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Coaching: EST 2 Answer 95% 11 - 54 Mbps In GaAs PIN diode Ge PIN diode Refresh Rate Class 2 Convolutional Codes V.29 & V.32 34 MHz International Gateway Interface OSI reference for PSDM RG58/U Satellite Closet Wander 3.58 MHz Tempo Retentivity Noisy grid, cathode Phase Shift Keying Negative Peak Clipping Pulse Discriminator Spurious Frequencies Condenser Resonant Antenna ASK Class B SSB+C Server Checksum ATM 256 - 400 kbps PAM Radiation Field Dynamic Range Absorption Coefficient Repeater Buffering Tube 300lb Isolator 1150 - 1350 nm Beryllium Oxide Ceramic Magnetron

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FBG - based Critical Frequency footprint Repeater 256 - 1000 kbps SSB+C Sphygmomanometer 105 -0.011 nm/C

Date: FEBRUARY 25, 2013

Question Silicon PIN diode has a maximum quantum efficiency of _____. What is the data rate of Wi-Fi? What PIN diode would be the best choice for greater responsivity above 900nm PIN diode in fiber optics that has notoriously high leakage current The number of times each second that the information displayed on a nonpermanent display is rewritten? Power transmission range 0.25 - 2.5mW is ____. BPSK and QPSK . except ____. Standards with the same rate What is the luminance bandwidth of a digital signal processing HDTV? X.75 recommendation for PSDN for ____ The X.200 reference for PSDM In broadcasting, it has the highest attenuation at 400 MHz What refers to a closet which has terminating facilities for key telephone system services, stations, and central office and PBX Jitter greater than 10Hz Chroma Signal / color subcarrier Series of musical notes The ability of magnet to keep magnetism Shannon Hartley Theorem measures the capacity of a ____ channel. The video voltage applied to the picture tube of a TV receiver is fed in between the ____ and _____. What form of digital angle modulation that shows the envelope. the input used is binary number FET is the first AF amplifier that uses transistor receiver to reduce ____ In radio detector ____ is worse than pulse discriminator The controlled oscillator synthesizer is generally preferred to direct one because it is relatively free of _____ A type of microphone that uses the principle of a capacitor as a means of transduction. It uses a polarizing Antenna which considered as a resonant transmission line and dipole antenna
What modulation process wherein the frequency and phase does not change but the amplitude varies?

RF amplifier that can be found in SSB Amplitude modulation that has poor power efficiency Type of computer that holds shared files, saved files etc. Form of redundancy error checking where each character has a numerical value assigned to it. A set of communication facilities allowing direct access to 64kpbs data streams (or multiples of) for drop and insert. A form o Satellite dish, size of a pizza placed on a roof that can receive signals at what rate? A series of pulses in which the amplitude of each pulse represents the amplitude of the information signal at a given time. Field surrounding the antenna that does not back off but rather radiates the signal in to the antenna. The difference in dB of loudest level of sound and softest passable sound A numbering that represents 0 to 1, defines absorption Every cell sites has ____ Plastic layer in fiber optic cable that is first extruded Maximum axial tension Allows RF energy to pass through one direction Low loss region of most optical fibers. The implosion can cause toxic fumes if what material is used? What is the oldest microwave design commonly used in radar transmitters, which can generate peak power levels in the meg

DWDM device that has an advantage of low passband ripple. Highest frequency used for sky wave propagation between two specific points. Geographical representation of radiation patter of antenna of satellite AM always uses ____ A satellite dish which has a 14 inches diameter has a rate of ____ Poor power efficiency complex transmission Instrument used to measure blood pressure Mean time to failure (MTTF) of commercial laser for temperature of 22C Temperature coefficient of Fiber Cragg ____

d central office and PBX lines, but does not contain key telephone system circuitry?

op and insert. A form of cell relay, supports B-ISDN.

gnal at a given time.

power levels in the megawatt range?