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This is the (Captain) Claw Ultimate Pack which I made because I couldnt get the custom DVD version

by Teo Phil to work properly on Windows XP and I couldnt even install it on Vista 64bit. I made a custom launcher menu which will run the game directly without any installation necessary. Nothing has been ripped, all sounds, music and cutscenes are intact (see below for more info about cutscene quality). This pack works fine on Windows XP and Vista 64bit (I assume it will work on Windows 7) Included is everything that was on Teo Phils DVD (see below why it is smaller) plus some extras. The content noted with a [*] was added by me. This pack has the GAME plus:

- -All the custom levels ever made (181). [*now updated to include all 351 custom levels] -- Level Editor - -Sound Pack = all game sounds and music - -Walkthroughs for all levels - -The 1.3 update [*Now integrated with the 1.3 crack so the game will run 1.3 off the disk] - -The Claw Design Document, interesting take a look! - -Polish language file --Game Trailer --Windows XP Registry Fix [no longer necessary with this pack, but I included it anyway]. -- Maps of all the official levels --Game Art & Wallpapers [*I added concept art, box art, and Alpha version screenshots] --Useful links [* I cut out the dead ones and added a some more] --[*Claw Demo] --[*All Exe Versions] --[*Official Claw FAQ] - -[*Help guide (which includes cheats)] - -DVD quality cutscenes [*the in-game DVD cutscenes dont work in XP or Vista so I ripped out the .VOB files and re-encoded them to much smaller .AVI files with virtually no quality loss these cannot either be played in-game so only the original lower quality ones work in-game, but I put a link to the HQ video folder in the launch menu.] [I increased the gain since the volume was way too low] This pack (only 699MB) will now fit on a CD due to the fact that the video files were re-encoded (567MB less space) and the Polish language file was zipped into a highly compresses selfextracting archive (80MB less space).

Instructions: 1) Uzip/Unrar to get the CD image 2) Burn or Mount the image (you can also copy the images root directory to harddrive and run from there) 3)Run the launcher menu with ClawLauncher.exe to play and access the extras. Thanks to : Takarajimasha (Developers) Monolith Productions (Publishers) Teo Phil and the other guys at (Grey Cat, Zuczek & Hecktor) - I basically got all the material for this pack from Teo Phils DVD and that website.

Now go find all the gems of the amulet you landlubber scallywags! -Nimbian (AKA iwtgmw, email: