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Energy Medicine Relief of Insomnia Part 2

Acupressure for Insomnia

Michael Reed Gach and Beth Ann Hennings Acupressure for Emotional Healing. (Note: for a more extended self-care routine, refer to this source to prevent as well as relieve insomnia when it occurs.) Depending on the cause of your insomnia, there are a number of different acupressure points on your body that can relieve the emotions or thoughts keeping you awake. The positions shown here include several quick points to relieve insomnia.

11) Lower Belly and Abdomen Press

Benets: Relieves pain in the abdomen, for poor eating habits, relieves insomnia and emotional stress. Press your left hand into your lower belly in the center, several nger widths below your waistline. Press your right hand into your abdomen in the center, near the bottom of your rib cage. Inhale as you imagine energy moving from the back of your legs up your spinal column to the crown of your head. Hold your breath for a count of two, and then exhale as you imagine energy moving down the front of your body across your face down to your toes. This energy ow and breathing can be done for 3 minutes in any position, seated, standing or lying down.

10) Chest Press and Wrist Hold

Benet: These positions calm your emotions if you are upset. Press your ngers of your left hand into the middle of your breast bone (sternum). With the thumb and ngertips of your right hand, grasp the acupressure points that are 3 ngers width above the crease on your other wrist beside your little nger. Your thumbs press on the inside of the arm and your ngers press on the outside. If you have had extreme emotions or stress, these spots will probably feel tender, so you know you are at the right spot. Close your eyes and hold these positions with rm pressure, pressing for 2-3 minutes while breathing deeply. Reverse the hand positions and repeat pressure on these same points for greater relief.

12) Base of Head and Under Collar Bone

Benets: Slow down thought processes and move energy through neck, shoulders and upper back. With your right hand, press your nger tips at the base of the skull into the valley between the two ropy muscles in your neck. Use your left hand to press into the indentations below your collar bone 2-3 inches out from the center line on both sides. Your thumbs will press on one side and your ngers will press on the other. Hold these positions for 2 minutes, breathing deeply, eyes closed.

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13) Cross Chest with Hands in Arm Pits

Benets: Relieves unrest at the spiritual level by balancing the emotions. Cross arms over your chest and place your ngers into the middle of your arm pits. Hold for 1 minute with deep breaths and eyes closed.

Whole Body Reexology for Insomnia

Bonnie Pendleton and Betty Mehling, Relax! With Self-Therap/Ease.

15) Promotes Natural Sleep

Benets: Prevents as well as relieves insomnia, reduces ringing in the ears. This sequence of hand positions is for the left side of the body. With your right hand wrapped behind your head, press the bone behind your left year. With your left hand, curl your ngers slightly and place the ngers and thumb on your left forehead. Hold these positions rmly for 3 minutes. Leave your right hand on the bone behind the left ear and cup the left ngers around the left inner rib cage. Hold these positions for 3 minutes. Lie on your right side and keep the right hand behind the left ear. Place your left hand under your left buttock, with your palm either facing up or down based on comfort. Hold these hand positions for 3 minutes. After all of these sets of hand positions, reverse the instructions to relieve the right side of the body. If insomnia is severe, repeat this 2 part sequence two or three times a day.

This pose also works to ease depression. Hold for 2-3 minutes throughout the day.

14) Ankle Points

Source: Michael Reed Gash, Acupressure Potent Points Benets: Relieves anxiety to promote joyful and calm sleep as well as relief of heel, ankle and back pain. With your legs bent at the knee, reach both hands around behind the ankles. Press the thumbs on the inside of the ankles and ngers on the outside, in the indentations just below the inner and outer ankle bones. If you cannot grasp your ankles as shown, there are two alternatives. Press or massage one leg at a time. Or let your legs drop out to the sides and grasp your ankles from the inside of the legs, with thumbs on the indentation on the inside and ngers on the indentation on the outside of the ankle. Press or massage these points for one minute to promote sleepiness.

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16) Relaxes Body for Normal Sleep

Benets: Relaxation of the body. Place the right hand gently in the indentation in front of the neck, just above the collar bone. Press the pubic bone with the left hand. These hand positions work for the entire body. Hold these positions for 4 minutes.

Yoga Mudras
From video by Sri Swami Vishwanda

18) Rama Mudra

Benets: Reaching spiritual goals by relieving anxiety and worry as well as overcoming addictions. Hold your right hand up in front of your right shoulder, with your thumb and rst nger lightly touching in a circle. The other three ngers point straight up and touch each other. Your left hand lies on your lap, with the thumb and ngers in the same positions as the right hand with the straight ngers lying at. Silently say OM SHREE RAM on the in breath as well as the out breath.

17) Relax Mind and Body

Benets: Promote sleep by relaxing both mind and body. Lie on two towel knots or tennis balls, positioning one on either side of your spinal column, right at your waist. Clasp your hands behind your head and rest your head on your ngers. Press your thumbs into the base of the skull, on both the right and left side into the indentation on the outside of the ropy muscles of your neck. Hold these positions for 3 minutes. Next, cup your ngers rmly around your inner rib cage, one on each side. Hold these positions for 3 minutes.

Experiment with different poses, exercises or hand positions. From day to day, the right energy medicine relief will probably change, although you will develop favorites that work well for you. If your energy systems are balanced and running the right direction, the following strategies will work better or may not even be needed. Just in case you need these other natural supports for insomnia, they are provided here for you. In the book, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised 2nd Edition, Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno, there are a number of pages describing different types and causes of insomnia. Some strategies, in addition to energy medicine, to resolve insomnia may need to involve: Food (e.g. eat pasta or rice at night, not animal protein),

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Herbs to sleep or for pain (e.g. valerian, skullcap, hops, white willow bark), Vitamin or nutritional supplement (B and E vitamins, 5-Hydroxytryptophan (HTP), melatonin), Exercise (e.g. walk 20 min daily), Breathing deeply and stretching (e.g. yoga or tensegrity VCR or DVD before bed),

Calming sound (e.g. guided meditation or chant), Relieve Emotional distress (e.g. relieve fear or anger), Physical relaxation routine (e.g. alternately tense and relax from tips of toes to top of head).

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