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Limited Technical Services Summer 2012 Internship

Prepared for Jacque Adkins Limited Technology Services

Prepared by Joshua Ricker

August 23, 2012

Contents Page Description of Internship..3 Job Duties......3, 4 Academic Growth........4 Completed Coursework Related to Internship........4 Learning Objectives Gained.5 Personal Growth....5 Interpersonal Effectiveness Goals.5 Strengths.5 Performance Development.5, 6 Supervision............6 Evaluation....6 Conclusions6

DESCRIPTION OF INTERNSHIP Limited Technology Interns acquire a wide range of knowledge to contribute to the work force. Interning for Limited Brands builds hands on skills for the IT professional. Possessing the technical skills acquired from Limited Brands only proves you to be a more invaluable asset. Job Duties While interning for Limited Brands there were several job duties entitled with this position including: Troubleshooting to solve issues on a customers computer. Being introduced to other concepts of technology within the organization. Successfully communicating with others either to solve issues or to collaborate the proper solution. Building rapport with customers and co-workers in order to establish a working relationship that keeps them at ease with the final product. Re-imaging new PCs for associates in order for them to affectively work their posit ion. Document all current problems and issues in the ticketing system.

The current job duties listed above are only a brief description of the duties. They are explained more in depth below. While troubleshooting a customers computer it may involve remote access. While using Dameware, it allows you to see what the issue is remotely. You could also use Dameware to show the client something remotely. The other way to fix an issue is remote desktop client. This will allow you to remote in and fix the issue with the user logged off. Make sure that you practice proper communication prior to using any of these methods. Knowing other technology departments within Limited Technology Services is very beneficial. This will allow the desktop analyst to find the best route for the solution. Rather it may be on their end or another technology area. It will only speed up the process of getting the client up to speed. Communication with either your individual team or a client is a very important soft skill to grasp. Asking another team member for a quick fix or proper procedure is very beneficial. Also, keeping a client with a severity ticket updated on the status is a good practice.

Building rapport with clients and co-workers is an essential soft skill required to accomplish successful outcomes within the workplace. When applying proper communication with clients they feel more at ease with the service. They will then feel more confidence toward your service and trust your work. While achieving your provided service to clients, co-workers may intervene to help out. Therefore, it is also good to know your resources such as your fellow coworkers. Re-imaged PCs could be for current or new associates in the company. If it is for current associates, their list of programs should be printed out for the initial installs. The new associates may require certain software installs. Looking connecting tickets or knowing the department is a good practice. But software requires a license, so make sure it is bought through procurement. A continuance of proper documentation is an important factor when working in the IT industry. Limited Technology Services practices an open loop process within their ticketing client software. If updated properly it will portray the most recent and past steps taken in order to solve the clients problem. According to the severity level, this process allows us to keep track of the steps taken, current status, and resolution.

ACADEMIC GROWTH Throughout my internship I applied several skills acquired from school. Provided below is a list of multiple school classes that have introduced me to the Information Technology or business industry. Completed Course Work Related to Internship IT309 Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems (ITT Technical Institute) This course introduces general knowledge and skills required in installation, configuration and management of popular Microsoft operating systems for standalone and network client computers. COMM 320 Business Communication (Franklin University) This course introduces proper business etiquette in the work place. It emphasizes communication tools to acknowledge in order to achieve in the business environment. Communication techniques such as memorandums, emails, and business proposals were vastly produced in order to get the student comfortable with the final product.

Learning Objectives Gained Continued to build a well-rounded knowledge of Microsoft operating systems in order to efficiently determine issues that occur. Strengthen my inter-personal communication skills by learning to build rapport by design. As mentioned earlier, this helps the client confide in your services. Learn other technical areas within the organization. Adapted to a new location at Limited Brands.

PERSONAL GROWTH Throughout the internship at Limited Brands, it required several soft skills that will contribute to the job. Interpersonal Effectiveness Goals Used my past networking connections and continued to contribute to the work environment. Built a working relationship with the team in order to carry out effective solutions. Created an efficient strategy to communicate both locally and globally across the company. Strengths There are several strengths that I possess that will contribute to the internship at Limited Brands. Communicating on a professional level to achieve the proper end result. Troubleshooting and researching to create a continued flow of resolution. Work ethics that will contribute to working consistently with my performance. Abilities to efficiently multitask to assess multiple issues.

Performance Development While interning for Limited Brands, I personally liked to perform my job perfect and provide the best outcome. But unfortunately everyone has their flaws. In the past, I have worked for several employers that created unnecessary stress. Therefore I have found myself nervous at times when there is nothing to fear.

Complacency consists of someone becoming too comfortable of the situation. This may include but not limited to showing up late or taking long lunches. I found myself making sure that bad habits do not arise. This mind set only aided me in a better personal development process. Furthermore, I expected my manager to keep me on feet. But at the same time giving me that independent freedom for tasks created a more effective outcome. I may need a nudge every once in a while, but I am sure that everyone else needs one too. Mat Broz did a great job of assuring that I was doing alright. SUPERVISION While interning for Office Services I was overlooked by Mathew Broz. He is the manager of LTS Office Services. He was laid back when it came to managing his crew. But in the back of your mind you just know that Mat is aware of what is going on. I had a touch base with Mathew Broz while interning with Limited Brands. The touch base entitled a description of what Im doing right or wrong. It is only to build on your character and obstruct a matter of constructive criticism. Evaluation Nearing the end of my internship, I met with Jacque Adkins. Jacque is the HR Generalist in charge of evaluating the LTS summer interns. While meeting with her we discussed the whole summer intern experience. She also took a moment and gave me a few tips to help further my career. CONCLUSION With Limited Brands, they have more of a kinesthetic learning style approach. But no matter how you learn, multiple areas will help build on the job knowledge. They actually encourage you to ask questions about the current job. Therefore, Limited Brands is an advocate for the structured business atmosphere. By experiencing several environments and locations at Limited Brands, I was able to think of the business on a more global perspective. I was able to work at DC3 for a moment and build some relationships at that location. Then I worked at DC4 and acclimated to that building. My management also organized a trip to New York for me. It was definitely a great experience throughout the internship. Progressing with the internship acquired through Limited Brands, I have possessed the skills necessary to be an IT professional.