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ACOE in Korea
Humphreys Garrison wins
prestigious Army Communities
of Excellence award:
See full story on Page 21

May 15, 2009 • Volume 7, Issue 30 Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea
Photo courtesy of IMCOM Public Affairs Office

Operation Mercury Pride III

1st Lt. Matthew Blumberg, 169th Signal Company, 36th Signal Battalion operations officer, coaches Staff Sgt. Andrew Tenorio during a M16 range competition for Mercury Pride III held at Reyn-
olds Range on Command Post Tango, April 30. The 36th Signal Battalion went on to take home the first place trophy for the weapons competition. To view or download photos from this event
visit — U.S. Army photos by Cpl. SeungKwon Kim

Competition brings 1st Signal to the training, sports fields

By Sgt. Lajuan Hickman Yongsan Garrison. ceremony, soccer, softball, flag football, For some, Mercury Pride III was a good
1st Signal Brigade Public Affairs Held quarterly to enhance pride and as well as, a weapons competition. Other change from their day-to-day routine.
esprit de corps, Operation Mercury Pride events included an awards ceremony, officer/ “I think Mercury Pride was awesome
Soldiers from 1st Signal Brigade came III brought a change with the addition of non-commissioned officer professional because it brought us together in a chill
together once again to take part in Operation a sports competition between units within development classes, commander’s brief, a
Mercury Pride III from April 29 – May 1 on the brigade. The sports included drill and hail and farewell and a brigade run. – See MERCURY PRIDE, Page 4 –


USAG-Red Cloud
P05 Sharp Point P02
USAG-Casey P05 Education P04
Movie Schedule
Scouts hold Flag
USAG-Yongsan P09 P14
USAG-Humphreys P21 Religious Support P15
Retirement Ceremony


The Morning Calm
Published by Installation Management
Command - Korea

Commanding General/Publisher: Brig. Gen. John Uberti

Memorial Day Safety Message

Public Affairs Officer/Editor: Edward N. Johnson
Deputy PAO: Slade Walters
Senior Editor: Susan Silpasornprasit

Commander: Col. Larry A. Jackson
Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson Memorial Day is set aside as a tribute, to honor the men and off duty activities.
CI Officer: James F. Cunningham women who have given their lives to defend our great nation so that Leaders must ensure that all personnel are aware of the hazards
USAG-YONGSAN we may enjoy the blessing of freedom. It is a day where we remember they are likely to face during the holiday weekend. I expect first
Commander: Col. David W. Hall and celebrate the many Americans who died while advancing freedom line leaders to engage their personnel with “Under the Oak Tree
Public Affairs Officer: David McNally
CI Officer: Dan Thompson around the world, including here in the Republic of Korea. On Counseling” before they depart for the weekend. As a minimum,
Staff Writers: Sgt. Im Jin-min, Cpl. Lee Min-hwi, Memorial Day, we are once again reminded that freedom is never they should address adverse consequences of alcohol abuse, unique
Spc. Jason C. Adolphson
free, as we celebrate our tremendous and hazards associated with driving in Korea, responsible use of alcohol,
USAG-HUMPHREYS proud military heritage. We can make this day and using caution in sports and recreational activities. Remind
Commander: Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. even more memorable by not losing a single everyone to stay vigilant, avoid political gatherings, and follow
Public Affairs Officer: Bob McElroy
CI Officer: Lori Yerdon soldier, civilian employee, or family member curfew requirements. Ensure everyone knows they should always
Writer-Editor: Ken Hall to needless accidents or injuries. use the “buddy system” when going off post and leave a “travel
Designer: Cpl. Kim, Hyung Joon
Traditionally, Memorial Day marks the plan” with someone that is not traveling with them.
USAG-DAEGU beginning of the summer season. Many This first holiday of the summer season provides a great
Commander: Col. Michael P. Saulnier
PAO: Philip Molter
Service Members and their families will take opportunity for well-earned relaxation as well as solemn
Staff Writers: Pfc. Park Kyung Rock, Pfc. Lee Dodam, advantage of the warmer weather by traveling remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect
Kim Ayeon, Lee Jihye around the peninsula and participating in and secure freedom. I encourage all of you to look out for each
Gen. Walter L. Sharp
This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for recreational and sports activities. Holiday other and spend your time wisely and safely. Team work counts!
members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The related and summer activities are relaxing and Have a safe and enjoyable holiday and stay safe throughout the
Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of,
or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of De- enjoyable. Unfortunately, they expose personnel to increased risks summer.
fense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of which must be controlled in order to protect personnel and property. We Go Together! WALTER L. SHARP
this weekly publication is the responsibility of the IMCOM-
Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500
I am convinced that command involvement makes a difference. General, US Army
Risk management must be integrated into every aspect of on and Commander
Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way con-
nected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written
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Retiree Corner:
The importance of Medicare for overseas retirees
By Jack Terwiel to sign up for Medicare Part B in the seven-month widow
Military Retiree Assistance Office starting three months before and ending three months after
(3+1+3) the 65th birth month means that a late-enrollment
A retiree or spouse nearing the age of 65 will receive a letter penalty of 10% will be applied for each year thereafter that
from the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services. The letter the retiree does not enroll. (The only exception is if the
invites the recipient to sign up for Medicare Part B and possibly retiree is covered by an employer’s health plan that provides
Submitting to
The Morning Calm Weekly also Medicare Part D, the prescription drug plan. Neither of essentially the same coverage as provided by Medicare.)
Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries, these is available outside the United States. Late enrollment signup occurs between January and March
story submissions and other items: However, failing to sign up for Medicare Part B will mean of each year and coverage begins on July 1. For a late that the retiree or spouse will not be eligible for TRICARE enrollment, TRICARE for Life will not cover any costs of
For all submitted items include a point of con- for Life, the TRICARE coverage that starts at age 65 for civilian care prior to the effective date of coverage.
tact name and telephone number. All items are most retirees. TRICARE Standard coverage ends on the 1st If you’re thinking about saving money by relying on
subject to editing for content and to insure they day of your 65th birth month. Also, there is no ‘family plan’ military medical care, keep in mind that most health
conform with DoD guidelines. in Medicare. Each person signs up individually and pays problems of aging cannot be treated in military hospitals.
IMCOM-K Public Affairs individually. Expecting treatment in a military hospital on a regular
and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located A person who does not sign up for Medicare Part B at basis when only space-available care is offered is not the
in IMCOM-K HQ, Yongsan Garrison Main Post. age 65 or later will not be reimbursed by TRICARE. Failing best approach to staying healthy.
For information, call 738-4068.
MAY 15, 2009 NEWS NEWS • PAGE 3

MP Blotter
The following entries were excerpted from
the military police blotters. These entries
may be incomplete and do not imply guilt or

AREA I: Failure to Obey Order or Regulation

(2ID Policy Letter #8 (.010 BAC); Failure to
Identify; Drunk and Disorderly; Subject #1
was reported to be in a physical altercation
with three unknown Korean National males
at a club in the Dongducheon Entertainment
District. Upon arrival of MP the three Korean
males fled the scene. When MP ordered
Subject #1 to identify himself, he refused.
KNP searched Subject #1 and retrieved his
ID card. Subject #1 was apprehended by
MP and transported to the USAG-Casey
PMO where he was administered a Portable
Breathalyzer Test, with a result of 0.213%
BAC. Subject #1 was then transported to the
TMC, where he was treated and released
for a cut above his right eye. Subject #1
was processed and released to his unit with
instruction to report to the USAG-Casey PMO
at a later time. Subject #1 later reported to the
USAG-Casey PMO where he was advised of
his legal rights, which he invoked. Subject #1
was processed and released to his unit. This
is a final report.

AREA II: Larceny of Private Funds; Subject

#1 and Subject #2 stole money from Victim
#1 (taxi driver). Subject #1 and Subject #2
were apprehended by KNP and transported
to the Yongsan Main KNP Station where
they were charged by KNP under RCC #331
(Special Larceny). Subject #1 and Subject
#2 requested to be released into MP Custody
on a CJ Form 3 and were released into MP
Custody on a CJ Form 2. Subject #1 and Re-enactments from historical Korean life are ongoing at the Korean Folk Village. This Korean Folk Village opened in October 1974 as an open-air
Subject #2 were transported to the USAG- folk museum and international tourist attraction for both Korean and foreign visitors. Visit www/ to view more photos from
Yongsan PMO where they were advised of the Folk Village. — U.S. Army photo by Edward Johnson
their legal rights, which they waived. Subject
#1 rendered a written statement denying
the offense. Subject #2 rendered a written
SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Off-post events and activities
statement admitting to the offense. Subject
#1 and Subject #2 were released to their Hi Seoul Europe. This herb medicine festival displays medicinal authentic atmosphere with over 260 traditional houses
sponsors. Estimated cost of loss is 51,000 The Hi Seoul Festival will be held for nine days from herbs that are found in Korea’s mountains and visitors reminiscent of the late Joseon Dynasty and traditional
won. This is a final report. May 2 - 10 under the theme of “Palaces”. A variety can personally experience traditional Oriental medicines. arts on display. Watch master craftsmen create
of events and cultural activities will take place in The Daegu Yangyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival is a beautiful designs in brass, embroidery, iron, and clay.
AREA IV: Curfew Violation; Underage
the five major palaces of Seoul, Gyeongbokgung, fascinating event for foreigners who are interested in For information, call (031) 286-2106-8 or visit www.
Drinking; During the hours of curfew, Subject
#1 and Subject #2 were observed by MP at an Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung, Korea’s medicinal herbs and the medical sciences and Summer hours are 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
off-post club. Subject #1 and Subject #2 were and Gyeonghuigung, as well as at Seoul and traditions of the East. Visit
apprehended and transported to the USAG- Cheonggye Plazas. The opening parade, “Hot Pink Amazing “Bubble World Show’
Daegu PMO where MP detected an odor of Road” will feature various characters including a Ceramics Fest Korea has just opened the world’s second exclusive
an alcoholic beverage emitting from Subject baby king, the Seoul Mask, sip-jang-saeng (the Icheon has 1,000 years of history in ceramic arts and its “bubble show” theatre. Fan Yang’s Bubble World show
#1’s person. Subject #1 was administered a ten symbols of longevity), the twelve animals of the ceramics festival is one of the most famous in Korea. opened in Myungbo Art Hall in Euljiro3 3-ga, following
Portable Breathalyzer Test, with a result of Eastern zodiac, and Haechi, the mythical animal Here visitors can see a variety of Korea’s finest ceramics in the footstep of the hugely successful “bubble show”
0.058% BAC. A check of Subject #1’s ID card
that is the symbol of Seoul. Events will include the such as Cheongja (celadon porcelain), Baekja (white theatre in New York. Canadian artist, Fan Yang,
revealed that he was under the legal age to
“Various Dance Party”, which will feature traditional porcelain), and Buncheongsagi (grayish-blue-powdered gained world fame for his White Bubble Show, which
consume alcohol. Subject #1 and Subject #2
were released to their units. At a later time, music, rock bands, Latin dance, and hip-hop, and celadon). A popular festival event is the ceramics captivated audiences when it played in Korea. “Bubble
Subject #1 and Subject #2 reported to the the “Various Traditional Games” event, where excavation program, and visitors can even draw their own World Show” is his latest creation. To get there from
USAG-Daegu PMO where they were advised Seoul’s citizens and tourists can come together and artwork on slightly heated pottery. Visitors in need of some exit 8 of Euljiro3-ga Station (subway lines 2 and 3), walk
of their legal rights, which they waived, experience Korea’s traditional culture. For more relaxation can visit the highly regarded hot springs located straight for about 5 minutes and the Myungbo Art Hall
rendering written sworn statements admitting information, go to or www. nearby, which used to be visited by the kings of the Joseon is on your left. Visit
to the offenses. This is a final report. Dynasty (1392-1910). Visit
“Egypt, the Great Civilization” Exhibition
AREA IV: Traffic Accident Resulting in
Paju Flower Fest (USFK trip May 30) Korean Folk Village The Special Exhibition Gallery of the National Museum
Damage to Private Property; Following too
Close; Drunken or Reckless Operation of a USFK Servicemembers and their families are invited The Korean Folk Village near Seoul, it remains one of the of Korea, Seoul presents artifacts from the civilization of
Vehicle; Subject #1, operating a privately- to the opening ceremony for the “The Flower Village best-known of Korea’s folk villages, although those in the Ancient Egypt which stretched from 3200BC to 300BC.
owned vehicle, struck Victim #1’s vehicle of Paju City.” Transportation will be provided but countryside tend to be more authentic. The Folk Village Now, the National Museum of Korea is resurrecting
adjacent to a post entry gate. Damages to those interested must RSVP by May 15. Contact Ben is home to Korean heritage and many features of Korean this great civilization, and taking visitors back to the
Subject #1’s vehicle consisted of scratches Hur at to make reservations. culture have been collected and preserved for future world of the pyramids, mummies, and hieroglyphs.
and paint transfer to the front bumper, a VIP buses will depart from the Korean War Memorial generations. Performances of Farmers’ Music and Dance Visitors can discover the real lives of Ancient Egyptians
license plate being broken, and a dent to near USAG- Yongsan at 9 a.m. on May 30. and Tightrope Acrobatics are performed in the performing through the extensive display of genuine artifacts and
the hood. Damages to Victim #1’s vehicle
arena twice a day. During spring, summer, autumn, and relics. There will be a special pavilion with holograms
consisted of a dent to the rear bumper. Subject
#1 was administered a Portable Breathalyzer Daegu Herb Medicine Fest on weekends and holidays, traditional customs and and a three-dimensional viewing room for life in
Test by KNP, with a result of 0.091% BAC. The Daegu Herb Medicine Market has been operating ceremonies for coming-of-age, marriage, funeral, ancestor the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Visitors will also
Subject #1 was transported to the Nambu for fifty years. It is a truly international market as memorial, and other ceremonies are recreated. Check find comprehensive information and images on the
KNP Box. Subject #1 and Victim #1 reported visitors here will find medicines and merchants from the schedule of the day’s events near the main entrance. touchscreen computer kiosks located throughout the
utilization of their seatbelts. Victim #1 countries such as China, Manchuria, Russia, and Set in a natural environment, visitors can experience an exhibition. Visit
was released on his own recognizance.
Investigation continues by KNP.
Source:,,, — No endorsement implied.

Spring cleaning?
Be careful what you throw out
By Dan Wilkinson disposed of.
CFC/USFK OPSEC Officer Work-related papers must also be
protected. Sensitive information, or SI,
It’s that time of year. Everything is refers to all papers marked “For Official
turning green and the weather is awesome. Use Only”, Limited Distribution”, or
Ah, it’s spring-time again! Something else “Controlled Unclassified Information”.
that goes along with spring is the chore of Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. We
spring cleaning… getting rid of all that must protect items that contain information
“stuff ” that’s accumulated over the past about the organization’s mission, exercise
year (or more). As much as we may not activities, computer networks, infrastructure,
look forward to the act of spring cleaning, capabilities, vulnerabilities, and plans. Since
I think everyone feels pretty good about we don’t know what exactly the bad guys are
the end result. looking for, we should destroy any paper
But, if we’re not careful, there could be or document that contains work-related
a serious and damaging result. What we information.
toss out in the trash could come back to How do we protect against dumpster
haunt us. divers and bad guys stealing our personal
This goes for cleaning out your files at and work-related information?
home and at work. Everyone should be very At home, purchase a personal shredder.
cautious what they put in the trash. Because Good quality cross-cut shredders are very
let’s face it, once you drop something in inexpensive and could save you thousands
the dumpster, you lose control of it and it’s of dollars and years of headaches by helping
available to anyone. You may be wondering, to prevent the compromise of your personal
“who would go through my home or office information.
trash to obtain information?” At work, in accordance with USFK
Dumpster Diving is very popular among Policy Letter #24, all personnel will shred
identity thieves and intelligence collectors. all work-related and personal papers. Unit
It’s inexpensive to gather information this leaders and supervisors must talk to their
way… and, unfortunately, very lucrative troops about this security measure and
for the bad guys. conduct periodic spot checks of the trash
At home, everyone should be careful cans in the office. Additionally, while taking
to destroy any papers trash to the dumpster,
or files that contain take a look in and
personal information. around the container
This includes social for papers that should
security numbers, have been destroyed.
birthdates, banking If documents, charts,
information, medical manuals, CDs, or
files, and planning any other items that
calendars. Destroy should be controlled
anything that could are discovered, and
allow someone to it’s not obvious who
steal your identity, your money, or your they belong to, contact the USFK OPSEC
possessions. Office for assistance.
At work, the careless tossing of files can Get busy and clean up your offices…
have a much more serious effect because it’s a great security practice to get rid of
those actions may not only affect you, but documents you no longer need. Just be
others in your office, your organization, smart about it, please. Enjoy spring while
or your entire command. Just like at it lasts!
home, we need to protect personally To view the command OPSEC Policy
indentifiable information, or PII. Some Letter, go to
units or organizations (I.E., orderly rooms, commandpolicies.aspx. If you have
reception centers, personnel offices, and questions regarding Operations Security,
medical facilities) handle PII on a regular contact the CFC/USFK OPSEC Officer
basis and need to be extremely cautious at DSN 723-2149 or OPSEC@Korea.
of how that information is controlled and Army.Mil.


environment, which is always good,” said up the whole time.”
Spc. Natalie Goris, a human resource Although 41st Signal Bn. won the overall
specialist for Headquarters and Headquarters competition, sister units did not go home
Detachment 41st Signal Bde. “People got empty handed.
to hang out and meet different people from Headquarters and Headquarters
different environments.” Company took home the first place trophies
Sgt. Jason Williams, a microwave for soccer and drill and ceremony. The 304th
systems operator-maintainer for the 501st Signal Bn. brought back the first place
Signal Company, 36th Signal Bn. said he trophy for flag football, and the 36th Signal
enjoyed how the operation was set-up with Bn. took home the softball and weapons
food, fun activities and a day off from work trophies.
for the Soldiers. While the competition was fierce and
The event culminated in the presentation the victories sweet, these Soldiers will have
of the Commander’s Cup to the victorious another opportunity to build unit cohesion
unit – the 41st Signal Battalion. and attain or hold on to the Commander’s
Goris credited this battalion’s victory to Cup during Mercury Pride IV.
“team work, pride and just keeping our head
No Endorsement Implied
MAY 15, 2009 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 5

Col. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson, USAG-RC commander, discusses the standards and conditions of the entertainment district in Warrior Country with Marty’s American Sports Bar and Grill manager
during the Bosandong Korea Special Tourist Association quarterly meeting at the Samaul Gumgo building in Dongducheon, April 23. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jamal Walker

Garrison command meets with Tourist Association

By Pfc. Jamal Walker entertainment district of Warrior Country military police to assist them any time they those wanting to purchase alcohol must be
USAG-RC Public Affairs and their plans to improve. need help with an unruly Soldier. of legal age to be served.
One of the talking points emphasized “The MP’s are not patrolling trying to Before ending the meeting, the
BOSANDONG South Korea during the meeting was prostitution and report you to the board (referring to the commanders gave the KSTA suggestions
— Col. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson, USAG- human trafficking. Due to the many Armed Forces Disciplinary Board which of ways to enforce and abide by Korean
RC commander, Lt. Col. Donald Meisler, questions that were raised from the members could result in an establishment being placed Law and USFK guidance on zero tolerance
USAG-Casey commander, Richard and the seriousness of the topic, command off limits), but to help you if you have an when it comes to prostitution and human
Davis, USAG-RC deputy commander stood up to address the issue. unruly customer,” Jackson explained. “Call trafficking: refuse service to unruly or rowdy
and Command Sgt. Maj. Nidal Saeed, Jackson stressed the need for teamwork the MP’s and they can help you. If a Soldier customers, check identification and post
USAG-Casey Command Sgt. Maj., met with KSTA members, explaining to them is not paying his bill, or they are drinking age restriction posters in all clubs, insure
with members of the Korea Special Tourist that United States Forces Korea has a zero underage, let the MPs know; help us so we lighting is sufficient in back corners of
Association for their quarterly meeting at tolerance policy on prostitution and human can help you.” clubs, and not to allow the club to become
the Samaul Gumgo building in Bosandong trafficking and the same policy should serve Soldiers drinking under the US legal age overcrowded which would cause an unsafe
entertainment district in Dongducheon in their places of business. of 21 years old, in bars or anywhere else, environment for all Soldiers and workers of
April 23. “If a Soldier is coming to your place including Soldiers of age buying for under the business outlet.
The purpose of the meeting was to help of business with the understanding he can age Soldiers, was another topic held at the “We are not saying you are doing the
KSTA promote good business practices pay one of your bartenders, or whoever for meeting. wrong thing,” Jackson said. “I think you are
and to reach a mutual understanding and their services, then it is prostitution and In order stop actions such as this, the all running good businesses and I know you
compliance. Members of the chain of human trafficking, and it is not allowed,” commanders provided all KSTA signs to want to run a good business; just help me by
command and the KTSA members shared Jackson said. post for all to read in English and Hangul telling me your comments or concerns you
their concern for misconduct within the Jackson also told all KSTA to use the stating they do card all that enter the bar and may have during these meetings.”

Soldiers try
‘mocktails’ during
National Alcohol
Awareness Month
April was Alcohol Awareness Month and
Area I Army Substance Abuse Program
set up kiosks in Area I garrisons with infor-
mation about substance abuse as well as
alcohol abuse. ASAP, Prevention and Em-
ployee Assistance Program Coordinator,
Gloria Prince, (right) serves ‘mocktails,’
nonalcoholic cocktails, to Marilyn Pierce,
Staff Sgt. Richard Pierce and Barbara Gal-
loway from Camp Kwangsari April 23, at
USAG-Red Cloud Mitchell’s Club. “Every
year, millions of Americans - one in every
13 adults - suffer from alcohol abuse or
alcohol dependence,” Prince said. Cam-
paign booths also were displayed April
22 at USAG-Casey and April 24 at Camp
Stanley. — U.S. Army photo by Margaret

News & Notes

Organizational Self Assessment Survey

The USAG-RC Organizational Self Assess-
ment survey will come in your e-mail this
month. Responses will be returned directly
to IMCOM (Stateside). All responses will
be handled confidentially and will not be
tracked back to you. For more information
call: 732-6229/8127.

ACS Financial Readiness Conference

The Army Community Services Financial
Readiness Conference has changed from
June 9 to 19. It will be held at the USAG-
Casey Digital Conference Center from 9
a.m. to 4 p.m. Command Financial Spe-
cialist training for E-6 and above, 01, 02,
CW-1, and CW-2, will be held Aug. 12-13
from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Digital Sgt. Nam, Kwanghyunk, USAG-RC HHC Senior KATUSA, (right) explains backgrounds of Korean culture and specifics of different cultural man-
Conference Center. For more information ners such as communication, social gathering and funerals. This was one of 10 topics which were covered in ‘Stand Down for Standards’ April
call: 730-3142. 25. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Kim, Tae Hoon

EEO/POSH Training Schedule

EEO/POSH training online go to: http:// Garrison Soldiers attend stand down training
harass/1/welcome1.htm For more informa- By Pfc. Kim, Tae Hoon of indiscipline, i.e., assaults, thefts, or Soldier’s misbehavior, one way or another.
tion call: 732-6273. USAG-RC Public Affairs prostitution. “You should act like a leader,” he said.
Incidents rose since Sharp shortened The commander’s instruction was
Workforce Town Hall Meeting
USAG-Red Cloud and USAG-Casey garri-
RED CLOUD GARRISON — Stand the weekend curfew hours from 1 to 5 a.m. followed by a series of subjects: service
sons will hold a Workforce Town Hall Meet- down for Standards training for Soldiers to 3 to 5 a.m. For this reason, he placed components, core values, understanding
ing May 19 in the USAG-Casey Digital assigned to Area I took place April 25 at the all USFK troops under temporary curfew Korean culture, sexual assault prevention
Conference Center and USAG-RC movie USAG-Red Cloud Education Center and from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Friday, April 24 and customs and courtesies. These were basic
theater. For information call: 732-8854. USAG-Casey Theater. and scheduled the training for the next topics already covered in basic training or
The training contained a variety of issues: morning. sergeant’s time training.
Volunteers Wanted for cultural awareness, Army core values, and Training began with discussions of Soldiers were reminded of basics such as
Volunteer Corps sexual awareness, which were taught by a recent issues giving the U.S. Army a bad what ‘LDRSHIP’ stands for: Loyalty, Duty,
We are looking for volunteers to assist with
senior leader from each company. image as told by the Soldiers. Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity,
daily operations of the USAG-RC Army
Volunteer Corps Program. For information
Col. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson, USAG-RC Cpt. Yun, Song Han, USAG-RC and Personal Courage.
call: 730-3032. commander, and Command Sgt. Maj. Headquarters, Headquarters Company Cultural awareness was covered by
Earlene Lavender, USAG-RC Command commander, asked each Soldier for encouraging participants to learn the history
Half/Full Marathon Date Change Sgt. Maj., made opening remarks at Red maximum participation. of Korean culture and cultural manners.
The Half/Full Marathon has been changed Cloud. “That’s how we get all the negative images Korea Augmentation to the United States
to May 16. For information call: 732-6276. Stand down for Soldiers was conducted and that’s what we are trying to prevent,” Army soldiers provided some hands-on
as a part of a mandatory peninsula-wide Han said after listening to the discussion. demonstrations for U.S. Soldiers to gain a
2009 Warrior Country training. Every Soldier across the peninsula “Sharp is trying to give us safety briefs as better understanding.
Track and Field Championship
was required to participate in this four- hour well as a cultural awareness lessons.” Cpl. Shin, Jin Soo, USAG-RC HHD
The Warrior Country Track and Field
Championship will be held May 30. Regis-
training by order of Gen. Walter Sharp, Han also talked about the way to Senior KATUSA, said the training was good
tration will begin 8 - 9 a.m. and the event United Nations Command, Combined prevent indiscipline; stressing leadership and well organized. “Although the class was
will start 10 a.m. For more information call: Forces Command, and United States Forces responsibility as one of the most important long and detailed, it was a good opportunity
732-6276/6927. Korea Command commander, in order things. He pointed out everyone should be to remember our discipline as Soldiers, not
to correct the rising number of incidents a leader and is obligated to correct other to mention all the basic training.”
Spouse’s Orientation Program
The Spouse’s Orientation Program sched-
uled date is May 19 at USAG-RC in the Civilian bowls perfect game at Casey Lanes “I was so excited when the game was
over,” Lee said. “I could not believe what
FMWR classroom at 9 a.m. For information
By Pfc. Jamal Walker Sgt. Ho Beom Moon, Headquarters happened.”
call: 732-5883.
USAG-RC Public Affairs and Headquarters Company USAG-RC, Lee was awarded with a ball, a watch, and
Red Cloud Bowling Center Presents explained how hard it is to bowl a perfect a $50 certificate from the bowling center.
Memorial Day Weekend CASEY GARRISON — Perfect is game.
Color Pin Bowling the only word to describe how Miha Lee “Lucky,” said Moon, one of the top five
USAG-Red Cloud Bowling Center will pres- performed on April 16 in Casey Lanes bowlers in the Thursday league at USAG-
ent color pin bowling Memorial Day week- because she bowled a perfect 300. Lee was RC, “it takes a lot of luck and hard work to
end May 24 and 25 beginning 1 p.m. Cash the second in Warrior Country history to bowl a perfect game. I always see bowlers
and Pro Shop prizes will be given. For in- bowl a 300 game behind Gerald Keener, never change their habits and stay with the
formation call: 732-6930.
Casey Lanes manager, and the first female same routine because so many bowlers are
Global Campus English Teaching Jobs
to ever bowl 300. superstitious, thinking if they change their
Global Campus is recruiting English teach- Lee started bowling seven years ago with routine they might not ever get 300.”
ers for public schools across Gyeonggi the help of her boyfriend at the time, whom April 16 might have had all of the
Province, South Korea. A competitive sal- she married later on, teaching her how to ingredients Lee needed to assist her in
ary is offered with nice working and living bowl. Lee continued to work on her skills; bowling a 300. That Thursday was the last
conditions. Easy access to Seoul and other bowling with friends during the weekend day of the league, and Lee, standing at the
great benefits. This job falls under work and in leagues off post. When the league top of the league for the females with her
permit employment category E-2. For more started, Injoung Maness, a league member, outstanding average, just wanted to end on
informatin log on to: http://www.globalcam-
began escorting her good friend, Lee, on a high note.
post to play every Thursday evening. “I did not feel lucky at all,” Lee said. “I
For more news and notes log on to: http:// “Bowling a 300 is something really just felt more relaxed than usual because it special,” Keener said. “There are some was the last night of league bowling.”
where you will find information and news fantastic bowlers out there, professional “It was a sight to see,” Keener said. Miha Lee sets up as she begins to throw the
regarding IMCOM installations in Area I. bowlers, and people who have been bowling “Everyone rallied around her and even ball for a perfect game April 16 at the USAG-
for many years, yet some of them have never stopped bowling just to see her get the 300. Casey bowling center. — U.S. Army photo by
bowled a 300 game.” Every ball was a perfect strike each time.” Pfc. Jamal Walker
MAY 15, 2009 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 7

Soldiers earn money in trivia challenge on Casey

By Pfc. Jamal Walker Yurovich said. “There are categories you
USAG-RC Public Affairs know and there are some you don’t, so you
have to play to your strengths.”
CASEY GARRISON — In observance Playing to their strengths was what Steve
of prostitution and human trafficking Nicol and his partner Douglas Boltuc did
abatement weekend, Warrior Country the entire night.
Soldiers participated in a trivia game held Nicol came to the unit trivia challenge
in Casey’s Gateway Club, April 25. Teams last year and won the event, but he lost the
placing first, second, and third in the event partner he had last year and needed a new
were awarded $500, $300 and $150 for one for this year’s competition.
their unit funds. Nicol drives for his squadron’s commander
Trivia Challenge is a double elimination and needing a partner, he decided to ask his
event where each two man team representing boss, Boltuc, to come out to the event and
their unit competes against another team in compete.
an 11 question trivia game. The teamwork and chemistry between
Competitors have the choice of answering the two was a good match.
questions from seven different categories: They showed their strength with extensive
famous people, world cities, military and knowledge in the sports category, firing off
world history, sports, military customs and answers before hearing all the choices.
courtesies, Korean culture, and movies and Opponents found themselves at a loss by
music. not buzzing the moderator, Ron Fortin,
The answers were given in multiple USAG-Red Cloud Community Relations
choice form and the competitors used a Director and host of the event, in time to
buzzer when they were ready to answer the answer before Nicol and Boltuc. (From left to right) Steve Nicol and teammate Douglas Boltuc raise their fists in the air in triumph
question. If the team answered the question “I am really going to surprise everyone as they answer the last question correctly marking themselves as the champions of the Unit
correctly, they were given control of the with this decision and go for a question Trivia Challenge competition at USAG-Casey Gateway Club, April 25. Nicol and Boltuc went
board to pick the next topic. from sports,” Nicol said at one point after undefeated throughout the night and showed excellent teamwork and extensive knowledge in
“During the last two matches we lost,” answering the third question from the sports the sports category, one of the seven categories offered for the competition. — U.S. Army photo
said Brian Dammeyer, a team member with category. by Pfc. Jamal Walker
Michael Yurovich, who finished third. Most teams knew what they would do “Last year we used the money my partner and give Soldiers another opportunity to
“The other teams found a subject they with their winnings for their unit; with and I earned from the trivia challenge to experience Korean culture and send them
excelled in and continued to play to their future events planned, they were competing send all of the Soldiers in our unit to a to another baseball game.”
strengths during the entire match, so we lost for extra money to make the events better. Korean baseball game,” Nicol said. “I think FMWR should offer more
because we had no control over the board “Our unit has the Signal Ball on Saturday “A lot of good came from it, and since events like this,” Nicol added. “It was a great
in those games.” (May 1) so we are going to use the money to I won the competition, I figured I had way to get Soldiers out of the barracks and
“Like anything it’s always a hit and miss,” help with the event,” Yurovich said. to come back this year to defend my title exercise their brains.”

Soldiers shoot hoops for

prize money on USAG-Casey
By Pfc. Jamal Walker female, a run for the money.
USAG-RC Public Affairs “I play a little bit and think I am an OK
shooter,” said Taylor Gaylen, winner of the
CASEY GARRISON — Soldiers male competition. “But shooting from 50
crowded outside the Gateway Club the feet is different compared to a regular 3
evening of April 23 to practice their jump point shot.”
shot in preparation for the Family, Morale, The female competitors were the first
Welfare, and Recreation hosted Freedom to rise to the challenge in round two with
Shot Basketball Competition. Brandie Dickinson immediately sinking her
The competition was held in observance shot in good style.
of the Prostitution and Human Trafficking “I shot five times before making it,”
Abatement weekend. Soldiers who won the Dickinson said. “Since I shot so many times,
competition were awarded $1,000 for their I was determined to make this one.”
unit funds. “We have a few trips coming for the
The rules to win the prize money for the Soldiers in our unit, and have other events
males were simply stated: make a 50 foot planned, so we are going to use the funds to
jump shot by any means necessary without sponsor some of the trips,” Dickinson added
crossing the 50 foot marker and the money when asked what her unit, Headquarters
is theirs. and Headquarters Company 70th Brigade
The same rules applied to females with Support Battalion, would do with the prize
one exception: females shot from 45 feet. money.
The tournament began with Jim It took another round and an excessive
Williams, USAG-Casey FMWR sports amount of jeering from the females before
director, drawing names from a bowl to Gaylen was able to end the competition for
decide the shooting order. the males and for the evening.
After every one shot, and no one made “I felt close to making it every time,”
their shots, Williams and FMWR personnel Gaylen said. “I just wanted to end the
moved both the male and female lines closer competition.”
to the goal by 5 feet for the next round of “We (FMWR) wanted to start the P/
attempts. HT abatement weekend with Soldiers
At a casual glance, the shot looks easy; coming out and having fun,” Williams said.
however the 50 foot shot, 3 feet longer “The prize money came from the FMWR Taylor Gaylen, winner of the Freedom Shot Basketball competition, prepares for the winning
than a half court shot for professional budget. I try to think of some creative shot while females jeer him trying to keep his concentration off his game. Gaylen won the com-
basketball players in the National Basketball sport competitions where they can have an petition for the males with his unit winning the $1,000 prize. Photos from this event are available
Association, gave competitors both male and opportunity to raise funds for their unit.” online at — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jamal Walker
MAY 15, 2009 AREA II USAG-Y • PAGE 9

Doors swing open at newly Hannam residents

renovated driving range attend town hall
By Cpl. Choi Keun-woo
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs
By Dan Thompson
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs
YONGSAN GARRISON — Last August, a serious
safety concern arose as violent winds shook and snapped
two support beams supporting safety nets at the Yongsan
residents met May 5 to learn more about the
Driving Range. The resulting hole was big enough that
ongoing improvements to the leased housing area
a hook shot could have reached the compounds of the
and voice their concerns about topics ranging from
adjacent Korean National Museum.
parking spaces to maintenance needs.
That is no longer true.
Hannam Village is a government-leased housing
Sung-Nam Golf Club management has since
area for junior enlisted Soldiers and officers near
implemented a major renovation on Yongsan Driving
Yongsan Garrison in Seoul.
Range. The opening ceremony of the all-new driving range
Garrison officials explained how the ongoing
took place at 11:30 a.m. May 9.
Hannam Village renovation project will increase
“This is truly a great day for Yongsan,” said U.S. Army
capacity, but not reduce parking availability.
Garrison-Yongsan Commander Col. Dave Hall, who gave
“There will be around 550 parking spaces
the opening speech of the ceremony. “What used to be a
available once construction is complete, which will
worn down driving range has turned into a state-of-the-art
be more than enough for every family in Hannam
facility for all the community members to enjoy.”
Village,” said U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan
The opening day featured seven top club venders offering
Commander Col. Dave Hall.
special discount prices. The seven vendors were Callaway,
The first tangible signs of progress are beginning
Mizuno, Nickent, Nike, Ping, TaylorMade and Titleist.
to emerge from the busy construction site.
The new golf range has a maximum range of 120
Hannam Village residents welcomed the latest
yards, which is longer than the previous effective
news that a model apartment will be available for
maximum range of 100 yards.
viewing this July.
“Before, the golf range itself was larger, but once the
Eighth U.S. Army Commander Lt. Gen. Joseph Fil tests out “Residents will be able to see exactly what they
golf ball reached around 100 yards it would get caught
Yongsan’s new and improved driving range May 9 at the opening have all been waiting for,” said USAG-Yongsan
on one of the nets,” Shaw said. “We’ve shortened the
ceremony. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Choi Keun-woo Housing Officer Carol Jones.
size of the golf range but the effective maximum range
One of the major new features, aside from
is actually longer.”
increased floor space, will be an upgraded heating
For golfers who want a more accurate assessment of how Matt Kuhm. “Before the nets had holes and sometimes
system, she said.
far they can drive, the golf center offers portable distance the balls would go through. Now everything is brand
“We decided to replace the problematic
radars for a $2 rental fee. Golfers can position the radar 8 new. It’s a very nice facelift.”
radiator heaters with more efficient heating coil
to 12 inches in front of the tee and the radar will show how The operating hours for the new golf center are Monday,
systems,” Jones said.
far the ball would have travelled without the nets. 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 6 a.m.
Community members raised the issue
“The new golf range is simply amazing,” said Child, to 8 p.m.; Friday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday, 7 a.m. to 9
of needing assistance communicating their
Youth and School Services middle school team director, p.m. and Sunday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
maintenance needs to the Garrison. Many were

Diverse class of 2009 graduates from UMUC unaware of a wide range of resources available
to them for instant assistance.
Hall encouraged community members to use the
By Pfc. Hwang Joon-hyun Interactive Customer Evaluation program to get the
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs immediate attention of the Garrison in addition to
the town hall forum.
YO N G S A N G A R R I S O N — Several residents also reported very high
University of Maryland University satisfaction with the Korea Housing Management
College’s newest graduates received web site, and recommended that fellow neighbors
degrees May 2 at its Class of 2009 use the site to submit work orders for repairs.
c o m m e n c e m e n t . Hu n d re d s o f Residents were also encouraged to provide the
families and friends filled the Seoul Garrison with photographic evidence of problems
American High School Auditorium they may encounter at Hannam Village. “Don’t
to celebrate the graduates. hesitate to take a photo and send it to us if you see
UMUC Class of 2009 consisted of a safety infraction or other problem,” Hall said. “It
students from 32 different nations. The Army Sergeant Dameon Simmons (third from the left) receives his diploma after 17 years will help us understand the situation better and take
average age of the students was 34; the of dedicated study. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Hwang Joon-hyun action immediately where needed.”
youngest graduate was twenty and the About 25 dedicated Hannam Village residents
oldest was seventy. On average, they have military assignments, PCSs, exercises opportunities in his life. turned out for the 6 p.m. town hall meeting.
dedicated 13 years for their degree. and training schedules,” she said. “Your “I am going to use it as a tool to go to “I come to hear what the community has to say,”
Some distinguished guests at the determination to see the job through Officer’s Candidate School in August,” said resident Giselle Kaufman. “I want my voice
ceremony included Kathleen Stephens, completion is to be recognized and he said. “It’s also a stepping stone to my to be heard, too. After attending these town halls,
U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of applauded in full measure.” master’s degree.” you realize there is a lot of work ahead.”
Korea; and Maj. Gen. Frank A. Panter, Army Sergeant Dameon Simmons thanked the Garrison and Working to make the community better is
Commander of U.S. Marine Corps Simmons, USFK Protocol Office, his command for supporting him. something the Garrison has dedicated itself to
Forces Korea. exemplified the determination “Yongsan is great, I got access to accomplishing through forums such as the Hannam
“I have come again to recognize the through his 17-year long study for education center, tutors, and different Village town hall and the Army Family Covenant.
important role that UMUC plays in his Bachelor of Science degree. people who could help me through,” he “We recognize the strength of our Soldiers comes
the lives of military men and women “My wife kept driving me to go,” he said. “My command and the UMUC from the strength of their Families,” Hall said. “It
and diplomatic men and women and said. “Failure was not an option, so I kept staff were excellent. Any question I asked, all comes back to the Army Family Covenant and
others serving here on the Korean going. It was for me and my family.” they always had an answer for it.” our commitment to serve our community.”
peninsula,” Stephens said. Simmons has served in nine different UMUC has been offering programs Hall told the residents that the Garrison is
Stephens said UMUC’s ‘whenever duty stations during those 17 years, in Asia since 1956. Its mission is to offer committed to continuing an open dialog with
and wherever’ principle has made including three deployments to Bosnia, academic programs to United States the Hannam Village residents. “These interactive
significant contributions to providing Kuwait and Iraq. “I think this is a great military communities throughout Asia forums are all about you,” he said. “We’re here
quality education to Servicemembers. program because it gives people, even and the Pacific. For more information to help and show you that we care. That’s my
“Unlike the average college students, deployed, access to education,” he said. about UMUC programs in USAG- promise to you.”
you have also had to work around He said the degree will open new Yongsan, call 723-7141.

News & Notes Military spouses share stories of love, sacrifice, family
Air Conditioning Season Begins
Garrison officials have begun turning on
By Spc. Jason C. Adolphson
air conditioning throughout the installation. USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs
In leased housing areas, KOHOM has
finished maintenance and cleaning of the YONGSAN GARRISON — More
system after turning off the heat and are than 50 percent of Servicemembers are
in the process of transitioning to cooling. married, so undoubtedly, the Yongsan
This may take a few days. For information, Family Member who won first place in
call 724-3900. an essay contest presented outside the
Army Community Service building May 8
A3 Visa and Sofa Stamp Service
Stop by ACS 2-5 p.m. May 26
during a Military Spouse Appreciation Day
building S4106 room 115, to make an ceremony is not alone.
appointment with Korean Immigration Three years ago: “We met in June,
on-site or receive information on how married in September, and he deployed in
to visit Korean Immigration in person. December,” Regenia Grubbs wrote of her
Service is offered on the 2nd and 4th Soldier. “Everyone tried very hard to be
Tuesday of the month by appointment there for me and support me through all of
only. For information, call 738-7505. those missed firsts; you know – Christmas,
Valentine’s, anniversary.”
Newcomer Outreach
Drop by the Dragon Hill Lodge “Market
There were a total of 17 submissions
Square” and kick start your tour in USAG- and the commonality that seemed to get
Yongsan. ACS representatives will be them through the hard and lonely times
there 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. May 20 to answer was other military spouses; a second U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan Commander Col. Dave Hall presents a token of his appreciation to a
any and all questions about your new Family who could understand. community spouse during Military Spouse Appreciation Day. See more photos from this event at
community. For information, call 738-7505. “All of the essays were thought provoking, — U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jason C. Adolphson
heartfelt and patriotic,” said military spouse
Community Information Forum Reta Mills, acting ACS director. “The strong “I didn’t even know about it, but when manages to keep things going. If anyone lives
Join USAG-Yongsan residents for the
bond that spouses form together better I found out, I was like ‘All right!’ Being a up to the Army values, it is my mom.”
monthly Community Information Forum
9 a.m. Tuesday, May 26 at the Yongsan
allows the Servicemembers to do their jobs military spouse is a lot different than being Velazsquez summed up the reason
Community Services Building, Room 118. because spouses have a network that allows a regular spouse,” said Melissa Velasquez, military spouses are proud to make
Garrison Commander Col. Dave Hall them to help and be there for each other.” second-place winner. “You can’t just hop sacrifices for their special troops who serve
and key community leaders will present U . S . A r m y G a r r i s o n - Yo n g s a n in the car and go see your family when America’s armed forces.
information on current projects, construction, Commander Col. Dave Hall emphasized you’re feeling alone. But I hope that my “I’m very proud to say my husband
renovations, events and answer questions. during the ceremony that spouses give essay helps other spouses to learn that they is a hero,” Velasquez said. “My husband
For information, call 738-3336. troops the strength to make the military are not alone, and even though it’s hard, it is a Soldier.”
strong. He also submitted an essay about his does get better.” Community participation in the
Soldiers Focus Group
wife, Beth Anne, who gave up her promising The support on this day extended ceremony included vocal and instrumental
The intent of the focus group is to
identify and discuss service support
career as a televised broadcast journalist to beyond husband and wife. Seoul American performances by students from Seoul
programs on the installation that support her husband and country. High School student Gavino Shreider American schools. ACS staff members and
affect their every day life. Currently, “Her active duty sponsor has been submitted an essay that won third place, volunteers set up a complimentary food and
constituents are needed to represent promoted several times, an honor he dedicated to the efforts his mom, Eva beverage booth and displayed signs with
the Soldiers in a focus group. Anyone attributes to his Army spouse, period,” Hall Irving, as a military spouse. quotes from the essay submissions.
belonging to this constituent group wrote. “Success is not defined by actions of “Anytime a Family needed help, my Mills said she hopes to have the essays
are encouraged to contact the USAG- one. Success is defined by what this Army mom reached out and gave a helping hand,” published in a book to inspire the entire
Yongsan Customer Service Office. ‘couple’ does as an Army Family.” Shreider wrote. “Mrs. Irving has been military community.
The focus group is 8 a.m. –noon May May is Military Spouse Appreciation Month. dealing with fibromyalgia [a condition that Spouses and community members
29, building 4106, Room 118. For
Some spouses had no idea there was a special day causes pain in muscles, joints, ligaments interested in joining ACS programs may
information, call 738-5288.
or month to acknowledge their significance. and tendons] for the past 10 years and still call Mills at 738-5311.

Spouses group invests for further academic opportunities

Summer Basketball/swim Registration
Youth Sports is having registration for
Summer Basketball for ages 11-18 and
Summer Swim Team for ages 5-18. Stop By Sgt. Lee Min-hwi Hall, the AFSC President, in her remarks.
by School Age Services B-4211 to register. USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs “One of the most important categories
For information, call 738-3001. we would like to honor tonight is our
YONGSAN GARRISON — A Yongsan scholarships. In essence, the scholarships we
Spring Check-up for Your Car
Now is the time to get your car in shape private organization donated nearly $40,000 are about to reward to these deserving students
for the Spring and Summer. Go by the to further educational opportunities for represents our long-term goals. They are the
Yongsan Auto Skills Center to get the community members. most valuable investments for the future.”
hoses, wiper blades, fluid levels, battery, The American Forces’ Spouses’ Club Fil said the scholarship reception was a
lights, tires, brakes and air conditioning awarded $39,645 in scholarship funds to very kind and generous event that makes
checked for $35. Stop by 10 a.m.-7 deserving students at the Hartell House May Yongsan community a better place.
p.m. Wednesday-Friday or 9 a.m.-6 p.m. 6. Family Members and friends celebrated “The AFSC has selected a broad spectrum of
Saturday, Sunday and holidays. For their hard-working scholars and wished the scholars, nine of whom are adults who want to
information, call 738-5315.
luck in their coming academic adventures. further their education,” Fil said. “I think that
Youth Korean Language Classes This year, 28 high school students, college it is a wonderful reflection of our community,
Hannam Village Army Community students and adults received scholarships. Eighth of their spirit and volunteerism.”
Services presents Korean language U.S. Army Commander Lt. Gen. Joseph F. Fil Jr. “Many recipients have valuable volunteer and
classes for youth throughout the summer. distributed the scholarships on behalf of AFSC. community service experiences, organizational Vanessa Keane, AFSC, speaks on behalf of
Join Hannam ACS 1-2 p.m. Tuesdays The AFSC is a combined community involvement, leadership, honors and awards,” deserving scholarship recipients May 6 at Hartel
and Thursdays from mid-June to late spouses’ organization open to all active said Vanessa Keane, the AFSC Scholarship House. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Choi Keun-woo
July. The registration deadline is June duty and retired Servicemembers, qualified Chairman. “We are very proud of our program
5. Stop by ACS to pick up an application. civilians and their spouses. The AFSC raises and of our scholarship recipients.” “This is truly a good program and I hope
Classes are open to children ages 8-18.
funds through the Chosun Gift Shop for Aris Wilkins, a senior student at Seoul many people would also apply for it. It is there
For information, call 723-6821.
American and Korean welfare projects. American High School, was one of the for the community,” said Kimie Brush, one of the
The Chosun Gift Shop is volunteer-led recipients. “It is truly a blessing to know that our scholarship recipients. “I am currently pursuing
For a complete list of community organization where community members can community does care about higher education,” my Master of Business Administration. I want
information news and notes, visit the purchase exotic items from all over Asia. he said. “I would like to major in aviation or to use the knowledge gained through higher
USAG-Yongsan official web site at “The profits support scouting, schools, local aerospace science in college and become a pilot. education to help military families who are not Korean neighbors and more,” said Beth Anne I feel very blessed to get this scholarship.” familiar with the Army way of life.”
MAY 15, 2009 AREA II USAG-Y • PAGE 11

Fitness campaign whips Yongsan into shape

By Spc. Jason C. Adolphson were at their ideal size from
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs conducting frequent military
physical training.
YONGSAN GARRISON — There’s a phrase that “I have no plans or goals,”
says “What gets weighed, gets measured.” Yongsan’s said Staff Sgt. Branden Kemp,
new face of fitness, Tracey L. Briggs, gave free body 201st Signal Battalion. “PT
composition screenings at the Main Post Exchange keeps you on track, but it can’t
May 1 for just that reason. hurt to do extra to make sure
May is National Physical Fitness and Sports month. In you maintain your custom
support, Briggs set out to recruit pledges for her campaign level of fitness.”
coined “Move it More in May.” Yongsan Health Promotion
“Once you know your foundation body composition C o o rd i n a t o r Ma r i a n n e
numbers, you can then strive to change them,” Briggs said. Campano supported Briggs’
“Most people don’t know them, which is a mechanism that mission by providing blood
allows people to deny that they need to do anything.” pressure screenings, health care
Following body measurements, Briggs gave diet and information and testing for
exercise tips to help people meet their goals. H1N1 influenza - currently not a
“I came over to the booth because I’m interested threat in the Republic of Korea.
in nutrition and fitness,” Shelly Pratt said. “This is a “ To c o m p l e m e n t t h e
really fantastic set up and I’m pledging to walk more body fat analysis, we’re Yongsan fitness coordinator Tracy L. Briggs (left) discusses body composition test results with
frequently and increase the level of dedication to my here to provide information community member Danielle Hamm May 1 at the Main Post Exchange in support of National
current workout program.” a b o u t b l o o d s c r e e n i n g Physical Fitness and Sports Month. — U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jason C. Adolphson
Pratt wasn’t the only one in the community with a pledge. because being inactive and
“I’ve recently done a couple of 5K runs on post,” not eating right are risk factors for increased high and checking progression levels.
said Spc. Serena Smith. “My workouts are restricted blood pressure and cholesterol,” Campano said. “Being “We’re going to continue increasing the emphasis on
by a medical profile right now, but I’ll make sure to inactive, being overweight, and smoking are three fitness in the Yongsan community,” Briggs said. “We’re
participate in those events by walking the courses and common risk factors that we’re really trying to inform going to have another fitness instructor coming in
I’ll lift weights three times a week.” people about because those are the primary causes of from Hawaii so we can offer more classes and support
“This is great getting little tidbits and just looking at the chronic diseases.” For related information, including everyone with reaching their goals. Additionally, we’ll
numbers,” Heather Lopez said. “I had a baby six weeks ago free smoking cessation classes, call 736-6693. be expanding facilities for the community. Soon we’ll
and now I’m pledging to walk more and run three days a The booths were set up for one day to increase have running strollers that can be checked out at Collier
week to get back in shape.” health awareness but Briggs said she can assist anyone Field House for two-hour iterations.”
Some of the troops coming into the store learned they at Collier Filed House with reaching their fitness goals For information, call 736-3340.

Good Neighbor
event brings Korean
children to fun park
By Pfc. Hwang Joon-hyun
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs

YONGSAN GARRISON — The American Society

of Military Comptrollers-Korea Chapter hosted children
from an Incheon orphanage for a Good Neighbor event
at Yongsan’s Family Fun Park on May 9.
Twenty children from Zion Orphanage played a
round of mini-golf at the putt-putt course and enjoyed
U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan Commander Col. Dave Hall and the CYS Services team renew their commitment to hot dogs and hamburgers at Commiskey’s Restaurant.
family services by signing a CYS Services covenant. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Choi Keun-woo “The AMSC sponsors two Good Neighbor events
each year. This putt-putt golf event is one that we put on

Garrison set to improve child, youth services in spring, and the other is bowling during the Christmas
season,” said Zalma Jordan-Little, vice-president of
publicity of AMSC-Korea Chapter. “Having children of
By Cpl. Choi Keun-woo “CYSS is heading in a different Yongsan Community. my own, I know how important it is to make sure that
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs direction,” Claudette Mohn, CYS “We are working to provide better kids have fun. It is something we also enjoy.”
Services coordinator said. “As the sports activities for the youth, better “This event allows the children to have the unique
YONGSAN GARRISON — Garrison grows, the demand for a child care and better after-school experience of meeting and talking to Americans and
Garrison officials met with more than greater variety of CYSS programs programs,” Mohn said. playing something they don’t have much chance to
70 Child, Youth and School Services is growing.” Both participants and volunteers do,” said Sonni Howards, budget analyst of U.S. Forces
workers May 7 to unveil the details As a sign of that increased emphasis have already benefited from CYS Korea Resource Management. “The children really
of a new covenant designed to attract on providing quality services, Garrison Services programs. enjoy coming here.”
and maintain new youth workers. leaders and FMWR presented signed R o n a l d Va l e r o , s p o r t s Kim Han-wul, a guidance counselor from the
“This was our opportunity to covenants pledging their support for coordinator at Seoul American orphanage, thanked the AMSC for preparing the
communicate directly with our great CYS Services programs. Middle School, received a discount program. “They got all excited because they now know
CYSS employees and let them know “We are continuously improving for childcare for the past year; how much fun it is to visit the Yongsan Garrison. I really
what we’re doing,” said USAG-Yongsan quality of life for the USAG-Yongsan par t of a benefit package that appreciate this invitation, and seeing the smiles on their
Commander Col. Dave Hall. c o m m u n i t y,” s a i d U . S . A r m y comes with helping CYS Services faces gives me great pleasure.”
April 18, senior garrison leaders Garrison-Yongsan Commander programs. “I’m saving 50 percent USA Girls Scouts Overseas Seoul donated 16 boxes
officially signed the CYS Services Col. Dave Hall. “Our Family and on child care costs,” Valero said. of cookies for this event. Children got on the bus with
Covenant at the Community Fun Fair. Morale, Welfare and Recreation “We’ve been seeing a lot of great their hands full of cookies and other gifts.
“This builds on the promise programs are top-notch.” things lately,” said Mohn. “With “This is my second visit, and every time I come,
we made in the Army Family One of those new programs is the Garrison in full support of there are always many things to have fun with,” said
Covenant,” Hall said. “Honestly, I the new in-home family childcare our activities I am confident that 13-year-old Kim Su-rah. “I could play golf with my
don’t believe any other community program, where a child or baby may this team will be able to provide friends, and there were many Americans in the park,
in the Army energized CYS Services be cared for in a home environment the services that the community too. I wish that I could come here again.”
programs like we’re doing.” by a registered household in the members need and deserve.”

Army Communities of Excellence

he 2009 Army Communities of First, we have the Commander’s Hotline. You
Excellence winners have been presented can call, or use the form on our web site. Second,
by the Senior Army leadership, and on we highly encourage you to use ICE. This is the
behalf of everyone in the Yongsan community, Integrated Customer Evaluation available as a
I would like to congratulate our fellow Korea link on the USAG-Yongsan web site.
Region communities, USAG-Humphreys and We are also in the process of re-positioning
USAG-Daegu, for attaining “Bronze” status in many of our ICE kiosks throughout
this year’s competition! the community so that you can make a
Even though Yongsan did not place in the comment as soon as you are finished with
top three categories this year, we were one of our service provider.
seven finalists Army wide, and have proven Additionally, we have a new customer service
two years running, that we are clearly among officer for the garrison. Lia Abney is the driving
the best! Last year’s third place victory won force behind getting your voice heard. I count on
the community $750,000, and although her to not only manage customer feedback, but
we will not walk away with any additional to put together focus groups with community
money this year, we were one of the top members to discuss issues and concerns.
seven finalists out of 179 garrisons Army- Finally, we have an annual assessment that
wide, and this is something to brag about! we plan to get out to as many community
I am very proud of every one of you! members as possible. What this annual
Getting to the top is difficult, but “Staying assessment does is help the garrison No Endorsement Implied

on top” is even harder. Be assured that we are leadership formulate a “road map” for
“in the zone” of excellence and consistently success in providing quality service.
meeting the needs of our customers. This month, we are also reaching out to
Because of our experience as a front- garrison employees to take the Organizational
runner for the past two years, the garrison Self-Assessment survey. This is a tool for me to get
is well positioned to prepare for next year’s an “azimuth check” on the way we are deploying
competition. What this means is that our our strategic plan and objectives. The OSA helps
community members can continue look to us us to better manage our programs and services. It
for “excellence in installation management.” also tells me the maturity of our organization.
We are fully engaged to meet the promises Garrison employees will be taking the OSA
of the Army Family Covenant. We promise May 11-22. I look forward to seeing the honest
to continue providing a quality of life responses and constructive criticism. This survey
commensurate with your level of service. is vital for us to continue improving our support
There are many ways for you to help us help to our Soldiers, Families and each other.
you. First, when you have a comment, positive Thanks for doing your part to continue
or negative, you need to know that we have making Yongsan a “Community of
mechanisms in place to hear your feedback. Excellence!” Army Strong!

Monsoon season to bring heavy rains

USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs Transportation, Mobilization, and Security,
Plans and Operations officer.
YONGSAN GARRISON — Garrison “We will be on Flood Condition 1 from
officials are increasing awareness of the June on,” Pruitt said. “Flood Condition
monsoon season, a rainy season in Asia when 1 basically means that the garrison has
heavy rains and strong winds can cause severe conducted all the necessary risk assessments,
impact on Army installations in Korea. pre-positioned sand bags and alerted units
The monsoon season typically begins in to take precaution.”
June and can last as long as two months, but A major spring clean up is scheduled to take
intense rainfall occurs in July and August place in mid-May to help prepare for the monsoon
when heavy rains account for more than 50 season. Soldiers will pick up trash to prevent debris
percent of Korea’s annual rainfall. from clogging the drainage systems.
This potentially destructive weather “Most of the rain will come in July and
damaged areas around the Yongsan Bowling August,” Pruitt said. “But I’d encourage
Center in 2002, causing garrison facilities a community members to always be wary of
loss of millions of dollars. the possibility of a flood.”
“In Korea, it is possible to have more For more questions related to monsoons
than 20 inches of rainfall in a 24-hour in Korea, call the USAG-Yongsan DPTMS
period,” said Keith Pruitt, U.S. Army at 738-7316 during duty-hours and 738-
Garrison - Yongsan Directorate of Plans, 7404 or 738-7405 during off-duty hours.
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MAY 15, 2009 NEWS IMCOM-K • PAGE 13

Trash fires summertime hazard

By Andrew M Allen
Retiring the Colors
Deputy Fire Chief USAG-Daegu, DES, F&ES

Fires kill, maim, destroy, and pollute

and every year the garrison fire department
responds to dozens of careless fires. These
fires can seem to be little more than a
nuisance, but to firefighters around the
world these are deadly.
Burning trash releases a plethora of
poisons and carcinogenic chemicals into
the air which the firefighters can be exposed
to. Who knows what else might be in this
trash; aerosol cans have taken out a fair
share of firefighters over the years. Garbage collection point fire in front of the
Smoking material must be discarded Bldg.236, Education Center, Camp Carroll.
into an approved container. Do not put Fire crews responded and on arrival, found
trash, to include the cigarette box, into the that garbage in the collection point was
smoking container -- only cigarettes should indeed on fire. Fire investigation revealed that
go in there. the most probable cause of fire was carelessly
Soak the cigarettes thoroughly in water discarded cigarettes. — Courtesy photo
before placing them into the outside trash you do not stick your hand into the ash
receptacles. to check it, but use a tool to rake the ash Members of Boy Scout Troop 80 and Cub Scout Pack 89 led by Scoutmaster Wayne Clark
Barbecue grills are another hot source and use the back of your hand a few inches conducted a Flag Retirement Ceremony May 9 at Camp Coiner, Yongsan Garrison. More
for trash fires. Charcoal briquettes can above the ash to feel for heat. than 200 Korean and American Girl Scouts plus scout families attended. The Scouts collected
smolder for 24 hours or longer, so make The fire you prevent may save a unserviceable flags, retiring them per official policy by each Scout burning a portion of the flag
sure the ash is 100% cooled off before firefighters life. Report fires by calling 9-1-1 in the camp fire. Visit for more photos from this event.. — U.S.
disposing into the dumpster. Make sure or 0505-764-5911. Army photo by Edward N. Johnson

Postal Service announces insurance claims process changes A customer may also file a claim by downloading
a form from and mailing it directly to
retain the damaged article and container, including
packaging, wrapping, and any other contents
Special to the Morning Calm facilities, or authorized PC Postage providers. The Postal Service Accounting Services in St. Louis, received, until the claim is fully resolved.
USPS website to process claims online is https:// Missouri. Customers can continue to file claim forms Customers are no longer required to take
In order to streamline the claims process and In addition, at a local Post Office facility. these materials to the post office at the time a
to provide customers with more consistent service, Express Mail customers may file online claims, even if To ensure consistency and service quality, all claim is filed.
online claims processing service is now available no additional insurance was purchased. claims are adjudicated by Accounting Services. Local Upon receiving a request from the Postal
to customers who purchase domestic insurance Collect on Delivery and Registered Mail claims Post Office facilities no longer adjudicate insurance Service, they are to turn the materials over to their
through any retail channel – i.e.,, may be filed by mail or at a Post Office facility; claims. The damaged goods inspection policy for local post office for inspection, retention, and
Automated Postal Center kiosks, local Post Office however, they cannot be filed online. domestic claim is also changed. Customers must disposition in accordance with the claim.
No Endorsement Implied

No Endorsement Implied

TRICARE and your summer vacation: 10 tips for the traveling TRICARE Pacific beneficiary
TRICARE Pacific Marketing pharmacies in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam obtain an itemized bill and file a claim with Madison, WI 53707-7985. Be sure to use
and the US Virgin Islands. TRICARE for reimbursement. your sponsor’s Social Security Number, not
As summer vacations approach and travel Lastly, you can have your prescription your own.
plans are being made, don’t forget that your filled at a non-network pharmacy or host 2. Seek urgent care at a Military
TRICARE benefits follow you wherever you nation pharmacy, but this is the most Treatment Facility or with a TRICARE 7. Pre-Authorization is not needed
go. During your travels, you are encouraged costly option since you must pay for Network Provider. Use your Travel Card for emergency or urgent medical
to use Military Treatment Facilities if care your medications at the time of purchase to call the Regional TRICARE Office for a care. However, for CONUS inpatient
is required. and then file a claim with TRICARE for list of authorized providers in your area. mental health care authorizations, Call
In the event of an emergency (a threat reimbursement. Value Options at: 1-800-700-8646, at
to life, limb, or eyesight), go directly to For active duty overseas travelers and 3. For all other care amke an extension 2070.
the nearest emergency room military or TRICARE prime enrolled family members, appointment with your PCM. For
civilian. In urgent cases, use of an MTF or go to the nearest emergency room and routine/well/non-urgent specialty care, 8. Active-duty Servicemembers
the nearest TRICARE network provider contact International SOS. International schedule an appointment with your Primary must obtain all needed care at
means less out of pocket expenses and SOS will arrange and pay for emergent Care Manager before you leave or wait until military facilities when possible. In
less paperwork for beneficiaries to file. care. you return. Ensure you have any necessary CONUS, ADSMs are required to report in-
Routine care should be sought from your By simply calling International SOS, medications needed while traveling. patient mental health or traumatic injury to
Primary Care Manager before leaving Korea arrangements will be made to ensure Military Medical Support Office at 1-888-
or after you return from your trip. This members receive care immediately. Contact 4. Transfer Prime enrollment? If you 647-6676. For all other care needs, ADSM
includes management of chronic health information for International SOS can be are a Prime member traveling to the states must follow their own service’s rules.
conditions, routine physicals, and requests found on the TRICARE portion of the for a visit that exceeds 30 days, contact the
for prescription refills. TRICARE Prime 65th Medical Brigade website www.korea. TRICARE Service Center in the area you are 9. ADSMs and family members
enrolled members who receive routine or visiting to transfer your Prime enrollment to enrolled in TRICARE Prime
specialty care without prior authorization Active-duty TRICARE Standard enrolled the region in which you will be staying (if traveling overseas should contact
from their PCM, while traveling, risk costly family members and uniformed services Prime is available). International SOS for emergency
Point of Service charges. retirees and their family members should care. Visit your local TRICARE office
When on the road, you can have be prepared to pay for care up front and file 5. Enroll in TRCARE Standard? If or the TRICARE portion of the 65th
prescriptions filled at any MTF pharmacy, a claim for reimbursement upon returning Prime is not available, you may need to Medical Brigade website www.korea.amedd.
the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy, home. Call or stop by your local TRICARE disenroll from Prime and use TRICARE for International SOS contact
TRICARE Network pharmacies or non- Service Center for information. Standard (not applicable for active-duty information.
network pharmacies. Prescriptions may also Before leaving Korea, stop by your Servicemembers – Prime is mandatory).
be filled at an MTF pharmacy free of charge, TRICARE Service Center for a travel card, Reenrollment to Prime may be accomplished 10. Be prepared to pay at time of
if one is available, and if they stock the enrollment verification, and guidance on upon your return. service. Family members in TRICARE
medication you need. To fill prescriptions medical care while traveling. Below are some Standard and uniformed services retirees
using TMOP ( tips to assist with planning: 6. TRICARE Pacific Prime enrollees and their families traveling in overseas
TRICARE), you need to provide your should provide their APO mailing remote areas should be prepared to pay for
temporary address so that your order can 1. In an emergency, seek care at the address for claims. Also, direct providers their care at the time of service, obtain an
be mailed to you at that location. Network nearest emergency department. If to send claims to Wisconsin Physician itemized bill, and file a TRICARE claim for
pharmacies include more than 53,000 retail you have to pay the bill at the time of service, Services, Foreign Claims, P.O. Box 7985, reimbursement.

May 15 - 21

LOCATION Today Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

X-Men Origins Duplicity Madea Goes to Jail
CASEY (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. Last House on the Left Last House on the Left No Show
X-Men Origins No Show
Last House on the Left Coraline (R) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m.
730-7354 (R) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m.

Coraline Coraline
HENRY Obsessed (PG) 1 p.m. (PG) 3 p.m. Duplicity
(PG13) 7 p.m. Obsessed (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show No Show No Show
768-7724 (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.

X-Men Origins X-Men Origins Duplicity Duplicity Push Push

(PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m.
(PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m.

HOVEY Watchmen Last House on the Left X-Men Origins Duplicity Star Trek
(R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. No Show (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show (PG13) 7 p.m.
(PG13) 7 p.m.

Star Trek Star Trek 17 Again

KUNSAN (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. No Show No Show No Show Watchmen
782-4987 (R) 6 p.m.

Fast and Furious (PG13) Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek
OSAN Fast and Furious
3:30 / 7 / 9:30 p.m. (PG13) (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m.
(PG13) 7 / 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m.
784-4930 Coraline (PG) 1 p.m. 1 / 3:30 / 6 / 8:30 p.m.

RED CLOUD (PG13) 7 p.m. Duplicity Coraline Street Fighter Watchmen X-Men Origins
Miss March (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. No Show
(PG13) 7 p.m.
732-6620 (R) 9 p.m.

Street Fighter
STANLEY (PG13) 7 p.m. Obsessed Obsessed Watchmen Star Trek Last House on the Left
(PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. No Show (PG13) 7 / 9 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
732-5565 (PG13) 9 p.m.

Duplicity Duplicity
Star Trek Star Trek Coraline Coraline
Star Trek (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m.
YONGSAN (PG13) 2 / 5 / 8 p.m. (PG13) 2 / 5 / 8 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m.
(PG13) 5:30 / 8:30 p.m. Friday the 13th Friday the 13th
Delgo Delgo The International The International
(PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m.
738-7389 (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m.
Street Fighter Street Fighter
(PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m.
U.S. ID card holders enjoy free movies courtesy of Army MWR at U.S. Army installations in Korea.

Area I Worship Schedule Area II Worship Schedule Area III Worship Schedule Area IV Worship Schedule
Protestant Services Protestant Services Protestant Services Protestant Services
Collective Collective Sunday 0930 Brian Allgood Hospital Collective Collective Protestant
Sunday 1000 Stone Chapel Sunday 1030 K-16 Chapel Sunday 1100 Super Gym Sunday 1000 Camp Carroll
Sunday 1000 Stanley Chapel Sunday 1100 Hannam Village Chapel 1100 Suwon Air Base Chapel 1030 Camp Walker
Sunday 1030 West Casey Chapel 1100 Camp Eagle Chapel Church of Christ 1700 Camp Walker
Sunday 1100 Warrior Chapel Liturgical Sunday 0800 Memorial Chapel Gospel 1300 Super Gym Gospel 1215 Camp Walker
Sunday 1100 Crusader Chapel Contemporary Sunday 0930 South Post Chapel Contemporary 1700 Super Gym 1300 Camp Carroll
Sunday 1100 Hovey Chapel Traditional Sunday 1100 South Post Chapel KATUSA Contemporary
Gospel 1100 Memorial Chapel, Casey Gospel Sunday 1230 South Post Chapel Tuesday 1900 Super Gym Friday 1900 Camp Walker
Sunday 1100 Casey Memorial Chapel Mision Pentecostal Hispana Korean Korean
1100 Camp Stanley Chapel Sunday 1430 South Post Chapel Wednesday 1930 Super Gym Tuesday 1900 Camp Carroll
Korean Sunday 0910 Hannam Village Chapel Wednesday 1830 Camp Walker
Stanley Chapel
Catholic Services
COGIC United Pentecostal Catholic Services
Sunday 1230 CRC Warrior Chapel Sunday 1330 Memorial Chapel Mass
Daily 1145 Annex 2 Chapel
KATUSA Sunday 0900 Camp Walker
Sunday 0930 Super Gym
Sunday 1930 CRC Warrior Chapel KATUSA Tuesday 1830 Memorial Chapel 1130 Camp Carroll
1700 Camp Eagle Chapel
Sunday 1300 Jackson Auditorium Saturday 1700 Camp Walker
1700 Suwon Air Base Chapel
Tuesday 1900 Camp Stanley Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist
Tuesday 1840 Casey Stone Chapel Jewish
Saturday 0930 Brian Allgood Hospital Jewish Worship Service
Tuesday 1800 Camp Castle Chapel Every 2nd Friday 1830 Annex 2 Chapel
Every Friday at 1900 - Camp Walker Chapel, Classroom #1
Tuesday 1830 Casey Memorial Chapel Early Morning Service
Tuesday 1830 Camp Hovey Chapel For information, contact Corey Ringer at, or
(Korean) Mon-Sat 0510 South Post Chapel
Thursday 1830 West Casey Chapel call 753-3909
Episcopal Sunday 1000 Memorial Chapel
Catholic Services/Mass
Sunday 1130 Camp Stanley Chapel Catholic Services
Sunday 0900 CRC Warrior Chapel The Command Chaplain’s Office is here to perform, provide, or coordinate total religious support to the
Sunday 1215 West Casey Chapel Catholic Mass Saturday 1700 Memorial Chapel
Sunday 0930 Camp Hovey Chapel Sunday 0800 South Post Chapel
United Nations Command, U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth U.S. Army Servicemembers, their families and
Sunday 1130 Memorial Chapel authorized civilians across the full spectrum of operations from armistice to war.
Later Day Saints Mon/Thur/Fri 1205 Memorial Chapel
Sunday 1400 West Casey Chapel Tues/Wed 1205 Brian Allgood Hospital
1st Sat. 0900 Memorial Chapel
Visit the U.S. Forces Korea Religious Support site at:
Friday 1830 West Casey Chapel Jewish for helpful links and information.
Friday 1900 South Post Chapel

Korea-wide Army chaplain points of contact

USAG-Yongsan Chaplains USAG-Humphreys Chaplains USAG-Red Cloud/Casey USAG-Daegu Chaplains

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) David B. Crary: Chaplain (Maj.) Klon K. Kitchen, Jr.: 2ID Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Richard Spencer: Chaplain (Maj.) Eddie Kinley:, 738-3009, 753-7274, 732-7998, 764-5455

Chaplain (Maj.) Adolph G. DuBose: Chaplain (Maj.) James E. O’Neal: Red Cloud Chaplain (Maj.) Fredrick Garcia: Chaplain (Maj.) Edward Martin:, 738-4043 , 753-7276, 732-6169, 765-8004

Chaplain (Maj.) Leo Mora Jr.: Chaplain (Capt.) Anthony Flores: Red Cloud Chaplain (Capt.) Mario Rosario:, 736-3018,,
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Lead the Way!

Area IV Induction ceremony welcomes Soldiers to NCO ranks
By Pfc. Jung, Hee Yoon
19th ESC Public Affairs

CAMP CARROLL — Daegu- Newly

promoted non-commissioned officers were
honored at an induction ceremony at the
Camp Carroll fitness center in Waegwan
on May 8.
Thirty-six newly promoted corporals
and sergeants were welcomed to the ranks
of the NCO Corps. The ceremony began
with unit first sergeants lighting three
candles. The three candles; one colored
red for the hardness and valor of the
NCO corps, another colored white for the
purity of deed , thought and competence
displayed by NCOs and the last candle was
blue representing the vigilance, justice and
truth that all NCOs stand for.
At the ceremony, senior NCOs were
called by their respective command sergeant
s major to introduce each sponsored
inductee. The senior NCOs called their
sponsored inductee forward and stated
their attributes and worthiness of induction
into the time-honored NCO corps.
The tradition of commemorating the
passing of a Soldier into the ranks of the
Non-Commissioned Officer corps can be
traced to the Prussian Army of Fredrick the
Great. Today, the Army commemorates
this rite of passage as a celebration of
Sgt. Claudia Cabero, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, 19th ESC shakes hand with Command Sgt. Maj. Brian S. Connie,
the newly promoted Soldier joining the
CSM, 19th ESC at the induction ceremony, May 8, Camp Carroll Gym. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jung, Hee Yoon
ranks of a professional NCO corps. The
ceremony emphasizes the pride that every The guest speaker of the ceremony are the young non-commissioned officers, Classes,” said Watts. This simply shows the
Service member shares as a member of such was Sgt. Maj. Jeffery L. Watts, 501st by exemplifying the mortality figures of importance of the role of the NCOs that
an elite corps. It also honors the memory Sustainment Brigade, 19th Expeditionary recent warfare. lead the way, he stated. Watts congratulated
of those who have served before them with Sustainment Command. He emphasized “The ones with highest casualty death them on entering a whole new life as a
pride and distinction. the role of great leaders in the field, which rate in the forces are the Private First leader, as well as, admonishing them to not
to take the position for granted, but to be
a caring leader.
“This is truly an honor,” said Sgt.
Tahron D. Davis, Staff Judge Advocate,
19th ESC. NCOs working to take care of
their Soldiers and not just making people
do push-ups. It is a way of life to set the
standard and that gives me a completely
different mindset.
The ceremony was finished with 36
inductees and all other NCOs at the scene
reciting the NCO Creed
The inductees were: from Headquarters
and Headquarters Company 19th ESC,
Sgt. Tahron Davis, Sgt. Claudio Cabero;
from 6th Ordnance Battalion, Sgt. Linda
Bankston, Sgt. Jeremy Jones, Cpl. Kevin
Deshaies, Cpl. Jamar Jones; from 498th
Combat Sustainment Support Battalion,
Sgt. Terence Lormand, Sgt. Steven Shives,
Sgt. Cornelius Harris, Sgt. Hector Cruz,
Sgt. Carla Martin, Sgt. Michael Brown,
Sgt.Deshawn Underwood, Sgt. Thomas
Parks, Sgt. Terri Francois, Sgt. Michael
Florence, Sgt. Morris Higgins, Sgt. Karll
Moore, Cpl. Samuel Chen, Cpl. Byron
McCall, Cpl. Sonia Coakley; from 501st
Special Troops Battalion, Sgt. Randy
Anderson, Sgt. Bryan Boylan, Sgt. Jason
Dailey, Sgt. Andrew Dorman, Sgt. Sun
Hale, Sgt. Rebecca Hayes, Sgt. David
Lee, Sgt Daniel Kloberdanz, Sgt. Laura
Mercado, Sgt. Tyrrell Osler, Sgt. Sariyeth
Rodriguez, Sgt. Jorge Simas, Sgt. Robert
Timmons, Sgt. Leony Smith, Cpl Jerad
New inductees vow themselves as a Non-commissioned Officer at the induction ceremony, May 8, Camp Carroll Gym. — U.S. Army
photo by Pfc. Jung, Hee Yoon

Soldier races 850 kilometers in Tour de Korea

2nd Lt. Will Gowin, Charlie Company, 602d ASB (bottom right) leads the pack during one of the stages of the 2009 Tour de Korea, an 850 kilometer cycle race beginning in Suwon, April 25, and
wrapping up May 3 at Changwon. Among the 250 road racing cyclists, Gowin was able to finish several stages in the top 30. — Photo courtesy Sarah Gowin
By Ken Hall way to compete, maintaining the leaders said Gowin. “The race theme was green, took shape. Volunteers Maj. (Ret.) Miles
USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs position for several hours a day during the promoting bicycle use and a healthy active Barnes, Youk Tae-yong and my wife Sarah
nine-day tour robbed him of critical energy lifestyle.” Gowin said most race stages drove our support vehicle and Michael
HUMPHREYS Garrison — The he needed to out-sprint other riders down would finish at a city hall where bikes Toney and Ha Dong-yeol actually sacrificed
Tour de Korea 850 kilometer bicycle road the home stretch. were given out to the community during their race time during the race stages to
race has been traditionally an event for “There were lots of crashes in the race a ceremony. relieve the volunteer drivers around the
Korean riders. For the first time in race and everyone crashed at least once except More than 250 riders competed in this Korean peninsula.”
history, a team of American and Korean for me.” years’ nine-stage Tour de Korea which
riders known as Seoul Synergy was invited The Tour de Korea is comprised of point- began in Suwon on April 25 and ended on Final Individual results:
to compete in this years’ race. to-point road race stages, each lasting up to May 3 at Changwon. • John Linebaugh, 37th
Seoul Synergy’s newest member, 2nd four hours. Unlike the Tour de France and “After we completed stages, racers • David Hutchinson, 47th
Lt. Will Gowin, Charlie Company, 602d Giro di Italia, it had no time trials or team went on short parades around the city to • William Gowin, 67th
Aviation Support Battalion not only time trial qualification requirements. promote the sport,” he said. “We stayed at • Michael Toney, 82nd
finished the race, but did what many of The Seoul Synergy racing team was a couple of five-star hotels and the dinners • Ha Dong-Yeol, 114th
the racers were not able to do: ride 850 made up of current and former U.S. were in banquet halls so, the food and • Michael Wright, 129th
kilometers alongside hundreds of other Army Soldiers Master Sgt. (Ret.) John M. accommodations were awesome.” • Richard Wright, 139th
riders – at times in heavy vehicle traffic Linebaugh, Sgt. 1st Class (Ret.) Michael Tour de Korea rules prohibit teams
and at break-neck speeds – without losing Wright and former Army Sgt. Michael with foreign riders from winning prizes; The Seoul Synergy racing team formed
control. His method was simple: stay in Toney, who reside in Korea. 2nd Lt. Gowin said the race wasn’t about prizes but in 2008 and took the top spots at Korea’s
front of the pack. Richard Wright, Gowin, Republic of Korea building new relationships. Premier Hill Climb races Mishiryeong and
“We had several top 30 finishes during Air Force medical officer, Maj. Ha Dong- “As a team we finished in 15th place Daegwallyeong, in the east coast mountains.
the stages and retired Army master sergeant yeol and David Hutchinson who works for out of 25 teams and really appreciated the Tour de Korea is sponsored by the Korea
John Linebaugh finished 37th overall,” said a communications firm in Seoul. opportunity to race in this great, nine-day Cycling Federation; it is an annual cycling
Gowin, who finished in 67th. “Koreans are very passionate about their stage race,” he said. “What really says a lot competition that’s part of the International
Gowin noted that though it was a safe cycle racing and want to grow the sport,” about our team is the way our race support Cycling Union’s Asia Tour.

2nd Lt. Will Gowin, Charlie Company, 602d Aviation Support Battalion (center on white line) (From left to right) Seoul Synergy team racers Ha Dong-yeol, John Linebaugh, David Hutchinson
races steadily while keeping his eye on another rider who attempted to pass him on his left and William Gowin pause during Tour de Korea race stages April 29. Gowin was able to finish
during the 2009 Tour de Korea. — Photo courtesy Sarah Gowin several stages in the top 30. — Photo courtesy Sarah Gowin
MAY 15, 2009 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 21

Award-winning week for USAG-Humphreys

By Bob McElroy personal learning.
USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs Humphreys Deputy Garrison Commander, David
W. Frodsham said the award was a reflection of the high
HUMPHREYS GARRISON — The Army-level awards standards of customer service the garrison maintains and
continue to roll in to Humphreys Garrison. the excellent leadership of the directors.
Two weeks after the Humphreys Transportation Motor “This was our first time winning and I’m extremely
Pool won the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Award for pleased we’re being recognized, especially during a time
Maintenance Excellence, members of the garrison were of transformation,” Frodsham said. “It represents our
in Washington, D.C. on May 5 to accept top awards for commitment to exceeding the Army standards and
Army Communities of Excellence and Army Community providing the best-possible quality of life to everyone who
Relations excellence. lives and works here.”
At an afternoon ceremony in the Pentagon, Gen. Humphreys Garrison’s Bronze award includes a cash
Peter W. Chiarelli, the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, award of $250,000, a trophy and a flag. Frodsham said the
presented the Army Communities of Excellence Bronze garrison can use the money as it sees fit, noting that other
award to Humphreys Garrison commander Col. John E. garrisons have used it for quality of life programs, new
Dumoulin, Jr. facilities or other projects.
At the same time, at a conference center in nearby Crystal “We’ll have to solicit proposals for how we should use
City, Va., Humphreys Garrison Community Relations the money,” he said.
Officer Peter Yu accepted the first place award in the Special The Community Relations Award of Excellence in the
Event category of the Army Public Affairs Community Special Event Category recognized the work Humphreys
Relations Awards of Excellence. Garrison’s Soldiers, Families, Civilians and Retirees
Sponsored by the Chief of Staff of the Army and overseen performed at “Make a Difference Day” on Oct. 25, 2008.
by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, Modeled after Make a Difference Day events in America,
the Army Communities of Excellence program recognizes the event was a success due to the efforts of Humphreys
excellence in installation management, according to a Staff Sgt. Christy Pritchard (left) and Pvt. Sando Hendrix Volunteer Coordinator Denise Chappell, Community
pamphlet handed out at the ceremony. The ACOE program participated in Make a Difference Day at Deogdongsan Park, Relations Officer Yu, Better Opportunities for Single
encourages and acknowledges all installation’s commitment Pyeongtaek. To download a high-resolution version of this and Soldiers representatives and the 150 Humphreys and 60
to excellence. other photos visit — U.S. local Korean volunteers who gathered at Deog Dong San
The ACOE award honors the top Army, National Army photo by Bob McElroy Park in Pyeongtaek.
Guard and Reserve installations that have achieved levels According to, the Baldridge Criteria The American and Korean volunteers picked up trash
of excellence in building a high-quality environment, are designed to provide organizations with an integrated and performed beautification projects in the park. Following
outstanding facilities and superior services. approach to organizational performance management the work, volunteers enjoyed lunch, a traditional Korean
ACOE applicants are assessed and evaluated over the that results in the delivery of ever-improving value to musical and dance performance and a brief ceremony that
course of a year against Army priorities and Malcom customers, and the improvement of overall organizational featured an awards presentation and a patriotic observance
Baldridge National Quality criteria. effectiveness and capabilities as well as organizational and led by American and Korean flag-bearers.

‘The most important aspect of being a leader is to be a better Soldier every day’
By Pfc. Ma Ju-ho course to be the most challenging part of Tests – he has never scored less than 275 shape, working out on my own time helps to
2nd Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs his career in the Army. and routinely scored 300 or higher. His be a better Noncommissioned officer; and it
“I learned a lot in that month,” he said latest score was 295. doesn’t hurt my golf game either.”
HUMPHREYS GARRISON — Sgt. regarding WLC. “Even though I enjoyed the “His scores are extraordinary,” said He always keeps the NCO Creed in
Alvin D. Francisco of Delta Company, 3rd field exercise portion, it was the overall high- 1st Sgt. Sammy Barbour, Headquarters mind and motivates his Soldiers to be ready
Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd tempo training that was most exciting.” and Headquarters Company, 2nd CAB, for whatever mission is at hand, wherever it
Combat Aviation Brigade has been enlisted However, his fast-paced career isn’t Francisco’s former unit. “His score is in top may be and he emphasizes the importance
for about seven years, has always placed limited to the field. one percent and he was always pushing his of a sense of urgency.
mission first and never settled for second Francisco, a California native, spent Soldiers to their physical limits.” “For the most part I’ve been on mission
best for himself or his Soldiers. most of his early life swimming and surfing Francisco said he pushes himself every my entire career,” Francisco said. “Readiness
Francisco enlisted to be an AH-64 Apache the Pacific Ocean, riding BMX bikes and morning during PT for many reasons. is one of the most important qualities for the
mechanic and worked in that specialty for skateboarding. These hobbies prepared him “I work out and do a little extra, just for Army. Francisco strives to train his Soldiers
most of his career. But now he is stationed to excel during his Army Physical Fitness my benefit,” Francisco said. “Staying in good to a standard so they are prepared for any
at Humphreys Garrison, where he works as mission. “I give Soldiers the mindset that
a Chinook mechanic. This is the first time in everyday’s a mission day,” he said.
his career he will be in any place for longer Barbour adds: “He always places the
than eight months, excluding Iraq. mission first. Francisco makes sure that
For the majority of his Army career, Soldiers are trained properly and the mission
Francisco has been on mission and has never is accomplished. He is a dedicated Soldier
remained stagnant. When he finished basic and that’s what makes him a good NCO.”
training at Fort Knox, Ky. he received orders Barbour said his former Soldier trains
to Germany. After seven months of training, his junior enlisted troops to standard and
he deployed to Iraq. He then spent time in not to time.
Fort Eustis, Va. before being stationed at “I’ve seen him working with his Soldiers
Fort Bragg, N.C. From Bragg, he deployed at all hours of the day,” said Barbour. “He
to Ft. Hood multiple times for training in just simply gets the job done.”
his military specialty, with two additional Francisco is now enjoying his time as a
deployments to Iraq in between. Chinook mechanic, after working his first
“I didn’t even have time for training eight months in Korea in the mailroom. He
courses like Warrior Leader Course or fought to get back to working in his career
Primary Leadership Development Course,” field and has finally settled into a daily work
said Francisco. routine. He says the most important aspect
He finally had the opportunity to of being a leader is to be a better Soldier
attend WLC just one month ago. Francisco every day.
completed Warrior Leader Course 05-09, “I try to lead [my Soldiers] by example,”
which ran from March 17 to April 15 at Sgt. Alvin D. Francisco (left) with Delta Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Francisco said. “If I keep up a high-tempo
Camp Jackson, Uijeongbu, South Korea. Combat Aviation Brigade, supervises Spc. Zach McKnight (right) with the computer programming work day, my guys will follow that lead and
According to Francisco, he found the process. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Ma Ju-ho become better for it.”

News & Notes Humphreys Garrison recognizes top volunteers for 2008
Community Yard Sale
Your trash may be another person’s treasure,
so gather all those items that you would like
to sell for the Community Yard Sale 10 a.m.-2
p.m., May 30 at the Commissary parking lot.
Pay $5 per spot and a table if you have PCS
orders (60-day window). For all others, pay
$10 per spot and table. For more information
contact Natalie Boutte at 753-3013.

Road Closure
Perimeter Road from T-997 through Bldg.
S1280 will be closed 7 a.m.-5 p.m., May 23-24
for removal work on existing asphalt pavement.
Alternate routes for traffic detours with signage
will be posted. Alternate parking areas have
also been identified. For more information
contact Mr. Birgado at 753-6910.

Homeschooling Family Get Together

Homeschooling families are invited to a get
together 6 p.m., June 8 at the barbeque gazebo
in Family Housing. In case of rain, the Townley
Home will host the gathering. Bring your kids,
husband and some food to celebrate the
end of the school year. For more information
contact Elisabeth Townley at 010-3144-0352
or This event is
sponsored by the USAG-Humphreys Chapel.

Dental Care for Retirees

The Dental Clinic is offering dental examinations
and cleanings for Retirees and their spouses 8
a.m.-3 p.m., May 16 at the USAG-Humphreys About 200 Area III Community Volunteers and their Families attended the 2008 USAG-Humphreys Volunteer of the Year awards ceremony at
Dental Clinic, Bldg. 555. Call 753-6559 for the Community Activity Center here, May 8. Also recognized were (left to right on stage) Area III Army volunteer corps program manager Denise
more information. Chappell, and Jean Dumoulin, wife of Humphreys Garrison Commander John E. Dumoulin, Jr. — U.S. Army photo by Ken Hall
Summer Camp Adventure By Ken Hall “It’s so nice when a Soldier goes out of citizens who are going to be our future
Sign up starting May 18 for this summer’s Camp USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs their way to give back to their community,” leaders. If they’re volunteering now, imagine
Adventure Program. This unique day camp for said Denise Chappell, Humphreys Volunteer what they are going to give to the world
children of grades 1–5 will begin mid-June. A H U M P H R EY S G A R R I S O N — Coordinator. “They’re already giving when they become adults.”
variety of weekly camps will be held including: The Humphreys community honored its themselves to our country and are doing so Chappell said everything volunteers do
Coral Sea Jamboree, Madcap Museum at volunteers during an awards ceremony May much for every citizen and people all over here is a success story.
Midnight, Celebrate State to State and much
8 at the Community Activity Center here. the world. So, for them to give back and be “Without volunteer coaches for our
more! Contact Youth Services at 753-8507 to
sign up or inquire about the weekly fees. About 200 people attended. a volunteer really means a lot.” Youth sports, support from our BOSS
Guest speakers Jean Dumoulin, wife of Cpl. Lee Chul-joo won Korean program, Red Cross and USO we wouldn’t
Organizational Self-Assessment Humphreys Garrison Commander Col. Augmentation to the U.S. Army Volunteer have some of the things we have,” she said.
If you have received a copy of the memorandum John E. Dumoulin, Jr., and Chaplain (Maj.) of the Year. “This is the one night we get together and
notifying your selection to participate in the Klon Kitchen highlighted the achievements “Cpl. Lee really helped us out so much I want to say from the bottom of my heart
OSA, you will conduct the survey May 11-22. of the volunteers. at ACS with our Korean culture and ‘thank you.’”
The OSA is an industry-proven, web-based “I’d like everyone to consider a number: language class,” said Chappell. “He’s helping During the event, Chappell received
survey tool. For more information contact Ms. 183, 186,” said Jean Dumoulin. “This Americans to learn about the Korean culture the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian
So at 754-3885 or
number is the total number of volunteer and to speak a foreign language and we’re Service in recognition of her meritorious
Humphreys Construction Update hours our Soldiers, Family members, very grateful for everything that he does.” service as Army Family Team Building and
As Humphreys Garrison grows during the Civilians and our children have logged Kendra Roberts won Family member Army Area III volunteer corps program
next several years construction projects will during this past year. These hours displaced Volunteer of the Year. manager and outstanding support of the
cause interruptions of electrical and water a manpower cost of over $3 million.” “This years’ Family member of the year community service event Make a Difference
service as well as detours and delays on our Dumoulin said volunteers represent the proved that you don’t have to be on an Day on Oct. 25, 2008.
roads. We ask your patience as we transform best of the Humphreys community. installation for a very long time to make The final award went to Jean Dumoulin,
our post into the Installation of Choice on the “Without our great volunteers, we would a difference,” said Chappell. “Some of us who received a silver platter in special
Korean Peninsula. We will provide weekly not enjoy the excellent quality of life we come in and hit the ground running, even recognition for her dedication to the
updates and construction news to keep the
have at Humphreys. Our volunteers work after just two weeks. We’re very proud community over the last two years.
community informed.
• Freedom Road water line replacement in all parts of our community and make a to recognize Kendra as Family Member Before he and Chappell presented
is continuing. Please watch for construction difference every day.” volunteer of the year.” Dumoulin the award, Mike Mooney,
equipment in roadways and signal man Kitchen said that volunteer recognition Charles Woods won Retiree Volunteer Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division
directing traffic. celebrates people in action. of the Year. marketing chief praised her for making a
• The Freedom Road walking and bike “You’ve heard the numbers of volunteer “It always amazes me to see a Retiree difference in Humphreys community.
path is being replaced. This work will take hours we have at Humphreys and we’re give back to the community,” said Chappell. “One of the most difficult things we face
approximately 90 days. above the curve because you care enough “They’ve done their military service and in Family and MWR is getting the word
• Pavement resurfacing and relocation of about what we do here,” said Kitchen. “Most they’re probably in their second careers out,” said Mooney. “It doesn’t matter what
end lights and airfield fire hydrant systems are
people say ‘I’m only one person – I can’t do and they still find the time to give back. kind of programs we run – they can be the
all under way. Estimated date of completion is
May 28. it all and I can’t really make a difference’ – Mr. Woods has done so much for this greatest programs in the world but if no
but the difference in those people and the community through different organizations one knows about them, they’re not going
We Want Your Stories! difference in you is that you say ‘I’m only and you’ll always see him at events.” to count. Jean and her infamous e-mailing
We want to publish your stories and one person, but I am one person – and I Edward Murphy, IV won Youth Volunteer list are one of the ways everyone found out
photos in The Morning Calm Weekly can’t do it all but I can do something and it of the Year. about things. In addition to that, at events
and on the USAG-Humphreys Command does matter.’” “This is always my favorite category and like Eggstravaganza, and Spooky Hallow –
Channel. Please send any information Volunteers were recognized in five it means so much to me because our youth and every activity we’ve had over the last
or products to Ken Hall at the USAG- categories for the services they provided are our future,” said Chappell. “When we two years – she’s been there handing out
Humphreys Public Affairs Office at 754-8847 throughout the last year here. have youth that volunteer and give back in tee shirts. We’ve been very fortunate to
Sgt. 1st Class Leticia Smalls won Soldier the community, they need to be recognized have a person who’s been a true friend to
Volunteer of the Year. and it means we are raising productive the community.”
MAY 15, 2009 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 23

New Humphreys facilities to enhance quality of life

By Ken Hall off-post,” said Michael Stephenson, chief,
USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs Natural Resources Management Branch.
“What this 100-percent green project will
H U M P H R EY S G A R R I S O N — do is create a new area for the Humphreys
Construction has slowed traffic around community to enjoy. The park will feature
USAG-Humphreys for the last several self-sustaining lights and recirculating
months but the community’s reward will waterfalls run by a solar-powered system.
be several new facilities scheduled for grand Even the bridges are being made out
openings soon. of recycled materials that won’t require
A new Fire Station at MP Hill is scheduled repainting for up to 20 years.”
to open officially on Monday, May 18 at The design for Beacon Hill’s transformation
11:30. The new station, which was developed was the result of a partnership between
through U.S. Army Contracting Command USAG-Humphreys and renovations designer
Korea took four months to complete and Dr. Lee Suk-young, principle investigator
came in at a cost of $692,000. with Beautiful Environmental Construction
“The construction was a success and was based in Seongnam-si. Humphreys Outdoor
finished on-time,” said Anthony Marra, Recreation will manage the site, which will
Chief, Fire and Emergency Services. feature a pond where kids fishing events
Two full-time Korean firefighters will could occasionally be scheduled.
live in the building year-round, providing A state-of-the-art hook-and-ladder fire truck, capable of reaching up to 100 feet is part of the new “It will take time and experimentation to
24-7 capability to respond to any fires but Humphreys Fire Station, located next to the MP Hill barracks. The full-time supported fire station’s see how long the pond will take to sustain
specifically for buildings five to eight floors grand opening is scheduled for Monday, May 18 at 11 a.m. — U.S. Army photo by Ken Hall fish and what type,” said Stephenson.
tall, which benefits the entire installation, everyone moving in certain areas and “Our ability to provide care for our A new $10 million Education Center
he said. working after hours,” he said. “It’s been a patients has improved, but we need a larger will open its doors in July and provide
The Humphreys Medical Clinic will real challenge but better than closing down physical therapy room because we’re already enhanced educational opportunities for
unveil $1.5 million in expansions and the clinic completely.” outgrowing the one we have,” said Lt. Col. Soldiers, Civilians, Family members and
renovations designed to serve the health care Throughout the project, there have Bart Meyers, officer in charge, Humphreys school children.
needs of a growing Humphreys population been no accidents to construction workers, Medical Clinic. “We’ll be adding a licensed So far the new facility is still within the
June 1. Soldiers, clinic personnel or patients. Social Worker this summer and also a funding amount awarded for the contract,
“We’re about 95 percent complete “Our customers, Soldiers and personnel mental health technician.” according to David Shields, Master Planning
with the interior work, but we’re behind are very pleased with the construction Another project slated for opening in USAG-Humphreys. Shields said everything
our original target date of February,” said progress we’ve had,” said 1st Lt. Alexandria early June is Beacon Hill Park, a 4.5 acre site has been accomplished in a positive manner
Jordon Shoop, project manager with J&J Miller, executive officer, USAG-Humphreys across from Independence Park. Humphreys and the contractor is working two shifts
Maintenance, Inc. the prime contractor for Medical Clinic. Directorate of Public Works oversaw and weekends to meet the planned contract
the upgrades. “We ran behind because we Miller said the new-expanded medical renovations that began in February and cost completion date in July.
wanted to make sure plans were correct.” clinic will have a new TRICARE office of $750,000. The environmentally-friendly “The facility was designed and built as an
Shoop added that this was an unusual on the second floor with three full-time park will feature walking trails, a picnic area Adult Education Center, however, there will
project because medical personnel worked representatives. The expansion also includes and waterfalls. be classrooms set up strictly for computers,
in the clinic during the renovations. a physical therapy office and a therapist. “The Beacon Hill water retention area is testing labs and a science lab with a Virtual
“It’s been like a puzzle, trying to get More services are on the way. an existing wetland that brings in water from High School on the top floor,” he said.

(Above left) Scaffolding supports construction workers from J&J Maintenance, Inc. as they finish the final renovations to the new Humphreys Medical Clinic here, May 7. (Above right) Workers from
Krima and Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction load support materials into the new Humphreys Education Center here, May 13. (Below) The final touches of Beacon Hills environmentally-
friendly renovations feature bridge construction, placement of large boulders and re-introduction of water throughout the streams in the park. — U.S. Army photos by Ken Hall
MAY 15, 2009 AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 25

Camp Carroll Wetland system restoration project

enhances wildlife activity in the community
By Pfc. Lee, Dodam
USAG-Daegu Public Affairs

CAMP CARROLL — Camp Carroll

recently held a wetland restoration project
ceremony, laying the cornerstone for
improving the local environment in
conjunction with an Arbor Day tree
planting ceremony at a wetland restoration
site April 29. Chilgok County Vice-
governor Lee, Seung-yul, Daegu Garrison
Commander, Col. Michael P. Saulnier
and Daegu Garrison Command Sgt. Maj.
David R. Abbott attended the ceremony.
Wetlands provide significant value
to society and local communities. Their
benefits include: water storage, flood
protection, biodiversity, recreation and
commerce. The Camp Carroll wetland
is a mixed wetland system with a stream
component flowing through its entire
extent, running along three different
sections and totaling 1,600 feet.
Daegu Garrison is committed to Camp Carroll held a wetland restoration project ceremony and Arbor Day tree planting ceremony, April 29 with attendances by Chilgok County
environmental management and recognizes Vice-Governor Lee, Seung-yul; Daegu Garrison Commander Col. Michael P. Saulnier; and Daegu Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. David R. Abbott.
the need to connect the wetland system to Visit for photos. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Lee, Dodam
the community and the Nakdong River wetland was divided into three stream reaches seasonal values and wildlife utilization. local community. We expect much greater
system. Last year, Daegu Garrison hired that have hydrologic and design implications: In the Lower Reach stream enhancement activity when it, through partnership with
Natural Resources Program Manager John the Upper, Middle, and Lower Reaches. The will take place to ensure an adequate link to Chilgok County, reconnects our wetland
Thomas Kunneke and started coordinating Upper Reach is a headwater stream with a upstream improvements and the tributaries to the Nakdong River. Lastly I’d like to say
initial wetland restoration phases. Recently high water table, approximately two feet that flow off site from Camp Carroll to the all this wouldn’t be possible without the
the survey and foundation work have been below the surface during the dry season Nakdong River. The Wetland area will have support of our partner in our US military
completed and plan to finish the project and near the surface during the wet season. a visitor entrance adjacent to the Lower community MSC-K,” Saulnier added.
prior to the year of 2010 The upper reach historically recharged the Reach which will connect the entire area by The initial restoration phase has started
“This is a big day for Camp Carroll and wetland system downstream. a footpath trail. DPW is hoping that in the showing its impact. Currently new wildlife,
Chilgok County. We started this project Most importantly, the primary focus long term it will be hydro-logically possible not previously observed here including bird
last year with a partnership with the Boy of the initial restoration phase has taken for fish passage between the Lower Reach species such as great egrets, mallard ducks,
Scouts and it continues to develop and we place in the Middle Reach. Projects and the Nakdong River. Camp Carroll also grey heron and white wagtail; amphibians
expect to finish in 2010. It’s an important include restoring the stream flow, creating plans to form an ecosystem education center such as Korean salamanders and Korean fire-
day to celebrate our union that leads to a seasonal pond which will be connected to and open it to the local community after this bellied toad; and mammals such as raccoon
the strong alliance between US Army and the stream during the wet season, creating project is completed. dogs were observed. Kunneke especially was
Chilgok County,” said Saulnier. floodplain area and wetland vegetative “Wetland provides significant value to pleased to apply an old saying to wetland
Due to the stream component, the zones and enhancing the buffer zones for our society and more importantly to the restoration: “Build it and they will come.”

Military Spouses visit International Market in Busan on Military Spouse Appreciation Day
By Kim, Ayeon it was their first time to try Korean food.
USAG-Daegu Public Affairs Everyone had great time trying Korean
cuisine. Local merchants welcomed the
BUSAN — This year, May 8 was military spouses to their shops.
designated as Military Spouse Appreciation Terri, one of Military spouses, said,
Day. Military spouses in Daegu got a “I’ve just been in Korea for two months.
chance to visit Busan for a day of shopping It was my first time meeting a lot of
at the International Market to celebrate this Army wives. It was a good chance to form
meaningful day. relationships. I will definitely join these
In 1984, President Ronald Reagan kinds of opportunities.”
proclaimed the Friday before Mother’s Another spouse, Cherilyn Padgett
Day to be Military Spouse Appreciation added, “I went shopping, learned a little bit
Day. It is a day to recognize and honor about the Korean culture and had lunch. I
the contributions and sacrifices of military had Korean food, Tteokbokki, Tofu and so
spouses. The life of a military family is one on. They were really spicy but delicious. As
of unique challenges. They always have soon as I see anything like this advertised
limited time to set down roots before it is again, I will definitely go.”
time to pack up again. For many people, the Several spouses won gifts and all received
constant moving would discourage them a certificate of appreciation for their service
from connecting with the local community as Military Spouses. Everyone hoped there
but military spouses make friends and leave will be another opportunity to go on a tour,
a mark on the community in a limited Military Spouses visit International Market in Busan on the Military Spouse Appreciation learn about Korean culture and meet new
time regardless. They come from diverse Day, May 8. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Min, Joon-ki and Park, Kyung-rock people like during this event.
backgrounds but one thing they have in Seo, Jung-jung, an intern said, “It was
common is their unfailing support of their celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation looked around the Korean market place my first time shopping with Americans. I
military husband or wife and the mission Day. The Bus left ACS at 9 a.m. and and bought gifts for their families and translated for them to buy and to discount
of the United States military. returned at 5 p.m. When they arrived themselves. After shopping, they had lunch something. It was a precious experience for
On May 8 spouses with translators went in the market, they were separated into at local restaurant. Some of them knew me. I liked the chance to introduce Korean
to the International Market in Busan to several groups and started shopping. They about Korean food, but for other spouses culture and to shop with them.”

News & Notes Partnership with DAS, Kyungpook National University recognized
By Kim, Ayeon
USAG-Daegu Public Affairs
International Festival
and Hoop Fest KYUNGPOOK UNIV. — U.S. Army
DAS International Festival and Hoop Garrison Daegu and Kyungpook National
Fest will be held at Daegu American University agreed to develop teaching
School campus: Inside the cafeteria practicum program with Daegu American
and gym, and outside (weather School and to promote their relationship.
permitting), 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., June Daegu Garrison Commander Col. Michael
6. This event will showcase food from P. Saulnier and Noh, Dongil, president of
different cultures, activities for all ages, KNU signed the memorandum of agreement
a silent auction of themed baskets, at Dr. Noh’s office, KNU, May 1.
3-on-3 basketball tournament, soccer Both of parties have recognized the need
shootout, cultural demonstrations, for and benefits of increased cooperation
singing and performances. Come out and communication. They agreed that
and support DAS with all proceeds it is desirable to establish a relationship KNU president, Dr. Noh gives Daegu Garrison Commander, Col. Saulnier an Appreciation
being donated to the PTO to fund that will encourage collaboration between Plague to thank for his cooperation to develop relationship between Daegu Garrison and
activities, trips, and resources for them. Col. Saulnier and Mr. Keith Henson, KNU, May 1. — U.S. Army photo by Kim, Ayeon
students and faculty of the school. For principal of Daegu American School , an interview in English have the chance to American culture and can make better
more information, call Donna Benjamin visited KNU Campus at 11 a.m. May 1. complete their undergraduate and graduate relationship among the Garrison, Universities
at 768-7583. After looking around the campus with teaching practicum component at DAS in and community in Daegu. This is also a great
Lorne Hwang, vice president of the KNU this year. Both of parties expect to increase opportunity for professional development
Army Birthday Ball international affairs office, they met Dr. the number of participants next year. Since in both direction; student teachers will
‘The Year of the NCO’ Noh, Dong-il, Dr. Rim, Seong-hoon, dean beginning of May student teachers have have the chance to learn about American
The 234th Army Birthday Ball will be of Teacher’s college and Dr. Lee, Moon-key, taught Public Health, Music, PE, Biology teaching methods, while host teachers will
held at Grand Ball Room, Exco Inter- director of Training center for Education and Physics at DAS. The duration of this have an opportunity to learn about some
Burgo Hotel, 6 p.m., June 6. This year’s at Dr. Noh’s office. KNU presented Col. program is 4 weeks, which is same as of the different teaching methods used in
theme is ‘the year of the NCO’. Sirloin Saulnier an appreciation plaque to thank plain teaching practicum component. The Korean schools.
steak cooked in red wine and chicken for his cooperation to develop collaborative students, however, will be encouraged to Hwang said, “KNU has a longstanding
breast cooked in white wine will be programs between KNU and Daegu participate in volunteer program which is and valuable partnership with USAG
served. A vegetarian meal is available Garrison. Then Col. Saulnier and Dr. Noh the form of supplementary tutorials or class Daegu. Our KNU student interns benefit
on request. The price is 45,000 won signed at the memorandum of agreement. preparation with teachers at DAS. tremendously from the professional training
(no dollars). For purchasing tickets, They will encourage development of “We are delighted about this new program, and generous hospitality shown by American.
contact Master Sgt. Cook, 19th ESC professional internship program, teaching as it will be the first time our students will be We are currently planning some new ways
at 768-7117. practicum program with Daegu American able to complete their teaching qualification for USAG Daegu military and civilian
School, and collaborative education, in an international context,” Hwang said, personnel to take advantage of the many
Army Benefits Center research, volunteer programs. “Col. Saulnier, Mr. Henson, and his entire educational opportunities available at KNU,
Civilian Retirement Briefings In support of the agreement, a student staff have all been extremely supportive and including continuing education programs
Representatives from the Army teaching practicum program is agreed welcoming as regards making this program and short-term summer and winter courses
Benefits Center – Civilian (ABC-C) will between DAS, the KNU Teacher College, happen, and we are now just excited about in English for academic credit. Besides we
be visiting Area IV, June 5 and 8, to and Training center of education which is the potential outcomes.” are hoping that this relationship will develop
conduct briefings on CSRS and FERS the first time ever program in Korea. Six Both parties expect that this agreement to include short-term teacher exchanges and
retirement systems. They will also student teachers who were selected through can give more students chances to experience AP courses for DAS students at KNU.”
provide information on using the EBIS
and IVRS systems for processing
benefits. The CSRS briefing will
Daegu Garrison celebrates National Volunteer Week
be conducted in the HRDD CHRA Daegu Garrison “I feel like I achieved something. And also experience,” added Russell.
Army Community Services I know that I have more courses to do and On that day each received a certification
Regional Training Center, Building
challenges in the future. But I will manage of appreciation and small tokens of
#1208, Classroom 2, Camp Henry.
CAMP GEORGE — USAG-Daegu those challenges well because I experienced appreciation.
The FERS briefing will be conducted
observed the National Volunteer Week this precious thing,” a student in Daegu Tuesday, 21st Army Community
in the Camp Henry Theater, 9 a.m. to
by honoring the volunteers and their American school, Russell Midomaru said. Service program mangers, Martie Blanton
5 p.m., June 5 and 8.
exceptional service to the community, on “Both Russell and I volunteered at YS and LaVita Vincent (AVC/MOB/DEP)
April 20 through 25. and School. We want to do this kind of welcomed guests for a light lunch as they
CISM Certification
Col. Michael P. Saulnier and Command volunteering program again for community recognized the ACS volunteers along with
Training Scheduled
Sgt. Maj David R. Abbott joined the service,” said Ronald Midomaru. the participants who volunteered to be part
Army Information Assurance
Volunteer Coordinator and Middle School “We volunteered outside, for example, of AFAP. This was the 25th year of AFAP
professionals (Military and Civilian)
& Teen April 20 to recognize the youth an electric café and Daegu International and a good time to join them together as
throughout Korea are encouraged
volunteering their time and service. Woman Association and those were really both are made up of volunteering their
to attend this CISM Certification
Remarks were made by Col. Saulnier as he great. The electric café was just like a café, time and talents to the greater good of the
training scheduled for 01-05 June
congratulated them on their dedication to so we have learned how to order food and community.
2009 at the Area IV DOIM training
serving others. to prepare tea for people. That was a real April 24 was the main event, hosted by
classroom located on Camp Walker.
LaVita Vincent, Volunteer Manager and the
CISM certification is managed by the
staff of the ACS. Each participant received
Information Systems Audit and Control
a certificate of appreciation, roses and small
Association and is a DoD Information
trinkets on the tables.
Assurance Management Level 3
Command Sgt. Maj Abbott had the
certification. Attendance is limited
opening remarks and then dinner was
to 15 students. There is no cost for
served. The guest speaker for the evening was
attendance; however TYD/Per Diem
Lorne Hwang, a professor from Kyungpook
requirements must be funded by the
University and a partner with the USAG
student’s organization if required.
Daegu community with the internship
Please contact the RCIO IA office for a
program, Good Neighbor Program and
SF 182 no later than May 24 via e-mail
volunteers. Col. Saulnier and Command
to RCIO-K-InformationAssurance@
Sgt. Maj Abbott presented Certificate of Students selected for
Appreciation to Freedom Team winners.
attendance will be notified via e-mail
Col. Michael P. Saulnier and Command Sgt. Maj David R. Abbott join Middle School & Freedom Team is participants that support
no later than 26 May.
Teen volunteers and congratulate them on their dedication and hard working to help
people in DAS, April 20. — U.S. Army photo by Kim, Ayeon
— See VOLUNTEER, Page 27—
MAY 15, 2009 AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 27

Daegu Garrison Firefighters Soldiers participate in community cleanup

train for Medical Emergencies
By Matthew Haskin & Andrew Allen
Daegu Garrison F&ES
OUCH! That's going to leave a mark.
The medical training that First Responders
at USAG-Daegu Fire and Emergency
Services have been completing is going to
leave a mark on the type of quality service
our fire department is providing. The Fire
Department in USAG-Daegu recently
completed the DOD’s First Aid First
Responder and Army's Combat Life Saver Soldiers from Camp Carroll perform a community cleanup May 8 where Chilgok County
courses, with an EMT Basis class. Additional acacia honey festival is held. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Lee, Dodam
task like HazMat and Medical training are
common place in stateside Fire Departments
but this type of training was overdue here
VOLUNTEER from Page 26
Firefighter Crew Chief O, Ho-kyun practices our Soldiers and Families during war and do for the community,” said Col. Saulnier
in Korea.
an IV stick on Crew Chief Song, Chu-sop peace time, said Hwang. during the event for the volunteers.
The recently implemented DOD
During Combat Life Saver training. — U.S. The following people were recipients of “The annual volunteer of the year is
Firefighter training program that helped make
Army photo by Andrew Allen the award for their dedication to helping one of many ways to recognize our valuable
USAG-Daegu Fire and Emergency Services
one of the Best Large Fire Departments in types of events. others: Kelly Gemin, Martie Blanton, volunteers who devote their time and skills
the Army in 2007, now strives to improve The days of the fire departments only Monica Blumberg, Karletta Epps, Rosa to helping others,” said Vincent.
the Emergency Medical Service – EMS - putting the “wet stuff on hot stuff” are long Martinez, Angel Nunez, and Kelly Abbott. “So, for those not registered on line,
capabilities of the organization. Mrs. Choe gone; though we still do this, firefighters The Volunteer of the Year was broken down now is the time to do that, if you need help
Hui Song whom serves as a 911 operator; now use thermal imaging cameras to search in to various categories. The following contact ACS,” added Vincent at the end of
stated “Before, I did not have much of a for fires and victims. We carry Automated people were the winners for this year: Active the event.
concept of EMS duties but now, I find it External Defibrillators for shocking the heart duty- Ryan Hawk; Family Member- Stacey The event was completed by Col. Saulnier
interesting and I'm excited to learn more.” of potential heart attack patients. Fire crews Neubig, Local National- Ki Sook Son, being presented with a check for the hours
With tour normalization, the Fire and train to use high-tech HazMat detection Youth- Russell Midomaru, Civilian- Darryl that volunteers (registered on myarmylifetoo)
Emergency Services must prepare for the devices that use Infrared spectroscopy which Chandler, KATUSA- Kwang Woo Park, logged for the past year as if they had been
potential for an increase in “emergency-call- look at chemicals at a molecular level. and Retiree- Donald Wilson. The Family paid. This year they logged 49, 696 on
volume”. More families will equal more EMS This increasing mission demand to do of the Year award went to Edward and VMIS, however there are many volunteers
calls. In a post 9-11 world, changes in what more with the available work force places a Kathryn Choi. WO Cristal Sales received not yet registered in the system and therefore
the public expects from its fire departments massive demand on education. It has gone a Certificate of Achievement; and the those hours couldn’t be tallied.
has grown. When someone calls 911 they from a basic fire fighting skill set to highly Commanders Public Service Award went to For all volunteers not yet registered
expect that a professional will be there for technical experts who can handle multiple Hanna Zitiak and Lorne Hwang. and you need assistance please call LaVita
them, no matter what type of emergency problems quickly and safely to protect lives, “All year long we should be letting them Vincent, 768-8126 or stop by the ACS.
they have - So we prepare for the most likely property and the environment. know how much we appreciate all they

No endorsement implied No endorsement implied


AREA IV Job Opportunities



Camps Henry, Walker , George

MD-DHL-09-1045 Social Worker GS-11 MEDDAC-K, May 18

KOEZ09405419D INTERDISCIPLINARY ENGINEER GS-12 Army Engineer District May 20
KOEZ09462106 Contract Specialist NH-2 Contracting Command May 22
KOEZ0934868 Electrical Engineer GS-11 DPW, USAG-Daegu May 22
KOEZ09430766 Mechanical Engineer GS-11 DPW, USAG-Daegu May 22
KOEZ09430797 Supv. Engineering Tech GS-12 DPW, USAG-Daegu May 22
ARMP-09-02 Cash Collector NF-3 Army Rec Mach Prog Until Filled
KOEZ08815156R2 Architect GS-12 DPW, USAG Daegu May 24
MD-DHL-09-1049 Counseling Psychologist (ASAP), GS-11 MEDDAC-K, ASAP May 27
Social Worker (ASAP)
KOEZ0908815156R2 Architect GS-12 DPW, USAG Daegu May 24
KOEZ09422211R Civilian Personnel Liaison YA-2 19th ESC May 27
KOEZ09149199A Interdisciplinary, General Engineer, GS-12 DPW, USAG Daegu May 22
Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer,
Electrical Engineer
Camp Carroll

KOEZ09480629 Interdisciplinary; Civil Engineer, General Engineer DPW USAG Daegu June 7
Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer
KOEZ09443468 Equipment Spec (Automotive) YA-2 AFSBN-NEA May 1
KRNAFEZ09-002-K4-R Recreation Assistant NF-2 DFMWR, CRD, CAC June 2
SA-09-0572T Custodial Worker KWB-3 168th Med Bn May 18
PAC 16 Administrative Assistant N/A USO Until Filled
PAC 20 Duty Manager N/A USO Until Filled
N/A On-Call HR Specialist N/A SERCO, MPD Until Filled
N/A ACAP Counselor P/T – F/T N/A SERCO, ACAP Until Filled
For more information, contact Employment Readiness Program Manager, Steven Wegley at 768-7951

No endorsement implied