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Assignment One:

Assignment #1 Part One & Two Due: October 17th 2013 in Class
Your Name and Student Number must be in the Header of your Assignment Dont hesitate to ask questions! The intension of this assignment is for you to become familiar with APEG-BC and other Engineering and Geoscientist Professional Associations across Canada. In addition it is hoped that you will be able to take the time to reflect on the expectations related to your career and engineering opportunities as it will pertain to acquiring Professional Engineering status. In addition to an examination of your career goals, you are expected in Part Two to examine Engineering in the business and/or innovative environment connecting this to your engineering discipline and career goals. In addition, with the Group Presentation, it is expected that you will get a sense of how the Professional Engineering Associations regulate the standards for associated with engineering work and the ethical behaviour of engineers. Individual Assignment: Part One: Starting with your engineering discipline background outline in detail the Professional Accreditation process that you will be undertaking. Use APEG-BCs Resource Centre to organize your statements. Describe your initial duties and what you anticipate to be your eventual responsibilities. Part Two: Using the National Post, Vancouver Sun, and Globe and Mail from August 1st until October 10th pull out articles related to your engineering discipline; or, These articles may be related to, or associated with, a sub-field of your main engineering discipline; The citations should follow the Rules set out at the bottom of these instructions. Be sure to include a web address; and, Prcis the articles making a connection to your own career goals. Expected word count: 1000 to 1500 words using 12ppi font. Grading: Grammar and readability: 4 points Content: 6 points Total: 10 points Points will be taken off for: Not following the instructions, not citing correctly or completing the assignment parts, as well as grammar, readability and weak content.

Group Presentation for Assignment #1 during the week of October 15th to 21st 2013:
Your Group must hand in a typed sheet with all participants Names and Student Numbers in Alphabetical Order at the time of the Presentation. Part Three: In your Group, research and put together a presentation for your TA during the week of October 15th to 21st between the hours of 5pm to 8pm. Your TA will expects 15 to 20 minute summary of a situation in which an Engineer or Geoscientist has become entangled in an Associations investigation and disciple process. The presentation time sign up and location will be posted on Connect after September 20th. Using any one of the 13 Professional Engineering and/or Geoscientist Associations web sites to find an example of an engineer who has been brought before a Disciplinary Committee. Describe the events in which brought the individual to such a hearing, and outline the results of the hearing. Make sure that you understand the ethical transgression associated with the particular Provincial Ethical Code. Group Member evaluations will be expected to be recorded in Parts One and Two. Grading: Group Presentation: 5 points

Citation Rules: Signed Newspapers Articles: J. Grey, "Yes to Quebec, No to Its Extreme Demands" The [Montreal] Gazette (17 April 1991) B3. Rules: Author(s), title newspaper (day month year) page. Include full initial(s) of author(s). The authors name is followed by a coma. Enclose title of the article in quotation marks. Italicize the title of the newspaper in quotation marks. Include in square brackets any geographic information, not properly part of the newspapers name, which helps identify the source. If the article is contained on a single page, it is not necessary to repeat that page for a pinpoint citation. If the article goes over to another page see bottom of the article for its new title and page source.

Unsigned Newspaper Articles: Charter a Poor Safeguard to Citizens, Ex-Justice Says The [Toronto] Globe and Mail (13 February 1982) 11. Rules: Title newspaper (day month year) page. Everything is the same as a signed article, except there is no author.

Untitled Newspaper Articles: B. Savoie, Letter to the Editor, Le Devoir [Montreal] (13 August 1985) 6. Rules: Author(s), description of the piece cited, newspaper (day month year) page reference. Include full initial(s). The description is not enclosed in quotation marks. Web Site Addresses: G. Hoekstra, Gravel road where Kootenay jet fuel spill occurred was closed: officials, Tanker driver became lost trying to deliver fuel to helicopter wildfire staging area [Vancouver] Sun (29 July 2013) Retrieved from: tory.html#ixzz2aYStLlpl. Rules: Follow newspaper rules Address of the website do not insert or allow your word processing program to insert a hyphen in the address.