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Al-Faisal warns: Saudi Arabia will not support Egypt forever

Friday, September 06 2013

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Al-Faisal warns: Saudi Arabia will not support Egypt forever

Al-Faisal warns: Saudi Arabia will not support Egypt forever

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The truth about the Middle East by Rt. Gen. Wesley Clark

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Every beginning has an end. Saudi Arabia offered grants and loans to Egypt, but will not continue to support it forever. Therefore, the Egyptian government must quickly find a solution to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in order to obtain a loan. We cannot support Egypt forever

In an interview with Fox News, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal said the Kingdom has helped Egypt both before and after the revolution. Following the deposition of President Mohammad Morsi, Saudi offered huge financial sums to help Egypt overcome the country's political crisis and crippling economic recession. However Faisal added that, "Every beginning has an end. Saudi Arabia offered grants and loans to Egypt, but will not continue to support it forever. Therefore, the Egyptian government must quickly find a solution to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in order to obtain a loan. We cannot support Egypt forever." Meanwhile Hatem Azzam, Vice President of the Wasat Party in Egypt and General Coordinator of Addameer National Front, sent a letter to Al-Faisal saying: "Keep your hands and your heads away from Egypt. You never supported Egypt before or after the revolution; rather you have supported and financed the military coup to ensure the deposition of Egypt's elected President and to thwart Egypt's dream of democracy and the Egyptian revolution." Azzam said in a statement that Al-Faisal's remarks to Fox News yesterday are an affront to Egyptians and unacceptable: "Al-Faisal has dared to insult Egyptians' dignity in front of the world. Saudi Arabia must apologise for Al-Faisal remarks. The Arabian Kingdom must [also] denounce the coup that wasted the Egyptians' dignity." Azzam added: "We did not seek your assistance during the revolution. You have supported the coup fearing the revolution's success will become an example. We do not want your hands or your heads. We want you to keep your hands and heads off Egypt." Azzam also stressed that the Egyptian people will complete their revolution and recover their dignity while the Saudi money will go down the drain.

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9/6/2013 6:48 PM

Al-Faisal warns: Saudi Arabia will not support Egypt forever

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9/6/2013 6:48 PM

Al-Faisal warns: Saudi Arabia will not support Egypt forever

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Let them be divided, the coup government in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Then, after that, we will see that this coup government will crumble... They should face justice, al-Sisi specially, he should be held accountable for the atrocities that he has committed... Egyptian fathers, mothers, sons, husbands, wives, laws and whoever that lost the loved ones since the coup should march for justice and let the justice alone deal will al-Sisi, this bloody killer, uncivilized and barbaric general who can only kill civilians... Reply 22 Like Follow Post 4 September at 19:36 Follow

Ahmed Ibrahim

coup has no future in Egypt. Morse will come back. Sisi must be held accountable for the atrocities that he has committed. Reply 15 Like Follow Post 4 September at 23:59 Amr Azim Top commenter SAP Application Support (Contractor) at Department of Defense (DOD) Morsi will never come back - he wanted to sell Egypt to UAE - which is disgusting! Reply 4 Like Yesterday at 02:18 Follow Lompoc Senior High

Sherry Selvaggio

Are you on drugs? Perhaps just blind and deaf.. Reply 9 Like Yesterday at 02:18

Raghad Altikriti London, United Kingdom Amr Azim don't worry you are not alone in your own bubble. Many like you are suffering from a distorted upside down vision. Sisi is the one who dedicated a square to the king of Saudi not Morsi! Sisi is selling piece of Sinaa' to UAE, Morsi never did. Time for a reality check. Reply View 8 more Mohamed Hassan Director at Self-Employed THIS GREAT TALKS ----- BUT WHO TOLD YOU TO INTERFERE IN EGYPT AFFAIRS ---- OR YOU ARE JUST A SERVANT ---- FOLLOW ORDERS ---- THEN YOU REPORT TO YOUR BOSSES ---- I AM DONE? ----- YOU ARE NOTHING BUT ANOTHER SLAVE/ SERVANT TO --YOU KNOW WHO? ------ EGYPT WILL BE BACK --THE COUP WILL FAIL ---- DEMOCRACY / FREEDOM WILL COME SOONER THAN YOU THINK ----- EGYPT IS MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU AND SAUDI/ EMIRATES AND ALL OF THIS GARBAGE NON SENSE. Reply 10 Like Follow Post 4 September at 18:44 Top commenter 16 Like Yesterday at 02:45

Mostafa Gamal Eldin

I think ordinary Saudis might have shown anger seeing their money going into a drain of a corrupt Egyptian governing system and I will add people also.This frank message of Al Faisel is directed to his own people. Reply 5 Like Follow Post Yesterday at 02:54 AlWaleed Al-Malki University of Technology, Sydney Smart point of view Reply Like Yesterday at 07:28 Abiola Ashiru Reply Top commenter

As you can see 'they look united but their hearts are divided. Their end is near'. 3 Like Follow Post Yesterday at 11:53 Top commenter Bentley University

Shep Fargotstein

If the new military government of Egypt can restore law and order - which may require them to match the brutality of the terrorost Muslim Brotherhood underground, then the economy will recover and the public support for Sisi will continue to grow. International investors and toruists are needed to return Egypt to a semblance of normality. The final tranistion - one which the Sisi government seems committed to - is to return civilian rule ASAP. This is a reasonable course of action. As for the MB members and their supporters who call it a coup, I understand your frustration, but it really doesn't seem that your government under Morsi was functioning according to the principles of a liberal democracy. The people spoke. Americans have great respect for the "people of Egypt" and a silent majority support the Sisi government and the crackdown of lawlessness that is plaging Egypt via the MB. Reply 1 Like Follow Post Yesterday at 13:58 Mostafa Almaghribi Fort Lauderdale, Florida Me too I understand your frustration and the frustration of all the israelis when Morsi was elected as a president .. First, there is not such majority has spoken ,there is a secular minority who was manipulating the media and we know that the media was demonizing and vilifying the MB since the beginning and that was Morsi's mistake of not controlling the media since the day 1. beside that the military and the ministry of interior was working against Morsi (that's Events Facebook Twitter Youtube RSS Subscribe

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9/6/2013 6:48 PM

Al-Faisal warns: Saudi Arabia will not support Egypt forever

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9/6/2013 6:48 PM