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Petition for Commutation of Sentence

Please read the accompanying instntctions carefully before contpleting the applicalion. Type or print the anst'ers in ink. Each question mus! be ansu,ered.fully, truthfulll,and accurately. If the space.for any ansv'er is insufficienl, \,ou may

completetheansv,eronaseparatesheetofpapet'andattachittothepetition. I'oumayattachant644,,,orol documenntiott thatyoubeliet'eisrele'r'anttoyourpelition. Thesubmissionofanymaterial,.falseinformalionispunishablebyuptofir,e

years'imprisonment and artne of not more than $250,000. 18 L/.SC. $$ 100l and 3571.

Relief sought:

@heck one)


Reduction of Prison Sentence Only

iH Remission of Fine and/or Restitution Only To The President of the United States:

Reduction of Prison Sentence and Remission Other Pardon/Commutation of Sentence

The undersigned petitioner, a Federal prisoner, prays for commutation of sentence and in support thereof states as follows:

Full name: Bradle




No. 89289

Social Securitv No. XXX-XX-XXXX

Confined in the Federal Institution at United States Disciplinary Barracks Date and place of birth: December

987 in Crescent Oklahoma

Are you a United States citizen?

lf you are nol a L,'.5. citi:en, indicate your counlry

iQI ,vesiBno


Have you ever applied for commutation of sentence before?

Ayes, state the date(s) on which you applied, and lhe date(s) v,hen you v'ere nolified of the petition(s).



final decision on 7;671v


I was convicted on a plea


(guiln,, not



in the United States District Court

First Circuit

ln, nolo contendere)

for the U.S. Army Court Martial District of

(lt orthe

rn, Il'estet'n,

of the crime of:

United States Departntent of Justice


Ofiice of the Pardon Attot'net'

Ll'ashington, D.C. 20530

(State specifc offense(s), prot'ide citation ofstatute(s) t'iolated,


I was sentenced

08121 2013 on (monthidat) to imprisonment for (yeor)



(length ofsentence)


to pay

E a fine of $

(do not include special assessntent)

restitution of $

, and to

supervised release or
(length of sentence)

sp"cial parole for

, andlor to probation for

years of age when the offense was committed.




I began service of the sentence of imprisonment on 07127 2010 .and I am projected to


be released from confinement


Are you eligible for

lf yes, indicate the date
granted or denied


TBD (nontludal)


release, and state v'hether your application Jbr parole u'as

v,hen you became eligible

Have you paid in full any fine or restitution imposed on you?

lf'thefine or restitution has not

itr yeqEno

paid in.full, state lhe remaining balance.


Not applicable. Did you appeal your conviction or sentence to the United States Court of Appeals?
Is your appeal concluded? lf yes, indicate v'hether your cont,iclion or senlence vas aflirnted or retersed,

if, ve$Eno

i[J -"*eni[Ztto the date of the decisiott, and the citalion(s) to any published court opinions- Proyide copies ofany unpublished cotul decisions concerning such appeals, if they are available to you.

I will appeal my conviction and sentence to the Army Court of Criminal Appeals once my record of trial is complete. My appeal, however, is not expected to be filed before the end of 20r4.

Did you seek review by the Supreme Court?

Is your appeal concluded?
lf yes, indicate y,hether your petition vas g'anted or denied and the date of the decision.

iU vesiUltro

itr ye$Eno


for Conrntutatiotl of Sentence

Puge 2

Have you filed a challenge to your conviction or sentence under 28 U.S.C. $ 2255 (habeas i[f ye$Vlno


Is your challenge



Ifyes, indicate v'hether your motion u,as granted or denied, the date of the decision, and the citation(s) to any published cotrrt opinions, if knov'n. Provide copies of any unpublished court decisions concerning urch motions, theyareayailabletoyou. Ifyouha,"efiledmorethanonepost-convictionnotion,providetherequesledinformalion
.for each such molion.




Provide a complete and detailed account of the offense for which you seek commutation, including the full extent of your involvement. If you need more space, you may complete your answer on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the petition. I have attached my suilty plea inquiry from my court-martial which provides a detailed account of the offenses for which I am seekins a Dardon and commutation. I have also attached other
relevant excerpts from the unofficial record of trial which captures selected testimony for your

consideration. This testimony discusses both rny acceptance of responsiblity and the factors
that impacted the decisions that I made to disclose information to the American public.

P eIiti

on fo

C onunutat

on of Sent e n ce

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Aside from the offense for which commutation is sought, have you ever been arrested or taken into custody by any law enforcement authority, or convicted in any court, either as a juvenile or an adult, for any other incident? iHyesiBno
Foreachsuchincident,provide: thedate,thenatureofcharge,thelavenforcementauthorilyinvolved,andthe

final dispositionoftheincident. r'ounrustliste,tetyt,iolation,includingtrffictiolalionsthatresultedarreslorin

an criminal charge, such as driving under the influence.



etit i on


onmrutat i on of





State your reasons for seeking commutation of sentence. If you need more space, you may complete your answer on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the petition.

The decisions that I made in 2010 were made out of a concern for my country and the world that we

live in. Since the trasic events of 9-l l. our country has been at war. We have been at war with an

military reports on a daily basis that I started to question the morality of what we were doing. It was
at this time that I realized that in our efforts to meet the risks posed to us by the enemy, we had

bv the al-Maliki government: and we stomached countless other acts in the name of our war on terror.

When these cries of patriotism drown out any loeically based dissention, it is usually the American Soldier that is eiven the order to carrv out some ill-conceived mission. Our nation has had similiar dark



one day be viewed in a similar

lieht. As the late Howard Zinn once said "There is not a flag

larqe enouqh to cover the shame of

killine innocent Deople." I understand that my actions violated the

law. I resret if mv actions hurt anvone or harmed the United States. It was never mv intent to hurt
anyone. I only wanted to help people. When I chose to disclose classified information, I did so out of
a love for my country and a sense of dutv to others.

If you deny my request for a pardon, I will serve

my time knowing that sometimes vou have to Dav a heavv price to live in free society.

I will eladlv oay that price if it means we could have a country that is truly "conceived in libertv, and

e ti

ti on


C omnnttat

ion of

Se nte


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I hereby certiff that all answers to the above questions and all statement contained herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief. I understand that any intentional misstatements of material facts contained in this application form may cause adverse action on my petition for executive clemency and may subject me to criminal prosecution.

Respectfully submitted this



of August , (month)


S ignature


Pe titione

P e tition


C ommutat i on




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