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I__________________________with ID. number_____________________ I hereby MANIFEST: 1.I have read, understood and agree to the Rules of the event entirely, That regulation is posted on the website 2. I'm physically well prepared for the event, I am in good general health, without suffering from any disease, physical defect, injury or cardio-respiratory disease likely to be aggravated by my participation in this event. If during the event, I suffer an injury or any other circumstance that could seriously harm my health, I'll report the Organization as soon as possible. 3. That I am fully aware of the hardness of the event, and the profile of the same, which I have previously been able to consult on the web: 4. That I am aware that this type of event, carry an additional risk for the participants. Therefore, I attend to my own will and initiative fully assuming the risks and consequences of my participation. 5. That I have physical ability and technical skills sufficient to guarantee my own safety under the conditions of autonomy in which the event unfolds. Also, I have the sports equipment and security required by the organization and guarantee that is in good condition, I use it properly and take over during the entire event. 6. That I will comply with standards and security protocols established by the Organization for the event in which I participate, as well as to maintain responsible behavior that does not increase the risks for my physical or psychological integrity. I will follow the instructions and abide by the decisions made by those responsible for the organization (judges, medics and organizers) on security issues. 7. That I authorize the health staff of the event, to practice me any cure or diagnostic test I might need, being or not in a position to apply for it. Before their requirements I undertake to leave the event if they deem it necessary for my health. 8. That I authorize the Organization of the event use any photography, filming or recording taken provided that it is exclusively related to my participation in this event, and not perceiving any kind of consideration in return. 9. That before or during the event, I will not consume prohibited substances, alcohol or any other substance that alters my perception. 10. I participate voluntarily and at my own risk in the event. Therefore, I release or release of any liability to the Organization, partners, sponsors and any other participants, for any physical or material damage that occurs on my person, and therefore renounce to file complaint or lawsuit against them

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