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Incynergy Study Guide: Preposition A in Spanish (Translated into English)

One of the hardest part of any language is to learn which preposition to use with which expression or phrase. At times, there is an exact translation of a phrase or expression introduced by a preposition from one language to another; however, those cases are few and far between. Most of the time, the preposition used in one language is generally NOT the same one used in the other. The fact is that most prepositional phrases and expressions are idiomatic and, therefore, must be memorized, one phrase or expression at a time. Incynergy Study

Guides on the Spanish preposition a were developed with two

audiences in mind. For the Spanish-speaker, these study cards help one to learn the English translation of some of the most common and popular phrases and expressions in Spanish introduced by the preposition a . For the English-speaker, these cards help one to learn some of the most important and popular expressions in Spanish introduced by the preposition a.

Carrala Ficklin McClain

A with

palabras necias, odos sordos

Ill treat the remark the contempt that it deserves; to foolish words, deaf ears

a a a a a a a a a a

parecer partir de paso de tortuga patadas patadas (tratar) pecho descubierto pecho descubierto pedazos pedir de boca perro flaco, todo son pulgas

in my opinion starting from at a snail's pace in abundance, galore (to treat) roughly, badly unarmed, defenseless openly, candidly, forthrightly, or directly

smoothly misfortunes rain upon the wretched in spite of at the request of at the request of the interested party on foot

a a a a

pesar de peticin de peticin del interesado pie

a a a a a a a a

pie juntillas plazos pleno da pleno sol pluma poco?! poco cree que... poco de

firmly, unflincingly, steadfastly, doggedly in installments in broad daylight in full sunshine, (in pen /as in a drawing) really?! you don't say! do you really believe...?, do you really think ...? shortly after, a short time after no? if + subject + verb + at all if one isnt careful, if one doesnt watch out shortly afterwards in a little while in order to, for, because pressurized on the pretext of early

a a a

poco no poco que poco que se descuide

a a a a a a

poco rato poco rato por presin pretexto de primera hora

a a a

primera vista primeros de primeros de siglo

at first sight at the beginning at the beginning of the century around the beginning of, early in, at the start of at the beginning of the week fast, quickly, rapidly by the way proof against water-proof bullet-proof sound-proof behind closed doors at deaths door by sheer strength by the sweat on one's brow in large or great quantity, a lot in large or great quantity, a lot ready

principios de

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

principios de la semana prisa propsito prueba de prueba de agua prueba de balas prueba de sonido puerta cerrada puertas de la muerte pulso pulso sudando punta de pala punta pala punto

a a a a a a a

punto de punto de punto de caramelo punto de romper punto fijo puados puros golpes de suerte

on time, punctually, sharp on the dot ready, prepared, primed, all set just at the right time, at the perfect moment about to break precisely, exactly, closely, on the mark, on the dot in abundance, volmes, lots, stacks, piles, whole slew by a stroke of luck, through a fluke, piece of good luck or lucky chance I bet , Ill bet you Whats the good of arguing? The early bird catches the worm bet you cant! youll never guess what do you want to bet? What did you go and tell him that for? at what time? for what reason, under what pretext, why? for what motive Whats all the fuss about?

a A A

que qu discutirlo? quien madruga, Dios le ayuda que no puedes! que no sabes qu qu s? qu fuiste a decir eso? qu hora? qu son

a a a a a a

qu tanta ceremonia?

a a A a a a a

qu viene? quemarropa quien le corresponda quien se lo cuentas! raz de raz de raja tabla

What do you want here? point-blank (with a weapon) to whom it may concern youre telling me! immediately after because of, as a result of completely, without exception, strictly, to the letter from time to time in ones spare time stripped at the rate of grudgingly, reluctantly uphill except for with regard to, in relation to in the rear without restrain or control, not within bounds Theres good fishing in toubled waters. Its an

a a a a a a a a a a a

ratos ratos perdidos rayas razn de regaadientes repecho reserva de respecto retaguardia rienda suelta ro revuelto, ganancia de pescadore

ill-wind that blows nobody good. a a saber saber si lo que dice es verdad to wonder, to reflect, to muse, to ponder I wonder if hes telling the truth, I wonder if what he says is true knowingly, consciously knowing full well that safe or protected from in cold blood why? for what reason? plainly, simply alone on request for what reason, under what pretext, why? for what motive however one likes, wants or fancies in due course, in due time to ones way or manner of thinking, in ones opinion in ones favor on ones arrival

a a a a a a a a a

sabiendas sabiendas de que salvo de sangre fra santo de qu secas solas solicitud son de qu

su albedro

a a a a

su debido tiempo su entender su favor su llegada

a a a a a a a

su manera su medida su modo su modo de ver su parecer su paso su tiempo

in ones own way in ones size in ones own way I ones opinion, to ones way of thinking in ones opinion as one passes in due time, at the right time in turn, subsequently at ease, at rest such a man to such an extent one day in, sometimes in on time within a stones throw by way of as a matter on interest at top speed at all cost

a a a a a a a a a a a

su vez sus anchas tal hombre tal punto tantos de tiempo tiro de piedra ttulo de ttulo de curiosidad toda brida toda costa

toda mquina

at full speed, at the maximum speed in a great rush, haste or hurry under full sail evidently, seemingly, so it looks, so it seems everywhere at top or maximum speed in full color at top or maximum speed at all costs at full speed at full speed, flat out with great intensity at any risk or at all cost anyhow, haphazardly, blindly or wildly as much as possible, all out end to end when it comes to being stubborn, theres no one like him to work!

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

toda prisa toda vela todas luces todas partes todo andar todo color todo correr toda costa todo correr todo gas (more informal) todo meter todo trance tontas y a locas tope tope tozudo no hay quien le gana


a a

travs de los tiempos tropezones

through the ages haltingly, falteringly, stumblingly across by, through, by way of across the wood through through the radio here and there by fits and starts late, at the end come at the end of the afternoon at the last moment or the moment aside (to put aside) one-all draw just a step away at the same time unanimously

a a a a a a a a a

travs de travs de travs del bosque travs de travs de la radio trechos trompicones ltima hora ltima hora de la tarde

ltima hora de la tarde

a a a a a

un lado (poner a un lado) un gol un paso un tiempo una voz

unos veinte minutos de aqu

about twenty minutes from here, a twenty minute drive, walk or etc from here on June 22

22 de junio (veinte-dos)