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Dr. K.M.NAIR: GEOSCIENTIST EXEMPLAR Name: Permanent Address : : Keerikad Madhavan Nair Asanparampil,Ramapuram, KEERIKAD P.O.

, PIN 690508, Phone 0479 2472681, Mob Ph. 9446502681 13 May 1936 MSc. Geology- Jammu University 1958 PhD. Geology, 1977, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Sedimentology of Carbonates in Cauvery Basin Co-Investigator in the project Paleoclimate and Sea level Records in the Late Quaternary Sediments of Coastal Wetlands of Pallikkal and Achankovil River Basins- Its Implications on Coastal Evolution Implemented the Project Attempt to save the Midlands of Kerala from drinking water shortage funded by KSCSTE.

Date of Birth Educational Qualifications. Thesis Title Professional Experience 2012 Jan onward-

2009 Dec- 2011 Dec

2003- 2009 July

Director of Vakkom Moulavi Foundation Trust. Research Projects: 1) Effects of Holocene Tectonics, Sea level and Climate Changes on Landforms and Vegetation in South Kerala Sedimentary Basin. (funded by KSCSTE) 2) Tectonic and Hydrologic Control on Late PleistoceneHolocene Landforms, Paleoforest and non-forest vegetation; Southern Kerala (funded by KSCSTE) 3) Late Quaternary Environmental changes in the coastal Plains of Southern Kerala ( Funded by CSIR)

1998 2003

Fully engaged in Research Projects Implemented: 1) Quaternary Sea Level Oscillations, Geological and Geomorphological Evolution of South Kerala Sedimentary Basin (funded by DST, GOI) 2). Integrated Hydrogeological Investigations and MultiPronged Water Conservation in Selected Watersheds of Achankovil River Basin, Kerala (Funded by R ajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission, GOI)


Director, Centre for Earth Science Studies, Akulam, PO, Trivandrum Besides the Research programs in progress, initiated the program on river basin studies with particular attention to sand mining, EIA of Pampa Irrigation Project and similar Studies. Strengthened the Divisions dealing with Seismology, Landslides and Coastal Studies .

1988- 1992

Chief Geologist, ONGC, Bombay Studied the Western Offshore Sedimentary basins of India and

trained young generation geoscientists 1984 1988 1980 1984 UN Expert, Belize Central America, In Petroleum Development Projects Lecturer, University of Ilorin, Nigeria. Besides teaching, undertook 3 Research programs funded by the University. Petroleum Exploration Geologist in various cadres; worked in Kerala, Assam, West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. While working in Cauvery Basin carried out research leading to PhD. 1958 1959 Pre-Professional Stipendiary Trainee in GSI, Calcutta. PAPERS PUBLISHED Nair K.M. (1974) Carbonates in Cauvery Basin, South India: In Key Papers to the Seminar on carbonate rocks of Tamilnadu, Geologists Association of Tamilnadu, Madras. Nair K.M. (1975) First generation cement in beach rocks along the East Coast of South India. In: Proceedings of IX Congress of International Association of Sedimentologists, Nice, France. Nair K.M. (1976a) Stratigraphy, Lithology and Sedimentation of Carbonates of Tertiary in Cauvery 0 Basin. In: proc. Of the Workshop on Coastal Sedimentaries of India south of 18 N Latitude, ONGC, Madras. Nair K.M. (1976b) Sedimentology of Carbonates of Tertiary in Cauvery Basin. Doctoral Thesis, Osmania University, Hyderabad (Unpublished). Nair K.M. (1978) Foraminiferal Limestones in the Tertiary Stratigraphy of Cauvery Basin, South India. Proc. VII Indian Colloquium of Micropaleontology and Stratigraphy Ed. D. A. Rasheed, Dept. of Geology, University of Madras. Pp. 196-201. Nair K.M., Rao, M.R. (1980) Stratigraphic analysis of Kerala Basin, Proceedings .of Symposium on Geology and Geomorphology of Kerala. Geological Survey of India. Spl. Pub. 1980, Vol. 5, pp. 1-8. Nair K.M., Vijayam, B.E. (1981) Ferroan Calcite Cement in the Molluscan Biosparites and Calcareous Sandstones of Uttathur and Trichinapoly Stages, Cauvery Basin.. Bull. ONGC. Vol 18,pp 11 Nair K.M., Azmathullah, M. (1981) Significance of Strontium distribution in limestone. Jour. Mining and Geology, Vol. 18(1): pp. 114-119. 5 127 Nair, K.M. (1982) Cementation of carbonate sands in Lakshadweep. Bull. ONGC, Vol. 19, pp.1-12. Nair, K.M., Ramanathan, R.M. (1983): Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and Paleogeographic significance of Lower Cretaceous Gboko Limestone, Nigeria. Vol 21, Nos 1&2, pp 203 210 Nair K.M. (1984) Dolomitization in some Nigerian Limestones; Proceedings of 20 Conference of Nigerian Mining and Geoscience Society ;( Abstract) pp 41 42

1959 -1980


Nair, K.M. (1995) Geological history and natural resources of Low land of Kerala. Published by STEC, Govt of Kerala, pp. 1-15 Nair, K.M., Singh, N. K, Jokhanram, Gavarshetty, C.P, Muraleekrishnan, B (1992) Stratigraphy and sedimentation of Bombay offshore Basin. Jour. Geol. Soc. India. Vol. 40, pp. 415-442.

Nair, K.M. (1998) Quaternary aquifers and Keralas drinking water problems. Paper#11 in Proceedings of Workshop on Ground water Regime monitoring, Central Ground Water Board, Trivandrum. Nair, K.M., Sajikumar S., Padmalal D. (1998) Silting up of a Holocene megalagoon along Kerala coast. In: Proc of the National Seminar on coastal evolution, processes and products. (Abstract) Nair, K.M., Padmalal, D. (2004) Quaternary geology and geomorphology of South Kerala Sedimentary Basin, West coast of India. In G. R. Rvindrakumar, N.Subhash (Eds) Earth System Sciences and Natural Resources Management. pp. 69-82 Nair, K.M., Padmalal, D Kumaran K.P.N. (2005) Impact of sea level and paleoclimatic changes on th river courses in Kerala. In: Proc. of 18 Convention of IGI and National Seminar on Quaternary climatic changes and landforms. Abstract. Indian Inst of Geomorphology, Thirunelveli. Nair K.M., Padmalal D., Kumaran K.P.N. (2006) Quaternary geology of South Kerala sedimentary Basin, an outline. Jour. Geol. Soc. India, Vol. 67, pp. 165-179 Nair, K.M., Padmalal D., Kumaran, K.P.N. (2007) Response of post Middle Miocene Tectonics on stratigraphy and geomorphology of onshore-offshore regions of SW coast of India. Proc. IGCP Symposium 514, Dec 2007, CESS. pp. 17-20. Nair, K.M., Padmalal, D., Kumaran, K.P.N. (2008) Structure, tectonics and Quaternary Sedimentary Facies along SW coast of India. In. Proc of National Symposium on geodynamics and evolution of Indian Shield through time and space commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Geol Soc India, pp. 4142. Nair, K.M. (2009) A solution to the problem of groundwater in the midlands of Kerala. In Proc., Kerala Environmental Congress, 2009, pp. 224-228. Nair, K.M. (2010) Iron and bacterial contamination of phreatic aquifer in the coastal low lands of Kerala. Proc. National Seminar on Rainwater harvesting and Artificial Recharge with special reference to coastal areas, Department of Marine Geology, Mangalore University and CGWB, Bangalore. Theme: VII, Paper 3. Nair, K.M., Pramodlal, V. (2012) Investigation of ground water shortage and results of experimental th rain water harvesting in laterite covered midland: In Proceedings of the 24 Kerala Science Congress, pp. 29-31 January, 2012, Rubber Research Institute of India, Kottayam Jayalakshmi, K., Nair, K.M., Kumai, H., Santosh, M. (2004) Late Pleistocene- Holocene Paleoclimatic History of the Southern Kerala Basin, South West India, Gondwana Research, Vol. 7., pp. 585-594. Jayalakshmi, K., Kumaran, K.P.N., Nair, K.M., Padmalal, D. (2005) Late Quaternary environmental changes in South Kerala Sedimentary Basin, South Western India. Geophytology, Vol. 35, pp.25-31. Kumaran, K.P.N., Nair, K.M. (2005) Tracing Paleoclimatic signatures in fossil woods and sub-fossil logs of Kerala, Southwestern India. Past Global Changes (PAGES news) Vol. 13, No.1, Kumaran, K.P.N., Nair K.M., Shindikar, M. Limaye, R.B., Padmalal, D. (2005). Stratigraphic and palynological appraisal of Late Quaternary mangrove deposits of the west coast of India. Quaternary Research, Vol. 64, pp. 418-431. Kumaran K.P.N., Limaye, R.B., Nair, K.M., Padmalal D. (2005) Paleoecological and paleoclimatic potential of subsurface palynological data from Late Quaternary sediments of South Kerala Sedimentary Basin, Southwest India. Current Science, Vol. 95. pp. 515-526. Limaye, R.B., Kumaran, K.P.N., Nair, K.M., Padmalal, D. (2007) Non-Pollen palynomorphs as potential paleoenvironmental indicators in the Late Quaternary sediments of the west coast of India. Current Science, Vol. 92. pp. 1370-1382.

Limaye, R.B., Kumaran, K.P.N., Nair, K.M., Padmalal, D. (2008). Cyanobacteria as potential biomarkers of hydrological changes in the Late Quaternary sediments of South Kerala Sedimentary Basin, India. Abstract Terra Nostra IPC-XII/IOPC-VIII, Bonn Germany, pp. 417. Limaye, R.B., Kumaran, K.P.N., Nair, K.M., Padmalal, D. (2008). Late Quaternary Palynology and Paleoclimate of South western India: Evidence from marine and terrestrial Archives of South Kerala Sedimentary Basin. Abstract Terra Nostra IPC-XII/IOPC-VIII, Bonn Germany, pp. 375. Padmalal, D., Nair, K.M., Kumaran, K.P.N., Sajan, K., Vishnumohan, S., Maya, K., Santhosh, V., and Anooja, S. (2010). Evidences of climate and sea level changes in a Holocene bay head delta, Kerala, SW coast of India. In: Proc. International workshop on climate change and island th vulnerability, Kadamat, Lakshadweep, 26-30 October, 2010. Padmalal, D., Kumaran, K.P.N., Nair, K.M., Baijulal, B., Ruta B Limaye and Vishnumohan, S, (2011). Evolution of the coastal wetland systems of SW India during Holocene: Evidence from marine and terrestrial archives of Kollam coast, Kerala. Quaternary International (In Press) Ramanathan, R.M., Nair, K.M, (1983), Lower Cretaceous Foraminifera in Gboko Limestone, Eastern Nigeria,. Nigerian Journal of Mining and Geology, Vol 21, pp. 203 210. ----------------------