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Test series are based educational functions of the school and college The Curriculum Coaching has a close

relationship with all educational functions of the school and college. It may be headed by Principal Director's assistant, who is in charge of administering the educational programme. Its members include representative from all Test of teaching including tutors from each clinical field within the school/college plus representatives from the nursing sisters who share in the ward teaching programme. It is concerned with the curriculum content test series for IAS, construction of courses, teaching to be laid down as \ per curriculum content, teaching methods and curriculum revision as indicated by the changing needs of the society. Sub-coaching s may be appointed to consider course content and clinical experience of each of the clinical fields.

Admission Coaching Admission coaching deals with defining admission policies, routines and methods. It reviews in detail the application of all candidates for admission whose eligibility is in question. It also makes a final decision regarding such applications. Its chairman may be appointed by the executive coaching from among the administrative assistants. Library Coaching Library coaching is very helpful in furthering effective functioning of all phases of IAS Prelims. The members recommend ways and means of meeting library needs and securing funds for development of the library. The members also assume responsibility for use of library facilities. They Endeavour to aid the librarian by consulting with her; authorizing the purchase of new books and publications. They also prepare the annual budget for this department As Elaborator: spells out suggestions in terms of examples or offers a rationale for suggestions previously made and tries to explain how this would work out if adapted by the group. As Summarizer: puts ideas together with the suggestions and comments of the group members and group decisions, to help determine, if whether the group is in its thinking or action process.

Functions or Group As Coordinator: shows or clarifies the relationship among various ideas into a meaningful whole, also co-ordinate and integrate the activities of various members or subgroups. As Orienter: defines the position of the group with respect to its goals, or raises questions about directions which the group discussion is taking. As Disagreer: takes a different point of view, argues, disagree with opinions, values, sentiments, decisions or procedures that may be controversial. As Energizer: heads the group to action or decision. He attempts to stimulate the group to a greater or higher quality of activity. As Recorder: Criticise the suggestions, group decisions or product of discussion. As Evaluator: Criticise subjects, the accomplishment of the group to some set of standards or group functioning in the context of the group task. Thus he may evaluate or question the practicability, the logic, the fact or the procedures of a suggestion or of some unit of group discussion. As Procedural Technician: Expedites group movement by doing things for the As Consensus Tester: Suggesting that agreement may have been reached, asking if the group has reached a decision agreeable to all members. As Norm Setter: Suggesting standard behavior for members, challenging unproductive ways of behaving, giving negative feedback when one violates a group norm or procedure