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Building Great F&B Teams

Food and Beverage Conference

Canadian C di Society S i t of f Club Managers

Tribes Fusion

Leading Tribes

Leading Tribes
A tribe is a group of f people connected to one another, connected to a l d and leader, d connected to an id idea. Seth Godin

Leading Tribes
Connections are the glue enabling people to identify with an idea, each h other th and d a leader. l d


Leading Tribes
A group needs only two things to be a tribe: A shared h d interest and d a way to communicate

Leading ead g Tribes bes

T ib Make Tribes M k Our O Lives Li Better B tt

Leading a Tribe is the best life f of f all

At tribe ib i is not t a customer t b base.

5Tribes of customers are

connected to an idea, each other, p products, services, and employees.

Word to the Wise

Be careful with your connections connections. Love your connections. Be gentle with them. True connections take time and money y to nurture and build. Dont destroy them with short-sighted, halfbaked ideas. ideas

There are three things t ib tribes do d in i order d t to grow:

Growing a Tribe

Fi d people Find l who h are alone l in i the th world ld and give them a place to belong with ith others th who h are like lik th them that th t they never knew existed.

Growing a Tribe Connections

Find people who always knew there were others like them and give i them th a place l to t connect. t

Growing a Tribe The Hardest Way

Find people who would never g and give g them a be together place to connect.

How do you keep tribe members active and involved? 1. Connection and Communication 2 A 2. Appreciation i ti 3. Motivation

6 Th hing gs T Trib be Mem M mbe ers W Want:

Share some ways that you are creating a tribe in your workplace. 1 with 1. ith your potential t ti l members b and d g guest 2. with your team.

A tribe effectively communicates with all of its members if messages within the tribe effectively reach the intended audience and the messages and meanings are well received i d and d understood. d d

So how do g great leaders ensure they are delivering what their tribe wants? How are YOU ensuring you deliver what h t your tribe t ib wants? t ?

7 Ch hara acte erist tics s of a Leade o er

Rank y yourself as a leader. (1-7) Where are you excelling where do you need d to t focus f your attention?

leader to tribe, tribe to leader, tribe member to tribe member, and tribe member to outsider.

Leadership is Marketing and Marketing is Leadership. The only element element, the one single trait leaders have in common is the d i i to decision t lead l d.


Take T k Action
Take Action

Take Action

Use a Start Start-Stop-Continue Stop Continue template to create specific action for yourself as an outcome for series.

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