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AlphaControls :: history 23.09.2012 AlphaControls v7.

70 Stable released * * * * n * Solved issue with a forms resizing * Added support of the RAD Studio XE3 11.09.2012 AlphaControls v7.69 Stable released * Fixed error which occurs sometimes when form is closed and glowing is visibl e * * * * * * * * Latest QuantumGrid is supported Fixed error with Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V in the alpha color dialog Improved refreshing after a font changing in the TsComboBox Added ShowFocus property in the TsRadioGroup Improved a custom items drawing in the TsListView Solved problem which occurs sometimes after a window restoring Improved drawing of TsSpeedButton which themed by OS Published new "iOS dark" skin Improved text drawing in TsButton when skins are disabled Solved issue with glowing in buttons when they moved by mouse wheeling Solved issue with mouse wheeling in the TsListbox Added new TsSkinManager.OnGetPopupItemData event for menu items customizatio

14.08.2012 AlphaControls v7.68 Stable released Improved drawing of multi-line text in standard buttons Fixed error which occurs in TsComboBox under Delphi 5 Solved issue of blinking in the TsScrollBar component Solved issue of maximizing in MDI child windows Improved work of the TForm.OnPaint event Improved drawing of borders in forms with bsSingle BorderStyle when ExtBorde rs is False * Solved issue with ShowSpinButtons property in SpinEdits * Improved behavior of the Customizable property in the TsToolBar * Improved focusing of the TsTrackBar component * Added OnActivate and OnDeactivate events in the TsSkinManager component * Added new "FlatLine" skin by Graf Sascha 13.07.2012 AlphaControls v7.67 Stable released * * * * * * Some improvements in a forms minimizing process Solved problems with switching of tabsheets by "Ctrl+Tab" Solved problem with showing of modal dialogs from modal windows Solved problem with scaling of the TsComboBox component Added new "Toxic" skin by Graf Sascha Minor bufixes and improvements * * * * * *

24.06.2012 AlphaControls v7.66 Stable released * * * * * * * * Solved issue with right-bottom grip in forms Solved issue with menu activating in maximized forms Improved drawing of sPageControl borders when TabPosition <> tpTop Improved drawing of standard semi-transparent PageControl Solved issue with ReadOnly property in SpinEdits Fixed error in the sCheckListBox if control is placed on a frame Improved receiving of Selection colors for DevExpress controls Added new "Windows 8" and "Android OS" skins by Graf Sascha

26.05.2012 AlphaControls v7.65 Stable released * Improved changing of focus in standard ComboBox * Solved problem with Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V in the TsCalcEdit component * Solved problem with a pages hiding and showing in the TsNotebook * Improved custom drawing in the TsListView * Was made the alphaDBBuilderXE2.bpk file for AlphaDB pack under Builder XE2 i nstalling * Many minor improvements and bugfixes 14.04.2012 AlphaControls v7.64 Stable released * Improved output of unicode text and drawing of standard scrolls in the TsLis tView * Improved output of unicode text in the TsTreeView * Improved drawing of texts in standard dialogs * Improved redrawing after a focus changing in standard ComboBoxes * Improved automatic support of child forms * Fixed some troubles in main menus * Fixed problem with standard scrolls in the TsScrollBox * Published OnDblClick event in the TsPageControl * Improved drawing of scaled TsComboBox component 02.04.2012 AlphaControls v7.63 Stable released * * * * * * * Published dragging properties in the TsSpeedButton Published new "AutumnSky" skin Improved aligning of BoundLabels Solved an issue with refreshing of selected items in the TsShellTreeView Solved an issue with MinValue in the TsCurrencyEdit Improved an aligning to top of forms with extended borders Other little improvements

14.03.2012 AlphaControls v7.62 Stable released * * * * * rol * * Improved behaviour of the TsScrollBar component Fixed error in the TsPageControl when TabMenu mode used without skins Fixed error in the TsPageControl when captions are not visible without skins Improved drawing of custom glyphs in TsRadionButton and TsCheckBox Added properties AllowNegative, ShowSpinButtons, NextTabControl, PrevTabCont in SpinEdits Improved compatibility of TRichViewEdit with skins Little improvements and bugfixes

25.02.2012 AlphaControls v7.61 Stable released * Solved issue with scrolling by thumb in the TsDBLookupCombobox * Improved a rendering of text in system dialogs * Added support of the OnDrawTab event in the standard TPageControl * Improved rendering of standard TStatusBar component * Solved issue with a slow form moving under Windows XP * Added new ac_NoExtBordersIfMax option (change this variable in the s if maximized windows should not have extended borders) * Improved a drawing of dragged items in TsListView * Improved support of the MarqueeInterval property in the TsProgressBar * Many small improvements and bugfixes 23.01.2012 AlphaControls v7.60 Stable released * Improved drawing of bitmaps and texts in standard dialogs

* Solved problem with a forms minimizing * Solved several minor issues * Added new "WOT" skin 19.01.2012 AlphaControls v7.59 Stable released * * * * * * * * * Solved issue with ReadOnly property in the TsComboBoxEx Improved drawing of the TsComboBoxEx under Windows XP Improved drawing of disabled TsButton when TntUnicode key is enabled Fixed error in destroying of standard TSpeedButton Returned drawing of multi-line text in the TsPanel Improved refresh of the TsPageControl when ActivePage is switched manually Added support of DevExpress v2.3 Improved support of RTL in the TsEdit control Solved problem with freezing of skinned form

30.12.2011 AlphaControls v7.58 Stable released * Solved issue with white extended borders in system dialogs * Improved showing of popup menu in the TsMonthCalendar * Improved updating of CheckBoxes and RadioButton sizes if AutoSize property i s True * Improved drawing of popup lists in comboboxes 22.12.2011 AlphaControls v7.57 Stable released * * * * * * Added support of unicode in hints when TNTUNICODE key is enabled Improved drawing of extended borders in dialogs Fixed error with invisible ComboBoxes created dynamically Solved problem with invisible buttons on TsToolBar Fixed error in ListBoxes when height or width is too small Minor improvements and bugfixes

09.12.2011 AlphaControls v7.56 Stable released * * * * ) * * * * * Added support of the OnDblClick event in the calendar Improved calculation of heights in comboboxes Improved scrolling of RTL listboxes Solved issue with unicode captions in the TsTabSheet A lot of minor improvements Many improvements in showing of forms and dialogs Improved showing of RTL main menu Added support of vertical alignment in the TsPanel Improved showing of formatted text in masked controls (TsCalcEdit and others

09.11.2011 AlphaControls v7.55 Stable released * * * * * * * Solved issue with positioning of RTL main menu Improved calculating of week numbers in the TsMonthCalendar Improved drawing of the TsEdit control when BorderStyle is bsNone Improved drawing of items in the TsListView when checkboxes are shown Fixed error in the TsScrollBar component Solved problem with refresh of the TsPageControl component Many minor bugfixes and improvements

19.10.2011 AlphaControls v7.54 Stable released * Fixed error with WindowMenu * Added new TsSkinManager.Effects.AllowBluring property

* Added support of the C++Builder XE2 17.10.2011 AlphaControls v7.53 Stable released * * * * * Some optimizations in using of memory Improved input in the TsDateEdit component Added support of the Aero bluring in extended borders Added the new "Web2" skin Small bugfixes

11.10.2011 AlphaControls v7.52 Stable released * * * * Improved drawing of TsListView items when columns are resized Fixed error in clicking of TsSpeedButton when control is not skinned Fixed problem with slow minimizing/restoring of windows Many small improvements

30.09.2011 AlphaControls v7.51 Stable released * Added support of Embarcadero DelphiXE2 in 32-bit mode * Added skinning of TUpDown and TScrollBox components (UpDownBtn and ScrollCon trol types of skinning in the ThirdParty list) * Solved problems with skinning in DevEx controls * Improved work of ExtendedBorders property under Vista/Win7 without Aero * Many small bugfixes 12.09.2011 AlphaControls v7.50 Stable released * * * * + + Improved refresh of TsStatusBar after SimpleText changing Improved drawing of items in the TsListBox when component is not skinned Improved support of DevExpress vol 1.6, added support of editors Removed blinking in standard ComboBox when mouse moved over control Added IsModal parameter in the TsCalculator.Execute procedure Added new Afterburner and DeepPurple skins

01.09.2011 AlphaControls v7.48 Beta released * Solved issue with horizontal scrolling in TsCheckListBox * Solved some problems in controls and forms initialization * Added support of the TextHint property in ComboEdits * Solved problem with unicode in the TsLabelFX * Improved drawing of wrapped text in sListView items (vsIcon style) * Improved calculation of week numbers in the TsMonthCalendar component * Added support of the TabSkin property in the TsPageControl component (when T abType <> ttTab) * Improved work of the SkinManager.AnimEffects.BlendOfMove property under Wind ows XP 25.07.2011 AlphaControls v7.47 Beta released * * * * * * + * Fixed an error in skinned popup menu Improved changing of TsCheckBox and TsDBCheckBox components Improved calculation of ItemHeight in the TsCustomColorBox Improved work of the AutoSize property in the TsLabelFX Improved work of the OnTabMouseLeave event in the TsPageControl Improved repainting of the TsPageControl after the Enabled property changing Added support of the DeveloperExpress version 2011 (DEVEX2011 key) Minor improvements and bugfixes

15.07.2011 AlphaControls v7.46 Beta released

* * * + nts on + + + + + + *

Improved showing of popup menus Solved issue with refreshing of controls placed on frames Improved drawing of TsListBox with horizontal scrolling Added possibility of dynamic changing of information in hints with TsAlphaHi component, a demo program with animation in hints was uploaded and available the page with demo apps Added support of DIALOGTITLE skin section Added CaptionWidth property in the TsGroupBox component Added AccessibleDisabledPages property in the TsPageControl component Added OnSkinListChanged event in the TsSkinManager component Added MenuSupport.AlphaBlend property in the TsSkinManager component Released new "MetroUI" skin Minor improvements and bugfixes

29.06.2011 AlphaControls v7.45 Beta released Improved behaviour of skinned forms Solved problem with skinned semitransparent hints Improved support of the SkinSection property in the TsLabelFX component Improved support of BlendOnMoving property under Aero Mouse wheel is supported in the TsTimePicker Up and Down keys are supported in the TsDateTime component In the BoundLabel property were added new layouts : sclLeftTop, sclBottomLef t, sclBottomCenter and sclBottomRight + The CaptionMargin property was added in the TsGroupBox and TsRadioGroup + Added support of new MENUCAPTION section * Minor improvements and bugfixes 20.06.2011 AlphaControls v7.44 Beta released * Added support of DropDownMenu property and bsSplitButton style in the TsButt on + Added new "Moonlight" skin * Many minor improvements and bugfixes 08.06.2011 AlphaControls v7.43 Beta released * Improved support of RightToLeft reading in skinned hints, forms, Popup menus and sListBox * Improved support of Woll2Woll grids * Improved items drawing in sListBoxes * Improved drawing of buttons in Combo controls (TsDateEdit and others) * Improved drawing of non-skinned controls which are placed to skinned TsPanel * Improved drawing of ExtraLine in menus under Aero + TSRVPageScroll added into ThirdParty predefined list + Added OnTabMouseEnter and OnTabMouseLeave events in the TsPageControl compon ent + Added AllowAnimation property in the TsSkinProvider component * Many minor improvements and bugfixes 22.05.2011 AlphaControls v7.42 Beta released * * * * * * * In some edit controls was added a support of transparency (if not focused) Improved painting of buttons backgrounds in spinedits Many improvements in the TsListView items drawing Hints may be drawn with using of borders only, if transparency is 100 Headers of the TDBGridEh are not drawn with XP themes when skinned Improved drawing of TsSpeedButton if ButtonStyle is tbsDropDown New OnChanging event was renamed to OnPageChanging in the TsPageControl comp * * * * * * +

onent * Improved painting and fixed some errors in the TsPageControl component * Fixed error in closing popup calendar if TsDateEdit is not visible * Added support of the HideSelection in the TsTreeView component * Improved drawing of main menu line * Solved some issues in MDI forms using + Added TsPageControl.TabPadding property + Added new "WEB" skin * A lot of minor improvements 15.04.2011 AlphaControls v7.41 Beta released * Solved important issue with skinned forms deactivation * Fixed error in TsPageControls without active page * Several improvements in the TsPageControl component 14.04.2011 AlphaControls v7.40 Beta released * Big improvements in the TsAlphaImageList component, painting of scaled PNG g lyphs much faster now * Solved issue with charset in forms and dialogs captions * Declaration of the TsPathDialog was moved from sDialogs to acPathDialog unit * Buttons are drawn faster * Resizing of forms is faster * Faster painting of TsListView items * Solved problem with OnPaint event in TsScrollBox and TsFrameBar components + In the TsFrameBar component are added OnChange, OnChanging and OnClosing eve nts + Added OnCloseUp event in the TsDateEdit component + Added support of stretched mode in drawing of masked borders + Added ShowGrip property in the TsSplitter component + Added support of united and multilined columns in the TsDBGrid component (Al phaDB package) + Added new "iOS4" skin + Many improvements in the TsPageControl component : * Fixed issue of standard pagecontrol drawing when Manifest is used and TabP osition is not tpTop * Improved drawing of Close buttons, added automatic tab width changing, imp roved content aligning in skinned and in standard modes * TsTabSheet.SkinData.SkinSection property is supported now + In the TsTabsheet were added new TabType (ttButton, ttMenu, ttTab) and Tab Menu : TPopupMenu properties + In the TsPageControl were added new RotateCaptions and AtiveIsBold propert ies + Added additional handling of disabled pages (drawn as semi-transparent and not accessible now) + Added NewPage:TsTabSheet parameter in OnChanging event 11.04.2011 AlphaControls v7.34 Stable released * may * * * * * * * * Added NOACPNG key in the file (disables AlphaControls PNG loader, be useful in systems which have Png support already) Fixed error in loading PNG from stream Fixed error in initialization of the TsListView drawitems event Improved drawing of background in TsCheckBox and TsRadioButton Fixed error with leaving of extended border after a program minimizing Improved drawing of menuline under Windows 7 Some improvements in resizing of forms Some improvements in the TsSpeedButton drawing Improved drawing of buttons SpinEdits

16.03.2011 AlphaControls v7.33 Stable released * * * * * * Fixed error in buttons clicking when button is destroyed in OnClick event Removed a memory leak which occurs when glowing effect used Improved navigation buttons drawing in cxScheduler Wrapped text is aligned to the left in checkboxes (standard behaviour) Solved problem in clicking of title buttons when extended borders used A lot of minor improvements

24.02.2011 AlphaControls v7.32 Stable released * * * * * * * * Improved drawing of captions in DevEx VerticalGrid Removed automatic closing of popup listboxes after scrolling Solved problems in filling of bitmaps when height = 1 Improved drawing of disabled TsComboBoxEx component Improved drawing of shadowed label Improved drawing of items in TsLisView when style if vsIcon Some improvements in forms painting Some improvements in spinedits behaviour

11.02.2011 AlphaControls v7.31 Stable released * Fixed error in the Close button clicking in system dialogs (when AllowGlowin g is True) * Fixed error in Magnifier closing when modal form is shown immediately after that * Solved problem with aligning of text in standard TPanel * Some improvements in drawing of standard TPageControl * Solved problem with scrolling in the TsFrameBar component when skins are off * Several minor bug-fixes and improvements 28.01.2011 AlphaControls v7.30 Stable released * * * * Solved several refreshing problems Fixed an error in form minimizing Many minor improvements Updated all skins

16.01.2011 AlphaControls v7.29 Stable released * Solved problem in disabled TsComboBoxEx component * Solved problem of TsPanel refreshing * Solved problem in TsSkinManager.Saturation and TsSkinManager.HueOffset prope rties 14.01.2011 AlphaControls v7.28 Stable released * Fixed error in the non-skinned TsListView component * Several minor bug-fixes and improvements 13.01.2011 AlphaControls v7.27 Stable released * * * * + * Fixed error in TsPageControl when several SkinManagers are used Improved showing of forms without TsSkinProvider component Solved some problems with forms minimizing animation Solved some problems linked with RTL languages using Added new "Winter2011" skin Minor improvements

20.12.2010 AlphaControls v7.26 Stable released + + + + ng * * * * Some improvements in extended borders drawing Solved problem in MDI forms which was occured after skins switching off Solved some problems in work of skinned forms Minor improvements Added Added Added Added OnColorName event in the TsColorBox component PopupWidth property in the TsDateEdit component ShowFocus property in the TsPageControl component automatic changing of TsPanel borders after the Bevels property changi

06.12.2010 AlphaControls v7.25 Stable released * * * * + Some improvements in the ASkinEditor tool Improved drawing of border icons Improved work of CustomDraw events in the TsListView control Many small improvements Added new "Garnet" skin

25.11.2010 AlphaControls v7.24 Stable released * Improved repainting of active button in dialogs * Improved refreshing of skinned forms under Aero when ExtendedBorders are not used * Fixed error in the TsBoundLabel.SetFont procedure * Fixed error in the TsDecimalSpinEdit.Value property initializing * Minor improvements 24.11.2010 AlphaControls v7.23 Stable released * Improved preview in * Improved repainting rs are not used) * Solved problem with * Solved problem with SavePictureDialog and OpenPictureDialog of window after restoring under Aero (when ExtendedBorde dropping down of ComboBoxes OnChange event in the TsDecimalSpinEdit component

19.11.2010 AlphaControls v7.22 Stable released * * * * * * + Solved several problems in skinned MDI Improved switching between skinned forms under Aero Improved custom item drawing in TsTreeView and TsListView components Improved z-ordering of dialogs Improved indicator drawing in the TsDBGrid component Many minor improvements Added new "Office2010 Blue" skin

05.11.2010 AlphaControls v7.21 Stable released * * * * * * + Improved support of Right-To-Left languages Solved problems in work of mouse events with extended borders Added support of DevEx version 6.53 Added support of OnDrawItem event in the TsListView Fixed error in standard TStatusBar Many minor improvements Added new "Air" skin

22.10.2010 AlphaControls v7.20 Stable released * Some improvements in dialogs drawing

* * + +

Improved SelectSkin dialog Solved problem with repainting of transparent controls on the TsPageControl Added support of OnDrawPanel in the standard TStatusBar Added new "KaraKum" skin

14.10.2010 AlphaControls v7.10 Beta released * * * * * * * Solved problem in TsSpinEdit and TsTimePicker components Solved problem with the AlphaDB package installation under RAD Studio XE Solved problem with scrolling of tabs in the TsPageControl Solved problem with docking to the TsPageControl control Solved problem with non-editable sSpinEdits Improved behaviour of docked forms Improved work of glowed BorderIcons and ExtendedBorders

06.10.2010 AlphaControls v7.09 Beta released * * * * * * * + Some improvements in the TsMagnifier component Solved problem with skin deactivation in the TsTreeView component Solved problem with form restoring Solved problem with maximized form and hidden taskbar (under Aero) Solved problem with invalid input characters in the TsSpinEdit Improved drawing of grouped TsListView Improved drawing of TsPageControl with bottom tabs in some skins Added new "Deep" skin

26.09.2010 AlphaControls v7.08 Beta released * Solved problem when OnAdvancedCustomDrawItem event is not stored in TsTreeVi ew * Solved some problem in updating of ExtendedBorders * Solved problem with a text drawing in TsComboBox * Solved problem with standard dialogs 22.09.2010 AlphaControls v7.07 Beta released * Solved problem in DevExpress with AlphaSkins compiling * Fixed some errors in menus 21.09.2010 AlphaControls v7.06 Beta released * * * * * * * * Improved aligning of column captions in the TsDBGrid control Solved some problems with animation of forms restoring Solved problem with ListView items refreshing Added TsListBox.Count function for Delphi 5 Added TsAlphaHints.ShowHint(Position: TPoint; HintText: String) procedure Solved problem in DB grids scrolling Added support of the Embarcadero RAD Studio XE Many improvements in skinning of system dialogs

07.09.2010 AlphaControls v7.05 Beta released * Solved problem with a ghost effect in the TsTrackBar control when custom Thu mbGlyph is defined * Optimized and improved a drawing of TsBitBtn control * Optimized initialization of standard and third-party controls * Solved problem with refreshing of autosized TsCheckBox after Caption changin g from keyboard * Solved problem with OnDrawItem event in TsComboBox and TsListBox controls * Solved problem with OnDrawPanel event in TsStatusBar control

* Solved problem in scrolling of DoubleBuffered TsListView and with Checkboxes drawing in items * Solved problem with a help showing (HelpCtx parameter using) in sMessageDlg procedures * Solved problem in using of the DisabledImages property in the TsToolBar cont rol * Solved a drawing problem in the TsToolBar control when sizes of buttons are changed * Added ShowMainCaption propert in the TsSkinProvider.AddedTitle property * Fixed error in TsTreeView control when SkinData.SkinSection is changed * Fixed errors in sSpinEdits under Delphi 5 03.09.2010 AlphaControls v6.69 Stable released * * * * Solved problem with corners painting in groupboxes and radiogroups Improved animation in the TsFrameBar component Improved behaviour of calendar when MinData or MaxDate defined Improved drawing of the TsTrackBar component when BorderWidth is not 0

05.08.2010 AlphaControls v7.04 Beta released * * * * * * * Improved minimizing/restoring animation Fixed error in the TsSpinEdit control Solved problem with TJvGifAnimator placed on skinned form Fixed several issues in the TsListView component Improved drawing of images and scrolling in the TsComboBoxEx component Improved drawing of standard TPageControl component Solved problem in Twain dialog

30.07.2010 AlphaControls v7.03 Beta released * Solved some problems in support of the DevEx package * Solved problem in non-skinned TsCoolBar control * Solved problem with a system combobox in dialogs * Improved drawing of some dialogs, solved a problem with repainting * Solved problem with support of imagelists in standard TButton control * Solved problem in the TImageEnVect control scrolling * Improved drawing of the TsDBGrid in animation * Solved problem with TsColorSelect refreshing * Speed of MDIChild forms painting is faster now * Solved problem with small images painting in TsListView + Added support of TrackBar control in system dialogs + Improved the TsMagnifier component, added the Style property (amsRectangle, amsLens) * ACExtra package is updated to version 7, added new TacListView component the re 23.07.2010 AlphaControls v7.02 Beta released * * * * * * * * * * * Solved Solved Solved Solved Solved Solved Solved Solved Solved Solved Solved problem in hiding of form when ExtBorders are used problem with WM_COPYDATA message problem with animation of dialogs closing problem with PasswordChar in the TsEdit when control is disabled problem with CalcPercents property in the TsGauge component problem with OnDrawItem event in the TsListBox component problem of images drawing in TsListView subitems problem with system menu of MDIChild window when window is maximized some problems in minimizing/restoring of application problem with validating of input characters in sSpinEdits problem in sTrackBar drawing when animated

* Improved behaviour of popup calendar when date is not valid + SkinData.HUEOffset and SkinData.Saturation properties were added in buttons and many other controls 16.07.2010 AlphaControls v7.01 Beta released * Solved problem with sComboBoxes removing * Solved problem with unskinned TsCoolBar showing * Solved problem with MultiSelect mode in sListBoxes 15.07.2010 AlphaControls 2010 (v7.00) Beta released * Internal bitmap format is changed from 24 to 32 bits * Faster drawing and improved animations + Added minimizing/restoring animation, added the TsSkinManager.AnimEffects.Mi nimizing property + Forms and dialogs may be alphablended automatically when moved, added TsSkin Manager.AnimEffects.BlendOnMoving property + Added TsSkinProvider.AllowBlendOnMoving property + Added new cbSavedColors style for the TsColorBox component + Added 'SELECTION' skin section * Drawing of selections was improved in TsListView, TsTreeView and in all comb oBoxes and listboxes from the package + All comboBoxes and listboxes from the package may be alphablended (if define d in skin) * Updated the ASkinEditor.exe * All skins are updated * TsComboBoxEx component is changed completely (default style is csExDropDown) * In the TsButton control added support of the CommandLink style and the Refle cted property * TsSkinManager.AllowGlowing property was moved to TsSkinManager.Effects.Allow Glowing * Huge changes in the ASkinEditor tool * ZLibEx unit was renamed to acZLibEx for compatibility with original ZLibEx l ibrary - Removed the deprecated TsCommonData.InitCacheBmp procedure (use InitCacheBmp procedure which is declared in the sCommonData unit) - Support of unpacked internal skins was removed (only packed skins may be bui lt-in now) 09.07.2010 AlphaControls v6.68 Stable released * * * * Fixed error of images using in the TButton control Solved problem with items text receiving in acShellListView Solved some problems in the standard TComboBox Minor bug-fixes and improvements

24.06.2010 AlphaControls v6.67 Stable released + * * * * * * * Added images support in the TButton component (RAD Studio 2009/2010) Improved support of images in the TsButton component Improved repainting of the TsHeaderControl Solved some problems with scrolling in the TwwDBGrid Solved problem in the comboboxes popup window scrollbar Improved painting of the TPanel control when BorderStyle is bsSingle Solved problem in the TacCustomShellListView wit unicode Fixed "control has no parent window" error in the TsFilterComboBox component

01.06.2010 AlphaControls v6.66 Stable released

+ * * * * * *

Added the TsAlphaHints.MaxWidth property Solved problem with empty TsPathDialog Solved problem with AutoSize in the TsCheckBox when skins are disabled Improved sSpinEdits drawing when controls are disabled Solved problem with the AlphaDB package installing in Delphi 5 FrameBar.ArrangeTitles declared as virtual Minor bug-fixes and improvements

09.05.2010 AlphaControls v6.65 Stable released * * enu * * Found and removed GDI resource leak in the AlphaImageList Solved problem with PopupActionBar when used with TsSpeedButton as DropDownM Improved support of wwDBComboBox control Minor bug-fixes and improvements

27.04.2010 AlphaControls v6.64 Stable released + * * * In the TsButton control was added a support of imagelists for skinned mode Solved problem with skins changing by system menu Improved drawing of standard TToolBar when TsAlphaImageList used Solved problem with using the DEVEX key

22.04.2010 AlphaControls v6.63 Stable released + Improved TsPathDialog, added ShowRootBtns option + Added TsDBGrid control to the AlphaDB package + Added new "Nautilus" skin * Improved support of DevExpress (for support of this package is enough to add "acLFPainter" to uses clause in the project) * Solved problem with buttons added to standard dialogs by AnVir Task Manager * Improved scrolling of MDI area and behaviout of MDI border icons 16.04.2010 AlphaControls v6.62 Stable released * Improved drawing of some items in the QuantumGrid + Added new "Lucky" skin + Added the ThumbGlyph property in the TsTrackBar component + Added ShowYearBtns and ShowMonthBtns properties in the TsMonthCalendar compo nent + Added help-file for Delphi 5-7 (WinHelp format) * Updated some demo-programs on the demo page * Many minor bug-fixes and improvements 02.04.2010 AlphaControls v6.61 Stable released * * + * * Solved problem with resizing of dialogs when ExtendedBorders is True Improved support of TMS grids Added new "Vienna Ext" skin Removed all known resource leaks Minor bug-fixes and improvements

22.03.2010 AlphaControls v6.60 Stable released * Solved problem with units initialization in RAD Studio * Some minor bug-fixes and improvements 17.03.2010 AlphaControls v6.59 beta released

+ Added the AnimEffects.DialogHide property in the TsSkinManager component * Solved problem in parsing of HTML hints * Many minor bug-fixes and improvements 12.03.2010 AlphaControls v6.58 beta released + The Touch property was added in many controls (for the RAD Studio 2010) * Many minor bug-fixes and improvements 02.03.2010 AlphaControls v6.57 beta released + + * * * * * * Added the AnimEffects.FormHide property in the TsSkinManager component Added the Alignment property in SpinEdits Flickering removed when ExtendedBorders used Solved some problems with glyphs changing in the real-time Speed of forms resizing is more optimized Work of the TsDBCtrlGrid component is improved Improved the forms hiding animation Improved work of the Form.AlphaBlend property when ExtendedBorders used

12.02.2010 AlphaControls v6.56 beta released + Added the animation of forms closing * Several minor bugfixes 05.02.2010 AlphaControls v6.55 beta released + + * * * Added support of the <u> tag in Html-formatted hints Added the "Smoky" skin Improved work of hints on multi-monitor systems Solved problem with the TwwSearchDialog Solved problem with a form updating when ExtendedBorders property is True

* Small improvements and bugfixes 29.01.2010 AlphaControls v6.54 beta released Improved work of the sColorDialog Solved problem with MDIChild form closing Solved problem with menu when AutoMerge property is True Solved drawing problem with disabled checked items in PopupMenu Solved problem with compiling of the package string resources Fixed error in the TJvGifAnimator component drawing Solved problem with vertical scrolling (using thumbtracking) to last record in DBGrids * Small improvements and bugfixes 30.12.2009 AlphaControls v6.53 beta released * Improved drawing of controls which are placed on a ToolBar when animation is used * Improved a main menu drawing * Improved work of the TsAlphaImageList component under the Windows 2000 * Improved aligning of items in the TsRadioGroup component * Improved drawing of the cxGroupBox component * Solved problem with leaving of form parts on the desktop * Solved problem with animated showing of alphablended forms * Some improvements in the TsDateEdit component + The Use12Hour property was added in the TsTimePicker component + Published the ScrollWidth property in the TsListView component * * * * * * *

+ Published the AutoDropDown property in the TsComboBox component + In the TsSkinManager component two procedures were added : BeginUpdate and E ndUpdate 08.12.2009 AlphaControls v6.52 beta released * Small improvements and bugfixes * Added new "Beijing Ext" skin * Added global string variables in the sStrings.pas for easier localization of programs 27.11.2009 AlphaControls v6.51 beta released * Improved animation * Improved output of 32bit glyphs in buttons + Glow effect for text was added in most controls, forms and standard dialogs titles + Added new "Vienna" skin * Small improvements and bugfixes 13.11.2009 AlphaControls v6.50 beta released + Completely changed algorithm of forms initializing before skinning * Improved animation of forms and dialogs showing, added new AnimEffects.FormS how.Mode (atFading, atAero) property in the SkinManager component * Work of the TsPanel.OnPaint event was improved * Improved painting of the TsCheckBox and TsRadioButton controls in skinned mo de when ImageList property or custom Glyphs are used * Solved problem with form maximizing when BorderStyle is bsNone 13.11.2009 AlphaControls v6.48 stable released + Many little improvements and bugfixes 22.10.2009 AlphaControls v6.47 stable released + Added Cursor property in the TsFrameBar.TitleItems * Improved drawing of TsSpeedButton control in the non-skinned mode if ButtonS tyle is not tbsButton * Solved problem with ListView scrolling when GroupView property is True * Some small improvements and bugfixes 14.10.2009 AlphaControls v6.46 stable released + Added Glyph property in the TsSplitter control + Added AutoMouseWheel property in the TsScrollBox control + Added new 'CAPTION' skin section for drawing a panel under form title text ( see HeroesStyle skin) + Added new AddTitle property to the TsSkinProvider component (for showing an additional text in the title) + New dialog SelectSkin was added (in the overloaded version was added possibi lity to preview an internal skins too) * Fixed error when standard panel was drawn with using 'EDIT' skin section * Improved TsDBLookupCombobox component (AlphaDB package) - Removed small memory leak in the TsCheckListBox control 29.09.2009 AlphaControls v6.45 stable released * Improved speed of the TsGauge animation * Solved problem with taskbar when ExtendedBoders is True and form is maximize

d * Improvements in the TsDBLookupComboBox and TsDBLookupListBox controls * Improved TsSkinProvider.TitleButtons and added the Visible property * Many small improvements and bugfixes 10.09.2009 AlphaControls v6.44 stable released * * * + + * Solved problem with additional buttons in standard file dialogs Fixed "Not Enough Timers" error Improved messageboxes kind under Aero ShowSelectAlways property was added in the TsMonthCalendar component Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 is supported Many small improvements

24.08.2009 AlphaControls v6.43 stable released + * * * * * * + * * In the TsSkinProvider component was added new AllowExtBorders property Solved problem of empty FileListBox control opening Solved problem of the application icon repainting when was changed Several problems was solved in the TsAlphaImageList component Improved showing and hiding of forms and dialogs in Windows 7 Improved work of extended borders when window is maximized Improved drawing of form with BorderWidth <> 0 Added new "Shine" skin All skins was updated Many small errors was fixed

31.07.2009 AlphaControls v6.42 stable released * * * + + Improved drawing of Application Icon in the form title Improved drawing of TcxProgressBar, TcxButton and TcxCheckBox controls Improved a skin changing animation when ExtendedBorders property is enabled Added support of unchanged HUE in border icons if defined in skin New GetRandomSkin function was added in the TsSkinManager component

25.07.2009 AlphaControls v6.41 stable released + Added new 'Snow leopard' skin * Solved problem with glyphs which was cut off on the right * Many small improvements 13.07.2009 AlphaControls v6.40 stable released + + + + * Added new 'TV-b' skin Added support of standard Added support of standard Added skinning of headers Improvements in scrolling TDBNavigator and TNavButton controls TComboBoxEx control in the TcxShellListView control of the TsDBLookupComboBox control

22.06.2009 AlphaControls v6.37 beta released + In the SkinManager.ThirdParty list was added the "SpeedButton" skinning type , added TSpeedButton and TTntSpeedButton predefined types in the ThirdParty prop erty editor * Solved problem with MDI menu when Child form was maximized * Improved work of TntControls, fixed some errors * Improved work of AlphaImageList, smooth resizing of ImageList is available i n the real-time now 12.06.2009 AlphaControls v6.36 beta released

* Fixed serious error with a loss of images in the TsAlphaImageList component 10.06.2009 AlphaControls v6.35 beta released * * * + + Solved problem with returned file name in dialogs Solved problem with glyphs in AlphaImageList when size was changed Fixed error in the DrawNonClientArea property In the TsTimePicker component the ShowSeconds property was added ImageEn component is supported now

09.06.2009 AlphaControls v6.34 beta released + Added support of standard TSpeedButton and TTntSpeedButton controls * Improved drawing of TsTrackBar thumb when size of thumb is changed * Fixed "Stack overflow" error when ExtendedBorers was used * Solved problem with renaming a directory when TntUnicode was used (the sShel lTreeview control) * A few problems with ExtendedBorders property was solved * Little bugfixes and improvements 25.05.2009 AlphaControls v6.33 beta released + + * * In the TsDecimalSpinEdit value stored as Extended now, without rounding Added new Sapphire skin Solved problem with closing some dialogs when ExBorders property was Enabled Many minor problems are solved

09.05.2009 AlphaControls v6.32 beta released + Added Export function in the AlphaImageList component design-time editor * Solved problem with form content hiding when ExtendedBorders used * Solved problem when glowed BorderIcons was shown in top-left corner of scree n * Little bugfixes and improvements 30.04.2009 AlphaControls v6.31 beta released + In the TsCalculator component was added the ScaleIncrement property * Fixed few errors in BorderIcons work * Little bugfixes and improvements 23.04.2009 AlphaControls v6.30 beta released + Added the Hint property for TitleButtons in the TsSkinProvider component + Added SkinManager.ExtendedBorders property (forms can have translucent borde rs and shadows now, supported Win XP/Vista) * Resource leak in TabControls was removed * Improved standard dialogs skinning * Added TitleButtons property in the TsCalculator component * In the TsSpeedButton and TsBitBtn controls was changed a using of NumGlyphs property (disabled glyph used for Hot state now) * Improved drawing of TsBevel control 13.04.2009 AlphaControls v6.22 stable released * Many small problems are solved and improvements 25.03.2009 AlphaControls v6.21 stable released

* Improved work of TsMagnifier component, added new SizingMode property : TacS izingMode = (asmNone, asmFreeAspectRatio, asmFixedAspectRatio) * In the TsColorSelect and TsColorDialog was added the StandardDlg property * Added resource strings with Ukrainian language * Little bugfixes and improvements 12.03.2009 AlphaControls v6.20 stable released * Little bugfixes and improvements 05.02.2009 AlphaControls v6.15 beta released + Reflected property was added in TsBitBtn and TsSpeedButton controls + ShowWeeks and ShowTodayBtn properties was added in TsDateEdit and TsMonthCal endar controls + Added popup menu for selecting years and monthes in the TsMonthCalendar comp onent + Many TMS controls was added in the SkinManager.ThirdParty list design-time e ditor + In the TsFileNameEdit control was extended DialogKind property (was added dk OpenPicture and dkSavePicture), and was added OnBeforeDialog and OnAfterDialog e vents * Solved problem in menu items which has different ImageLists heights * Some improvements in the ASkinEditor.exe 27.02.2009 AlphaControls v6.14 beta released + + * * * Added support of Marquee style in the TsProgressBar control Added the Animated property in the TsGauge control Solved problem with sSpeedButtons refreshing when GroupIndex is not 0 Some improvements in form showing under Vista Little improvements and drawing optimizations

19.02.2009 AlphaControls v6.13 beta released * * * * * Improved support of TMS grids Improved work of skinned system menus Solved problem with a forms refreshing under Vista when Aero is disabled Some improvements in the TsAlphaImageList component Many little improvements

12.02.2009 AlphaControls v6.12 beta released * Improved support of Devexpress Grids (Quantum and Pivot), Scheduler and many other controls which have the LookAndFeel property (patching of DevEx sources i s not required anymore! Just install AlphaControls with enabled DEVEX key) * Many little improvements 04.02.2009 AlphaControls v6.11 beta released * * * * * In the TsSkinManager component the AllowGlowing property was added Improved ThirdParty list editor Improved work with some ThirdParty controls Removed some blinking effects which was occured under Aero Solved problem with showing of forms menus on the system taskbar

22.01.2009 AlphaControls v6.10 beta released + OnChanging event was added in the TsRadioGroup component + Added support of OnDrawTab event in the TsTabControl component

+ Added support of many Raize controls (list of supported controls may be foun d in the SkinManager.ThirdParty property) + In the TsSkinProvider component was added DrawNonClientArea property + Added glow effects for TsBitnBtn, TsButton controls and title icons of forms + Added two new skins (Topaz and Acryl) * Improved support of unicode characters in standard file dialogs 15.12.2008 AlphaControls v6.05 stable released * Improved work of TsAlphaImageList component when NumGlyphs property is not 1 (TsSpeedButton and TsBitBtn controls) * Solved problem with TsHintManager when component was killed in real-time * Some improvements in controls work under Windows Vista 09.12.2008 AlphaControls v6.04 stable released + OnSkinPaint event was added in TsTrackBar component - Removed memory leak in the TsAlphaImageList component * Small bug-fixes 01.12.2008 AlphaControls v6.03 stable released + + * * * Right and Left margins for a form titles was added in the structure of skins New "Calcium" skin was released Solved problem with skin changing if standart dialog is visible Updated all skins Small bug-fixes

21.11.2008 AlphaControls v6.02 beta released + * * * Fixed some errors in the AlphaDB package Removed registering of own PNG support in Delphi 2009 (supported by Delphi) Scrolling in ListViews was improved Some improvements in menus painting A lot of small improvements

30.10.2008 AlphaControls v6.01 beta released + Property AcceptFiles was added to TsFilenameEdit and TsDirectoryEdit control s (dragging files to controls) + OnDrawDay event added to the TsDateEdit component * Improved PngHints editor * Solved problem with opening of PNG ImageList editor in Delphi5/6 and C++ Bui lder6 * Solved problem of Ico32 using * Solved problem in MDI child maximizing 20.10.2008 AlphaControls 2009 (v6.00) beta released CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 support Added full native support of PNG format for all supported Delphi versions Added TsAlphaHints component (hints based on Png images there) Added TsAlphaImageList component with support of Png glyphs with alphachanne ls and Ico32 * ThirdParty list is empty by default now (use handy editor with predefined va lues for changing this list) * Big changes in the GlyphMode property (in ComboEdits) - Removed GlyphMode.Glyph and GlyphMode.UseDefaultGlyph properties + Added Images, ImageIndex, ImageIndexHot and ImageIndexPressed properties * Improved drawing of buttons in standard mode + + + +

* Improved drawing of controls in Windows Vista * Changed TsMagnifier component (Resizeable, Windows Aero is supported now) - Global variable GlobalAnimateEvents was removed (each SkinManager have own o ptions now)