes. Although some areas in New Zealand are more active than others and are located closer to major fault lines associated with the Ring of Fire, the whole country is at risk. Auckland, the countrys biggest city is built on a large volcanic field which contains at least 40 extinct volcanoes. Although this field is currently dormant, it could erupt again in the future because one of the extinct volcanoes, Rangitoto, was known to be active only some 600 years ago. For further information about New Zealands fault lines and earthquake risk contact New Zealands GNS Science: For recent up-to-date information of New Zealands earthquake and seismic activity see: For ten year historical graphs of patterns of earthquake activity over the entire country see: Are Earthquakes now increasing globally? Answer: Yes. Earthquakes are DRAMATICALLY INCREASING globally, but at present not in all magnitude levels, so some further explanation is required. According to the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Facts and Statistics on: -Number of Earthquakes Worldwide for 2000 2011 (Located by the US Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center) there were no increases in earthquakes globally in the 8 to 9.9 magnitude range. However, in the 3.0 to 3.9, 4.0 to 4.9, and 5.0 to 5.9 magnitude ranges there were large increases in numbers of earthquakes. For example, in little over ten years, the numbers of 3.0


to 3.9 magnitude earthquakes globally more than doubled. In the statistics, Number of Earthquakes in the United States for 2000-2011, numbers of 2.0 to 2.9 magnitude earthquakes increased from 660 in year 2000 to 4127 in 2010 up over 600 per cent! This is not only as the result of more and better recording equipment. While it is true the numbers of really large earthquakes according to their statistics are not increasing at present, some of the smaller ones are increasing dramatically so and perhaps this is an omen for what is yet to come in generating much bigger ones in the future. If one clicks onto the USGS website: for Latest Earthquakes in the USA Last 7 days it will be seen, for example, that earthquakes are beginning to increase dramatically across the California Nevada Region bordering along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Again, like Christchurch in New Zealand, this does not auger well for big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco in the future. According to the Bible, what is beginning to happen now conveys only early warnings of much greater judgment through earthquakes yet to come which will affect every city and nation across the globe. Immediately after the rapture of the saints (Revelation 16:15), when the united nations army (led by the king of the north) is finally gathered together at Armageddon (in rebellion against God to try and destroy Israel), there is to be A GREAT EARTHQUAKE, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great and the cities of the nations fell and every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. (Revelation 16:18-20). This event will be very dire indeed, and indicates that all major cities in the world, not only those at present linked to the Pacific Ring of Fire and other known seismic hot-spots will mostly all collapse. Biblically, according to Revelation 16:18-20 unless people truly repent, it is clear that the Christchurch earthquakes are only just the beginning. They are still uniquely continuing in Christchurch on a regular basis at the time of writing, now well over 12 months later, and it couldnt be clearer they are being given to us as a somber warning of what is prophesied soon to come. Do they indicate that without any meaningful repentance, these horrific events are likely to be repeated again and again in the near future but on a much greater scale? Is the destiny of the entire city of Christchurch ultimately to be totally destroyed? What about Auckland, New Zealands biggest city? What about Wellington New Zealands seat of Government? Is it to be next on the hit list? It was in ancient Israel, so why not us too in the Christian world?




There are many occasions mentioned in the Bible where God exhorts all his servants to pray for the countrys leaders, good and peace of the nation. Good examples are: 2 Chronicles 7:13-15, Jeremiah 29:7, and I Timothy 2:1-4. Yet there are other times when a nation can become so wicked, scornful, obstinate, corrupt, hard-hearted, and apostate, that God actually advises his prophets and servants to completely abstain from praying for the nation for good (Jeremiah14:11-12). There are a number of valid reasons why this is so. In New Zealand and throughout the world, during May 2011, the global media were running numerous articles about the American Christian false prophet and preacher, Harold Camping, who inaccurately predicted that the end of the world would occur on 21st May 2011. Most of the articles about him were not actually directed at him personally, but were largely mocking the Bibles predictions of the rapture, and various associated prophecies about this period we are living in now leading up to it including the prediction in Revelation 13 about the coming mark of the beast system for all buying and selling leading up to Armageddon. Now this sort of mockery has happened before, and it is true God is merciful, longsuffering, loving, kind and compassionate. But there comes a time when a mans heart can become so hardened, so wicked, so unrepentant, that God finally tells us then there is no more REMEDY for him other than to destroy him. This same principle can apply either to individuals or to nations. Not many preachers nowadays will touch on this truth because it is so controversial and sensitive. Yet it is vitally important to appreciate this fact as it relates directly to the predicament the whole world is in at present. But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, till there was no more remedy. (2 Chronicles 36:16). A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a forward mouth. He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers; Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. (Proverbs 6:12-15).


HE, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. (Proverbs 29:1). It is true Solomon did say, For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion. (Ecclesiastes 9:4). However, once a person (or nation) reaches this terminal stage where their heart is become so hardened that they will never repent there is therefore no longer any hope or remedy for him at all other than to bring judgment upon him. This is the final stage that the whole world is approaching now. How Ezekiel witnessed the departure of the Glory of God from Jerusalem before the citys ultimate destruction The prophet Ezekiel (622 BC-570 BC) (in Hebrew his name means God will strengthen or God is strong) wrote the prophetic book of Ezekiel in the Bible. He was a contemporary of the prophets, Jeremiah (655 BC-586 BC) and Daniel (607 BC-534 BC). Ezekiel was an outstanding young man who was especially chosen by God to foretell the future and reveal to both Jew and Gentile alike what God had planned for the land and nation of Israel, including the plans for the new Millennium Temple in Jerusalem (soon to be built). Ezekiel intended to enter service in the Temple priesthood in Jerusalem when he reached the age of 30, but he was taken captive in 597 BC and appointed to care for the exiles in Babylon instead. God chose him as a special prophet and he subsequently wrote down his extensive prophecies and visions God had given him in the book of Ezekiel named after him. At the time, the LORD revealed to Ezekiel the terrible idolatrous state of Jerusalem and the priesthood in the Temple (house of God). Ezekiel saw that because of compromise, sin, idolatry and immorality in the Temple which housed the Hol y of Holies that Gods holiness and Shekinah (the divine presence) was increasingly being despised and hence, God was gradually causing it to depart in stages from Jerusalem. First, the glory of God left the Holy of Holies and moved to the threshold of the Temple (Ezekiel 10:4). Then the glory of God departed entirely from the Temple and moved to the east gate of the Temple (Ezekiel 10:19). Then the glory of God departed from the Temple area altogether. WHEN GODS GLORY LEFT THE HOUSE OF GOD, HIS GLORY ALSO LEFT THE CITY (Ezekiel 11:23). WHEN GODS GLORY LEFT THE CITY, THE CITY WAS DESTROYED God initially told Ezekiel to utter a parable about a boiling pot to all the inhabitants of Jerusalem warning them that the scum in the pot represented the filthiness of those in the city that he was going to completely burn and destroy. (Ezekiel 24:3-14). (Yes, it may not seem gracious, but it is biblical to call wicked and corrupt leaders scum.)


Ezekiel was only just a young married man before God called and chose him. Yet following the delivery of this parable, before he was allowed to speak anymore and become a special divine sign to warn Israel that the city of Jerusalem was about to fall, God said to Ezekiel that he would first take away from him the desire of thine eyes with a stroke (Ezekiel 24:16) and this desire in his own case was his young wife, who immediately died. (Ezekiel 24:16-18). God did not allow Ezekiel to mourn for her passing either. Ecclesiastes 11:910 expands on what is meant by sight of thine eyes relating to this special passage in Ezekiel. Hence, the apostle Paul reveals in 1 Corinthians 7:32-33, But I would have you without carefulness. He that is unmarried careth for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord: But he that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife. Finally Jesus explains, Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I am come not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a mans foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. And he that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. (Matthew 10:34-39). Clearly, Ezekiels wife may have been like King Sauls daughter Michal, but worse. (2 Samuel 6:16-23). In a similar way, the prophet Jeremiah was also not allowed to pray for the people. (Jeremiah 7:16). This gradual process of compromise in ancient Israel during the time of Ezekiel is now happening to the Christian Church, Christian cities and countries is it not? Incredibly, after all of this compromise, immorality and rebellion, God had still not completely disowned Israel or the unbelieving world. For near the end of the book of Ezekiel, God gave the prophet a vision of the glory of God finally returning to Israel until the land was to become, once again, radiant with his glory (Ezekiel 43:2). A beautiful new Temple would finally be built (today referred to by Jews and Christians as the 3rd Temple, Ezekiels Temple or Millennium Temple) in Jerusalem (Ezekiel chapters 4042) when the glory of the LORD would fill this temple and never ever again would it be defiled. (Ezekiel 43:5-7). However, in the mean time, before this coming wonderful time of blessing on the world through Israels new Millennium Temple occurs prophesied to come by Ezekiel, the wickedness in the world has to be sorted out. New Zealand and Australia are no exceptions, and what they and the rest of the Christian nations now face is increasingly a painful time of travail as God is in the process of


gradually removing his blessings and glory from our churches and our countries just as he previously did to ancient Israel. As our countries continue on in their unrepentant state mocking God, it is inevitable that final judgment will shortly follow. Both Catholic and Protestant Christian Countries following Israels apostasy All professing Christian countries and their respective governments were originally founded on the Bibles laws and precepts given to Israel, faith in Christ and Christian prayer. After Israel, it is these countries particularly that are coming under severe judgment the most that are being taken over financially, politically and spiritually by those who are their avowed enemies. Today, although the governments of Israel and these former Christian nations continue to hypocritically recite Christian prayers in their parliamentary programs, through custom and tradition, very few individuals nowadays actually believe them at all and in most cases have compromised their faith completely. For example, recently, on 24 May, 2011, a Connecticut rabbi, Jeremy Wierderhorn, gave the Opening Prayer before the U.S. House of Representatives at a joint session of Congress hosting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Following the prayer, Benjamin Netanyahu, a Freemason [Luciferian and Baal worshipper], (like the apostate priests in the temple in Ezekiels day), gave a 45-minute speech during which he actually said that he was willing to make painful compromises to reach a comprehensive peace with the Palestinian Arabs. It was precisely through such compromises that God originally destroyed Israel and Jerusalem in the first place! Since 1903, the Australian Senate has been opened each day by the President reciting the following prayer: Almighty God, we humbly beseech Thee to vouchsafe Thy special blessing upon this Parliament, and that Thou wouldst be pleased to direct and prosper the work of Thy servants to the advancement of Thy glory, and to the true welfare of the people of Australia plus the Lords Prayer is recited. In October 2008, Harry Jenkins, the Speaker of the Australian Parliament, called for a debate on the practice of reciting the Lords Prayer at the beginning of parliamentary business each day following calls to abolish it. Today it still remains, but there is increasing pressure to radically modify or abolish it. Unlike New Zealand, Australia has never had its own uniquely Christian national anthem. God Save the Queen, the national anthem of the United Kingdom, was used as Australias


national anthem up to 19th April, 1984, when Advance Australia Fair, a secular anthem written in 1878 by a Scotsman, Peter Dodds McCormick was adopted. Paradoxically, although Advance Australia Fair is a patriotic secular anthem, and was written under the pseudonym Amicus, (friend in Latin) by Peter Dodds McCormick (1835-1916), he was a professing Christian man and the official precentor of the General Presbyterian Assembly of New South Wales and of the Commonwealth Assembly. Indeed, in July 1880, at the Raikes Sunday School Centenary Demonstration, Peter Dodds McCormick had the honor of conducting the choir of 10,000 Sunday school children and 1000 teachers to an audience of 9,000 in Sydney, the biggest such event in Australias history. Remember? In chapter two of this book, the author explained how this unique event was held in Sydney to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Sunday school movement by Robert Raikes in England in 1780 when during the event over 10,000 children, representing 61 Sunday schools, gathered at Hyde Park before marching down MacQuarie Street towards the Exhibition Building singing beautiful hymns with most of the population of the whole city lining the streets joining in and cheering. And how, quite remarkably, on 27th February, 2010, just 130 years later almost to the day, an audience of hundreds of thousands of people crowded these same streets to watch over 10,000 people spectacularly display their faith and beliefs in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardigras Parade, also the largest such event now of its type in the world. It is, paradoxically, indeed a mystery how Advance Australia Fair, the secular anthem adopted by Australia today was actually birthed and written by this same Christian man who was so active in this outstanding, evangelical Christian event! Intercessors for New Zealand Intercessors for New Zealand was founded by Brian Caughley in January 1972 with a call to Pray for the Nation, based on 2 Chronicles 7:14; Proverbs 14:34; Jeremiah 29:7 an d Timothy 2:1-4. The organizations website includes copies of the New Zealand Christian National Anthem, God Defend New Zealand and the nations Christian Parliamentary Prayer. Unlike Advance Australia Fair, New Zealands five-verse national anthem, God Defend New Zealand, is an evangelical Christian prayer. The first and last verses read: God Defend New Zealand God of nations at Thy feet, in the bonds of love we meet Hear our voices we entreat, God defend our free land. Guard Pacifics triple star, from the shafts of strife and war Make her praises heard afar; God defend New Zealand!


May our mountains ever be, freedoms ramparts on the sea Make us faithful unto Thee, God defend our free land. Guide her in the nations van, preaching love and truth to man Working out Thy glorious plan; God defend New Zealand! Since 1854, on every day the New Zealand Parliament sits, the following Evangelical Christian Parliamentary Prayer is prayed by the Speaker of the House: New Zealand Parliamentary Prayer Almighty God, humbly acknowledging our need for Thy guidance in all things, and laying aside all private and personal interests, we beseech Thee to grant that we may conduct the affairs of this House and of our country to the glory of Thy holy name, the maintenance of true religion and justice, the honour of the Queen, and the public welfare, peace, and tranquility of New Zealand, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Tragically, like the hypocritical, unbelieving, idolatrous priests in the temple of the LORD in Jerusalem in Ezekiels time not one member of the New Zealand Parliament or House of Representatives now even remotely believes it. Could this be why God is now gradually removing his blessings from Christchurch? from New Zealand? while he is preparing this little, once great Christian nation for summary judgment? before that of Australia! and many other similar apostate Christian cities and nations around the world as well? Like Jerusalems past desolations, is Christchurchs earthquake judgment now being used as an example of what happens to a Christian city that has turned away from God? Awful Shaking in Christchurch This author is not a Pentecostal/Charismatic type of Christian, however, Andrew Strom, a well-known Pentecostal/Charismatic Christian pastor who had been living in the city for a period by email summarized the Christchurch churchs response [or rather lack of response] to the earthquakes very well. Mr. Strom had sent out an email letter entitled, Awful Shaking in Christchurch to friends and associates on Tuesday, February 22, 2011. This is what he succinctly said: It was with terrible sadness that I learned yesterday of another huge earthquake hitting the New Zealand city of Christchurch. It has only been 2 months since we left that city and we have many dear friends there. The first earthquake last year had no fatalities but this one looks to have many dead and injured. I want to share a few things about our time in Christchurch that left me quite disturbed and concerned when we left. But I want to be sensitive because of the terrible sadness associated with this new quake.


As some of you know, one of the main things that I hoped to do in Christchurch after the first quake was to organize a large open worship event in the city to praise and glorify God that nobody had been killed even in a huge 7.1 earthquake. I found that no such event was being planned, but there were thousands of evangelical Christians in Christchurch, and I felt very strongly that it was important for us to publicly glorify God for the miracle of surviving such a disaster with no-one killed. The place was traumatized and it was obvious that a sensitive Worship event would do much good and even many non-Christians would likely attend. But sadly it was not to be. And this is the disturbing part. I have organized large events before, so the Christian Radio network knows me and quickly agreed to promote the event for free. The PA sound people also agreed to supply excellent sound for a very low cost. And the Christchurch City Council couldnt have been more helpful. Everything was looking good. But then we ran up against the Christian leaders. One of the main networking Pentecostal leaders in the city told me that we could count him OUT of any support for the event. Then I spoke personally with the Dean of Christchurch Cathedral who told me that we could NOT use the main Square in Christchurch for a worship event for the whole Body. (Today this mans Cathedral lies in ruins. It had survived the first quake, but it did not survive this new one). I called a number of prominent pastors and worship bands around Christchurch. I said we had the support of Radio, the Council, the sound and everything. No response. Worship bands not interested. Pastors not returning calls. (You might think they were busy after the quake but remember no-one died and Christchurch was up and running pretty fully after only a couple of weeks). I simply couldnt understand it. The evangelicals of Christchurch had made no public acknowledgement of God at all no public worship for this miraculous escape no public glorifying of Jesus. Even the secular News and politicians were calling it a miracle. People were traumatized everywhere. Wasnt it a no-brainer that we should be doing such a thing? Doesnt God deserve public praise after protecting so many people from harm? In fact, it was such a no-brainer that the secular people themselves decided to do something. A number of the top bands and musicians from New Zealand came down and gave a free concert in the park for the traumatized city. It was heavily advertized on Radio and 20,000 people showed up. Of course it was a secular event not Christian. The Pentecostals, Charismatics and Evangelicals of Christchurch had made virtually no public sound at all. I felt strongly that I could not push things any further without some basic support from the church. We managed to hold a couple of outdoor concerts for the homeless, and got involved with distributing care packages and things, but I was so disappointed. In fact I was more than disappointed I was alarmed and deeply disturbed. I even told some friends that it was dangerous to offer no public praise after God has just so obviously saved your city. I felt so strongly about it and deeply saddened for the state of the Body of Christ. But I could do nothing more. On December 17, 2010, my family departed from Christchurch. On December 28th we boarded a plane for Australia. I believe it may be some time before we ever return.


My heart truly goes out to the people of Christchurch and to all the world so poorly served by the church of our day. This was truly one of the worst lost opportunities that I have ever witnessed in all my years with the church. And Christchurch was truly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. The people are so dear to us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, my friends. May God bless and protect you all in these dark times. Yours with great sadness Andrew Strom. June 13th 2011, Christchurch earthquake and the final destruction of the House of God Warning No.1: The first major earthquake (7.1 magnitude) on 4th September 2010, caused only superficial damage to the Christchurch Cathedral. Warning No.2: The second major earthquake (6.3 magnitude) on 22nd February 2011 left the Cathedral with more serious, but repairable damage, with most of the buildings surrounding it in ruins. These are the earthquakes to which Andrew Strom refers. Warning No.3: After Andrew Stroms email and literally thousands of aftershocks relentlessly occurring almost on a daily basis since the first major quake that traumatized all of the citys inhabitants, a third major earthquake (6.3 magnitude) was to follow on 13th June 2011. This earthquake finally caused mortal damage to the overall structure of the Cathedral leaving most of it in ruins, necessitating that the whole building may have to be demolished in the future. The 1905 Catholic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament was also thought to be so badly damaged it may have to be demolished as well. In spite of all this, the New Zealand Government and people of Christchurch hope to re-build the city soon. But will this ever happen? Could this be the beginning of the end of the House of God in Christchurch the Christian spiritual heart of New Zealand? Is this the end of Christchurchs Christian heritage? Is God now finally removing his glory and divine presence from the city as he previously gradually did to his holy temple in Jerusalem? Could this explain why this once, uniquely beautiful, vibrant Christian city of Christchurch, is miserably doomed? Could this explain why seismologists say the incessant shaking of the city is relentlessly continuing and is so unique? Is there another great earthquake yet to come? a final, fatal, blow? What about New Zealands seat of government in the city of Wellington. Will it be next? Israels seat of government was destroyed together with the temple in Jerusalem so why not Wellington?



And I brought you into a plentiful country, to eat the fruit thereof and the goodness thereof; but when ye entered, ye defiled my land, and made my heritage an abomination. The priests said not, Where is the LORD? And they that handle the law knew me not: the pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal, and walked after things that do not profit. (Jeremiah 2:7-8). The power of the Church of England and Protestant British Monarch over the world The Roman Catholic Church and Pope effectively ruled the world from the end of the Roman Empire up to 1536 AD when Henry VIII broke with Rome, seized the Catholic Churchs assets in England and declared the Protestant Church of England the established church with himself as its head. Prior to this time the City of London Corporation (which today controls virtually every major bank and corporation in the world) was effectively also an asset of the Pope. However, after Henry broke with Rome, he became the effective head of this colossal depository of wealth himself. The Act of Supremacy in 1534 confirmed the Kings status as having supremacy over the church and required the nobility to swear an oath recognizing Henrys supremacy. Henrys daughter, Queen Mary I, attempted to restore the English Churchs allegiance to the Pope and repealed the Act of Supremacy in 1555. After Elizabeth I took the throne in 1558, in 1559 a new Act of Supremacy was passed that restored the original act. However, to placate critics, the Oath of Supremacy, which nobles were required to swear, gave the monarchs title as Supreme Governor of the Church rather than the Supreme Head of the Church. This wording avoided the accusation from many Protestant Christians that the monarchy previously was claiming divinity like the Pope, and usurping Jesus Christ whom the Bible identifies as the true head of the Church. In recognition of Henry VIIIs role in opposing the Protestant Reformation, in 1521 Pope Leo X granted Henry the title, Fidei Defensor Defender of the Faith and this has, paradoxically, remained part of the British monarchs title to the present day. However, consistent with his own and his mothers Druid beliefs, Prince Charles wants it abolished, as he sees himself as the defender of all faiths not just the Christian faith. Traditionally, when a British monarch is crowned, the Archbishop of Canterbury supposedly officiates on behalf of God. He is the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of


England, the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion, and the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury. In his role, the archbishop leads the third largest group of Christians in the world currently estimated at 77 million. In the English order of precedence, the Archbishop of Canterbury is ranked above all individuals in the realm, with the exception of the Sovereign and members of the Royal Family. Immediately below him in level follows the Lord Chancellor and then the Archbishop of York. At her Coronation on 2 June, 1953, Queen Elizabeth II took an Oath which included a simple answer to a statement presented to her by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? etc. To this the Queen answered, All this I promise to do. The things which I have here performed, I will perform, and keep. So help me God. Once the taking of the full Oath concludes, an ecclesiastic presents the King James Bible 1611 to the Sovereign, saying, Here is Wisdom; This is the royal Law; These are the lively Oracles of God. In Commonwealth countries, the Queen then appoints her Governor Generals to act on her behalf to carry out her Coronation Oath, which is to carry out the Laws and lively Oracles of God contained in the King James Bible. The Governor Generals, on her behalf, then appoint the judges, commissioners of police, and all sworn police officers etc. to carry out her Coronation Oath not the Parliament or Government! As Head of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Queen controls all 54 countries in it (minus Fiji that is suspended at present). In the Commonwealth and through the voting-block of the Commonwealth of Nations and Commonwealth Secretariat, indirectly, the Queen personally controls the United Nations. Now all this meticulous custom and tradition may seem very good for most genuine members of the Christian Church today, in that Queen Elizabeth II, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Church of England continue to claim to be deeply guided by biblical laws and oracles as committed Christians. But the truth is this is absolute nonsense and is not the case at all. In fact, they are now become by far the biggest bunch of Christian hypocrites one could ever imagine. The customs and traditions they follow are now become only a faade, a smokescreen to deceive the simple-minded. The fact is, they are not at all now even remotely practicing Christians, as they are all dedicated Druids, heathens of the worst sort. Queen Elizabeth IIs Druid initiation: Baal, Allah and oaks all the same Prior to her Coronation in 1953 (during which she hypocritically took an Oath to God) H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth was initiated into the Druid Gorsedd of Wales as an Ovate in 1946. See: The official Badge of the House of Windsor dominated by the oak: The fact is, throughout her entire reign she has never ever been a real Christian at all, but has been a practicing pagan, a modern Queen Jezebel. What has happened is that the Monarchy has totally apostatized, rejected the Christianity of the great English Protestant Christian


reformers, King James and the King James Bible, and reverted to the dark paganism that existed in the land before it. Before Christianity first came to Britain, the country was ruled by pagan Celtic priests called Druids. Groves of oaks were their favorite retreat, and their mythological chief sun god deity was taken from the personified myths of Osiris, the chief green sun god in ancient Egypt. He was subsequently renamed by the Druids and called the Green Man or Ever Green Green Man. In Celtic myth he is sometimes referred to as Robin Goodfellow or Robin Hood (who lived in a pagan Druid grove of oaks called Sherwood Forrest). The name Druid is derived from Greek drus simply meaning oak or oak tree and is the Celtic equivalent of Hebrew Allah [Strongs Hebrew 427] oak or oak tree just another name for the pagan sun god mentioned in the Bible called Baal and to which Jeremiah refers in the Scripture quoted at the beginning of this chapter. The Moslem sun-god deity Allah is not Arabic at all, but is originally Hebrew, the same pagan divinity as Baal, now worshipped by all Druids including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles and every Moslem in the world. Oaks in the Bible always represent IDOLATRY. This is why, in 2 Samuel 18:9-15, Absalom was hanged and executed in an oak. Isaiah 1:28-31 warns, And the destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners shall be together, and they that forsake the LORD shall be consumed. For they shall be ashamed of the oaks which ye have desired, and ye shall be confounded for the gardens that ye have chosen. For ye shall be as an oak whose leaf fadeth, and as a garden that hath no water. And the strong shall be as tow, and the maker of it as a spark, and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them. Prince Charles Druid initiation When Prince Charles was invested Prince of Wales in 1969, he was invested by the Queen in a Welsh Druid ceremony on a cut-stone Druid altar. The Queen was wearing a headdress of Pharaoh!,_Prince_of_Wales One of the many noble titles that Prince Charles now holds is the Grand Cross of the Order of the Oak Crown. This is why Prince Charles is become the patron and champion of numerous Islamic groups around the world today, whose god, Allah, literally means oak. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams Druid initiation The next leading, vile hypocrite in seniority under the Queen is the current archbishop himself. Immediately before Rowan Williams was enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury he was initiated into the Arch-Druid National Eisteddfod of Wales as a Druid priest. Deep down all Druids hate Israel, Jews and Christians. So what is a viper like Williams doing heading the Anglican Church? The glaring fact that the Churchs 77 million members worldwide remain in the denomination and put up with this charade and abomination says a lot for their


own degenerate spiritual state as well. See: David and Goliath and the oak in the Valley of Elah All of the nations and individuals who hate nation of Israel and genuine Christians now worship the pagan god Baal symbolized by an oak. David fought and killed Goliath in the valley of Elah (1 Samuel 17:19) with a stone taken out of the brook Elah (1 Samuel 17:40). Elah in Hebrew [Strongs Hebrew 425] is just another name for oak. Goliath was a pagan Philistine (Palestinian is derived from the same word). In the Bible he is a type of Antichrist figure representing the whole Gentile enemies of Israel who worship the sun god deity represented by an oak. That is why God by the hand of David, slew him like Absalom, connected to an oak. Today, to remind the whole world that God miraculously keeps all his promises to Israel, and that the account of David and Goliath in the Bible is not a myth but is perfectly true, he has helped Israeli archaeologists in recent times discover the actual Valley of Elah mentioned in the Bible and in it the Brook Elah from which David chose five smooth stones, one of which he used to slay Goliath. But on top of this, so that no one can possibly be mistaken, he has preserved in these latter days an old Elah Tree (oak) in the valley as a memorial for all visitors to see to remind us all of Goliath, and what happens to those who persist in worshipping oaks. It was for this very reason, the worshipping the pagan sun god Baal and mother earth goddess Ashtaroth, that God brought severe judgment on apostate ancient Israel and sold the entire nation into the hands of their enemies. (Judges 2:11-15). Now the church is doing the same thing as well. Druid Roman Catholic Pope and the oak This book is primarily concentrated on the apostate Protestant Church, headed by the Church of England. However, it must be emphasized that before the Reformation, the Church of England was entirely Roman Catholic headed by the Pope who was and still is, a pagan Druid. As the Protestant Church apostatizes further and further, it is logical then, through ecumenicalism perpetuated through the World Council of Churches, that the Anglican Church will ultimately re-unite with Rome and combine with all the other heathen Druid religions of the world before God utterly destroys them with earthquakes and fire (as he previously did to Babylon and Israel). Just as God rules from his throne in heaven, all spiritual leaders and monarchs also rule from a throne here on earth as well. The word throne comes from Greek thronos and Latin cathedra meaning seat, chair. In ancient times in Greece the words were often used to refer to the sun god Apollos throne or to the seat of Zeus. In the Roman Catholic Church and


Anglican Church, a cathedral is therefore a bishop or archbishops governing seat or throne. A throne is also the official chair or seat upon which a monarch rules. Queen Elizabeth II, for example, like the Pope, was crowned on a Druid oak throne called St. Edwards Chair made out of solid oak. In the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope (Sovereign Pontiff) is an elected monarch, both under canon law as supreme head of the church, and under international law as the head of state under the title Sovereign Pontiff of Vatican City State established by the Lateran Treaty in 1929. The title sovereign pontiff derives from the pagan Council of Pontiffs in Babylon. (See: ) In Rome, the Popes throne called the Cathedra Romana is located in the apse of the Basilica of St. John Lateran, his cathedral, as Bishop of Rome. In the apse of St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican, from which the Pope rules nearly a billion Roman Catholics, above the Altar of the Chair of St. Peter resides a special throne Catholics believe was used by St. Peter himself, the Chair of Saint Peter. This chair was also used by other earlier popes. The chair is also made of oak and is enclosed in a gilt bronze casting and forms part of a huge monument designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1659). Every year on February 22, the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter to commemorate St. Peters supposed teaching in Rome. In truth the oak chair and Feast of St. Peter are consecrated to Baal and have nothing to do with Peter at all. The Sistine Chapel was built between 1475 AD and 1483 AD, during the office of Pope Sixtus IV della Rovere. It is the popes chapel and location of the papal elections, also known as conclaves. The Della Rovere family oversaw its construction and had images of oak leaves and acorns incorporated throughout its design. The surname della Rovere literally means from the oak. All popes rule from Druid oak thrones because the oak is the ancient witchcraft symbol of the pagan sun god Baal. While they arrogantly claim that they themselves are the Vicars of Christ on earth, the truth is they are literally, heathen, Druid, high priests of Baal. Even the moveable throne chairs of all the popes are made from oak! See: From the very time the heathen Roman Catholic Pope is first enthroned on his oak throne till the very day of his death when his lifeless body is finally put into an oak coffin, this heathen white monkey is continually consecrated to Baal. It is time all Roman Catholics woke up to this enormous deception and charade is it not? See: Out of the political and economic turbulence of the EU at present are soon to arise ten horns which the Bible says are literally ten kings, (i.e. monarchs) which have received no


kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast and they are going to burn the both the Roman Catholic Church and apostate Protestant Church with fire (Rev.17:16) for their idolatry (Revelation chapter 17). Women priestesses and the worship of mother earth One of the special characteristics of the worship of Ashtaroth was that she was worshipped as the Mother of God and Virgin Queen of Heaven. Women priestesses often performed her rituals. The worship of the Virgin Mary (goddess Maia not Mary in the New Testament who did not remain a virgin after the birth of Jesus) by Roman Catholics is first derived from Ephesus where this mother earth goddess under the Greek name Artemis had a leading temple. At the time of Christ, at Ephesus in Turkey and in Greece, Artemis (Roman name Diana) was worshipped and attended by women priestesses. A chief characteristic of all paganism throughout the ages dedicated to the worship of this mystery Babylonian mother earth goddess has been to replace the God-mandated male leadership role in the Bible with that of women. Priestesses served in the temples of the goddess Isis in ancient Egypt, and in the temple of the goddess Ishtar (Easter) in Babylon, and more often than not they were prostitutes or harlots. In Greece, Pythia was the title of the priestess at the temple of Delphi dedicated to this earth mother and Phrygian Sibyl was the priestess presiding over the Apollonian oracle at Phrygia in the Anatolian highlands. Apollo or Apollyon in Revelation 9:11, is described as literally the angel of the bottomless pit). In the temples of Ceres and Prosperina in ancient Rome, female priestesses called sacerdotes presided. Each year in the morning on April 19th the feast of Cerialia was held dedicated to Ceres. During these wild celebrations, a pregnant pig or cow with its young was cruelly sacrificed to her and burnt whole. This whole sacrifice was called the Holocaust burnt offering. This is why Hitler changed the traditional pagan holy-day of socialism on May 1st (named after the Greek great mother earth goddess, Maia) to April 19th. It is also why he sent his murderous Nazi tanks with flamethrowers into the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto precisely in the morning on April 19th 1943, to burn all men, women and children to make them a Holocaust sacrifice consecrated to the mother earth goddess Ceres. Today the Roman goddess Ceres is the patron of the Communist United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark (and now Administrator of the United Nations Development Program, the third highest UN position) was awarded the Ceres Medal in late 2003. In recent times, this is why the US Government also sent tanks in with flamethrowers to burn the Branch Davidian Complex at Waco, Texas, to the ground, (burning men women and children), and the Oklahoma City Bombing event as well, both occurred precisely on the morning of April 19th at the time of the rising sun during the Cerialia.


There is a big price to pay for turning away from God to worship the pagan sun god and his mysterious consort, mother earth, yet sadly now it is clear the apostate Protestant Christian church is beginning to do it too particularly the heretics residing in the Church of England and at Christchurch Cathedral! Women priests, teachers, and homosexuals Since the Church of England is now led by this defiant, degenerate pack of practicing Druids, hypocrites and idolaters, it shouldnt then come as too much of a surprise to see that the Bibles chief fundamental teachings against the consecration of women clergy, and homosexuality, are now being thrown out en-masse by these rabid pagans and their members. Indeed, while some Anglican provinces already unofficially have numerous homosexual or women clerics and bishops and nearly a third of the Church of Englands working priests are now female, in October 2011 the Church of England voted to go back to the Churchs parliament (general synod) for a final vote on these issues in 2012 and 2013. Of 30 dioceses in England that have so far voted for women bishops, 28 have been in favor of the draft legislation already! So briefly, what does the bible really say about these practices? Homosexuality Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion. Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you: And the land is defiled: Therefore do I visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants. Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you: (For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled;) That the land spue not you out also, when ye defile it, as it spued out the nations that were before you. For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people. Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I am the LORD your God. (Leviticus 18:22-30). See also: (Leviticus 20:13, Deuteronomy 22:5, 23:17). For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not


as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the women, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. (Romans 1:20-32). See also: 1 Corinthians 6:9, I Timothy 1:8-10, 2 Peter 2:6 and Jude 1:7. The Bible is very clear. Homosexuality is an abomination that is, of course, if you have a real Bible the King James Bible! Genuine King James Bible versus corrupt New Age Bible Versions This is the most important issue for everyone on earth. Which Bible contains the genuine words of God? Which Bible is the Word of God? All Bibles cannot be genuine as there are over 64,000 words less in the New International Version (NIV) alone than are in the King James Version. For example, in the New International Version, the editors (human vipers) have cunningly removed the word abomination from the text in Leviticus 18:22 to suit their own pagan views. Wonder why? Jesus did say, after all, beware of the scribes. (Mark 12:38). Two Communist Church of England bishops, Westcott and Hort, who produced the corrupt Greek text named after them from which virtually all modern Bible versions today have been translated including those now used in the Church of England are responsible. The King James Bible is entirely different, being translated from the correct Hebrew Ben-Chaim Masoretic Text (Old Testament) and the Greek Textus Receptus Text (New Testament). As opposed to the King James Bible, all modern Bible version New Testaments are translated from two 4th century corrupt Greek Alexandrian manuscripts called Codex Vaticanus (B) and Codex Siniaticus (Aleph) used by Westcott & Hort to produce their spurious Greek Text. The Old Testament in modern Bible versions is translated from the corrupt Hebrew Ben-Asher Masoretic Text. It is interesting to see who God chooses to do his work. The Hebrew word Chaim means life. But in contrast, the tribe of Asher uniquely produced NO PROPHETS AT ALL in Israel. Mount Carmel, where Queen Jezebel and her prophets of Baal dwelled was also in Asher.


Three of the chief heretics responsible for originally producing these corrupt Egyptian texts and who taught at the huge Alexandrian School of philosophy and Gnosticism located on an island near the mouth of the River Nile at Alexandria in Egypt (founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC) were Philo, Clement and Origen. During the first three centuries BC, the school developed into the largest university, library of antique literature and center of learning in the world. But it was Philo (20 BC 50 AD) the brilliant Jewish scholar that started the rot, and his Gnostic false teachings have been preserved through the Alexandrian Texts in all modern Bible versions up to the present day. Because of Israels and the Jews ultimate idolatry and sin in Egypt in worshipping the queen of heaven (Jeremiah 44:23, 44:25), God promised the Jews (and now also the Christian Church) Behold, I have sworn by my great name, saith the LORD, that my name shall no more be named in the mouth of any man of Judah in all the land of Egypt The Hebrew Ben-Asher Masoretic Text originates in Cairo and Codex Vaticanus (B) and Sinaiticus (Aleph) texts originate in Alexandria all produced by Jews in Egypt! Even just for this single fact alone, all genuine Christians should repudiate all modern Bible versions based on these spurious Egyptian texts. If it comes from Egypt, reject it. In the Bible Egypt is a type of the world and Satans kingdom. Just as God brought his terrible judgment on Jerusalem by Jehoiakim, king of Judah, for using his penknife on the words of God (Jeremiah 36:30-31), God also finally brought severe judgment (as he said he would in Jeremiah 36:30-31) on Alexandria for doing the same thing. Do you know that king Jehoiakim, as king of Judah, should have been included in the generation of Jesus Christ at the beginning of the first chapter of the New Testament? But because of Gods retribution to him for cutting out Gods words from the text, Matthew rejected him realizing that God had already taken Jehoiakims NAME out of the BOOK OF LIFE acting as if he never existed! Subsequently, Revelation 22:18-19 warns that if any man shall either add or take away from the words of the Bible, God shall take away his part out of the book of life. Based on what God did to Jehoiakim for cutting a few pages out of the Scriptures with a penknife, can you imagine the terrible judgment that is soon going to fall on the NIV editors for removing about 64,000 words from the text with a fire-axe? Modern Bibles today such as the NIV, NASB and numerous others have removed the word holy from the text, for example, in 2 Peter 1:21, Matthew 25:31, 1 Thessalonians 5:27, Revelation 22:6, Revelation 18:20, John 7:39, 1 Corinthians 2:13, Matthew 12:31, Acts 6:3 and Acts 8:18. The King James Bible tells us, For the prophecy came not in old time by t he will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. (2 Peter 1:21). Since corrupt modern Bible version editors have removed the word holy from their spurious texts, it is plainly evident that their Bibles were not written by holy men or by the Holy Ghost. Alexandrias occult/Gnostic school and library was simply massive. The citys terrible judgment began in 215 AD when over one-half of the entire citys military-age males were


ordered massacred on suspicion of national disloyalty by the paranoid emperor, Caracalla. Then 45 years later, over 50 percent of the entire population were slain by Queen Zenobias conquering army from Palmyra. Then it was attacked in 641 AD by the Moslem commander Amr, who burned the libraries to preserve the Koran in perfect fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 1:20 Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?About 4,000 furnaces were fueled for six months burning the papyrus and parchment scrolls. Finally, in 1324 AD, Alexandrias judgment was completed when a massive earthquake decimated the immortal Pharos lighthouse, palace of Ptolemy family and many of the remaining monuments to their idolatry. For readers who are interested in studying the controversial KJV Only subject further, a good book to read is New Age Bible Versions by Gail Riplinger. To order a copy (and other material on the subject) contact: A.V. Publications, P.O. Box 280, Ararat, Virginia 24053, USA. Or: Women pastors, teachers, bishops The Devil and indeed all pagan religions of the world promote the special need for religious tolerance EXCEPT for the final authority of God set down in the Bible upheld by all genuine Christians. There are many clear instructions in the Bible that God has given all Christians that require us to discriminate against race or gender for a number of special reasons, and he expects his people to keep all of them. But Satan vehemently hates this and through socialism (Satanism) does all he can to try and make everybody equal irrespective of what God says. For example, in Romans 1:16, 2:9, and 2:10, the apostle Paul reaffirms that Gods plan of salvation is to the Jew first, and also to the Greek or to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile. Paul then goes on to explain exactly why: What advantage then hath the Jew? Or what profit is there of circumcision? Much every way: chiefly, because unto them were committed the oracles of God (Romans 3:1-2). But this does not mean that Jews (or Israel) are any better than us Gentiles at all. Not for your sakes do I this, saith the Lord GOD, be it known unto you: be ashamed and confounded for your own ways, O house of Israel. (Ezekiel 36:32). Paul then goes on to explain to the Galatians that it is only through faith in Christ There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28). But this does not mean God has changed or abrogated his promises for physical Israel, Jews and us Gentiles here on earth at all. Even within Israel itself, there is discrimination approved by God, as only certain individuals can ever be accepted for special jobs and everybody else is rejected. This does not mean all other members of Israel are inferior or unreasonably discriminated against. A good example of this to occur in the future, are the type of priests that are to be uniquely chosen to soon officiate in Israels new millennium temple soon to be built in Jerusalem (Ezekiel chapters 40-48). The priests to be chosen are all to be exclusively only the sons of Zadok.


(Ezekiel 40:46, 43:19, and 48:11). No female priests allowed here either in the future. Now there is a very special reason why God has stipulated that this is to be so. Zadok was king Davids special priest that remained consistently faithful always to the Lord, unlike so many other priests in ancient Israel. Zadok also anointed Solomon as king ruling on his fathers throne while David was still alive. There is also no high priest in this new soon-to-be-built millennium temple either as there was in the old one, since Jesus Christ, the son of David, (Matthew 1:1) (much greater than Solomon) is now Israels heavenly high priest forever (Hebrews 6:20). The chief person in the new temple in Jerusalem soon to be built is therefore not called a high priest but a prince (Ezekiel 46:2). This is because Jesus Christ, as high priest, at his first coming, gave himself as the Passover sacrifice for the sins of the world once and for all on the cross at Calvary for everyone. But following his resurrection, and later at his second coming, he comes not as the sacrificial Passover Lamb of God as he did at the first, but now to save Israel as a nation from the full force of Gentile dominion and to bring peace to the world. Hence, in Ezekiels temple he then becomes recognized as the true Prince of Peace and savior of the entire nation of Israel. In recognition of this the chief position in the new temple and new head of Israel is no longer to be a high priest, a president or a prime minister. He is to be a prince. This prince is not Jesus Christ ruling here on earth at all as so many erroneously believe. Because this prince has to prepare for himself and all the people of the land a bullock for a sin offering (Ezekiel 45:22), it cannot be Jesus Christ at all because he is sinless. This top position is to be voted on by the whole congregation of Israel under strict Scriptural guidelines, and filled by holy men of Israel as Christs visible representative on earth. The men elected to this position of prince will be the new leaders of Israel, and rule on earth for a thousand years. But God through Ezekiel gives us a much greater understanding of exactly why he has specifically chosen the sons of Zadok and not other Levites to be priests in the new temple and lead Israel on behalf of Christ. And the Levites that are gone away far from me, when Israel went astray, which went astray away from me after their idols; they shall even bear their iniquity. Yet they shall be ministers in my sanctuary, having charge at the gates of the house, and ministering to the house: they shall slay the burnt offering and the sacrifice for the people, and they shall stand before them to minister unto them. (Ezekiel 44:10-11). But the priests the Levites, the sons of Zadok, that kept the charge of my sanctuary when the children of Israel went astray from me, they shall come near to me to minister unto me, and they shall stand before me to offer unto me the fat and the blood, saith the Lord GOD. On top of this, God has even given the sons of Zadok themselves very strict requirements as well the length of their hair, when they can or cannot drink wine, who they may take for their wives and so on And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.. (Ezekiel 44:20-23,


also Ezekiel 48:11). This is why God sometimes chooses to discriminate for or against certain individuals. There is no ark of the covenant (as existed in the old tabernacle and temple) in this new millennium temple either. The most holy item in this new temple is simply a wooden table called the table that is before the LORD. (Ezekiel 41:22). This is what we in the Christian Church now refer to as the Lords Table, which will carry on into the millennium temple, and indeed into eternity for us all who believe, in remembrance of what Christ has so graciously done for us all (both Jew and Gentile alike) at Calvary to give us eternal life. During this marvelous time of blessing for the Jews, and indeed through Israel, for the whole Gentile world as well, In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold out of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you: for we have heard that God is with you. (Zechariah 8:23). So really, it is clear one should not get too upset if God in his eternal wisdom discriminates against a particular group like this, because in the end his desire is that everyone who is faithful is to be greatly blessed together as well. So with this in mind, lets take a brief look at what the scriptures controversially teach us about the position and responsibilities of women in the church as pastors, teachers or bishops. 1 Timothy 2:9-15 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety (1Timothy 2:915). Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. (1 Corinthians 14:34-35). 1 Timothy 3:1-13 clearly instructs all bishops and deacons in the church to be men. Titus 1:56 advises all elders in the church must also be men. HOWEVER, in periods of extreme apostasy there are exceptions. Godly women are free to take leadership roles if there are no men left that will do the job. The case of Deborah the prophetess and judge in Israel is an outstanding example (Judges chapters 4-5). But such a case is rare, and Godly women reluctantly take on these leadership jobs knowing full well


their leadership role is producing dishonor for all men (Judges 4:8-9). The fact is God prefers men to take up all the leadership roles in the church. But, if men will not do it, then women are free to do so. If there are no women, then God will even speak through a female ass, as he did through Balaams ass (Numbers 22:1-35). Even this lowly female ass was more intelligent than an ignorant man, Balaam. Even she instantly recognized the angel of the LORD when Balaam was so blind he didnt! So God spoke through her instead! There are numerous Godly women mentioned in the Bible who have, in all humility, carried out important roles, beyond this book to name even just a small fraction of them. Ruth, a Gentile, is actually included in the generation of Jesus Christ (not a gene-alogy) in the first chapter of the New Testament. She is the great grandmother of King David. Can you imagine why God chose a lowly Gentile woman above a Jewish woman (who should have filled the role) at the time to be the great grandmother of David? It was her amazing faith. Do you know where David got his amazing faith from while yet only a young lad to fight Goliath, a towering giant? his great grandmother! Can you see why God sometimes discriminates? Many feminists hate the apostle Pauls teachings in 1 Timothy 2:9-15 and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 erroneously alleging that he was a chauvinist and was condescending against all women but this is far from the case. Many great Godly women actually surrounded Paul (even more than men) in his ministry to the Gentiles. I COMMEND unto you Phebe our sister, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea: That ye receive her in the Lord, as becometh saints, and that ye assist her in whatsoever business she hath need of you: for she hath been a succourer of many, and of myself also. Greet Priscilla (wife) and Aquila (husband) my helpers in Jesus Christ. Who have for my life laid down their own necks: unto whom not only do I give thanks, but also the churches of the Gentiles etc. (Romans 16:1-16). I beseech Euodias, and beseech Syntyche (two women), that they be of the same mind in the Lord. And I intreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women which labored with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellowlabourers, whose names are in the book of life. (Philippians 4:2-3). In this life, in the church, men and women are given different, temporary roles. But after the resurrection, it is an entirely different matter. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. (Matthew 22:30). What Paul is severely warning against in 1 Timothy 2:12 is women usurping authority over the man by aggressively taking up (or being given) leadership roles in the Church. This is what is now taking place throughout the Church of England on a global basis, not the least at Christchurch Cathedral in New Zealand. This widespread appointment of women in leadership roles in the church is a major sign of rampant apostasy and subsequent judgment coming upon the church.


So lets look at two unholy eminent women in leadership roles at Christchurch Cathedral, starting with the Bishop herself. Bishop Victoria Matthews Victoria Matthews is Bishop of Christchurch Cathedral. She was born in Toronto, Canada in 1954. When she was ordained to the episcopate in 1994 she became the first ever female bishop in the Anglican Church of Canada. At General Synod of 2007, she spoke favorably about same-sex blessings on the floor and voted in favor of a resolution acknowledging that the blessing of same sex unions is not in conflict with the core doctrine of the Anglican Church of Canada, while she voted against permitting such blessings at the time. Prior to coming to New Zealand she was Bishop of Edmonton, Canada, for ten years (1997 2007). In February 2008 she was elected Bishop of Christchurch Cathedral and enthroned as the eighth Bishop on 30th August, 2008. She is single. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, hiking and walking her Anatolian shepherd dog Jethro, reading history and theology. But she is no ordinary bishop. She also has interests far above simply holding the top job in the Anglican Church in Christchurch. She has served as a trustee of Yale University in USA (which is home to the Skull & Bones Society or Society of Death), she previously chaired the Canadian Primates Theological Commission, and she sits on the powerful Windsor Continuation Group with five other Anglican leaders set up by the Druid Archbishop of Canterbury. The Windsor Continuation Group was set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury following his Advent Letter to the Primates in December 2007. It was asked to advise the Archbishop on the implementation of the recommendations of the Windsor Report. In 2003, the Lambeth Commission on Communion was appointed by the Anglican Communion to study problems that were seen to have had arisen from the consecration of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay, noncelibate priest to be ordained as an Anglican bishop (New Hampshire) in the Episcopal Church of USA, and the blessing of same-sex unions in the diocese of New Westminster in Canada. The Commission, chaired by Archbishop Robin Eames, published its findings as the Windsor Report on 18 October, 2004. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams in 2004 wrote a letter to Anglican churches worldwide in which he condemned comments by bishops outside the Western world for inciting violence against gay men and women and said, Any words that could make it easier for someone to attack or abuse a homosexual person are words of which we must repent. Do not think repentance is always something others are called to, but acknowledge the failings we all share, sinful and struggling disciples as we are.


In mid October 2002, after 1700 years of dereliction following the great earthquake in 1324 AD, the historic, new Bibliotecha Alexandrina, a $397 million, hi-tech library complex was opened by the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The building is designed to house up to 8 million books and electronic copies of extant pagan Gnostic manuscripts that first lined the school and library in Philos time that have since been translated and incorporated into the spurious texts of all modern Bibles today that have been largely responsible for spawning the false teachings about homosexuality and supporting the move toward the widespread official consecration of gay and female priests in the Church of England. While the Windsor Report did take a stand against homosexual practice, it stopped short of actually recommending any discipline against the Episcopal Church in USA or the Anglican Church of Canada. Following the creation of the Windsor Continuation Group on February 12, 2008, by Rowan Williams, to look further into these and other controversial issues, the Report of the Group was received by the Anglican Primates at their meeting in Alexandria, Egypt, 1-5 February 2009. This unique meeting was led by Archbishop Rowan Williams and was held behind closed doors at the Helnan Palestine Hotel. It was not just a mere coincidence that the highlight of the entire week was a lecture by Williams during a visit to the new Alexandrian School of Theology and Library where Philo (20 BC 50 AD) first established his original theological school that created the heretical teachings of neo-Platonism and Gnosticism that approved homosexuality among some early Christian Gnostic sects. These deluded people laid the groundwork that produced the corrupt Codex Vaticanus (B) and Codex Sinaiticus (Aleph) Alexandrian manuscripts that underlie virtually all modern New Age Bibles today that have indirectly created the frantic drive within the leadership of the Church of England to subtly gradually approve women and homosexual priests (while outwardly they are still initially denying it) through the Windsor Continuation Group and hence, in the very near future will probably completely destroy the Church of England from within. So it doesnt come as too much of a surprise now to see that Bishop Victoria Matthews, the only woman on the Group, is one of the first of these members to lose her job and her church! Reverend Lynda Patterson Reverend Lynda Patterson is the Theologian in Residence at Christchurch Cathedral. Following the first major earthquake at 4:35 am on 4th September 2010, (which destroyed most of the Christian missionary heritage buildings miraculously no one was killed) at a service held in Cathedral Square on Sunday, 12 September, 2010, Rvd. Lynda Patterson delivered the Earthquake Sermon during which she said: At five oclock last Saturday morning, I found myself standing outside my house in my pyjamas, barefoot and wearing the first thing Id grabbed on the way out


In the language of insurance policies, the Canterbury Quake was an act of God. And I suppose thats true for some people, who see God micromanaging every single thing that happens, like a paranoid stage director. Maybe, we think, the quake meant that God was punishing us, so we rack our brains to think what weve done. Or maybe, we say, Gods looking out specially for us because we got through the quake without any loss of life. I suppose there might be something comforting about thinking that our fate is beyond our control. But I dont believe in that sort of God who doles out misery like gold stars in reverse, and I dont believe in that careful arithmetic of blame. We have a God who believes in new life, life in all its fullness. We dont avert our eyes when things go wrong in the world, or whistle cheerfully and pretend that nothings happened. We front up to the suffering all around us provided we face up squarely to the suffering all around us and do what we can to support those hurting most, without pretence or illusion

Following the second major earthquake at 12:51 pm on Tuesday, 22 February 2011 (which destroyed the majority of Christian heritage churches that were already weakened and 181 people were killed) at a service held at the Fendalton School on Sunday, 6 March, 2011, Revd. Lynda Patterson delivered a sermon entitled, Act of God? Nonsense during which she said: In the language of the insurance policies, the Christchurch earthquake was an act of God. That sort of theology sees God like a puppet master who stands above the stage and pulls our strings with a supreme lack of interest. Some people believe that the earthquake is a sign God is punishing us, so they roll out our favourite hobby horse to blame. Im already starting to receive angry emails from people who insist that everything from transvestites in Latimer Square to the ordination of women to the Christchurch Wizard and remarkably the floral carpet are at fault. Nonsense. We look for blame because its easier to have an explanation than to live with uncertainty. But I dont for one second believe in the sort of God who doles out misery like gold stars in reverse. I dont believe in God the tax accountant, who tots up a careful arithmetic of blame. We have a God who believes in new life, life in all its fullness, and God is there among the rubble weeping the lost. Its time now to apply some defiant common sense. As Dean Peter Beck said this week, the earthquake was not an act of God. It was just the earth doing what it does The earthquake isnt an act of God. The act of God is the way we care for each other in the aftermath. In the city, there are hundreds of search and rescue workers carefully lifting the rubble as they retrieve the bodies of the dead and return them to their families


Jesus reminds us (in Matthew 25:31-41) that faith isnt about what you believe. Faith isnt a series of careful statements which you can argue, more or less cogently. In the end, I am sure it wont matter terribly much where exactly you stand on the nature of the church or the authority of the pope or what you believe about the Anglican covenant. Faith is about what you do The author has tried to retain the proper context in the above excerpts. It is clear from her sermon above that there are still some genuine Christians left in Christchurch since she refers to their angry emails. Surely it is because of the faith and protests of these Godly people that the Lord has not destroyed the city completely. Remember the account in Genesis 18 where the LORD promised Abraham that he would not destroy Sodom for the sake of just ten righteous people left in the city? (Genesis 18:32). Her full sermons may be read on the Cathedral website: under heading Cathedral Sermons. Following these defiant sermons, the Anglican Christchurch Cathedral was subsequently largely destroyed by the 6.3-magnitude earthquake on 13th June 2011 and with it, the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament as well.,_Christchurch,_Christchurch Both will probably be fully demolished in the future. On 5th March 2011, the Minister of Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee told a media briefing that if he had his way, most of Christchurchs [Christian] heritage buildings would be demolished. But is this judgment on the old heritage Protestant and Catholic churches and missionary buildings in Christchurch unique only to New Zealand? Does it have implications for other countries around the world soon as well? Well yes it does and spectacularly so!




The Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacons Ceremony 4th June, 2012


On Monday, 4th June, 2012, the Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacons ceremony will become part of the biggest and most widely publicized Royal Jubilee in world history when thousands of churches, chapels and cathedrals throughout the UK, the Commonwealth and further abroad will be joining in by lighting Church Beacons in her honor. Note on the website here that the Queens Diamond Jubilee logo is sealed with 666 and that the Church Beacon logo actually resembles the cross of Christ [on top of a church steeple not shown] on fire! The whole event is to be inter-denominational. So what is the significance of these beacons? Well, these beacons have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity at all. They are totally pagan and go directly back to the Midsummer fire festivals and child sacrifices in June in ancient Babylon dedicated to the sun god Tammuz (who was symbolized by a cross coincidentally after which the River Thames today is named). Tammuz was the mystery, Babylonian false messiah and sun god. Some of his other names in Babylon were Nimrod, Bachus, Bel, Adonis, Marduk, and Shamash. His most common Old Testament primary names in the Bible are Baal or Moloch. As Marduk he was the fiery red sun god and father of the gods, he was represented by a red dragon, and was always dressed in scarlet red. His birthday was claimed to be on December 25th, when he was later symbolized in Rome as Father Christmas. He was also symbolized either by an oak, palm or a pine tree, since Christianized by the Roman Catholic Church and apostate Protestant Church as the Christmas Tree. Before Christianity first came to the British Isles, the Celtic pagan Druid priests also worshipped him on the 23rd June, as do virtually all other pagan religions throughout the world today. This includes all witchcraft sects, Freemasonry, and the Roman Catholic Church in the Feast of the Nativity of St. John set down in the Papal calendar for the 24th June. In the United States of America, leading American occultist and Christian hypocrites worship him as Moloch with a fire ceremony and child sacrifice in effigy called Cremation of Care at Bohemian Grove in northern California on 23rd June every year. Queen Elizabeth II has attended the ceremony.


In Greece the sun god was worshipped as Zeus and in Rome his name was Jupiter. The Chinese Dragon-boat festival today is celebrated in a similar way with weeping for Tammuz in Midsummer. From these Midsummer fire child sacrifices to Tammuz, Baal and Moloch we get the modern name cannibal literally priest of Baal. Our indigenous Maori people here in New Zealand were cannibals and worshipped Baal (Tammuz) as Tama nui te Ra before Christian missionaries first arrived. Even today, the greenstone Hei Tiki that Maoris wear as pendants around the neck are actually the image of Baal or Osiris (who was always green and just another personification of the sun god Ra in Egypt hence Tama nui te Ra). Just as Isis was the sister and wife of the sun god Osiris, so in Maori custom was Hina the sister and wife of their solar deity Maui. Polynesian women also weep for Tammuz. In France, the pagan Roman Catholic Churchs priests used to light the first Midsummer beacon in the market place, or sometimes it was lighted by an angel made to descend by a mechanical device from the top of the church, with a flambeau in her hand. Seats were placed close to the flaming piles for the dead. In pagan Ireland, in ancient times blazing beacons were set on fire on every hill dedicated to the sun god in Midsummer. For much more information on the subject read: The Two Babylons: The Nativity of St. John The most famous and greatest beacon in ancient times was the Pharos of Alexandria, Egypt. It was built around 300 BC and dedicated to the sun god Zeus Soter Zeus the Savior. A huge 5-meter tall statue of Zeus stood at the very top. The total height of the beacon was believed to have been about 122 meters (400 feet) high. Like the Pope, while hypocritically hiding under the cloak of Christianity, Queen Elizabeth II is about as pagan a monarch as one could ever imagine. As head of the Order of the Garter (the highest order of Freemasonry and Luciferianism) the Queen is the high priestess of world witchcraft today. Yes, she is a witch! Because of this, every important event the British Monarchy does is meticulously timed by her astrologers to coincide with major BABYLONIAN witchcraft dates according to the position of the sun in the zodiac and usually around either the Full Moon or New Moon (dark moon) when all pagans believe the magnetism of the sun and influence of the moons vibrations are the greatest. Astrology and witchcraft are condemned in the Bible, and described as an abomination in Deuteronomy 18:10-14. Isaiah 47:13-14 tells us that all those who practice astrology are in the end all going to be burned with fire. Yet the Monarchy and most churches are following these practices right now. For example: 1. On July 1, 1961 (Full Moon, June 28) Lady Diana was born. 2. On July 29, 1981 (New Moon/Solar Eclipse, July 31) Prince Charles marries Diana. 3. On June 21, 1982 (New Moon/Solar Eclipse, June 21) Prince William born.


4. On June 15, 1992 (Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, June 15) Andrew Mortons book Diana: Her True Story released and drives Diana to attempt suicide. 5. On December 9, 1992 (Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, December 9) British PM John Major announces to Parliament that Charles and Diana are separating. 6. On August 28, 1996 (Full Moon, August 28) final decree of divorce issued. 7. On August 31, 1997 (New Moon/Solar Eclipse, September 1) Diana was murdered and sacrificed by the Monarchy on the Moon-goddess mirror-image day of the Ides of Jupiter (August 13). In ancient Rome the anniversary of the temple of Diana was on August 13th which formerly coincided with Midsummer. The location was at the 13th pillar of the Pont d Alma bridge (in French bridge of the soul) in Paris, the ancient goddess Diana sacrificial site in Paris. 8. On June 4, 2012 (Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, June 4) Queen Elizabeth IIs Diamond Jubilee Beacons will be lit atop churches throughout the United Kingdom literally symbolically burning the cross of Christ, converting every church that participates into a Babylonian pagan temple of Baal. Can you ever imagine any genuine Christian person burning the cross of Christ like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)? Well, on June 4th 2012, virtually every church in the UK will be participating in such a wicked event! Surely this abomination will seal these Churches fate? Churches Together in England: Aim to merge all the Protestant churches with the Roman Catholic Church Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI visited England and Scotland during September 16-19, 2010. This visit was arranged by the Queen, Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams, and the presidents of the national ecumenical group Churches Together in England. Their web-site is: This group is an ecumenical organization designed to merge all the heretical Protestant Christian churches with the pagan Roman Catholic Church, and then through the World Council of Churches and Parliament of the Worlds Religions and other groups merge these altogether with the other pagan religions of the world to form a One World Luciferian Religion and Church. The presidents of Churches Together in England are the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of Westminster, Free Churches Moderator and a fourth president chosen from one of the other member churches. This pagan organization now represents almost every Protestant church in the UK. Most of the churches that are members are listed on the Wikipedia web-site above. They include even such formerly conservative churches such as the Quakers, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, and Salvation Army. If you, dear reader, consider you a genuine Christian and are a member of any one of these apostate churches on the list, this author recommends that you terminate your membership


with it immediately. This is because these churches in the not too distant future, like Christchurch in New Zealand, are increasingly going to come under Gods severe judgment and are all finally going to be burned with fire. Similar to the World Council of Churches logo, the pagan logo of Churches Together in England, appropriately, is the boat of the sun-god Osiris from Egypt, the Babylonian cross of Tammuz, surrounded with the rays of the rising sun. All are non-Christian symbols. Protestants praying for the Pope During Pope Benedict XVIs Papal visit in September 2010, as part of the preparation to unite with the Roman Catholic Church, the Rev. Dr. Martyn Atkins of the Methodist Church said that Methodists already enjoy discovering the unity we share in Christ with our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church and prayed Gods blessing on the visit. Other denominational leaders expressed similar thoughts. All genuine Protestant Christians who possesses even just an elementary understanding of the history and wickedness of the Papacy and its anti-Christian pagan sun worship doctrines will be revolted by this compromise and should come out of these apostate churches forthwith. Roman Catholics are not brothers and sisters of genuine Christians. They are pagans who worship the Sun god Eucharist and his consort, the mother earth goddess under the Christianized name Virgin Mary and Queen of Heaven. There are many good web-sites that illustrate the gross paganism of the Roman Catholic Church. Here is just one: While it is true Protestantism (Protestors against the tyranny of the Pope) has not been entirely perfect, the Protestant Church has given every man, woman and child on earth the opportunity to have a genuine Bible of their own in their own tongue to freely read and interpret for themselves. It has also given all individuals, including Catholics, the freedom and liberty to believe what they may, exempt from any physical force. This is in contrast to the endless, never changing idolatry, corruption, dictatorship, censorship, bloody persecutions, tortuous Inquisition and murderous suffering relentlessly inflicted by the Roman Catholic Church almost unabatedly throughout its entire dark history. A read of Foxs Book of Martyrs summarizes the wickedness of the Church of Rome very well: When one considers the almost endless stream of Protestant martyrs throughout history cruelly tortured, boiled alive in hot oil, or burnt at the stake for their Christian faith by the Roman dragon from hell, to return to the Papacy must surely rate as the greatest abomination of all.


Catholics praying for the Queen But believe it or not, in November 2011, the Roman Catholic bishops of England and Wales for the first time in modern history approved a prayer for the Queen for use in Catholic churches. The prayer reflects the deepening reconciliation between the Monarchy and Roman Catholic leaders which gathered pace after the Popes visit to Britain in 2010. Prayers for the Queen are a fixed part of Church of England Sunday services. However, while Roman Catholics have professed loyalty to the sovereign since they were granted civil rights in the 19th century, Catholics have never given official prayers for British monarchs. The Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols, leader of all Catholics in England and Wales, unveiled the new prayer. The bishops have urged all parishes to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II at Masses on Most Holy Trinity Sunday, June 3, 2012, with the prayer. During the Mass, the first reading is to be replaced by 1 Kings 3:11-14 (the passage in the Old Testament in which God blesses Solomon and promises him wisdom, riches and honour above all other things), and the prayer for the Queen, which has been approved by the bishops, is to be used after the post-Communion prayer before the final blessing. The quote from 1 Kings 3:11-14 is strange, and one wonders who exactly has chosen it the Monarchy or the Vatican! This is because the British Monarch, as head of the Order of the Garter, is head of British Israel World Freemasonry, and deceptively believes that they are literally ruling on the throne of David (which they are not), as was Solomon. If ever there was an antichrist false doctrine, it is that promoted by British Israel Freemasonry today. The Roman Catholic prayer for Queen Elizabeth II to be recited on Most Holy Trinity Sunday, June 3, 2012, to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee is: V. O Lord, save Elizabeth, our Queen. R. And hear us on the day we call upon you. V. O Lord, hear my prayer. R. And let my cry come before you. V. The Lord be with you. R. And with your spirit. Almighty God, we pray, that your servant Elizabeth, our Queen, who, by your providence has received the governance of this realm, may continue to grow in every virtue, that, imbued with your heavenly grace, she may be preserved from all that is harmful and evil and, being blessed with your favour may, with her consort and the royal family, come at last into your presence, through Christ who is the way, the truth and the life and who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever. Amen.

126 In the Roman Catholic Churchs Christianized unholy paganism, Most Holy Trinity Sunday is not about what the Bible teaches about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at all. There is absolutely no instruction in the Bible to celebrate such a day. Rome has simply adopted it from the pagan trinity. If one could ever imagine a modern version of the mystery, Babylonian holy trinity being worshipped, like the Babylonian/Egyptian sun god Bel/Osiris, and his wife/mother earth goddess Semiramis/Isis, with their rising-sun god son, [i.e., the false messiah] Tammuz/Horus reincarnated today it would have to be the unholy alliance between the Catholic Pope (as /Bel/Osiris), the apostate Protestant Queen (as Semiramis/Isis) and her rising sun god son, the Prince of Wales (as Tammuz/Horus) being commemorated on Most Holy Trinity Sunday, 3 June, 2012. Holy Trinity Bromptons Alpha Course Beacon Suppers Linked to this ecumenical deception of course is the Alpha Course that is sweeping the world. Founded and based at Holy Trinity Brompton, an Anglican church in West London, the aim of the course is to rapidly replace Christianity with pagan Gnosticism. In their Alpha News-UK Edition July-October 2003, p.6-7, they advertised their plan: 7000 churches get set for September: Whats where at Beacon Suppers. These Druid beacon prayer meetings and beacon suppers coincided with Holy Trinity Bromptons Conference for Church Leaders held on October 9-10, 2003, called Building a 21st Century Church through which they hope all Protestant and Catholic churches will be reunited together as one to worship Lucifer and his flaming promethean torch [beacon] in a One World Church hence the beacon suppers. Catholics do not worship God or Jesus Christ as do genuine Christians. They worship the Virgin Mary (who is not Mary in the Bible, but the Babylonian mother earth goddess called Our Lady or Queen of Heaven). They also worship the sun which they deceptively call the Holy Eucharist (the pagan sun god). Catholics are not genuine Christians at all. It is impossible to be a practicing Catholic and at the same time to be a genuine Christian. Roman Catholic paganism is relatively easy to identify compared with the elusive, subtlety of apostate Protestantism. There are many good web-sites that vividly illustrate the pagan idolatry of the Roman Catholic Church in worshipping the Eucharist:


However, Protestants are a lot more subtle about worshipping the Babylonian Eucharist: See, for example the photo: Downing Street is tickled pink: Number 10s famous front door light Note that on the photo the front door of Number 10 Downing Street, the Office of the British Prime Minister, that the door-knocker is a brass lion. Above the door is a window divided into the sun emblem of Shamash, the Assyrian/Babylonian rising sun, inside which is the Babylonian/Roman Catholic Eucharist. Above the entrance is a wrought-iron arch of the horns of Baal supporting a lamp surmounted by Her Majestys golden Crown. Israel and Judah Catholic and Protestant In many ways, Israels divine judgment is also being replicated in the Christian church. In the past, even while Israel was planning to unite, her treacherous prophets and a king from the north were conspiring to bring about her demise. During the days of David and Solomon, Israels kingdom was united. Under king Solomon, Israel became a rich and powerful kingdom. However because of sin and rebellion the people were oppressed, burdened with heavy taxes and forced labor. When Solomons son Rehoboam came to the throne the people vehemently protested to him to lighten their burdens, but he refused. This period was much the same as that which was dominated by the Roman Catholic Church through the Dark Ages up to the time of the Protestant Reformation. After Rehoboam refused, the ten northern tribes that had protested rebelled. They then set up a new kingdom, the kingdom of Israel, with Jeroboam ruling as king from his new capital in Shechem (today its Protestant equivalent is London). The remaining two tribes, Judah and Benjamin, came to be called the kingdom of Judah with its capital remaining at Jerusalem (today similar to the mother church in Rome). Jeroboams kingdom of ten tribes was similar to that of the Protestant denominational structure during and after the Reformation. During the time of the two kingdoms many pagan practices became part of the worship of each division, the worst by far being in Israel (Protestant London) headed by king Ahab and his foreign wife, Queen Jezebel. Both Ahab and Jezebel supported the worship of Baal, opposed the prophet Elijah and persecuted those who genuinely worshipped God. This period is almost identical to that which we have today in the Protestant Church of England, where Queen Elizabeth II is a modern Queen Jezebel who worships Baal who comes from a foreign bloodline that is not British but German who heads the City of London Corporation banking fraternitys microchip cashless identification program and who, through Freemasonry, and her control of the Church of England leads her kingdom in the worship of Baal until she is succeeded. Finally, after all their obstinate sin, the Lord warned both the kingdoms of Judah and Israel (2 Kings 17:13-24) (now equivalent to both the Catholic and Protestant churches based at Rome and London) to turn from their wicked and evil ways. They defiantly refused, so God lifted up the king of Assyria to come and destroy the northern kingdom, Israel, (now equivalent to the Protestant Church) first in 722-721 BC, because her sins were greater.


At this time most of the inhabitants in the ten northern tribes were killed or exiled and the few who remained had no other option than to move to Judah where they were reunited for a relatively short period of about 140 years. This period is similar to that of which the Protestant Church is in today with its ecumenical dialogue to unite with the Roman Catholic Church which began in the late 1800s. But at the end of this period of the United Kingdom (today its equivalent is based in London and Rome) Judah and Benjamin apostatized so much that God finally raised up a king from the north Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, to come and destroy them as well, and burn the polluted temple of the Lord with fire. Final Judgment on both the Catholic and Protestant Churches is to be burnt with fire Revelation chapter 17 explains: Come hither: I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth on many waters. With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit on a scarlet coloured beast, full of the names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of the abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. Revelation chapter 18 continues on to describe the judgment coming on the queen (Revelation 18:7) and the judgment coming on that mighty city! (Revelation 18:10) and the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her, for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: (Revelation 18:11). Now most authors in the past 400 years or so have claimed this prophecy specifically refers only to the Roman Catholic Church and Vatican City. But does it? If the Scripture is taken literally, it is not the Vatican, but the City of London Corporation (now commonly referred to as just the City or Square Mile) that controls the merchants of the earth. Indeed, through Guildhalls Twelve Great Companies and subsidiary companies, almost every major bank and corporation in the world is now controlled from London not by the Pope but by the Protestant Queen!


Indeed, the main feature of the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations on 3 June, 2012, will be a massive flotilla of about 1000 boats and floats led by her travelling along the River Thames to represent the Citys historic, as well as current, control of global maritime trade, banking and commerce. How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. (Revelation 18:7-8). The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, And saying, Alas. Alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones and pearls! For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city! And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! For in one hour is she made desolate. (Revelation 18:15-19). So we see that the earthquakes on Christchurch in New Zealand are just an early warning sign of what is much more serious globally yet to come. If the City of London Corporation is destroyed in one hour, and possibly the Queen with it too, then the whole global financial system will come down with it like a stack of cards very quickly indeed. Whether it will be destroyed by an earthquake or nuclear bomb in just one hour is unclear. It could be either. Only time will tell. But this momentous event is getting very close indeed. If the Christian church is destroyed, it will be taken over by Global Socialism [Satanism] as it previously was in Nazi Germany and the USSR, represented by a woman (Europa) riding a beast (Zeus). The time is fast approaching when other great Christian icons like St. Peters in Rome, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral and St. Pauls Cathedral in London, or Washington Cathedral in Washington D.C., are all going to be destroyed as well. Are not these soon-coming, momentous Queens Diamond Jubilee pagan celebrations in June 2012 the final straw? both for the Christian Church and the City of London? Are not the severe political and economic disruptions in Europe at the present time setting the stage for these final [socialist] ten kings [monarchs] to soon arise on the global beast who will hate the whore [apostate Christian church, both Catholic and Protestant], and will end up burning it completely with fire!




Apostasy It is important to define what the author means by using the word apostate or apostasy. The English word apostasy is derived from Greek, and a Latin word apostasia meaning defection, revolt. Apostasy is the state of having turned back and having rejected ones former religious beliefs, having abandoned what one has voluntarily previously professed. Apostasy is a total desertion, renunciation of ones faith, religion, principles. One cannot become an apostate unless one has known the truth to begin with. A person who has never ever known the truth cannot become an apostate. Prophet Jonah and the city of Nineveh Before a mention about earthquake liquefaction is explained to conclude this book, it is worthy to remind ourselves of one of the greatest accounts of repentance in history. It is given to us by the prophet Jonah in the book of Jonah in the Bible involving the city of Nineveh. Because of the rampant apostasy of former great Christian countries like New Zealand and cities like Christchurch today, it is easy for any devout, modern-day Christian writer or preacher, based on the examples in the Bible, to easily presume that people will not repent (as did Jonah) and hence confidently predict that New Zealand or the city of Christchurch are all now prophetically doomed. However, it is important to realize that the Lords hand of grace through the gospel is always open, and if people will genuinely repent and turn back to faith in Christ, God will CHANGE HIS MIND, hear and forgive, and in Christchurchs case, he would stop the heartbreaking curse of interminable earthquakes. Nineveh was a giant, ancient Assyrian city on the eastern bank of the Tigris River and capital of the Assyrian Empire for many years. It was one of the oldest cities in the world established by Nimrod the mighty hunter (Genesis 10:8-11). The city was utterly, ruthlessly destroyed in 612 BC by the Babylonian king Nabopolassar as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. For many years skeptics questioned even the existence of the city since it could not be found. However, British archeologist A.H. Layard excavated the site in 1845-1854 unearthing the


great palace of King Sargon mentioned by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 20:1) along with a library of over 22,000 cuneiform documents. Today its massive ruins lie across the river from the city of Mosel in the Ninawa Governorate of northern Iraq. In Sennacheribs day the wall around Nineveh was 40-50 feet high. It extended for 4 kilometers along the Tigris River and for 13 kilometers around the inner city. The city had 15 main gates, 5 of which have been excavated. Each of the gates was guarded by stone bull statues (symbols of the citys heathen sun god). Both inside and outside the walls, Sennacherib created parks, a botanical garden and a zoo. He built a water-system at Jerwan across the Gomel River containing the oldest aqueduct in history. Sennacherib was worshipping in the house of his heathen god Nisroch when he was slain by his sons (2 Kings 19:37). Nineveh was an outstandingly wicked city full of cruelty, corruption, lies and robbery. It hated Israel. Hence, God chose two prophets at two different times, Jonah and Nahum, to preach against it and predict its utter destruction. The first was Jonah. Immediately after God had delivered Jonah from the storm and belly of the great fish, God called Jonah a second time to go to the wicked city of Nineveh and preach against it, warning that it would be overthrown in forty days time. Jonah 4:11 tells us there were more than 60,000 persons in the city who were so ignorant they couldnt even discern between their right hand and their left hand. Yet, amazingly, in spite of all this, as the result of Jonahs warnings and preaching, all the people in the whole city of Nineveh repented, believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even to the least of them (Jonah 3:5) and God repented of the evil that he had said that he would do unto them: and he did it not . (Jonah 3:10). This massive change of heart and genuine repentance by the residents of Nineveh even shocked Jonah so much (who had anticipated the citys imminent destruction), that he got angry it had not happened, and God had to subsequently severely reprove him and teach him a big lesson as well (Jonah chapter 4). This is one of the greatest accounts of repentance in the entire Bible. It is a lesson for all Christians, to inspire them to never give up while preaching the gospel and to remember that no matter how wicked a person or nation might be, they can still repent and turn to the Lord if they are adequately warned and encouraged to do so. Unfortunately, the citys repentance didnt last too long and it quickly apostatized again becoming far worse than ever. God then chose another prophet, Nahum, about a hundred years later, to prophesy against the city, immediately before the city was finally destroyed in 612 BC by king Nabopolassar.


What can we learn from Nineveh? Firstly, even though God has prophetically told us in advance what he is going to do and he will not at all acquit the wicked HE CAN CHANGE HIS MIND if he is given sufficient justification to do so. Christians should not be so prejudiced to presumptuously believe that it is hopeless to preach to unsaved people who seemingly will never repent, because they can, and do so spectacularly, even an entire city! Unlike the apostate clerics at Christchurch Cathedral, the prophet Nahum stresses the fact that it is God alone who ultimately controls all natural events throughout the world: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet. He rebuketh the sea, and maketh it dry, and drieth up all the rivers: The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yea, the world, and all that dwell therein. Who can stand before his indignation? And who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? His fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by him. (Nahum 1:3-6). Indeed, during the Christchurch earthquakes rocks were literally thrown down on the residents in the suburb of Sumner from the cliffs nearby. Remember? Sumner was named after John Bird Sumner, the evangelical Archbishop of Canterbury, who was president of the Canterbury Association that founded Christchurch, New Zealand, as a model evangelical Christian city for the world! Perhaps it is worth remembering the solemn account of the city of Nineveh when considering what God has recently done to Christchurch through earthquake liquefaction? Earthquake Liquefaction The terrible sequence of earthquakes and aftershocks in the Christchurch area produced a heartbreaking phenomenon called liquefaction. It is mentioned in the Bible although very few people are aware of it. Liquefaction is the process that leads to soil suddenly losing strength, most commonly as the result of the ground shaking violently during a large earthquake. Areas prone to severe liquefaction are those that contain sandy, alluvial soils and ground-water. When an earthquake occurs the shaking is so violent that the sand and silt grains try to compress the spaces filled with water, but as the water is virtually non-compressible, it pushes back and pressure builds up until the grains float in the water. As the soil loses its strength, it liquefies and behaves like a fluid. Once this happens, the liquefied soil and sand, like water, cannot support the weight of whatever is lying above it such as dry soil, roads, concrete floors or foundations of buildings.


Bridges and large buildings can collapse or tilt as the result. As the earthquakes shaking continues, the liquefied soil and sand is forced up into any cracks and crevasses it can find, and boils up to the surface producing sand volcanoes and rivers of sludge and silt. In some cases the pressure from below can be so great it can widen a small crack until it can be big enough to accommodate a car. Cities built on alluvial, sandy deposits and foundations throughout the world are therefore all extremely susceptible to devastating liquefaction in a large earthquake. Christchurch may be one of the first to experience it, but it will not be the last as there are many other cities around the world built on these sandy foundations. During the liquefaction process a citys underground water pipes, natural gas pipes, sewerage lines, power and telecommunications cables can be severely broken and damaged as well, leaving the residents without essential services. Christchurchs liquefaction = Bible mire Since much of the city of Christchurch is largely built on alluvial sandy deposits, during the earthquakes it suffered from severe liquefaction. This produced an ocean of stinking, sandy sludge and mud mixed with filthy sewerage from broken sewer pipes which erupted out over much of the city. Both the commercial and housing areas were severely affected and were literally swamped in mountains of this sewerage infiltrated, sandy, stinking mud. The word mud does not occur in the Bible at all. However, the old English word mire is used instead. The Bibles own definition of mire is found in Isaiah 57:20: But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. In Isaiah 57:20, there is a unique Hebrew word used and translated mire into English. It is rephesh (Strongs Hebrew 7516) from raphas (Strongs Hebrew 7515) meaning to trample i.e. roil water foul, trouble. The word does not only refer to mud as a general term at all. It is much more concise and specific than that. The verb roil is not used much at all in common speech today, but according to the Oxford Dictionaries Online it is a late 16th century word, possibly from Old French ruiler mix mortar. The word means; to make (a liquid) turbid or muddy by distributing the sediment move in a turbulent, swirling manner and this is precisely what earthquake liquefaction does and is exactly what has happened to Christchurch. After the liquefied sandy, muddy sludge and dirt dries, it literally hardens like mortar. Can you see how precise and accurate the Bible actually is? Every living word!


About 14 years before Nineveh was finally destroyed in 612 BC following Jonah and Nahums prophecies, the Lord subsequently called the prophet Jeremiah (then only a child) to prophetic ministry in about 626 BC to do the same thing for Judah and Jerusalem. Jeremiah was appointed to condemn idolatry, the greed of priests, expose the deceit of false prophets, reveal the sins of the people and the coming consequences, lament for Judah and finally prophesy the destruction of Jerusalem by the king of Babylon. After he had prophesied of the terrible destruction to come upon Jerusalem and the judgment that was to come on the residents living in the city, Jeremiah was cast into a dungeon of mire in the court of the prison (mire representing the wickedness in the city) by the unrepentant, wicked princes of Zedekiah, who hated him for what he had to say. He would have died had he not been saved from the mire by a righteous Gentile, Ebed-melech an Ethiopian eunuch in the kings house (Jeremiah 38:6-13). After being saved from the dungeon of mire, Jeremiah remained in the court of the prison (Jeremiah 38:13, 28) until the day that Jerusalem was finally taken. Paradoxically, Jeremiah was held captive by his own people and yet freed by the foreign king of Babylon. Nebuchadrezzar was a heathen, Gentile king. For king Zedekiahs and his princes wickedness, the king of Babylon slew his sons before his eyes together with all the nobles of Judah, and he put out Zedekiahs eyes, bound him with chains, and burned his house (Jeremiah 39:6-8). It is a serious matter, therefore, after having been adequately warned, to continue on and reject the truth and counsel of God. If God has previously allowed this terrible judgment to be inflicted on ancient Israel and the Jews, his chosen people then nowadays, why not the apostate Christian churches and countries as well? If anything, the responsibilities of the Christian churches and countries are surely now much greater. In sharp contrast to his message to his own people, while he was still yet in prison, God specifically instructed Jeremiah to go and speak to Ebed-melech, the lowly, faithful, Ethiopian Gentile eunuch: But I will deliver thee in that day, saith the LORD: and thou shalt not be given into the hand of the men of whom thou art afraid. For I will surely deliver thee, and thou shalt not fall by the sword, but thy life shall be for a prey unto thee; because thou hast put thy trust in me, saith the LORD. (Jeremiah 39:15-18). Even today, most Jews still do not like reading the prophetic book of Jeremiah! Similarly, in the Christian church today, the Second Epistle of Peter is not so popular either. It was written by the apostle Peter, exposing false teachers and false prophets and it is also particularly hated by many leaders in the apostate Christian Church and countries. Not the least by those who live in Christchurch, New Zealand.


But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that brought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 Peter 2:1 We remember, earlier in this book mention was made of the official Wizard of New Zealand, who also calls himself The False Prophet who has been spewing out his damnable heresies, almost totally unopposed by everyone, including the clergy of the Cathedral, from his orators ladder in the middle of Cathedral Square in the very center of Christchurch for decades! Just as it was the casting of Jeremiah into the mire that sealed Jerusalems fate so it is for the former Christian city of Christchurch in New Zealand through earthquake liquefaction mire. In the past two years, relative to its size, New Zealand has suffered a disproportionately high number of disasters when compared to many other countries in the rest of the Christian world. First, there was the collapse of South Canterbury Finance the biggest banking firm in the South Island. Soon after this followed the disaster at Pike River Mine killing 29 coal miners, accompanied by the Christchurch earthquakes with frequent aftershocks that are still continuing on a regular basis. The giant kiwifruit industry has recently been struck by Psa disease which now threatens the entire crop and potentially much of the industry. And more recently, as this book concludes, MV Rena, a giant container ship loaded with 1700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, 200 tonnes of diesel, and 1368 shipping containers has just run aground on Astrolabe Reef off the Bay of Plenty on October 5, 2011.The shipwreck has created a huge environmental disaster releasing numerous shipping containers into the sea, and tonnes of heavy fuel oil has leaked into the ocean polluting the areas pristine white sandy beaches with a black, heavy, thick mire-like oily substance just like liquefaction did to Christchurch similar to the mire of Jeremiahs day! New Zealand was once a vibrant, prosperous, rich, free, unpolluted, enlightened, wonderful little Christian country, leading the world in so many things. No debt, virtually no crime at all and a standard of living second to none for everybody. Founded by some of the worlds greatest Christian evangelists and missionaries, the nation has truly been enormously blessed by God since its founding. But alas, this is far from the case now. Is the nations ultimate destiny and reputation soon to become a mockery a second rate laughing stock and a derision for all of the rest of the world to see? Will the country with its enormous natural beauty and wealth soon be taken over by its pagan enemies for example, nations and countries like Communist China? Are its Christian churches to be replaced by


pagan Hindu, Buddhist or Moslem temples? Is New Zealand to become a leading global example of how a once great, devout, Christian nation can so quickly forget its Maker and unfortunately suffer the dire consequences of doing so? HOLY NO MORE: De-consecration of Christchurch Cathedral The Christchurch Cathedral was consecrated by Bishop Henry Harper in November 1881. Subsequently, on Wednesday morning, 9th November 2011, almost 130 years to the day, a service and ceremony was led by Bishop Victoria Matthews in front of the shattered west wall of the Cathedral as a backdrop, who declared the Cathedral and Square before it deconsecrated and secularized, making it no longer a consecrated (sacred) place of worship but a secular (worldly) demolition site.

After a hymn, a rendition of Psalm 23 by the Cathedral Choir and a Bible reading, Bishop Victoria Matthews read out the Sentence of Deconsecration which included the following: On the first day of November in the year of our Lord 1881, by Henry John Chitty Harper, first Bishop of Christchurch, this building was duly dedicated and consecrated in honour of Jesus Christ. The Sentence of Consecration has been in effect until this date. I, Victoria Matthews, eighth Bishop of Christchurch do hereby revoke the said Sentence and do remit this building and all objects remaining in it for any lawful and reputable use, according to the laws of this land. In the space of less than half an hour, the former Christian spiritual heart and sacred centerpiece of Christchurch and Canterbury was reduced to nothing more than a desolated, useless, ordinary ruin. That evening, New Zealand TV1 News at 6pm ran a feature on the ceremony, appropriately calling it, HOLY NO MORE. Of course, New Zealand is not the only former Christian country now facing divine retribution of some sort and many genuine Christians are aware that the period Jesus prophesied about called the beginning of sorrows (Matt.24:8) leading up to the time of great tribulation (Matt.24:21) for the whole world has now begun. But without any meaningful repentance being publicly evident to date, one simply shudders at the thought of what yet may be in store for this country seismically. Auckland, the countrys biggest city is built on a huge dormant volcanic field, and the city of Wellington where the seat of government resides is built alongside a major earthquake fault.


As the author finishes this book, earthquakes are still relentlessly continuing and many are still being uniquely concentrated in and around the city of Christchurch area. As far as this author is aware, no other country in the world has ever experienced such a unique phenomenon of concentrated earthquakes like this for such a long period on a single city. Question: Are we in this [former] great little Christian country of New Zealand being made an example for the world? Answer: Yes we are! For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. (2 Peter 2:20-22)