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Most Important: Give yourself some time… Breathing naturally,

but a little slower and deeper than you normally would with
your attention focused in the heart and gradually sink down to
the lower abdomen area. Focus internally. Smile down ☺.
Activate a genuine feeling of appreciation.
Forgive, forget and let go. Three minds into one mind.

Cervical Spine
1. Spinal Cord Breathing
Dorsal Spine
2. Crane Neck 3 Circle
Lumbar Spine

Spinal Cord Breathing

Crane Neck 3 Circle

Sacral 1.Tilt Under & Back 2.Rotate In Small Circles,
Coccyx 3.Rub Coccyx & Sacrum

Tilt Under & Back .Rotate In Small Circles,

Rub Coccyx & Sacrum

Head Zone Microcosmic-Orbit or Orgasmic Upward Draw

1.Eyes Look Left &Right 2.Circle Each Direc-
Left Eye tion, Sideward Around, Clock- Counterclockwise
Around, Front Up Back Down Around 20x Each,
Right Eye 3.Rub Hands Warm, Cover Eyes Relax Them
& Sink Into The Darkness 4.Massage The Eyes




(2) 4. Massage

1.Pop The Ears: Insert index fingers into ears
& jiggle fingers back and forth, then pop the
Left Ear, Nose fingers out. 2.Heavenly Drum: fold the ear corn-
cob and cover ears with palms, fingers point-
Right Ear, Nose ing to back of skull and snap index fingers
against skull. 3.Rub & Massage Ears & Nose

(1) (2)

Rub & Massage

Jaws Left 1.Heart Sound 2.Relax Jaws & Massage 3.Move
Open Jaws. Left & Right up & down 4.Meditate
Jaws Left with Open Jaws (look silly ☺)




Move Jaws Meditate with Open Jaws

Throat, 1.Swallow Saliva all the way down to the navel,
Thyroid Gland activating the thyroid gland 2.Massage Throat Up-
wards, Chant To Vibrate Throat

Inhale & Chin in

Exhale & Swallow down

Massage Throat

Respiratory 1.Abdominal & Reverse Breathing 36x / 3x a Day,
System 2.Lung Sound With Thumbs Under The Ribs and
Diaphram Breathing

Inhale In Exhale Out


Lung Sound

Blood Circulation 1.Heart Sound 2.Whole Body Hitting With
Coronary Vessels Bamboo Or Mung Bean Hitter 3.Trampoline 5-
Heart 10 Minutes a Day


Heart Sound



- 10 -
1.Inverted Head Stand 2.Laughing Baby 3.Swim-
ming & Water Treatment, Trampoline

Head Stand

Laughing Baby

- 11 -
Abdominal Zone 1.Empty forces 3x a day 2.Abdominal &
Ileum Reverse Breathing 36x, 3x a Day
Duodenum 3.Inhale Hold the Breath Press Fingers of the
Jejunum Right Hand on Ileocaecal-Valve& Left Hand
Ascending Colon on Sigmoid, Exhale with the Hearth Sound.
Colons Transverse Inhale Expand Lower Sides of the Ileocaecal
Caecum – Valve & Sigmoid Colon. Hit with the Mung
Sigmoid Bean or Bamboo Hitter Ascending-
Rectum Transverse – Descending - Colon & Sigmoid

Exhale, tongue out, hold

and rolling stomac

Inhale & hold Breathe Exhale Hit

- 12 -
1.Kidney Sound 2.Inhale Expand, Massage
Kidney and Hit with Bamboo or Mung Bean Hitter. It is
Very Important To Have The Mindpower, The
Adrenal Good Intention For These Organs & Kidney

C Hooooo

Kidney Sound


- 13 -
Uro-Genital 1.Kidney Sound 2.Inhale Expand Genital Area
System & Hit, Genital- & Reverse Breathing, Contract
Perineum & Roll Up The Eyes.

Kidney Sound


- 14 -
Liver 1.Massage 2.Press fingers on liver. Liver Sound
3.Inhale, Expand & Hit


Massage Liver Sound Hit


Liver Sound

- 15 -
Spleen, immune 1.Massage The Organs 2.Spleen Sound, In-
System hale 3.Expand & Hit. Its Very Important to have
the Mindpower, The Good Intention for these
Pancreas Organs


Massage Spleen Sound


- 16 -

Massage Inhale



- 17 -
Pituitary Gland 1.Inhale: Activate Sphincter Muscle (Contract
Anus, Mouth, Eyes…) 2.Roll Up Eyes 3.Tap The
Endocrine System 4.Also Add the Eye Movement, move Left & Right,
Sideward Around, Clock-& Counterclockwise
Nervous System Around, Front Up Back Down Around

Inhale Roll Up Eyes

Tap The Crown Eye Movement

- 18 -
And always finish with the Microcosmic-Orbit for protection.

Pineal Gland beneath Crown

(Enlightenment Gland,
Gland of Direction)

Pituitary Gland (Mideyebrow) Yui-Gen (Cranial Pump)

Crystal Room Cavity of the Spirit Tongue
Ta-Chui (Central Control of the
Hsuan Chi (Throat Energy Center) Tendon Connections of the Hands
and Spinal Cord)
Shan Chung (Thymus Gland)
Rejuvenation Center Gia-Pe (Opposite Heart Center)

Chung Wan (Solar Plexus, Pancreas) Chi-Chung (Adrenal Gland Cen-

ter at T-11)-Mini pump
Chi-Chung (Navel, Spleen)
Ming-Men (Kidney Point - Door of
Life); Prenatal energy storage
Ovary/Sperm Palace safety point.

Chang-Chiang, Coccyx
Extra 31 (He ding) (Sacral Pump)

Wei-Chung BL-40; extra Hui-Yin (Perineum - Gate of

Spirit Energy is stored here. Death and Life)

Functional Channel Governor Channel

Yung-Chuan K-1
(bubbling spring)

Learn to circulate your Chi in the Microcosmic Orbit. The tongue touches
the roof of the palate to complete the circuit of the
Governor and Functional Channels.

- 19 -
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