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The Market Study MARKET STUDY A.


B. The researchers will focus its marketing activities on reaching the university students and faculty. Our market research shows that these are the customer groups that are most likely to buy great tasting coffee paired with specialized products such as doughnuts, brownies and toasted breads, located at President Ramon Magsaysays Entrepreneurial C. C(PRMEC) at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

The feasibility study is conducted since there is a huge demand in gourmet coffee consumption that gives opportunity and profitability of the business venture. It aims to fulfill the needs of the current market and to offer an extraordinary experience in producing unique type of coffee beverages. D. E. The chart and table below outline the total market potential of the proposed study: (sample survey based)

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H. COMPETITIVE DISTRIBUTIONS The team decided to put Coffee Break: Not Just Your Ordinary Coffee at PamantasanngLungsodngMaynila where there are many food carts and stalls inside the University that offers assortment of foods and drinks such as fries. Juices, shakes, pizzas, fries Their prices range from ten pesos to fifty pesos for the foods, and twenty pesos to fifty pesos for the drinks. The foods that are being offered to students usually contain preservatives and the preparations of foods are rushed thats why foods are not cooked properly. The drinks that kiosks sell are not healthy and not suitable for those people who are on a diet and with digestion problems.

C. Proposed Market Plan

Using the President Ramon Magsaysays Entrepreneurial Center (PRMEC) inside the Pamantasanng Lungsod ng Maynila (Intramuros Manila) as our business setting. The students, the faculty and even the staff members of the said university are our target market o be our primary customers in our coffee shop business named Coffee Break: Not Just Your Ordinary Coffe. It will be placedprecisely in the second (2nd) floor area of the PRMEC where it is convenient to take a good rest, an ambiance to study and a wide space to put up this business. Satisfying the breaks in the market, through our objective of given that a variety of health and wellness coffee made beverages and a pair up of Doughnuts, Breads or Brownies, we also aim to set these products on suitable prices so that our target market would afford to taste it. And for this type of business, we will be distributing our products through 'direct selling', because it is wherein face to face transaction with the customers are involved. In relation with our aim to sell these products with affordable prices, we set a range of P20-P40.00 for our food and beverages. The reason behind this is because of the use of coffee.... We have already conducted our survey and the suggestions of the respondents are also an added factor for the suggested retail price.

To introduce our products to the customers, here are the following promotional strategies on the FIRST WEEK of our business opening: