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HANDBOOK OF COMMONLY USED: AMERICAN | AMERICAN IDIOMS FD SECOND EDITION ‘This pocket dictionary of some 2500 of the most often used idiomatic words and expressions makes a fine reference guide for foreign students and visitors to America. It’s also helpful to American teachers, students, writers, editors, and everyone who works with language. Ns 9-8120-4614 ‘NW $6.98 canada 0.06 a 5 HANDBOOK OF COMMONLY USED IDIOMS So) SECOND EDITION ‘Ad, Malkkal, Maxino'™, Boatner & John #. Gates, | yproximately 2600 widely used words and ©» onggalons, alphabotioally ated and defined j #4 choice IN LANGUAGE GUIDES | | | \< DAUDBOOK oF 8abos00g oF COMMONLY USED. AMERICAN IDIOMS Second Eilon Pofener sf Lines Unive i hi A Distinary of Arend Bar 0179) Mae Tal Bate PD nl ard Gan, PD, Plone Ey aie Se Urry, a ‘At aia PD, Pew of pi, ‘snarl ins © Copyright 1991, 1984 by Barron's Educational Series, nc. ‘patel cD iy bodied iany Sm, pnt, ai, ecg her eee ‘econo stn imate ‘mised hope oe Ainge al bare ary on Calg Card, 58405 nent Sue Book Ne, 8120-4685 rary of Congres Catalin Putin Data Tank oan sd Ane seedy Ad Mab Dion LS Ae Ie Com wl Ame Table of Contents Intruetion What an fiom? How to Use This Handbook Past of Speech Labels Restitive Usage Labels Acknowledgments Guide othe Parts of an Entry ‘A Handbook of ions