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S/o Muhammad Haroon B.B.A (FInance) Part-IV Semester-VIII Roll No. 39

This is to certifying that Internship Report on KASB Bank Limited is carried out by Umair Student of B.B.A (Finance) Part-IV Semester-VIII Roll No#39 ., Sindh University Campus Mirpurkhas under my guidance and supervision for the perhaps fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. It further certified that the work is original and has been accepted for the award of Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

Head Of Department Sir Naeem Gul Gilal Department of Business Administration


I would like to dedicate this simple work to My Parents who is one in Millions and My Honor Able Teachers without their support I cant be able to imaging about the completion of my academic Carrier and not about the completion of any dream. Their support always strengthens me and makes me able to face the society and challenges of time.

First of all I am thank full to Almighty Allah for granting me the courage, determination, will and resources to under take on Internship Report performance at KASB BANK M.A JINNAH ROAD, MIRPURKHAS. I would also express my deepest and sincere great attitude to my Internship Report Guider SIR NAEEM GUL GILAL for his valuable guidance passionate cooperation, and immense encouragement and constructive criticism during the completion of this Internship Report. Sincere gratitude and acknowledgement are due to: Mr. Farid Hussain Shah Regional Head of Branch Banking South-IV and Mr. Dileep Kumar Ouchani Branch Manager whose valuable advice and experience was indeed a guiding line for me, without whom I would not have been able to successfully complete this Internship Report. Mr. Mohammad Hassan Tanwari Operations Manager, Madam Shazia Rajput CRO, Mr. Mushtaque Ali CSO, Sajjad Hussian JPBC and all other valuable staff helped me on every step and obstacle. I also offer my special thanks to the management and staff of KASB BANK LTD M.A JINNAH ROAD, MIRPURKHAS for extending me a congenial atmosphere which enable me to accomplish all the objectives of this research report. I also offer my very special thanks to all the valuable teachers of SINDH UNIVERSITY CAMPUS MIRPURKHAS, who gave me such a precious gift of knowledge.

B.B.A (FINANCE) Part-IV Semester-VIII

Roll No. 39

The main aim of this report is that it is partial requirement of B.B.A. degree program. I went to KASB BANK M.A JINNAH ROAD, MIRPURKHAS . Secondly, this study is to gain a good amount of confidence by visiting an organization. Regularly and having fruitful conversion with officers and staff members of the bank on various operational function of their job. This practice has not only help research to use skill in the field but also to explore hidden potential, which could not have been known by theoretical study. Finally, the major purpose of Research study is to know that how a Bank plays its role significantly in the development of industrial section country. I selected KASB Bank Limited for conducting study because it stands in a leading and successful development financial institutions on the other hand of it performs and under takes warranty of commercial and merchant banking functions. The research study of KASB Bank Limited was conducted through two business research methods for collection of data was followed:

PRIMARY DATA VISITING KASB Bank main branch, making observation and getting information from manager and staff members collected primary data. SECONDARY DATA Secondary data can always be gathered faster and at a lower cost then primary data. The sources of secondary data collection were: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Annual Reports of the Bank Record maintained by the Bank KASB Bank Web site Brushers and Pamphlets Newspapers, Magazines and Business Generals

TABLE OF CONTENTS Certificate Dedication Acknowledgement

1. CHAPTER NO.1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1. Historical Background 1.2. An overview of KASB Bank 1.3. Organization Structure 1.4. Mission Statement 1.5. Objectives of KASB Bank 2. Problems faced by internee 2. CHAPTER No.2 THE MANAGEMENT 2.1. Management of KASB Bank 2.2. Management Hierarchy of KASB Bank 2.3. Personal Management 2.4. Organizational Chart 2.5. Branch Network 3. CHAPTER NO.3 GENERAL BANK/BRANCH BANKING 3.1. Accounts Department 3.2. Cash Department 3.3. Clearing Department 3.4. Remittance Department 3.5. Foreign Exchange Remittance Section. 4. CHAPTER NO.4 ADVANCES 4.1. Types of advances 4.2. Personal finance 4.3. Ghar Finance 4.4. Education Finance 4.5. Karobar Finance 5. CHAPTER NO.5 FUNDS Types of Funds 5.1. KASB Islamic Funds 5.2. KASB Cash Funds 5.3. KASB Liquid Funds 5.4. KASB Stock Marketing Funds 5.5. KASB Balanced Funds 6. CHAPTER NO.6 KASB DIRECT 6.1. KASB Direct Online buying & selling of Shares.

7. CHAPTER No.7 OTHER FACILITIES OF KASB BANK 7.1. KASB ATM services 7.2. Online Banking 7.3. Tele Banking 7.4. Mobilink Genie 7.5. Bill Asan Pay 7.6. Safe Deposit Lockers 7.7. B&B Banking & Brokerage Solution 8. CHAPTER NO .8 SOC 8.1 SCHEDULE OF CHARGES TILL DECEMBER 2009

9. CHAPTER NO.9 CONCLUSIONS & SUGGESTIONS 9.1. Conclusions 9.2. Suggestions



HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF BANK It is very difficult to state the complete background of banks or banking. It is

not possible to learn when and how the banking system came in to existence- Of course, it is sure that the banking system did not come all on a sudden by way of any revolution Rather, it came in to naturally and gradually. In its crude from the banking business was confirmed in the hand of moneylenders in the prehistoric days. It may be said that banking in its most simple from is as old as authentic history. As early as 2000 B. C Babylonians had developed a system of bank. In ancient Greece and Rome, the practice of granting credit was widely prevalent In Rome, some of the banks carried business on their own account and others were appointed by the Government to receive the Taxes, with documents, hand noted, slips etc., used by early money banks in transacting their business have been returned into different documents and instruments of modem banking. During the early periods, although private individuals mostly did banking business many countries establish public banking either for facilitating commerce or to serve to the government. The bank of Venice established in 1157 is supposed to be the most ancient bank. In some other countries of Europe Deposit and Exchange, banks were established in 14th century. First bank of Sweden was established in l556. The beginning of English banking it may correctly be attributed to the London Gold Smith. They used to receive customers funds and valuables. For safe custody and issue receipt acknowledging the same, These receipt in course of time, became payable to bearer on demand and hence enjoyed wide circulation like bank note. The bank of England was established on 15th April 1694. It was turning point in the history of English banking, which led to the growth of modem banking.



KASB Group

KASB, established by Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari in 1958, has a tradition of excellence in financial services in Pakistan, known primarily for brokerage, investment banking, and research and asset management. The Group comprises of KASB Securities, KASB Funds, KASB Bank and KASB Modarba. The group has also diversified its interest with investments in real estate, technology, food and dairy, oil and gas exploration and production. Our continued success and growth are a reflection of our innovative approach to business and commitment towards customers and community. History In 1958, Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari started KASB Securities with the vision to provide continuous innovation in financial products and services. Over the past 50 years, our organic growth into commercial banking, asset management and investment banking has established KASB as the leader in Pakistans financial services sector and it's only wealth management group. In recognition of our vision, growth and standing in the domestic market, Merrill Lynch, one of the world's largest investment banks, joined hands with KASB in a technical affiliation to collaborate on research and investment banking opportunities, allowing us to leverage a global network of 56,000 professionals and one of the world's largest distribution networks to corporate investors for our clients. The synergies of the KASB/Merrill Lynch relationship have attracted international capital to Pakistan through strategic & portfolio investments, debt and equity capital issuance. Additionally, KASB and Merrill Lynch have jointly published research, sponsored international roadshows and investor conferences, while executing international corporate finance transactions for Pakistans corporations and the Government of Pakistan. Vision and Philosophy V ision A ttitude L eadership U pright Customer Focus and Innovation Passion, Quest and Respect that Drives Us Sense of Integrity, Trust & Accountability Commitment to Being a Credible Corporate Citizen Ability to Harness the Power of Teams

E xcellence Distinction as a Habit S ynergy

KASB BANK LTD KASB Bank through its network of 83 branches in 28 major cities of Pakistan offers unique and innovative financial solutions to a large portfolio of investment, corporate and consumer banking customers. The Bank has been assigned medium to long term entity rating by PACRA of A (Single A) and short term rating of A1 (Single A One). The Banks aim is to assist you in fulfilling your banking needs of today and realizing your ambitions for tomorrow, by offering a comprehensive range of financial services, while ensuring service excellence. Further, we provide our customers access to a broader range of funding sources, made possible by the Group's strong network of local and international relationships. The Bank also offers a host of financial services offered by the KASB Group. KASB SECURITIES At KASB Securities, our goal is to be Pakistan's premier brokerage franchise, providing clients with exceptional service, real-time market and economic developments and valueadded, return-generating investment insights and recommendations. KASB Securities, one of the oldest and largest pure agency brokerage firms in Pakistan today provides a full spectrum of products and services including equity, fixed income, and forex sales and trading as well as securities and economic research for a diversified client base. The effective execution of our agency broking business has helped KASB acquire the status of being the only domestic house with a foreign affiliation on both the equities sales and research front. Through the combined strength of our online and offline trading platforms, we serve more than 6,700 clients domestically and across the globe. Coordinating closely as a team our 28 investment professionals spread over 4 cities in Pakistan work to provide our clients with insightful recommendations to enable them to make a well-informed investment strategy. Leveraged off our own domestic group strength and the global reach of the Merrill Lynch (BAS-ML) platform, KASB provides an unrivaled breadth of knowledge and financial services. Our relationship with Merrill Lynch, which has spanned over a decade, gives us access to more than 60,000 professionals worldwide as well as unmatched access to one of the largest international distribution networks including corporations with an appetite for emerging markets. KASB and Merrill Lynch have worked together seamlessly to attract international capital to Pakistan through strategic investments, portfolio investment as well as international debt and equity capital issuance. Jointly, we have emerged as the leading brand for corporate access in Pakistan. Today, Merrill Lynch works closely with the KASB team to showcase Pakistani corporates at international investor conferences and conducts roadshows both in Pakistan and across the globe.

KASB FUNDS LTD. KASB Funds Limited (KFL) is in the business of providing investment and savings solutions to its investors through a range of investment products. KASB Funds serves a large and diversified investor base with its investment products, ranging from retail investors to high net worth individual and from pension funds, employee benefit funds to corporations and institutions. KASB Funds also provides investment advisory services to a host of clients. KASB Funds' institutional sponsors are KASB Bank and Black Rock Inc. (Black Rock). BlackRock is a premier provider of global investment management, risk management and advisory services to institutional and retail clients around the world. As of June 30, 2009, BlackRock's assets under management were $1.37 trillion across equity, fixed income, cash management, and alternative investment and real estate strategies. KASB MODARABA KASB Modaraba is a multipurpose, perpetual and multi dimensional Modaraba, floated as First Mehran Modaraba in October 1990 under the Modaraba Companies and Modaraba (Flotation and Control) Ordinance, 1980. Its name was changed to KASB Modaraba after its acquisition by KASB Group in 2007. It is managed by KASB Modaraba Management (Private) Limited, which is a subsidiary of KASB Bank Limited. The main lines of business of the Modaraba are Ijarah, Musharaka, Murabaha and Modaraba Transactions & Capital Market operations. The Modaraba commenced its business on October 22, 1990, with a paid-up capital of Rs. 50 million, which increased to Rs. 83.160 million mainly through issue of stock dividend. During the year 2008, the Modaraba strengthened its equity base through a right issue of 199.58 million. Its paid-up capital accordingly increased from Rs. 83.160 million to Rs. 282.744 million. KASB Modaraba is an Islamic Financial Institution extending financial facilities to its customers on Islamic principles of Shariah, and working under the supervision of the Religious Board of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan .The Modaraba is listed on Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges. Vision and Mission To contribute towards the development of Islamic Financial Products which are commensurate with modern commercial concept The KASB bank is operating as a financial services company geared to provide a range of services such as corporate, project financing, and capital ad money market activities. Trough such activities, the bank will fully contribute towards mobilizing saving and capital for promoting investment in the country, it is expected that bank will pay a significant pant in the evaluation of a broad based and market oriented banking and financial sector.





KASB Bank Limited will make efforts to be one of ledge bank in the field of customer services in Pakistan. KASB Bank will provide customer /client of quality services of the highness. KASB Bank will recruit, develop and retain highly qualified and fully dedicated term of professionals. KASB Bank will give attractive returns to the shareholders through sustained profit growth. KASB bank efforts full range of corporate treasury and retail banking services with emphasis or trade related activities.

BRANCHES NETWORK KASB Bank is right now running successfully on 100 branches in 28 major cities of Pakistan NORTH REGION LAHORE
Lahore Stock Exchange Branch Room # 619, 6th Floor, Lahore Stock Exchange Building, 19-Khayaban-e-Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Lahore PABX No: (042) 6280801-803 Fax No : (042) 6280804 Gulberg Branch 76-B, E/1, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore PABX No: (042) 5764288-9 Fax No: (042) 5755358 Defence Branch 81-Y, Phase III, D.H.A Lahore PABX No: (042) 5731811,5740083 Fax: (042) 5722228 Abbot Road Branch 19-Abbot Road, Opp. PTV Station, Lahore PABX No: (042) 6305143-44 Fax: (042) 6305142 Circular Road Branch 77-Main Circular Road, Lahore PABX No: (042) 7639040-42 Fax: (042) 7660694 Raiwind Road Branch Kabir Town PABX No:(042)8436940-1 Peco Road Branch 47-1/B-1 PECO Road Town Ship Lahore PABX No:(042)5144950-2 FAX NO:(042)5144955 Shah Alam Branch 14-B Tibbet Centre Main Shahalam PABX No: (042)7655721,7655805 FAX NO:(042)7658239 RAWALPINDI Rawalpindi Branch 32-Saddar Road, Ferozsons Chambers, Rawalpindi Cantt PABX No: (051) 5527841-42 Fax: (051) 5527844 Bahria Town Rawalpindi Branch Ground Floor Bahria Kotha heights PABX No: (051)5730375-6

Fax: (051) 5730373 ISLAMABAD Islamabad Branch 90-West Razia Sharif Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad PABX No: (051) 2826181- 83 Fax: (051) 2826184 UAN: 111 555 666 PESHAWAR Peshawar Branch AYS Centre, Arbab Road, Saddar, Peshawar Cantt PABX No: (091) 5279432 / 5279625 Fax: (091) 5279838 UAN: 111 555 666 MIRPUR (Azad Kashmir) Mirpur (A.K.) Branch 629, Sector B/1, Bank Square, Nangi, Allama Iqbal Road, Mirpur (A.K.) PABX No: (058610) 42841 / 44877 Fax: (058610) 42742 UAN: 111 555 666 MULTAN Multan Branch 76-Holiday Inn, Abdali Road, Multan PABX No: (061) 4587701-4 Fax No: (061) 4587705 FAISALABAD Faisalabad Branch 14-P, Kotwali Road PABX NO (041) 2649667-70 Fax: (041) 2649672 GUJRANWALA Gujranwala Branch 84-85, GDA Trust Plaza, G.T. Road, Gujranwala PABX No: (0431) 252348 / 252358 / 254429 Fax: (0431) 254529 UAN: 111 555 666 SIALKOT Sialkot Branch 2/139,Abbot Road, Sialkot PABX No: (0432) 604990-92 Fax (0432) 589044 UAN: 111 555 666 GUJRAT Gujrat Branch KASB Bank Limited near science college G.T Road Gujrat PABX:(051)-517964-9

SOUTH REGION KARACHI Main Branch Business & Finance Center, Ground Floor, I . I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi Tel: (021) 2446005-10 / 2446772-77 Fax: (021) 2446781 UAN: 111 555 666 Karachi Stock Exchange Branch 93-95, 2nd Floor Karachi Stock Exchange Building, Stock Exchange Road, Karachi Tel: (021) 2473561-63 Fax: (021) 2473564 Jodia Bazar Branch Suleman Street, Behind Lal Masjid Near Achi Qabar, Karachi Tel: (021) 2400322 / 2400458 / 2434805 / 2420657 Fax: (021) 2433519 Shahrah-e-Faisal Branch 1/1-A, Block VI, P.E.C.H.S, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi Tel: (021) 4313236-38 Fax: (021) 4538638 Gulshan-e-lqbal Branch Friends Paradise, SB 36, Block No. 13-B, Main University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi Tel: (021) 4981330-31 Fax: (021) 4981334 Clifton Branch Plot No. DC-4, Block No. 9, KDA Scheme No. 5, Merchant Centre, Clifton, Karachi Tel: (021) 5373068,5373050 Fax: (021) 5373068 SITE Branch Plot No B/9-8/1, Commerce Park SITE, Karachi Tel: (021) 2550398 Fax: (021) 2550395 PABX No (021) 2550391-4 SWIFT: PLCOPKKA Korangi Branch Plot No 25/1 Sector 23 Karachi Tel: (021) 5078922-27 North Karachi Branch Plot No Sa-3 GFLR Sector ST-1/1 Block 12-B PABX No (021) 8305692, 8305693 Karachi Shaheed-e-Millat Road Branch Shop No 4 Ground Floor Adam Arcade Shaheed-e-Millat Road PABX No (021) 4145188-7 Regal Chowk Branch Shop # 1-2 Bukhari Center KASB Chowk (Old Regal Chowk) Karachi PABX No (021) 2752060-7

Cochin Wala Market Branch Shop # 8 Ground Floor Plot No BR 5/27 Karachi PABX No (021) 2415727-8,2416431 FAX No :2417560 Gulistan-e-Johar Branch Shop # 30 Ground Floor Plot No C-2 Shalimar shopping centre Block No 17 Karachi. HYDERABAD Hyderabad Branch 194/29-30, Saddar Cantt, Hyderabad Tel: (0221) 729917-18 / 729502-03 Fax: (0221) 785977 UAN: 111 555 666 SUKKUR Sukkhur Branch House No.30 Race Course Road Sukkhur. Tel: (071) 5619088 NAWABSHAH Nawabshah Branch Shop No S, 11, 12, 13,14 Katchery Road (Press Club Road) Shiry Complex Nawabshah PABX No (0244)330304 FAX No (0244)-330307 QUETTA Quetta Branch 2-10/29, Shahra-e-Iqbal, Quetta Tel: (081) 836518 / 836948 Fax: (081) 842531 UAN: 111 555 666


OBJECTIVES OF KASB BANK As mentioned by article in daily Dawn dated 26th January 1992 the primary

purpose of the bank is to mobilize resources and channels these resources for the purpose of development through investments in trade, commerce, industry, agriculture and Agro-based industry. The bank follow the policy of maintaining broad based investment program, its main emphasis is development of various sector of the economy in the higher to under developed and neglected region of the country, thus contributing over all development of the country. It is a schedule commercial bank, which also conduct business in foreign exchange. The bank focuses on the common main and the middle class business community, which are not receiving proper attention by the other financing institutions and wider area of their operation with limited resources. The bank is floated with view providing an opportunity to the public to participate gain fully in the economic development of Pakistan in accordance with the Governments aim of Islamization of the economy and the promotion of the private sector. Mobilizing personal and corporate savings by introducing new methods of finance and rechanneling in to economy, for productive purposes such as development of industries and agricultural sector. Saving the common and middleman class business community, which are not receiving proper attention. The shareholder in the channeling their financial resources to profitable revenues for investment. Maximizing dividend income for distribution to the shareholders. Producing capital appreciation through increase in the intensive value of shares. Generating long-term growth.


The main aim of this report is that it is partial requirement of M.B.A. (Evening) degree program. I went to KASB Bank main branch Hyderabad. Secondly, this study is to gain a good amount of confidence by visiting an organization. Regularly and having fruitful conversion with officers and staff members of the bank on various operational function of their job. This practice has not only help research to use skill in the field but also to explore hidden potential, which could not have been known by theoretical study. Finally, the major purpose of Research study is to know that how a Bank plays its role significantly in the development of industrial section country. I selected KASB Bank Limited for conducting study because it stands in a leading and successful development financial institutions on the other hand of it performs and under takes warranty of commercial and merchant banking functions. The research study of KASB Bank Limited was conducted through two business research methods for collection of data was followed:



MANAGEMENT OF KASB BANK Management is important for any type of activity may be business nature or

non-business nature. It has own practices to provide guidance in solving the problem for an organization. Management means, planning, organizing, directing and controlling. To manage is to forecast and planed to organized, command, to coordinates and control. Management is a process that includes the function of planning, organizing, directing and controlling. This function must be performed in all if goals are to be achieved satisfactory through the use of human and material resources. The over all policy makes by management control and supervision of the bank rates with its board of directors. Under the guidance and control of KASB banks board of directors the chief executives responsible for the day today administration of the company. The company is engaging suitable qualified and experienced key personal. The boards of directors are ensure that within six months of the close of each accounting year the bank prepare and circulates. The annual audited & balance sheet profit and loss of accounts. A report of its business activities.




PERSONAL MANAGEMENT Personal management is lemming behavior to the human problems and

frustration. Personal management is the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of the procurement, development compensation, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and social objectives are accomplished. As well as KASB bank is concerned, it consists of following polices regarding its personal management. KASB bank staff recruitment polices are also well planned like other organization. In KASB bank recruitment is only merit basis, there police contain four stages. Application approval Aptitude test Interview Issuance of appointment KASB Banks training Program based on two steps Theoretical Training Practice Training

PROMOTION POLICY The Promotion of employees depends on efficiency and hard working during their job carrier. Ranking possessions of banks are following.

Promotion policy is made operational mostly yearly basis. After a year employees are promoted due to their efficiency and hardworking and also 'in rising the account of the bank. . Compensation is given to the employees in considering the period of working of employee and also their efficiency and hard working compensation is given in shape of cash to the director's and president too for the appreciation of their services. Bank increment policy depends on staff working position. Extra ordinary performance is also kept in mind. Six bonuses on basic pay are paid 'in a year for non-clerical staff, four bonuses for assistant staff/clerical staff, three for junior officers, between three and one for senior officers, and one and half for executive/chief manager on the basis pay in a year. KASB bank gives some allowances to their employs-these allowances are equitable amount to their employees. In KASB bank medical facility only for staff-employees husband are wife and their children Rs.15001- for clerical staff. Laundry Allowances is also only for a non-clerical or lower staff laundry allowances is given them monthly 200. The bank operates an approval provident fund scheme covering all its permanent employees. Provident fund is 8.00% on their basic salary. Bank also provide house building loan facility according to chief manager, if employees services is permanent, he/she is eligible to avail this facility for employees seven basic salaries up to rupees 500,000/- without interest and remaining with 12% interest.



Organization chart is diagrammatic form; with important aspect of an organizational including the major function an their respective relationship, the channels of super vision and the relative authority of each employee who is in charge of each respective function.



BRANCH NETWORK KASB Bank through its network of 83 branches in 43 major cities of Pakistan

offers unique and innovative financial solutions to a large portfolio The bank now operates with 83 branches, 14 Branches in South-l, 11 Branches in South-II, 10 Branches in South-III, 9 Branches in Central-l, 10 Branches in Central-ll, 8 Branches in Central-III, 8 Branches in Central-IV, 14 Branches in North. Expansion of branches is based on a policy of maintaining a balance between the Urban and Rural arm with a view to offer services even in most remote areas of Pakistan 'including northern areas. Pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere has been provided in the branches, witch are all fully air-conditioned and computerized.




ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT: The primary function of any bank is to receive deposits from through various

types of accounts. KASB bank also offers different types of account to its customer deposit their savings. Same of witch are as follows. CURRENT ACCOUNT: It is most popular form of bank account. Majority of costumer particularly business class, government departments, public bodies keep their money in current account. Current account can be opened witch a minimum deposit of Rs 1000/. Where there is minimum limit regarding deposit to be maintained are 10,000 per month, other wise incidental charges will be applicable in this category of account. Since there no restriction with regard to number and amount of withdrawal and no profit are paid on credit balance. PLS SAVING ACCOUNT: The service holders and small wage earns prefer saving accounts. They are based on profit and loss shearing system. Profit payable on half-yearly basis. The minimum deposits acceptable for saving account Rs.1000/- where there is minimum limit regarding deposit to be maintained is 10,000 per month, other wise incidental charges will be applicable in this category of account. FIXED ACCOUNT/TERM DEPOSITED ACCOUNT: The depositors who intend to keep their money for fixed period of time, usually opens fixed deposit account. The period is fixed the time of opening a bank account. Term deposits are accepted for any duration of one month, three months, six months, one year, and two year. Within this period the account holders are not entitled to withdraw the money from the account. Of course in times of bares necessity, the account holder can withdraw money with special permission of the manager. With the premature TDR Rats. Eg: Meheena Aasan KASB SAVING ACCOUNT: No minimum balance required .Operational facility likes current accounts without any restriction on amount and number of cheque. Profit paid on monthly basis on daily products. e.g: Mahana Khazana FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNT: This accounts deles in foreign currency. Pakistan resident and none /resident -foreign nationals can open the account in personal name or joint

names. Foreign currency account can be opened in four global currencies i.e. US dollar, Pound sterling, Japanese yen, Euro and Deutsche mark. FCA is opened with minimum 100$ or equal to Rs 10,000/- . Travelers' cheque and foreign currency note can also be issued to be holders of the personal and joint account. Remoistens from abort, travelers' cheque foreign currency notes and foreign exchange generated by foreign exchange bearer certificates may be deposits in the account. The FC account holder can draw any amount of foreign exchange from foreign currency account and transfer of amount freely to any part of the world without any restriction. 3.2 CASH DEPARTMENT The cash department is main department for any bank. This department cares all the cheque or all the payment and receiving cash. At the closing of daily working, total amounts will be written on the sheriff book. They also make a summary sheet. 3.3 CLEARING DEPARTMENT Clearing deportment is also a main department. They are dealing. In ward clearing Out word clearing Those clearing that are responding to the branch are inward clearing and those clearing, which are sending by that branch are out word clearing. Clearing department dealing with the following work. Transfer delivery. Clearing. Cheques received for collection. OBC/IBC Transfer delivery is made within the city branches of KASB Bank. If any account holder hoes within the city can get cash with help of an other branch in which he has no account but transfer delivery is the facility to their customer, through this they can get cash with the hell of other branch. Clearing also the same thing but difference b/w transfer delivery and clearing is this only that transfer delivery collects the cheques only belongs to KASB Bank but on the other side,

clearing collect cheques, which are not related to KASB bank, but remaining all banks within the city regarding rupees draft and rupee bills which are purchased by them, under latter of credit opened by non-residence banks or under other agreement.