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From: Mark A. Smith [] Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 1:16 PM To:;;; sadkins@curreyadkins.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Jerry Rubin;;;;;;;;;; Subject: 2012 El Paso Bond Election
T eam: Campaigns are won by all the small things people do, such as writing letters to the editor, posting on news websites, such; or A virtual coordinated campaign is as simple as posting on your Facebook or Twitter account to all of your friends and driving them to other websites that support the 2012 Bond Election, Propositions 1, 2, and 3. It is just like block walking, and phone banking. At the time it may not seem like a great

deal but in close campaigns what you do matters. Grassroots Action Plan: Next Tuesday, September 18, 2012, City Council will make the decision to agree to the term sheet for our AAA Baseball Team, our Team. As you know the only ones that you ever hear about and see on the news are the naysayers and individuals who are telling us that El Paso is simply not smart enough or good enough to be a great City. We need a show of support. Look at it this way, if the 66 Miners walked out on to the floor against Kentucky with this same attitude there would not have even been a game. We shouldnt accept mediocrity and status quo. El Paso deserves better, we have a long history of winning and not just in sports.

Our entire region, including El Paso and Fort Bliss won in the Federal Base Realignment Process El Paso won in the Texas Legislative Process by Securing the First 4-Year Medical School at Texas Tech approved in the last 30 years. Spur 601 the First Pass Through Toll Road built in Texas has been an overwhelming success and is a model for other communities on how to build their road infrastructure. These are only some examples of our community winning. We know how to win, this is our time to shine. Take action
TODAY ! in the following ways: 1. Commit to come to City Council next week, 2nd Floor City Hall-Downtown, City Council Chambers 9:00am mst-come early it will be crowded. Consider speaking to Council in favor of the ballpark. We know there will be dozens of voices of opposition - please don't let them drown out those in favor! Please email Elizabeth Margo at and let her know you'll be there and if you're willing to speak by 12pm MONDAY, September 17, 2012. 2. Submit a letter to the editor: El Paso Times: limit of 225 words: rch=query&th=13a5154f3478d0fd 1/3 9/6/13 Gmail - Mark A. Smith letter

El Paso Inc: limit of 250 words: https://elpasoinc dot com.bloxcms I have attached samples for your use and consideration. Write about what you are passionate about, what is important

to you. Children, school classes, sports teams - can all write letters. 3. Post your opinion to news stories about the 2012 Bond Election, City Hall, and Baseball stadium. Channel 4: Channel 7: Channel 9: Channel 14: Channel 26: (very important to show our diversity) Where ever you get your local news from - post to the reporters and anchors Facebook pages and contact information. They all have them for their ratings and story leads. For instance Darren Hunt at Channel 7 is 4. Send an email to our Mayor and Council Members: Mayor Ann Morgan Lilly Susie Byrd Emma Acosta district Carl Robinson Michiel Noe Eddie Holguin Steve Ortega Cortney Niland 5. Join the Facebook group Bring it El Paso, that is gathering supporters for the bond issues and baseball: 6. Join the Facebook group City Our Future/269683693143712?success=1 7. Visit and support the 2012 Bond Election Campaign 8. Forward this email to your friends, colleagues, and family get them involved. 9. MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE! Last Day to register to vote in the November 2012 Election isTUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2012 Last Day to Apply for Mail Ballot is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 First Day of Early Voting is MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2012 TAKE FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO VOTE ON THE FIRST DAY HOST A COFFEE GET OUR SUPPORTERS TO THE POLLS. ALL OF THESE ELECTIONS ARE WON OR LOST IN EARLY VOTING. Last Day of Early Voting is Friday, November 2, 2012 SEND NOTICES TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY WE NEED YOUR HELP WE HAVE TO WIN EARLY VOTING. ELECTION DAY IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2012 MAKE SURE YOUR CONTACT UNIVERSE HAS VOTED, AND THAT THEIR UNIVERSE HAS VOTED WE HAVE TO WIN EARLY VOTING. We need your help. Tripper is available, his assistant Veronica Garcia is available to answer your questions, help with coordination. Our consultants Elizabeth Margo and Mark Smith are available. We are truly at a crossroads, in summary The 2012 Bond Election has something for everyone. Proposition 1-$245 million will expand our zoo,

build more parks and senor centers; Proposition

2$228,250 million will build a childrens museum and a cultural center; Proposition 3-allows El Paso to do what other cities have been doing for the past 20-years by letting other peoples money build their stadiums and concert venues by increasing our hotel room tax on visitors so we can build a new baseball stadium that will spur all types of new development in our Downtown area. Simply stated for an average of $40 a year, El Paso will get over $500 million in new things to do, new places to visit, and a new place to play. The Economic Development and Quality of Life opportunities that will be created by the 2012 Bond Election will make our city a beacon-ac city so different, so unique, that people will say that is where I want to move to, this is where I want to live, invest my money, do business, and raise my family. Mark A. Smith Founding Partner SMITH
PUBLIC AFFAIRS 301 East San Antonio, Suite B201 El Paso, Texas
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