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SLCC Student-At-Large Application 2013-2014

Get Involved become a Student-at-Large! The College is looking for students who are willing to participate on various boards or committees with other students, staff and/or faculty to provide valuable input in decisions affecting students and the College. A list of available positions is provided on the back of this form Eligibility requirements: Must be currently enrolled and planning to take classes through May 2014 Must not have a leadership position within student government.
Todays Date: _______________________ Name: _________________________________________________ S Number: ____________________________ Address: _____________________________________City: _______________________ Zip: _______________

Home Phone:____________________ Cell Phone: ___________________ Email:___________________________ How do you prefer to be contacted? (Please circle all that apply) Home Phone Cell Phone Text Message Email GPA: Cumulative ____________ or Semester _____________ Current Enrolled Credit Hours:______________ Major: ____________________________ How much longer will you attend SLCC? _______________________ Which campus do you spend the most time at? _____________ Are you taking classes anywhere else? _______

Please answer the following questions, use a separate sheet of paper if necessary:
Please describe any previous leadership / service experience:

Why do you want to get involved as a Student-at-Large at SLCC?

Do you have a specific interest in one of the boards mentioned on the back side of this page and if so, why?

After you have completed this application, please return it to the Vice President of Student Services office, Student Center, 274, Taylorsville Redwood campus, or email it to: Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified regarding your application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 801-957-4336.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to working with you!!!

After receiving, make copies and give to appropriate Vice President/AVP or Director, then file original. Date application was turned in: ______________ Interview date & time: __________________
Revised 6/12/13 l

Students-at-Large are Needed on the Boards Listed Below Please mark the box next to any of the boards you would be interested in.
Arts & Cultural Events Committee(2 Students-at-Large):
Reviews proposals and provides financial and promotional support for artistic and cultural events/programs that augment student activities, advance educational opportunities, ensure multicultural/ethnic programming and enhance SLCC strategic priorities. Meets once in the Fall and 4 - 5 times during Spring Semesters.

Athletic Advisory Council (2 Students-at-Large):

Oversees and provides advice regarding intercollegiate athletic programs. Meets twice per semester.

General Ed (1 Student-at-Large):
Reviews General Education course proposals and makes recommendations. Meets twice a month through the academic year.

Interviews/Search Committees (2 Students-at-Large):

Participates in interview processes and search committees for various positions. Meets as needed.

Learning Support and Tutoring Task Force (1 Student-at-Large):

Coordinates and develops new initiatives to expand learning resources and tutoring on campus; membership consists of faculty and student services staff. Meets monthly (occasionally 2 times a month).

Media Council (1 Student-at-Large):

Advises the Media Center which is radio, TV, newspaper and internet productions. Meets monthly.

Student Fee (2 Students-at-Large):

Provides input into decisions regarding the allocation of student fees. Meets 4 - 5 times during Spring Semester (dates are usually scheduled for the end of January or beginning of February.)

Student Standards Committee (2 Students-at-Large):

Adjudicates student misconduct and grievance appeals as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Meets as needed; typically 1 - 2 times a year

Technology Fee (2 Students-at-Large):

Oversees the funding for the open computer labs, technology needs and wireless initiatives on campus. Meets monthly.