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OBJECTIVE: Database Applications architect using Oracle, Sybase, C, SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, PL/SQL, Perl, Visual Basic and Visual C++.Experience includes Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Design and development , Manual Testing and quality assurance. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Over Twelve (12) years of programming experience with consistently increasing responsibilities in Software Development, Testing and Implementation with good understanding of Software Engineering principles, DBMS Concepts and techniques. Worked within the Health Care Industry, Financial industry, Automobile industry ,Telecom industry and hitech computing systems manufacturing industries such as Essar Cellphones, JTM, Fascel Ltd, Satyam Computers,Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI), Daimler Chrysler and most recently with FANNIE MAE Worked extensively in System application architecture and development with C, Visual C++ and Visual Basic. Worked extensively in Data warehouse projects with Dimensional data modeling, Business Objects, Web Intelligence, and Informatica. Developed web applications using JavaScript, HTML, Cold Fusion, and Perl with Netscape Enterprise server, fasttrack server and IIS servers. Extensively worked on developing stored procedures, functions, and packages with bulk processing, ref cursors, collections, dbms packages, query plans, query tuning, optimizer hints, toad and Sql Developer. Worked on implementing Telecom Billing software to different cellular phone service providers My strengths include working with a group of people, developing efficient software and analyzing technical issues. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Client: Fannie Mae, Herndon, VA Title: Application Developer/ Database Architect and DBA Project Title: External Cash Custody to BNYM (Bank of New York Mellon)

Apr 2006 Present.

Fannie Maes Certification and Custody of Loan Documents/Data is outsourced to Bank Of NewYork Mellon. This project allows BNYM to certify the cash loans and be the custodian of Fannie Mae Loans. Environment: Sun Solaris 5.10, Sybase ASE 12.5.x, 15.0, AutoSys, Visual Basic 6.0, Unix Shell scripts and C. Java SDK 1.4, Ant 1.4, Synchrony Endpoint Activator, CVS/WinCVS versioning control system. Roles and Responsibilities Database Architect/Developer to design/develop the database (tables/views, procedures , triggers ) interface Application developer to develop interfaces (Java, XML, C executables and Shell scripts ) for the transfer of data files between FNMA and BNYM using Synchrony Endpoint Activator (Activator) Development of Configuration Management scripts for the migration of executables, shell scripts to various environments (DEVL/TEST/ACPT/PROD) Development of Configuration Management scripts for the migration Database Tables (including indexes, grants), procedures to different db environments. Development of various Unix Shell Scripts for running all the interfaces (C /Java executables) on Sun Solaris environment either like a monitor process / Autosys jobs. Project Title: Document Delivery Facility (DDF) Description: Fannie Maes Credit Guaranty System uses various software applications to purchase or reject a loan from the vendors. The application called Document Delivery Facility (DDF) helps Fannie Mae to purchase the loans after certifying the customer data, lenders data with the physical documents received from the lenders.DDF system receives single and multi family loans from different systems called MBS Pool and Delivery and certify these loans by verifying with the physical documents received directly from the lenders. Loans will be purchased/rejected by Fannie Mae based on the certification status received from DDF. Environment: Sun Solaris 5.8, Windows XP and 2000, Sybase ASE 12.5.3, 15.0 AutoSys, Visual Basic 6.0, C and C++ and UNIX Shell Scripts and Sheridan Active3D controls software, Page 1 of 6

Roles and Responsibilities: Development of enhancements to DDF application using C ( Executables and Libraries on Sun Solaris environment), Visual basic, Sybase and UNIX shell scripts. Development of Flat Files generation Using Java SDK 1.4 ,Ant 1.4,Win CVS 1.3 with Sybase 12.5, 15.0 Design and Development of Inbound/Outbound Interface ( Flat Files generation and Upload ,Stored Procedure, Unix Shell Scripts and AutoSys environment). Development of Sybase PL/SQL procedures, triggers required for DDF system. Development of Unix Shell scripts and Autosys jobs Development of Test Cases for System test and UAT Involvement in DBA activities like tuning the application queries, stored procedures, designing interface tables and enhancing the existing tables, estimating the space required for enhancements. Involvement in 24/7 production support on a bi weekly basis and support daily production issues. Project Title: ARDB (Acquisitions Reporting Database) CMH (Commitment and Hedging) Interface Description: Interface extracts the data related to commitments and loans from Acquisitions reporting database and sends the data files, control files to Commitment and Hedging Department. CMH (Commitment and Hedging) parses the information and uploads into CMH database. Roles and Responsibilities: Involved in the complete SDLC of Interface. Development of ARDB-CMH Interface application using C, Oracle 10g and UNIX shell scripts. Development of Interface Sybase stored procedures, SQL queries and Reports Development of test cases for System Test, Integration Test and IP Test with Test, Accepance environments. Development of test cases to upload the generated flat files via Synchrony system to CMH Test cases include integrating both upstream and down stream systems. Environment: Sun Solaris 5.8, Oracle 10g, AutoSys, C and UNIX Shell Scripts Project Title: Web Interface Funding Express (FE) Description: FE is a MORNET plus based dialup application used to submit requests for As Soon As Pooled Plus funding (ASAP+ funding). FE allows for the submission of requests containing detailed, loan-level information. The lender can stage requests and loans, perform edits on the loans and submit requests for funding. Environment: BEA WLS 8.1,Sun Solaris 8,Sybase 12.5, 15.0, Java SDK 1.4,Ant 1.4,Win CVS 1.3,Struts 1.1, NetComponents 1.3.8a Roles and Responsibilities: Involved in the web interface Design Involved in the development of Classes, client side and server side validations required for the Web Interface Development of Interface Sybase stored procedures, SQL queries and Adhoc Reports, Shell Scripts Development of test cases for System Test, Integration Test and IP Test with Test, Acceptance environments. Development of test cases to upload the generated flat file requests Project Title: Pool Number Change Description: Several Fanniemae systems changed their interfaces/applications to facilitate alpha numeric numbering system from numeric numbering system for Purchased pool of loans. Environment: Sun Solaris 5.8, Windows XP and 2000, Sybase ASE 12.5.3, 15.0, AutoSys, Visual Basic 6.0, C and UNIX Shell Scripts and Sheridan Active3D controls software, Roles and Responsibilities: Involved in the testing of Interface DDF for alpha numeric pool number. Prepared test cases to handle/load the flat files with alpha numeric pool number from upstream systems. Prepared test cases to generate data files to down stream systems. Involved in the Integration testing with all upstream and down stream systems. CLIENT: EDS , Florida Title: Application Developer Project Title: Florida State Govt. Managed Care System Page 2 of 6 April 2007 Dec 2007

Description: EDS project called Managed Care System for Florida State Government Medicare/Medicaid system. Medicate/Medicaid program/system is a Federal/State entitlement program that pays for medical assistance for certain individuals and families with low incomes and resources. This program, known as Medicaid is a cooperative venture jointly funded by the Federal and State governments to assist States in furnishing medical assistance to eligible needy persons. Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services. Environment: Sun Solaris 5.8, Windows XP and 2000, Oracle 10g, AutoSys, Roles and Responsibilities: Work Remotely to develop applications required for Florida State Government Medicare/Medicaid system. Development of Batch Applications using Pro * C with Oracle 10g. Development of UNIX shell scripts , make files for deploying the executables Development of Oracle PL/SQL procedures/packages / triggers with bulk processing, ref cursors, collections, dbms packages utilization, query plans, query tuning and optimizer hints required for Managed Care System Development of Test cases for Unit Testing ,System Testing with the Test and Model office (Acceptance ) Environments CLIENT: UBS, Stamford, CT Feb 2006 Mar 2006 Title: Programmer Analyst Project Title : Client Management System Description : CMIS (Client Management system) manages UBS daily trades Equity, Fixed Income Derivatives done by clients and UBS employees. Clients trading information will be stored into the system in different formats (flat files, Trade data entry by UBS employees). Environment : DECAF a client server application for daily trades, Oracle 9i, Sybase 12.5 with replication servers, Business Objects 6.x, Unix Shell and Awk scripts, Autosys. Roles and Responsibilities: Worked on solving the problems using Sybase, Oracle, business objects , UNIX shell and awk scripts as a daily business activities supporting person. Worked on scheduling auto jobs using Autosys on Sun Solaris. Worked on developing stored procedures both in Oracle 9i and Sybase 12.5. CLIENT :Daimler Chrysler Corporation, Auburn Hills MI -Feb 2004 Jan 2006. TITLE :Systems Analyst and Application Database Administrator Project Title: Factory Information System (FIS) Description: Daimler Chrysler CVM (Chrysler Vehicle Manufacturing) operations department uses an in house developed application called FIS (Factory Information System). This system monitors all operations starting from small component of the engine to assemble a car. This system monitors all engine plants, assembly plants and transmission plants. FIS has several modules developed in C and C++, Visual Basic and Visual C++ with Sybase and AIX. Environment: IBM AIX 5.0, Windows XP and 2000, Sybase 12.5.0, C++, Visual C++ and Visual Basic Roles and Responsibilities: Developed the FIS modules called SCHEDULER and CONFIGURATOR using C++, Visual C++ and Visual Basic and UNIX Schell Scripts. Developed several Sybase PL/SQL stored procedures required for various modules of FIS Developed various shell scripts using SQL statements, PL/SQL procedures and UNIX cron jobs to transfer the production data into archive databases. Developed test cases for every enhancement/new development and executed for both system test and UAT. Involved in Application DBA activities such as tuning SQL scripts, improving the performance of stored procedures in data retrieval by applying various tuning techniques. Interacted with plant users to solve daily plant user problems/ machine monitoring problems as part of 24/7 support role. Involved in giving the user training on Factory Information System.

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CLIENT: CISCO Systems, Milpitas CA -------Nov 2003 Jan 2004 TITLE : Database Application Developer Project Title : SHARED RDA DATABASE Description : CISCO has a master database called SHARED RDA, which will serve as a global database for various CISCO intranet / extranet downstream applications. Environment: Sun Solaris, Oracle 9i , Perl , SQL scripts and PL/SQL procedures. Roles and Responsibilities: Worked on Design and Development of SHARED RDA database using Oracle 9i Worked on migrating the data from Shared RDA (Oracle 9i) to downstream application software Advisory using Perl, SQL Scripts, and PL/SQL procedures, SQL and PLSQL tuning with Oracle 9i and 8i. Worked on creating Materialized views, complex queries with different tuning techniques. Worked on Configuring NET8 and ODBC connectivity for new instances and clients. Load data using Exp./Imp and SQL Loader Utilities. CLIENT: Silicon Graphics Inc, Mountain View CA Aug. 1999 Oct 2003 TITLE : Programmer Analyst Project Title : FCO (Field Change Order) application development Description SGIs Intranet application FCO (Field Change Orders) web tool serves SGI branches through out the world to track the installed base information for the hardware parts installed internationally. Environment Sybase 11.5, Oracle 8i, Unix Shell scripts, JavaScript, Netscape enterprise web server , Business Objects 5.0 and Informatica. Roles and Responsibilities Implemented a full Software Development life cycle to build FCO web application using HTML, JavaScript, PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, packages, Unix Shell Scripts, Informatica power center 5.1.2,Oracle and Sybase, Netscape Enterprise web server. This application maintains, tracks the installed base information for the Hardware parts installed internationally. Design, development, maintenance of FCO Reporting tool using business Objects, Webi Intelligence, Oracle that reports the installed base information such as customer addresses, parts information, systems information, geography information. Generated standard reports using both BO full client and thin client. Generated various reports using the features break, slice and dice, user variables and filters. Scheduled the reports using Broad Cast agent and published them to the corporate document domain. Generated forms and reports using MS Access 97 and MS Access 2000. Project Title: SGI Software Licensing web applications, Clarify Interfaces, Embedded Software Program (ESP) development and Partners Profile application development Description: SGIs extranet web applications (Licensing web application )serve customers to apply for permanent/temporary licenses for SGI software products. SGIs IRIX OS embedded software application called ESP (Embedded Software Program) is invoked when the installed base of the machine is altered.SGIs Partner profile application allows the partner to manage their SGI service business. Environment: Perl, C, Pro *C, C++, Sybase, Oracle, HTML and Unix Shell scripts. Roles and responsibilities: Development, enhancement and maintenance of SGI Software licensing extranet and intranet web tools to create/generate licenses for SGI software products using Perl, HTML, C, C++, Sybase, Unix Shell Scripts, SQL, PL/SQL stored procedures. Maintenance, Enhancements and trouble shooting of the SGIs embedded software application ESP Parser using Perl, SQL, and PL/SQL scripts, Oracle . Developed Oasis-Clarify interface application using c, Pro *C, SQL, PL/SQL procedures and packages, Oracle, Unix shell scripts to build a nightly, formatted plain text report of open and closed cases from Clarify Database for Oasis application. Development and maintenance of a web application (Partner Profile Application) using HTML, Perl, Oracle, SQL,Pl/SQL with IRIX operating system to serve SGI Channel partners that participate in the renewal of service contracts for systems that the partner has sold. This tool allows the partner to manage their SGI service business, Page 4 of 6

enabling them to provide the value add required to fulfill the requirements of their SGI service manager or service provider agreement. Project Title: SGI Software Licensing Reporting Tool, Call Centers Reporting tool and SGI professional end educational services reporting tool development. Description These various reporting tools generate reports on all the licenses SGI generates on their software products, data rich analysis and report of historical real time and historical data gathered from SGI call centers and reports on professional services people timecard activities, consultant work schedule, hourly rates, vacation hours etc. Environment Sybase 11.x and 12.0, Oracle 8i,9i, Informatica 5.1.2,Business Object 5.0, SGI Hardware Indy, Origin 2000. Roles and responsibilities Developed a reporting tool using Business Objects, Web Intelligence, and Sybase 11.1.5 to serve software licensing business people report requirements. Created several standard and adhoc reports using business object full client and thin client modules. Used various BO reporter features filters (global and section wise), rank, prompt, analysis (slice and dice, drilling), aggregate objects, user variables, list of values. Designed and built ASPECT Customer Data mart, an advanced client-server application that provides powerful, data-rich analysis and reporting of historical and real time data gathered from SGI distributed, multimedia customer contact centers and other mission critical data sources. This data mart is designed using data warehousing principles, Informatica power center 5.1.2 and it lets user to view multimedia contact/call center operations. Design, development, maintenance of SGI Call Center System ASPECT reporting tools using Business Objects, Web Intelligence, Oracle to serve the reporting needs of Call Center personal. Designed universes with aggregate objects for having detailed level reports. Scheduled several standard reports (cross tab, master detail, pie and bar chart reports with aggregate objects, analysis, list of values and section wise filters) using Broad Cast Agent and published to SGI Document domain. Design, development, maintenance of SGI Professional Services application Account4 reporting tool using business objects, Web Intelligence, Informatica power center 5.1.2 and Oracle . Developed a reporting tool using Business Objects, Web Intelligence, and Oracle that serves the reporting needs of Educational Services. Employer: Satyam Enterprise Services Ltd, Hyderabad India ---July 1997 July 1999 TITLE: Senior Software Engineer Project Title: ICMS (Interactive Call Management System) and BSCS (Business Support Control System) Description : Satyams Telecom application ICMS is an interactive call management system to interact with the customer for all activities related to the calls both in Wireless and Wire Line markets.Satyam implements, installs and trains the cellular phone billing system BSCS (Business support and control system) Environment : C, C++, Pro *C, Oracle, Centura 1.0, Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0, Digital Unix Roles and Responsibilities. Design and development of a real-time rating engine for ICMS using C++, SQL Server with Windows Environment. Implemented Cellular Phone Billing System BSCS (Business Support and Control System) to various service providers such as Essar Cell Phones, Fascel Ltd, JTM in India. Involved in the implementation of Billing software Customer administration module, Call Rating packages development, and Account receivables and payables modules . Developed various customized modules using Centura, Visual Basic, C, Pro *C, C++, Pro *C with Digital Unix, SQL scripts, PL/SQL Stored procedures with Oracle for accounts payables, receivables, call rating price plans, discount plans, commission plans, roaming call plans. Employer: Bartronics India Ltd, Hyderabad India TITLE :Software Engineer Project Title: Inventory System Page 5 of 6 ----June 1996 June 1997

Description : Bartronics Inventory system helps the company to purchase orders, handling return issues of material, general indents and reservation. This systems alerts the users when the stock reaches below re order level, generates reports on vendor list, customer list. Environment: Visual basic, MS Access. Roles and Responsibilities : Design and development of Inventory module using Visual Basic 3.0,4.0 and MS Access

EDUCATION: MCA Master of Computer Applications Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. TRAINING: People soft (Finance Module, People Tools, SQR, and People Code) at Genesis Computers, Hyderbad India. Oracle 7.1 PL/SQL, Forms 4.5, and Reports 2.5 at the Institute of CADCAM Hyderabad India. TECHNICAL SKILLS Databases Oracle 10g, Sybase 11.x12.x and ASE,Oracle 7.x,8i and 9i, Front end tools Visual Basic ,Visual C++ , Business Objects 5.1.6 with Web Intelligence 2.7.3 Crystal Reports 7.0 and 8.0, Developer/2000, Centura 1.0. (Gupta SQL), Shell scripts, Awk and PostScript C, Pro *C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL (for Sybase and Oracle), Perl 5.005, COBOL and Pascal Perl 5.005 with CGI Scripting Java Script with Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6.1, HTML, Cold Fusion 4.0 and 5.0, Java 1.2 Sun Solaris OS, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX 6.5.x , Sco Unix (System V release 3.2) , Digital UNIX, Dos, Windows XP, 2000 and NT 4.0 IBM, Sun Solaris, SGI Indy,Origin 200 (IRIX OS)

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