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Guide to Installing OSX on Wind:


Stellarola's guide

UPDATED JULY 22nd 2008


So the custom installer disc is finally here. This is the first release for the
disc and consider it a
beta as we wanted to get some feedback from the community.
This is currently the easiest option to install Mac OS X Leopard on the MSI Wind
Please take into consideration the installer was made with the MSI Wind notebook
in mind and we're hoping
that the other clone revisions of this notebook (Advent, Luvbook, Akoya) will work
as well, even though
some of the hardware is slightly different.

Before I list off some of the features, I'd like everyone to know that
We created this disc to help the community and give people more options on their
brand new MSI Wind notebook.
If you really like the way this OS feels to you please consider purchasing OS X
Leopard from

Before someone starts complaining, be sure to read the OSx86 forums at for
some preliminary information about OSx86 and how it works before you start making
a fool of yourself.



-Single disc installation

-Native Graphics on boot of OS
-Keyboard and Trackpad Working
-Native Camera support for use with applications such as iChat, Photoboot & Skype
-Internal Speakers with Mute, Volume UP/DOWN functionality
-Bluetooth Works natively
-Clamshell Sleep
-System Sleep (Still to be determined)

So we understand what the features are of this thing. Now lets get down to
business on what doesn't work.
Because we all know that's what people love to complain about... :!:

--Features not yet implemented--

-About this Mac Screen - This is just cosmetic as it does not affect the
functionality of the notebook
-Line in/out Mic - This is the biggest complaint from everyone.
I am trying my hardest to source down the one man who can actually get this
function to work.
Until then, be glad you HAVE OS X Leopard running on your MSI Wind.

-Trackpad Scrolling - This could potentially be solved, but I have not delved deep
enough into the process.

-Installer can potentially not show progress bar - As you can see in Onetrack's
installation video some people
have been noticing that the progress bar for the installation is not showing. This
doesn't mean it's not installing as it's purely cosmetic.

Onetrack has done a great job of lending me a hand with testing the installation
and he was kind
enough to upload some videos to show people both the installation of this
installer disc
and also how to upgrade the RAM, WIFI and the HDD.



Please watch those videos before attempting the installation so you throughly
understand how to do this.

I want to give a shout out to Onetrack, Stoked4life, SME82 and everyone else who
helped make this release happen so quickly.

This will be the first release with others to come afterward which will be more
thoughtout and thorough.

Thanks everyone,



Last update: 14/07/08 - video and images online!

What you need to install OSX on your Wind

Here's a list of what you MUST have to install OSX on your Wind...

- An external DVD drive

- A DVD containing Kalyway 10.5.2 install (you can find this on the usual 'torrent
- The Kalyway 10.5.3 upgrader (see CD) on a USB stick or CD/DVD
- The official 10.5.4 DELTA update from on a USB stick or
Do NOT use the Combo updater.
- My Wind driver and utility pack (see CD) on a USB stick or CD / DVD

And here's an item you really SHOULD have to install OSX on your Wind...

- A proper licenced copy of Leopard

Now, of course you could install without the above item, but i'm in favour of
being fair to Apple.
Regardless of the intricacies and enforcability (or otherwise) of the EULA, it's
playing fair to buy a licence for
Leopard if you plan to use it on a machine. IMHO anyway. It's up to you of course,
but it makes me feel better!
I look at it as 'Apple won't build me a 10" notebook so I have to do it myself'

I also have upgraded my RAM to 2GB... very cheap indeed at!


Of course, installing OSX on your Wind is gonna wipe whatever is on there already.
I'm sure you know that already biggrin.gif
Also, if anything goes horribly wrong, you're following my guide at your own risk
m'kay? biggrin.gif

Before you start - ensure you have BIOS version of at least 1.05 installed!
You can view the BIOS version by entering the BIOS setup (press 'del' at startup).

- MSI machines: download your BIOS update here

- Advent machines: download your BIOS update here

After updating your BIOS, enter BIOS setup and press F9 to 'restore best
performance defaults'. This step is VITAL!

Step by Step - installing OSX on your Wind

1. Insert the Kalyway 10.5.2 disk into your external DVD drive, and plug it into
your Wind
2. Start your Wind, and press F11 when prompted to choose a boot device. When the
blue list pops up, select your DVD drive
3. When prompted to hit a key to boot from CD/DVD, hit a key.... you'll see a ton
of text scroll up the screen - just sit tight biggrin.gif
4. You'll next be presented with your language select screen.
I imagine you want English, so just hit enter! It'll then sit doing 'Preparing
Installation' for a while.
5. When you get the 'Welcome' screen, don't hit continue straight away! Move your
point to the 'Utilities' menu, and select 'Disk Utility'.
6. When the Disk Utility application has loaded, click your main drive in the left
hand pane (probably the very top entry, 'WDC WD800 or similar')
7. Click 'Partition' on the right hand pane.
8. Under 'Volume Scheme', click '1 partition'.
9. Give your disk a nice name. I chose 'Leopard'. Original, I know!
10. Click 'Apply'
11. Wait for it to do it's thing, then select 'Quit Disk Utility' from the 'Disk
Utility' menu.
12. You'll now be taken back to the installer welcome page. Click 'Continue'.
13. Click 'Agree' when the legalese blurb pops up.
14. Choose a destination drive - obviously the one you just partitioned! Click
15. Click 'Customize'.
16. Completely uncheck 'Language Translations'.
17. Expand 'Kernels' and select ONLY 'kernel_vanilla_92'
18. Expand 'Graphics_Drivers', expand 'Intel_GMA' and select ONLY 'GMA950'
19. Completely uncheck 'Audio_Drivers'.
20. Completely uncheck 'Networks_Drivers'.
21. Completely uncheck 'Mobo_Chipsets'.
22. Completely uncheck 'Thirds_Applications'.
23. Expand 'Patches' and select 'TimeMachineFix' and 'PowerManagement_bundle'.
24. Click 'Done'
25. Click 'Install' and go and make yourself a cup of tea! smile.gif
26. The install will now take place, if you want to speed it up, you can 'Skip'
the installation DVD check.
27. re: the Time Remaining calculation, it's not really that accurate. In
particular, the 'Time Remaining: About a minute' is pretty optimistic smile.gif
28. When the 'Install Succeeded' screen appears, eject the install DVD and hit
29. OS will now start up for the first time, and take you through the setup
30. When you have booted into OSX for the first time, insert the disk containing
the Kalyway 10.5.3 update.
31. Run '1_Kalyway_UpdCombo10.5.3.pkg' and step through the installation process.
Do NOT hit restart when prompted!
32. After the above install has completed, run '2_kalyway_10.5.3_kernel.pkg' and
step through the installation process. Select the 'vallina_kernel_9.3' kernel.
33. Restart your Wind.
34. When prompted to do so, press F8 to interrupt the Darwin startup.
35. Type 'update -v' (without the quotes obviously), and press enter. Your Wind
may reboot a couple of times during this update process. Don't panic!
36. When you have booted back into OSX, insert the disk containing the 10.5.4
delta update.
37. Double click the 'MacOSXUpd10.5.4.dmg' to mount the image.
38. After the image has mounted, run 'MacOSXUpd10.5.4.pkg' and step through the
installation process. Restart when prompted.
39. When you have booted into OSX, insert the disk containing my Wind driver and
utility pack.
40. Select the 'utilities' directory in my pack.
41. Drag 'kext helper b7' somewhere helpful. Your 'Applications' folder for
the 'utilities'
directory and step through the installation process.
44. ENABLING SOUND: Change to the 'sound' directory and double click
'AzaliaAudio.pkg' and step through the installation process.
Do NOT hit restart when prompted!
ETHERNET AND SLEEP ON LID CLOSED: Change to the 'kexts' directory. Run kexthelper,
and drag all of the .kext
files in this directory to it's window. Switch to the kexthelper window, input
your password, then click 'Easy Install'.
46. Reboot!
47. Run 'System Preferences' -> 'Energy Saver' and select 'Show Details'. Select
'Options' and then 'Show battery status in menu bar'.
47. FIXING KEYBOARD MAP (UK keyboard layouts only): Change to the 'kaylayout'
directory on my
Wind driver and utility pack, and copy 'Advent 4211.keylayout' to
'\Library\Keyboard Layouts'.
Run 'System Preferences' -> 'International', and click 'Input Menu'. SCroll down
the list until you see 'Advent 4211'.
Click the checkbox, and you will see a flag appear in your menu bar. Click this to
select the Advent layout.
48. Almost done! All you need to do now is to get a network connection
(either by Ethernet or Wireless if you are using a non-standard card), and run
'Software Update'
from the 'Apple' menu to get the latest software updates.

Congratulations, you have OSX on your Wind!