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Adjective cheap dirty Comparative cheaper dirtier faster safer friendlier bigger better healthier noisier hotter

1. comparative adjectives Write the adjectives


Opposites Write the opposites of the comparative adjectives. Examples : faster slower safer more dangerous bigger cheaper cleaner more boring more difficult colder further better

. . . . . . . .

Making comparisons Complete the sentences using the comparative form of the adjective. Example : The town isn't very clean. The country is cleaner than the town. a. My car isn't very new. Your car my car. b. Ann's house isn't very modern. Your house Ann's. c. bob's garden isn't very big. Your garden much Bob's. d. Yesterday wasn't very hot. Today much yesterday. e. Sue's homework wasn't very good. Your homework Sue's. f. Your car isn't very dirty. My car yours. g. This exercise isn't very difficult. The next exercise much this one!


Comparatives and superlatives


Comparative and superlative adjectives Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives. Adjective Comparative Superlative cheap cheaper the cheapest expensive more expensive the most expensive young happy beautiful big busy intellingent bad far new dangerous lovely hot good handsome mean generous thin

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

patient comfortable rude fit 5.




. . . .

Word order Put the words in the correct order to make sentences or questions. Example : family the am the in I oldest I am the oldest in the family. b. d. e. f. c. a. class who oldest the the in is sister me my than younger is . . . . . . ?

book interesting than my your more is book

passenger plane is Concorde world fastest the in the



cheapest buy John shop in the the did watch difficult German English than more much is

bought expensive shop the in watch most Peter the

weather bettter today than much yesterday is the

6. a. c. e. f.

Questions and answers Complete the questions with the superlative form of the adjective, then try to answer them. Example : What is the highest (high) mountain in the world? Everest. Who is What is What is Where is Who is Who is

b. d.


Adjective that end in -ed and -ing Some adjective can end in either -ed or -ing The book was interesting. I was interested in the book. The film was boring. She was bored by the film. Put an adjective from the box into each gap. worried interesting boring interested

(rich) person in Britain? . (long) river in the world? . (popular) sport in your country? . (old) university in Europe? . (young) person in your family? . (intelligent) student in your class? .

Example : What programmen are you watching? Is it interesting? a. b. c. d. e.



I dont' want to go to the match. I'm not in football. The children are and they don't know what to do. 'If you're bored, read a book! 'I don't want to read a book. Books are What time did you get home last night? I didn't know where you were. I was very about you. 'I'm going on a safari in Africa.' 'Really? How !'



Adverb or adjective? Underline the correct word in each pair. Example : The children played happy / happily in the gardon. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. 8. Your children are always very happy / happily. She sings very good / well. Yes, she's a very good / well singer. 'How are you?' 'Very good / well, thank you. and you?' I just want a quick / quickly snack. Just a sandwich, please. I had breakfast quick / quickly because I was late for work. You're speaking very quiet / quietly. I can't hear you He's a very slow / slowly reader. Noun and adjective suffixes We use suffixes to form different parts of speech. Noun suffixes : -ness, -ence Adjective suffixes : -ful, -y, -ous, -al, -ly, -ic, -ent Noun colour beauty

Complete the table.

sun peace culture independence friend romance

. . . . .

Adjective colourful happy

. . . . . . .

dangerous healthy intelligent different


Look at the information about Paul and Mary and complete the sentences below. Age Height brothers and sisters? a house / flat? a car? a camera? a word processor? 29 1.80 2 brothers a flat


31 1.65



a flat

a. younger . b. taller . c. 'How brothres Paul got? 'Two.' d. Paul got sisters. e. Mary got brothers or sisters. f. Mary and Paul both a flat. g. Mary got a car, but Paul one. h. They both . i. ' a word processor?' 'No, she hasn't.' 10. Once upon a time : a fairy story. 1. Read the story and put an adverb or an adjective from the box into each gap. Use each word once only. Check the meaning of new words in your dictionary. green hot angry deep beautiful handsome unhappy Adjectives Adverbs carefully happily quickly suddenly immediately unfortunately quietly

The Princess and the Frog

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a (a) beautiful princess who had a golden ball. She lived in a palace with her father, the King, and her seven sisters, Every day she played with her ball in the garden of the palace. At the end of the garden there was a (b) , dark pond. When the weather was (c) , the princess liked playing near the pond. (d) , one day she dropped her golden ball in the water, She was very (e) and she sat on the grass and started to cry. (f) she heard a voice : 'Don't cry, princess.' She opened her eyes and saw a large, (g) , frog. 'Oh, please help me!' she said, 'I can't get my ball.' I'll help you,' said the frog, if I can come and live with you in the palace! Yes, yes of course, I promise,' said the princess. So the frog jumped into the water and came back with the ball. The princess back to the palace laughed and took the ball, She ran (h) and forgot all about the frog.

The frog was very (i) . He followed the princess into the palace and told his story to the King. 'A promise is a promise,' said the frog. 'Yes,' said the King and called his daughter. 'A promise is a promise, my daughter, Take this frog to your room and look after him (j) The princess cried again, but she took the frog and put him on her bed. the frog looked at her and said (k) , 'Please kiss me, princess.' She closed her eyes and kissed him. (l) , the frog turned into a (m) prince. Of course, he and the princess fell in love. One week later they married and they lived (n) ever after.


11. Read the following postcard. What is the only adjective used by Bill and Sue? Thurs. Dear Laura, We're having a nice time here in Scotland, but the weather isn't very nice, We're staying in a nice hotel near a nice town called Aberfeldy. We have nice views of the mountains and forests from our bedroom. Yesterday we went to see Blair Castle. It was really nice. Today we are hoping to go for a nice walk by the lake (called a loch' here!). Did you have a nice time in Italy? We'll ring you next week. love Bill and Sue

Laura Green White Gates' 8 Shire Lane Chesswood Herts. WD3 7QZ


Bill and Sue use nice eight times. Fill the gaps in the sentences below with a better adjective from the box. You can use each adjective once only. Careful! Sometimes more than one word is possible. but not always! lovely spectacular comfortable good small terrible old long

a. We're having a time here in Scotland. b. But the weather is . c. We're staying in a hotel near a town. d. We have views of the mountains. e. The castle was really . f. We're hoping to go for a walk by the lake. g. Did you have a time in Italy?

a. The TV programme was so I turned it off. b. Children can't get to sleep on Christmas Eve. They're too . c. A : 'Hi, Mum!' B : 'Carol! Thank goodness you rang! Where have you been? We've been so about you!' d. A : 'Hello, darling. I've got a present for you.; B : 'For me?' A : 'Don't look so . I often buy you presents.' B : 'But it isn't my birthday!' e. The art exhibition was very . I loved it, but I had to leave after three hours. My feet were killing me! I find going round art galleries and museums very . f. Some people don't go out at night because they're that someone will rob them. g. Our financial situation is very . We spend more and more, but we're earning less and less. h. A : 'You're yawning. Are you listening to what I'm saying?' B : I am! I'm really . I want to know what happened. It's just that I feel very . I went to bed very late last night.' i. A : 'I'm going on a three - month holiday to the Far East.' B : 'How ! Lucky you!' j. A : 'Was your father when you told him your exam results?' B : 'He was furious.'

12. -ed or -ing adjectives? Complete the sentences with one of the words in the box. Careful! They are not all used. surprised surprising bored frightening worrying interesting boring exciting frightened worried interested annoyed annoying excited tiring tired