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OER Frame work

(Draft) Name of OER Developer : Mr.Kisan Suresh Pande Institution : Lokmanya Public Charitable Trust , Chikhalgaon,Tal-Dapoli,Dist-Ratnagiri.415712 E mail : Mobile No. 9404155023 Tel. No.(02358)686985 Course : Rural Technology Subject : Engineering Standard : 8th to 10th

Concept Map

Areas of Focus in this OER


Types of bricks

Brick Works

Types of bonds

Use of tools

Activity to be performed with this OER Individual Activity of constructing a wall of 5 feet high, 12 feet wide and 9 inch width as shown in figure below

Group activity of Construction of a Manure bed of 4 meters length , and 1 meter height

Please click here for Video on how to lay bricks You have to lay the bricks as shown in video and construct a wall Introduction Construction carries important place in human civilization. It shows us the progress made by man from time to time. The first buildings made by human were simple huts, tents. Wood, stones and sands were the only material used Objective of this OER In this OER, the learner will know Different types of structures constructed. Different types of brick works. Different tools used in construction

Motivation for learning construction

Sanjay's house has a an store room which is having 10 stairs and out of that, 6 are broken and needs to be repaired and nobody is ready for this small task Hence Sanjay decides to carry out this task and thinks what should he do? He comes to the following conclusion

I have to do the following things for construction Measurement of stairs List out necessary equipments and get them Arrange the equipments Construct the steps


When laying bricks, the manner in which the bricks overlap is called the bond. A brick is a block, or a single unit of a ceramic material used in masonry construction, usually stacked together, or laid using various kinds of mortar to hold the bricks together and make a permanent structure. Bricks are typically produced in common or standard sizes in bulk quantities. They have been regarded as one of the longest lasting and strongest building materials used throughout history. PowerPoint Presentation Link for type of bricks Please click here for a presentation link to types of bricks PowerPoint Presentation Link for brick bonds Please click here for a presentation link to brick bonds

Do a visit to a brick kiln or a brick manufacturing company and find out types of bricks manufactured there

Till Here what you have learnt

Identify different types of bricks Identify different types of brick bonds How to Prepare the brick works. Knowledge of how bricks are manufactured

Questions Based on the photographs given below, identify the types of bricks

Activity Visit a construction place nearby and observe the type of brick bond and note down types of bricks used Note: Talk with the mason regarding this

How to lay the bricks?

You have seen in the video at the beginning Please click here for the PowerPoint presentation This PowerPoint presentation and the video demonstrates tools used in brickworks and techniques using videos how to lay bricks and cement them together

Till Here what Knowledge is gained Laying bricks Types of bonds between bricks What Activity you have to perform next List out equipments used in construction How To lay bricks and to do brickworks

Construction Equipments
PowerPoint Presentation Link Please click here for the presentation link which lists out the construction tools like spirit level, plumb bob, level tube, trowel etc

Video Link to check Spirit Level Please click here for the video link demonstrating how to use spirit level

Till Here you know Equipments used in construction of wall Types of bricks

Types of brick bond How to use equipments in construction of wall So As shown in video in the beginning, you have to perform activity of construction of wall

Thus with this OER topic, the learner is able to know Types of bricks Types of brick bonds Types of brickworks How to do brickworks Use of Construction tools

Activity Performed by Learner through this OER Constructing a wall of 5 feet height, 12 feet length and 9 inch width

It was a very nice experience and I repaired my stair case of store house myself

Group Activity
List out types of bricks and select them for construction of the manure bed in the activity done by you Calculate how much Cement, sand, bricks are required for construction

of manure bed Find out the costing for the construction of manure bed in the activity done

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