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Conversation Intermediate 2 final exam

Part 1


Listen and choose the correct answer for each question.

1. How did the man travel to china? Track 1

a. By train.
b. By ferry.
c. By plane.
d. By car.

2. What was disappointing about the trip?

a. The weather was bad.
b. The great wall was crowded.
c. There were too many skyscrapers.
d. The restaurants weren’t good

3. What does the man say about the gadget? Track 2

a. It’s expensive.
b. It’s lightweight.
c. He plans to get one.
d. It can’t take pictures.

4. What is not true about the gadget?

a. It has a compact design.
b. It takes still photos.
c. It’s easy to use.
d. It has a long-lasting battery.

5. What does the woman say about the environment? Track 3

a. There is nothing we can do to help.
b. Everybody can help protect it.
c. Pollution is not a serious problem.
d. It will be expensive to protect it.

6. Which of the following is not mentioned as a way to reduce pollution?

a. Walking.
b. Driving less.
c. Riding a bicycle.
d. Using public transportation
7. What happened to the children? Track 4
a. They went camping alone.
b. They disappeared from their home.
c. Their parents found them.
d. They got lost in the mountains.

8. What were the parents doing when the children left?

a. Setting up a tent.
b. Fishing.
c. Walking along a trail.
d. Getting water.

9. What does the woman say about living in the city? Track 5
a. It’s dull and boring.
b. It’s convenient and fun.
c. It’s too expensive.
d. It’s noisy and crowded.

10. What do both speakers agree on?

a. The country is safer than the city.
b. Having a garden is fun.
c. The city is exciting.
d. The country is a nice place for a vacation.

11. What does the man say about the painting? Track 6
a. It cost $ 250,000.
b. It looks like a photo.
c. It looks like a soccer ball.
d. It’s a self-portrait.

12. What does the man invite the woman to do?

a. Go to a different museum.
b. See a movie.
c. Listen to music.
d. Take art lessons.

13. What does the man say about Ellis Island? Track 7
a. Visiting the museum is free.
b. It’s popular tourist attraction.
c. His family entered the U.S. there.
d. It’s the most popular museum in New York.
14. What does the man recommended to visitors to Ellis Island?
a. Go there on a weekday.
b. Don’t take the ferry there.
c. Spend the whole day there.
d. Visit the Statue of Liberty on the same day.

15. What does woman describe? Track 8

a. A funny movie.
b. A great joke.
c. A comedy show.
d. A hilarious book.

16. What is true about the woman?

a. She’s a comedian.
b. She doesn’t like physical comedy.
c. She thinks satire is hilarious.
d. She enjoys slapstick.

Part 2

Language in context

Choose the best answers to complete each paragraph.

A. There are many things we can do to help the environment. For example, we can
__(1)__ items that are broken. We can also__(2)__paper, glass, and items instead of
throwing them away. We can avoid buying__(3)__products. We can also walk or use
a bike when traveling short distances, and we can take__(4)__when traveling long

1. a. recommend b. repair c. avoid

2. a. recycle b. turn off c. pick up
3. a. low-energy b. over-packaged c. endangered
4. a. botanical gardens b. products c. public transportation
B. Many people__(1)__their news and current events from watching television,
listening to the radio, or reading__(2)__. However, increasingly, people are getting
their daily news from the Internet. People who use the Internet as their main news
source say they like it because it lets them choose the kinds of news they get.
Users can select only the sections they want to read, such as business or__(3)__,
and ignore everything else. Many experts predict that the Internet will soon be the
number one source for daily news.

1. a. ignore b. choose c. get

2. a. newspaper b. comics c. stories
3. a. sports b. reports c. sources

C. Boulder is a small city in the state of Colorado. It’s near the mountain, and it has a
good university. Boulder is a good place to live because it has so many kinds of
__(1)__. The downtown area has interesting restaurants and lots of cultural events.
The city also doesn’t have much __(2)__, so people feel safe there. Because of
it’smountain location, it has clean air, and people can enjoy being __(3)__

1. a. entertainment b. criminal c. picnics

2. a. cash b. transportation c. crime
3. a. outdoors b. unlocked c. lonely

D. I learned to play the violin when I was eight years old. I had a big record __(1)__,
and I listened to music a lot in my free time. One of my favorite __(2)__ is playing
with my school band. One thing I really __(3)__ was doing chores. I wasn’t very
good student, either. I preferred to spend time hanging out with my friends. Of
course, I’m more __(4)__ now. I still play the violin, but I also work and take of my
own kids!

1. a. vacation b. collection c. accident

2. a. memories b. childhood c. ages
3. a. shared b. disliked c. wore
4. a. serious b. important c. popular
Part 3

Choose the best word(s) to complete each sentence.

1. People should drive very slowly on this road. There are many high ___.
b. deserts
c. cliffs
d. canyons
e. coasts

2. Australia has some of the world’s most interesting ___, such as Kangaroos
and Koalas.
b. wildlife
c. tourists
d. souvenirs
e. skyscrapers

3. An important feature of this CD player is it’s ___.

b. long battery life
c. big screen
d. image stabilizer
e. gadget

4. A gorilla is an example of ___.

b. a meerkat
c. an insect
d. a reptile
e. a mammal

5. I won this ___ in a swimming competition.

b. volunteer
c. trophy
d. contest
e. rescue

6. I read the newspaper every day. I’m very interested in ___ events.
b. classified
c. section
d. current
e. burglar

7. I’m careful not to leave my car doors ___ while driving.

b. unlooked
c. arrested
d. alone
e. near

8. I’m not crazy ___ this kind of music

b. with
c. among
d. about
e. over

9. I just finished painting this ___. Do you think it looks like me?
b. artist
c. self-portrait
d. photo
e. tour

10.I recently went back to college. I ___ when I was 20 years old.
b. remembered
c. enjoyed
d. changed
e. dropped out

11. a person who makes other people laugh is known as a ___.

b. cartoon
c. satire
d. physical comedy
e. comedian

12.A ___ is a kind of laugh.

b. giggle
c. riddle
d. comic
e. stunt