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from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Eng- and the Pass shall have merged into one, she The Church and the Civil Power. M.iniature Lies of the oalat. By Henry school of Catholio tesohinge. take one stride farther and make MoI land. Yet in spite of the secular arm it is may Mr. Fenillet's writings may do for the in an article neighbor 'resbyterian Oar on the Fathber Stack affair lnakes some to day again taking possesslen of all those bile de. I her 713th ward. Alligators indeed ! Sebastian Bowden of the Oratory. New prayed tastes of the Communes York: Bensiger Brothers.. of Paris; but ormLaAs, InUr-Ar. NovNsBR 5s las". a singular blunders about Catholic matters. countries. In Ireland it maintained its ar Mrs. Caroline A. Merrill. widow of Nathaniel This obasming work it in two volumes; we trust they will be found unpalatable Among other thinge) it says that the Pope discipline while the "seeular arm" wa' W. Merrill, died in New York on the 18th lnt., each so small as to be easily carried is the offensive to the intelligent public of ourCathe. . W O&LwDAa 01 !S sharpening the headsman's axe for every leaving an estate of nearly four hundred thou* poket, and the whole comprising three hea. lie city. bolds'that the " temporal power is esaenay sa last me 5-Tw tersk Soma..... Rov. priest that could be caught. In.P ance it sand , dollars. Her only next of kin are a large dred and sixty-five lives, or one for every day Our Youn Folks' JAlaefs . Rev. Thor, tIal to the suooeess of omaniae as now 5 Scully, Editor, Boston, TTamsad Msartyr. r triumphed over the "secular arm" and the number of nephew. and rieces. She executed in the year. The plan followed is this: The Mass. Price, fans'the Pope holds The oeeatitted." per year. Ab e NwYSrSes. . Npasay.... roev. n5-1th asmental troth of Catholcity that RomanFeerisa guillotiae. In Italy and Germany the "se- a will on bthe2d of May, 1871, naming Moses face of.easoh leaf contains a simple outline of .. la....11.v. 5--. Month by month this "Journal of Weisdaly.. Fev. S-at. OGegory .T!y Pss. I .na sad R, G. Ralston as her executors, and the Saint's life, while the reverse bears as its tion and caular" foot is trampling it in the wine- Taylor 7 iss . Pte. leuisay...oev. ,-.St. OsieL Amusement" seems to improve ia 1i tar is constituted now exactly'as it alAltew. Ap&s5 -Lt. 1rv.....o. the will was witnessed by Cyrus W. Field and title a virtueos characteristi of the Saint, an ex- attractiveness press and bringing it out purer and stronger t I-8. 1--sd. and faadination /t Dec. .... its army a ways was-that is i our neighbor means Berjamin Cartwright. The instrument leaves hortation, a maxim, an illustrative anecdote, juvenile readers. At the appearance through the ordeal. of reas Arobbiebop Lamy,. of Santa Fa, reeatly the Roman Catholic Church when it Perhaps our neighbor was thinking of no bequests to any ot the testatrix's next of and finally a text from oSripture. number we are surprised by some says Romaniam. Then, again, the Pope kin, except the amount of ive thousand dol. psed throogh New Terk, et resee for Rome. It has been a custom in Catholio countries tertainment for young folks, with novel en. Loutheranleism, Calvinism and Episcopaliana prOee, never dreamed of holding or hinting that lars and her hoousehold furniture, ornaments single leaves conitnfang short so- (never unfulfilled) of something estillAe The Mayor of Dublin, on the 1t last., for the temporal power was essential as our ism, which truly are mere creatures of and clothing to Caroline W. Salter Delgardo, a to distribute oeunts of the salnte, with a grass or virtue ap- next month. To sohool managers we sun neighbor says. How could be For three secular power and secular support. When aoe. warded to London the tfestt .r1i instalmeet propriate to each, and which served the aisoe, sad five thousand dollars to Dr. George centuriea the Roman Chuorch was an entire, soientionsly Fund. PFamine recommend this as the vey st of 500 in aid of the ndint it speaks of anything so venerable as Cath- H. Colton Salter, a nephew. The document faithful for both prayer aend meditation magazine in America C for of the promot efa elicity, it ought to avoid patent absurdities. Ibegins with the words, "In the name of the These Miniatare Lives are but a collection he seoond of tbhe riss of free lectures at persistent, increasing success without any leaves, prepared for the use of the healthy emulation amongst pupils, andt we sucneh Holy Trinity, amen," and recites'thst the tee. aJlalt Charsb, expeeing Catholic truths temporal power, nay, in the face of the second volume is Just about beginning, sowis That Oratory in London; but which most prove Mobile Coast. frightful persecution by the temporal tatrix leaves to the New York Hospital $50.000; t, their relation to religion and ociety, will most power. Thereafter, for several centuries elcomeoand useful to every sincere and pious the best period to subscribe. It may be hat St. Vincent's Hospital, $5.000; Portsmouth I have Register Mobile the of friends Our be delivered this evening at the 7 o'cleckmore, though still devoid of temporal soat Elder's Agency, 78 Carondalet strek Portsmouth, N. H., $2 000; Cardinal Catholio. 4 recently- made quite a bold attack upon Atheneum, munism is rapidly McCloskey, $50,000, and to David W.-Baeon, LUTB Although there is a wonderful resemblance 0Ko3rBATOW Z0OUg i sreignty, continued to be a mane,: saeth reputation-.-elimatlo. terrauaeoue and y ptdilag in the United States is prove etwee all the ,aint.i family likeness, as it dailies of our One New Orleans. moral-of How then can the Pope or any other CommuDaz, Evuuus, LA., Nov. Il,1877 the feet that a ticket of pronoanoed sane man dream that "temporal power" is in a fit of abstraction and, we may say, of estate. By a codioil made at Rome, Italy, were, whioh shows the relationship to their -dlor Morning Star, Divine Model-still they are very unlike in alst resroved over d0L0 votes in the recent eseential to its snccess. Our good neigh- desperation at the dearth of topics, con- December 29, 1875, she makes Cardinal MeOne week ago, last Sunday, the congrea Chiosgo munioipal election. borought really to quit fabricating doe- ceived the gigantic scheme of making New Closkey her residuary legates in place of Bishop their characteristic traits Individual sacrifices, tion of St Joseph's witnessed for the first tdae This evening, at 7 o'clock, Rev. Father btrines for the Catholic Church. Such Orleans compete with Florida for the Bacon, the latter having died In the meantime, and manner of serving God. "At one star in the history of our city, the celebration bya and she made the proviso that if Cardinal differs from another in glory," so do the servants Goidry, C. M., will preach in St. Stephen's t iodges may be charitably attributed to ig- patronage of invalids.. So the Register, priest of his first Mass. Rev. J. M. Laval, at of their lustre MoCloekey died during her lifetime, Vicar of the Most High differ in the eborob, Napoleon Avenue, for the loaee Total d dained the day before, arrived in our norance if occurring on some far off fron- true to its geography, determined to General Preston should be substituted as the virtues and the heroism of their lives. Abetieenoe Bociety. Of course the admlesion n Sunday morning, and at the usual hour te stand between us and our suggested rival. residuary legatee. Of course, the "' next of Countless as the saints may seem upon the is fire, and the public generally are invited to ttier a lotseen of a benighted Methodists whole congregation proceeded in a body frli who among have never priest or a cross, but Without awaiting further movements, iL kin" are trying to break the will, thus ensuring Calendar of the Church, eaoh one is known to I attend. the churoh to the residence of the for the and is pazi, big fees courts and peculiarity, in the endearing a long fight us by some I in a newspaper of four pages it doesn't look took the aggressive instantly and attack. Next Thursday and Friday evenings, Mo- 11 reverenced because of some distinguishing priest, where the young Levite, sooompauie well. ed in force. It upbraided our goodly city lawyers. I by the Very Rev. Father Delaoroix, Evo3's Bibernioon will be exhibited in St. quality of mind and heart. How we love St. as well with mud, Sunday theatricals, alligators, Mother Mary of the Incarnation, foundress Vincent de Paul for his almost infinite charity, several visiting Fathers, among whom wan Misoael'a Hall opposite Annunoiation Square, The Presbyterian thinks that the Stack decision is "bitterly resented." It is sorcery, horce racing, Cleopatras, Antho,the proceeds to go to the support of the of the Urensines of queljeo, who died in the and how familiar the venerable figure appears Fathere Anataett and Beronnet,joined the pre. heartily laughed at as a solemn stupiditynys (not St. Anthonys), swamps and gumbo. odor of sanotity April 30, 1671, has been de- with its arms burdened with the little waifs cession, which along with the Independenat parochial schbool. Admission Afty cents, childSilver Cornet Band, ever on hsad intimated that even Mobile and its clared Venerable by a decree of the Sacred Conran halt price. attempt to persecute the clergy through It for seoh oe a an the laity. Judge Gamble and our neigh- vicinity might be a better place than our gregation of Rites, and the process of her beati- of fortune I casions, wended its way back to the chrsah. Who does not distinguish from among orsasoa..-Lst Thursday we bhad the P borought both to know that such a decise gay metropolis for very pious invalids. Although it was only known a few daybp I fication and oanonization is now proceeding at the throng, the noble Saint Ignatius' of pleeasre of a visit from the Rev. Father PheThis holy woman is one of the Catbo- Loyola, who, having served his King as a viously that the event would occur, the ehbre I ion is a mere brutum fulmen, a senseleds, There may be some truth in the premises Rome. Ian, the distinguished Editor of the Bt. Louis was crowded, a goodly number of non Cath.. and yet injustice in the conclusions. We lie glories of France and America. Bosenet Courtier thirty years, turned his whole heart Father Phelan is the guest of the inoperative piece 9f impertinence. Wasekame. liae being present. The young Father, vu have Mobile has sand. Sand is the calls her"' the St. Theresa of the New World," to God, spendibg thirty-five years in such deRev. Father Kenny of St. John's, at which assisted But, says by Father Anstaett, Fathers DuaB. the Presbyterian, the tendency and Fenelon spoke of her as "a light of the tf the Romish Church is to centralization. emblem of sterility ; mud-Mississippi mud voted service to his heavenly King, that his Church he will preach to-day at High Mass. nard and Welte, acting as Deacoon and The tendency ! Why the Catholic Church -with a little dexterous handling turns into seventeenth century." Many other eminent name as Soldier of Christ, will live forever t Bb. Rev. J. Moynihan Jr. will deliver a free leo- T Catholic writers celebrate her heroin charity How well we know St. Agnes-the child Deacon. first class sugar. Sometimes other people But with. Father Laval's advent comeas tare at St. John's Church this evening at 7:30 s centralization-centralizstion says: "She Golifet The Jesuit in its most humility. and angel guardian whose St. Ceoilis, I martyr; 3oncentrated form. It holds that all spirita- afterwards put sand in the sugar-we don't o'clock. His subject will be "Charity towards had a miraculonus vocation, and was filled with always walked visibly beside her; St. Eliza- departure of Father Domas, who he been * ilpower is from above, not from below; from say Mobile people-but people who live be sistant will wblish priest collction, the Apostolio spirit, and with oourage superior of St. Joseph's for near two yer the Poor." The beth, whose alms of bread and meat turned to Sod, not from man. It holds that God has where sand is handy. There is none here. to past. Sunday he celebrated Solemn t her sex she crossed the seas and went to teken up before Benediction, is to be devoted to ighl all spiritual power is the hands of his We are not, however, down on sand abso- Ilabor in Canada for the conversion of the red roses and lilies fresh with the morning's dew; Meas in our church, and the the relief of the suffering poor who are visited Gpnut sermon, a most St. Martin, with his soldier mantle out in two; I girls. For this purpose she founded a St. Lawrence, smiling on his bed of flame; St. touching one, on duty andobedienoe, prseeu by the members of the St. Vincent de Paul Psetablished hierarchy of whom the Pope is lautely. Where there is no smoke sand is Indian Soolety. of her Order, and persevered to her Maoarinu, with his bunch of grapes: and a by Very Rev. Father Delacroi, brought tern e absolute head so far as discipline goes. All useful to show which way the wind blows, convent to the eyes of many, as I ma safely say a power of discipline is already with the and, therefore, it is an appropriate thing ldeath in her sealous and almost superhuman host of others;-all alike in their love for God, Elrr'RTAINMRNT FOR ST. FRANCIS CRUc, priest ever stationed in our midast has bea The Festival and Social Gathering now being p and all differing in the manner of theirsanotity. Pope and always has been so; how then at Mobile where they have no factories, no labors. Her life is fall of marvels and supermore loved by our people than natural favors." The chiefs and warriors of Father Daum given for the benefit of the above mentioned ran there be a tendency to more centraliza- steamboats, no foundries, no establishments n These Miniature Lives are intended to enthe St. Vineant'a Coemaereao, the Huron tribe have petitioned the Holy large our segealntnee with the Saints, to Fromt the Indl church, was well attended last Friday even- c ilon 1 Ia there more than all .pepiht silver Corant Band, as well as the of any sort in sufficient force to get up canonization. of her in behalf Father ti evening, (Sunday) this continue will It Ing. sake us know them better, love them more, more than an occasional and momentary that, being famillarised with their heroin eder, on dlifrent oesaslom daring the post Our neighbor so says that "in the complaint is widespread that theFrance tendency and Saturday, Bunday and Monday evenings, iu puff of smoke. On Sunday, the 28lh of October, the great virtues and encouraged by their saintly ex- week, he has hen the reelpleat of testimonal" December lat, 2nd, and 3d, 1877. The admis- c to destroy the individuality of the priests, The Register may be somewhat too near pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Quen- amples. we may follow in their footsteps and of love and esteem. Inshort, oear whole congre. . slon fee is twenty-fi making them mere tools," etc. Who makes the truth in its estimate of New Orleans qational tin, at the town of that name in the departt gation feel their-loss, but duty having brought attain to an equal share of grace and happiness. this complaint I Any respectable priest t him here, takes him away, and PFatheDemas Sundays. At any rate no one can dispute ment of the Aisne, France, which has been going Sister Simpllcia, a Sieter of Charity belongThe old objection to the Lives of the Saint, We say unhesitatingly, no. Any practical on for several years past, culminated in a grand is one who, ever obedient, never falls when ing to the Convent of " Good Succor," at Turin, its authority as an expert ob that subject. namely : that the work was large and clumsy, 10,000 of by upwards attended Catholic solemnity, T Equally certainly, no. The duty calls. BHOnR proa of in charge out was recently walking Travelers do say that Mobile has the exists no longer; for these miniatore volumes Catholics, who filled the grand and ancient eession of orphan pupils. A mad dog attacked C Communist, the Free-Mason, the Gambet- appearance of keeping Sunday all the obviate all difioalties and bring these adAt Uter's, 38 Royal street, a beautiful oil eellegiste church dedicated in honor of the the column, when the brave Bister caught him C List Perhaps so. They are bound to week through. There is, according to them, a Saint. There was present the Archbishop of mirable lessons within the reach of every paintingof "Judith"is on exhibition. Irs by the nose and held him until aid came to her t Christian. that is business from air of cessation complain about something. But what imgeneral pontifiGaul, who Belgio of Rheims, Primate copy of the celebrated original by Fra Bartl. c relief. Her fingers were terribly bitten by the From the French of Bev. F. lomle, and was exhibited in Lyons; Frasao lZisory. as perceptible on Monday or any other a Ancient pertinence in men who hate and scoff at the Saint, relios of the and elevated 1 cated, hydrodied of she after days a few ard animal, Gaseeu. B. J. New York: Catholic Publicaweek day as on Sunday. together with those of 88. Cassian and Victor, for some months, exciting the greatest adei phobia, in ,reat agony. the tion Society. priests and to set themselves as their champions, that, too, whenup the priests The sorcery and the Cleopatras we deny to reliquary, placed above and splendid t a new This seems to be as complete a text book of ration of all who saw it, but particularly that The Screwmen's Benevolent Association will c vehemently. There be truly a number of the t high altar, His Grace being assisted by his Ancient History as can well be arranged in so of.oonnoisseurs. This splendid painting vs find no cause of disquict 1 t celebrate their 27th anniversary by a grand themselves stately dames whom worldly persons assert suffragans, the Bishopse of Chalons, Soiesons, small a space. The name of the author is a understand, is to be raffled at fifty cents a Says the candid and truthful and lightparade to-day, as will be seen by the programand Beauvais, and by the Bishops of guarantee that the work is correct in every chance for the benefit of the new church ofti Amiens to be as handsome as Cleopatra was, but me which we publish on our fifth page. That giving Presbyterian : these ladies, so far from melting and swal- Laval and Guadaloope. The effect of the im- detail, and that it will be found equally as Sacred Heart, Donaldsonville, in the ereetioa they will make a fine show no one who knows The object plainly is to make the govern- lowing their poarls or other jewelry, delight mense congregation chanting the Credo in interesting as it is instruotive. of which the Rev. Pastor, Father Ceuppes, the men composing the orgaizsation and who ment of the Church an absolute despotism, by unison is"described as overpoweringly solemn AlIthough the volume is small, the work is continues to labor uanoeaingly and, we asn suoppreseing the freedom and independence of to show that they have them yet. Indeed and masgifioent. The event is all the more a has seen its previous peradee, can doubt,on the happy to add, with so mush success that the not intended for young obhildren. It is, the lower ecclesiasties. This cannot be doneex- we conclude that our esteemed neighbor while the universal esteem in which it is held oept by the connivance of the civil government. remarkable, as St. Quentin has been considered contrary, an excellent manuel for advanced walls are now already several feet shove by all our people, ensures the presence along But if the civil or secular power, as it is call- must have come over here once as a dead- the headquarters of the atheistical and matestudents who desire to fix in their minds the ground. 4 refuses to lend its arm to carry out the head under the necessity of getting back rialist party. its roaut of thousands of its friends and ad- ed. chief events and personages of anolent history, edicte of the bishop, the power of absolute mires. by the return train, and that it was too much despotism is broken. Whether Romanism can " It is rather curious," says the British Am The Sligo Champion, of the 20th of October, without enoumbering the memory with useless as a voluntary society, then becomes a dazed by the unaccustomed brilliancy which and Navy: Gazette, "that though reoruiting Is Oar friend A. F. C. of Houma, La., writes subsist records. problem. contains an interesting accoount of the enthu- details and prossio met its rustic stare to discern clearly or disGrace' "His : 22nd November dateof as, under said to be going on so well, the hoeshold McGce' Illustrated'Weekly. New York. As we have seen the Papal power over tinguish accurately. The sorcery whereof it siastic reception of the Very Rev. A. Quinn, the Most Rev. Archbishop, arrived here at 12.30 This fine pictorial weekly-the only Catho- troops should experience so much dificulty in Pastor of Riveretown, upon his return from o'clock Saturday, ae d was escorted to the discipline is already "absolute." It can- shudderingly discourses was only witchery. a short tour in the United States. filling up their ranks. The Life Guards, forlio one in the two Amerioas-continues to imThe Church by a large' number of parishioners not be made more so. But our intelligent There was nothing of the superhuman at Chamrpion says : prove upon acquaintance. The designs this merly, would not accept any recruitunder six a headed by our brass band. Father Popet in neighbor admits, in the very article from all about it ; it was strictly human, though The chief Inhabitants of the town drove to week are really, artistio, and the taste and feet, and neither Roman Catholics nor Irtsh very feeling address welcomed His Grace, who which we have just quoted, that the canon of an unusually fine type somewhat mod- a considerable distance outside the parish to judgment displayed in the selection of a few men were admitted into the corps. Now they replied in his usually eloquent style. Sunday, law secures the partial independence of the ified perchance by the very beat French meet the Rev. Gentleman, and when the pro- partioular ones, more than etone for some pre- have lowered their minimum standard tofeet cession reached Riverstown it was brilliantly His Grace confirmed a large number of per- lower clergy by fixing their right of "im10 inches and 36 inches round the ebest,axl corsets. illuminated both by tar-barrels in the streets vious illustrations which were rather mediocre. sonm in our churcb. Hle left for Father Dene- movability" in their parishes. and lights in all the honuse. It was very Our old friend Zosimus, whose doleful presence are as ready to asoept Irishmen and Rose It explains Gumbo I Now we know that our confrere pleasing, indeed, to witness the anxiety disoe's distriot on Monday at 1 o'clock, and reCatholics as any other recruits. The Bota farther that in this country theright of "imwent back in that return train. He didn't played on all sides and by all creeds and jarred upon our sense of the fitness of things, turned Wednesday at 5 r. x. Saturday, 24th, Irishmen, which is quits movability" does not exist and that conse- stay to dinner. If there is one thing par classes to do honor to this respected clergy- has left his post, and we think his absence a Guards also accept he will leave for Bayou du Large, Father and it speaks volumes for his zeal, piety, marked improvement in the management of innovation. quently priests may be removed and shift- excellence upon which New Orleans prides man, and universal popularity that the Protestant the Weekly. Geofroy's district. The offioial figures of the Board of Assemss ed around at the will of the bishops. And herself, it is gumbo. They have cotton as well as the Cathollo residents in his parish We are great admirers of Catholio seal and most inMcEvor's HinBitnicox.-This why I Because it is a missionary country. and rice and tobacco elsewhere, they have joined heart and hand in their genuine deare as follows for the city of New Orleans: genius; and as the Weekly Is under the con- Real estate................................. 8i,li:tl monstrations of respect and affection. teresting and instructive panorama will be cx. What deduction followsa Simply that in grain and pork and silks, they have im.. is'." Fathbr Quinn's tour in this country extend- trol of these combined qualities, we hope to Income.................................. bibited next Monday night at St. Patrick's ................................... 44 missionary countries the rule of hierarchi- ports and exports, palaces and fountains, ed as far as this city, which is the residence see it grow in popularity until it effeotually Furniture Horses, eto........................... Hall for the benefit of St. Vincent's Boys' Stock in vesseuls, e .................... a cal power holds in its 1 primitive fulness, they have art and science, talent, beauty of his sister, Mrs. Cooney, the wife of Capt. M. exclndes from every respectable family suach apital ...................................... 1S,9 Home. The excellence of the scenes, reprei senting as they do the most celebrated and and that as a country grows more Catholic and accomplishment elsewhere as well as Cooney of the Mitchel Ridfles. The enthusiasm other publications as may truly be called Grand total ........................... .iI.... beautiful towns and natural curioeties in Ire- the canon law comes in and restricts that here, but they have not gumbo. Gumbo is of the people of Riverstown on the return to Diaboliosal Pictorials. Lastyar.........W...................... .. ,t deo This opening number of its second year is a land, no lees than the worthiness and great power. The tendency then is to decentral- in New Orleans only. It originated here, the midst of their revered pastor can be The total assessment for the State will pr fully understood and appreciated by the few genuine artnumber, containing no less than bably reach $180,000,000, an Increase of aboet need of the benecolaries of the entertainment, zation as a policy. Foolish man ! it expanded and grew to perfection here, should ensure a crowded house on the ocoaBut that is cot the worst of the folly. (we speak of it now not as a dish but as an who had the pleasure of meeting Father Quinn four full page engravings of interesting de- *5.000,000 over 1876. sion. The Home which, under the care of the The extract goes on with the astounding Iart.) It has never been possible to seooll- during his brief sojourn here. signs, besides four other pages well adorned St. Louis has introdooed cents for cbshaf few laymen who constitute the St. Vincent de assertion that if the secular power refauses with graceful illnustrations. The reading mat- no CLURICAL CHnrors AND APPOINTMENT.smaller coln than the five-cent nilckel bavinmate it elsewhlere. Men go away resoPaul Society, has proved the salvation of many to sustain the bishop he is helpless. No Slutely bent on keeping up gumbo, but soon Besidea the appointments announced in onr ter is also varied and excellent, so that the heretofore been current in that city. ThO they finod that in is no longer the same I Wueekly is well deserving of a generous and ohtrch collections are Ialready beginnaif O bhundreds of poor boys during the past ten bishop in this country last weeks' isnue, we are authorized to give the has ever called on feel it.-Ezciange. thing. The inspiration has been lost and f extensive patronage. years, is sadly in need of help now. Will the secular power to sustain his plans of following: OurNew Orleans merchants are tddi not thbls help be extended by a generous pubCopies of the Wesekly are sat all the newsSnothing of it remains to them but a fondly Father Plotin, Pastor of Royville, on accsont dealers, and esubsoriptions may be left with the playing their senee by iotrodooing onts hees, licst Let your presence Monday night with discipline, and yet there is no complaint of a chronio disease of places the eye, has bes allowed r to exohange with Father Agent, Mr. C. D. Eider, 78 Carondelet street: that discipline cannot beenforced, although, Scherished memory, (we speak of it now too, but we hope .that choroh cellections will your wife and bchildren be the answer. as a dish.) f Blatterer, chaplain of the Academy of the Holy The Amours of Phtllippe. By Octave Fenlllet. not be made the only oooasions for their uw as we have seen, the disciplinary power of It seems that some of oar readers under- the bishop is far more rigid here than In Angels in this city; by the people. Philadelphia: Paterson & Brothers. Well. Never mind. These latter reSFather Ozanne, heretofore curate st St, stood us to say lat week that Father Kenny Catholic The very title of this book is indieative of Sr. MARY's CATHOLIc: countries. We cannot imagine any Sflections have restored our equanimity. We SAugustine's, is now Pastor of the Parish of St. ORPHAN Bore' ASYLUM, of debt of the aount have B no ill-will against the Register. We had osly paid $60,000 on Yves, on the upper coast, Father Rouge tsaking its misobievous tendenoies and immoral way in which the bishop could need the Chartre st., bet. Maeant and Franse, his plasoe at St. Augustine's; the perish. This is a mistake. We said be secular arm tesachings. The word amours is, November 231, 1877. in its mean Orleans, Father New BSriray, Pastor of St. Charles parish, in maintaining his discipline. Sare even willing to take Mobile, including bed paid that amount on the n.rfgage debtLI that rather frivolous old paper, into our is trsnsfeered to the pastoral charge of 1St. ing, as muoh opposed to that of .je as dark a Among other contributions I gratefallY erlase. Adding this to the paymente he made It is merely a spiritual question. The rfamily. New Orleans is a growing place Peter's, atCarenoros ners is to light, as sin is to virtue; and benac knowledge the receiptof twenty dollars frn on the organ, eto., we find that the total people who are to be ministered to either B The Mimssissippl Valley is nature's grandest SFather Scollard, of Amite City, iugiven we can easily understand the nature of the Mr. J. 8savage, being a gift of Tro s'rdre of Pontehatoula and Keanerville, Father amount paid out by him in extinguolhblng want the priest because he is sent by the r empire and the Crescent City is its natural Scharge Vo Treasu Kennedy, of St. Patriok's, in this eity, fAlling work before us and the sort of adventures it the orphan boys. debte, since he took obarge of the Churhob four bishop or because of something else. If for a at Amite t; relates. emporium. The little Jealousiles and spites1 the vany Father Cjone, of Kennervills is plasoed in years ago, runs up to the enormous sum of the former reason they will not have him We are sorry to ese it mentioned in conueo* The MunicIpal Conuncil of Lourdes has ib charge of and the in several stations st Jackson However, he Is not"out ef the woods" no matter what the Court may say, unless Sof capital cannot permanently chain down S(Felioiana) pe4,000. East Baton Rouge; tion with another resent work entitled "That spirit of the place. It has resolved to ereoat yet, and it remains for all his friends to prove the Bishop says so too. If for some other r the great forces of nature, and the yonung g Father Berthet is appointed Pastor of St. Lover of Mine." 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