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Remove Spell from Character's Spell List Code: player.

removespell [spell code] Note: Here is a full list of Oblivion Spell Codes.

Give All Spells to Player Code: psb

Show Spell Making Screen Code: ShowSpellMaking

Show Enchantment Screen Code: ShowEnchantment

Force a Level Up Code: advlevel

Force Skill Level Up Code: advskill [skill]

Complete All Quest Stages Code: caqs

Set All Quest Stages Code: completeallqueststages

Set Hair Color Code: hairtint [red] [green] [blue]

List Console Commands Code: help

Kill Selected NPC Target (suicide if nothing targeted) Code: kill

Kill All Non Quest NPC Code: killall Thanks to Corey N.

Lock Selected Door or Container with Indicated Lock Level Code: lock [1-100]

Add Indicated Amount of Points to Indicated Attribute Code: modpca [attribute], [number]

Add Indicated Amount of Points to Specified Skill Code: modpcs [skill], [number]

Moves to Current Quest Target Code: movetoqt

Spawn Indicated Item Code: player.additem [item code] 1 Note: Here is a full list of Oblivion Item Codes.

Add 100 Lockpicks Code: player.additem 0000000a "100"

Add 100 Skeleton Keys Code: player.additem 0000000b "100"

Add 100 Repair Hammers Code: player.additem 0000000c "100"

Add Unlimited Gold (change the 999 to any number to add unlimited Gold) Code: player.additem 0000000f "999"

Teleport Code: player.coc [destination name] Note: Here is a full list of Oblivion location codes. Set the Weather Code: SetWeather [weatherid], or SW [weatherid] Note: Here is a full list of Oblivion Weather codes.

Add Indicated Amount of Points to Indicated Stat Code: player.setav [stat] [number (1-255)] Thanks to Ahmed for the correction on the above code.

Set Player Level Code: player.setlevel [1-255]

Set Point of View Angle (default is 75) Code: pov [number]

Reset Health to Full Code: ResetHealth

Quit Game Immediately Code: qqq

Revive Target Code: resurrect

Save Game Code: savegame [filename]

Set Camera Field of View in Degrees (default is 75) Code: setcamerafov [degrees]

Set Fog Start and End Depths Code: setfog [start] [end]

Set Character's Fame Code: setpcfame

Set Character's Infamy Code: setpcinfamy

Set Barter Gold for Selected Merchant Code: setbartergold [number]

Remove Bounty from Player Code: player.setcrimegold 0, or player.payfine

Set Bounty on Target Code: setcrimegold [number]

Change Your Gender Code: sexchange

Change Your Birthsign Code: showbirthsignmenu

Change Your Class Code: showclassmenu

Show All Log Entries for Indicated Quest Code: showfullquestlog [quest id]

Show Quest Log Code: showquestlog

Show Current Quest Log Code: showquestlog 0

Show Completed Quest Log Code: showquestlog 1

Show Current Quest Targets Code: showquesttargets

Show Name, Race, Appearance Selection Screen Code: showracemenu

Toggle NPC Conversation Subtitles Code: showsubtitle

Window with the Full Game Scene Graph Code: ssg

Toggle AI Code: tai

Toggle Combat AI Code: tcai

Toggle No Clipping / Collision Code: tcl

Toggle AI Detection Code: tdetect

Toggle Debug Display Code: tdt

Free Camera Movement Code: tfc

Toggle Full Help Code: tfh

Toggle Fog of War Code: tfow

Toggle Grass Code: tg

God Mode (must be targeting nothing) Code: tgm

Toggle Land Code: tll

Toggle Leaves Code: tlv

Toggle Menus Code: tm

All Map Locations Shown Code: togglemapmarkers

Toggle Sky Code: ts

Toggle Trees Code: tt

Toggle Wireframe Code: twf

Toggle Water Code: tws

Set Time Speed (30 is default, 1.0 is real time) Code: set timescale to [number]

Unlock Selected Locked Door or Container Code: unlock

Close Oblivion Gates Code: CloseCurrentOblivionGate Note: This will close the Oblivion gate you are in and set you outside of it.