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com GENERAL SCIENCE FOR 8TH CLASS (UNIT # 8) ============================================================

SHORT QUESTIONS >> Question: Describe pollution ? Addition of harmful materials to the environment is called pollution. LONG QUESTIONS >> Question: What are the causes of atmospheric pollution and how it affects animals and plants? Causes: i) Smoke of buses, cars and other traffic. ii) Smoke of factories and mills. iii) Burning of fuels which release harmful gases in atmosphere. Affects: i) Pollution produce many diseases in human and animals. ii) Pollution is damaging green house effect and ozone layer. >> Question: Describe causes and effects of water pollution? Causes: i) Untreated sewage is the main cause of water pollution. ii) Industrial wastes are released in nearby lakes, canals and rivers which pollute the water. iii) Fertilizers also pollute the water. iv) Oil leakage by tankers in seas also pollutes the water. Affects: i) Sewage water contains many harmful bacteria which cause diseases. ii) Polluted water by industrial wastes is very toxic . iii) Polluted water by fertilizers drained into rivers which harm human and animals. iv) Polluted water by oil leakage kills the sea animals and plants. >> Question: Explain the green house effect? We have seen glass houses or plastic tents in nurseries . These houses are called green houses. They have special quality to keep the heat inside. Green houses are used to grow plants of warm and cold areas. Pollution put too much carbon dioxide into air. It forms a blanket around the earth keeping heat inside. This is called green house effect. >> Question: How we are affecting ozone layer? Human use aerosol cans for hairsprays, air fresheners, paints and insecticides. The aerosol cans contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that destroy ozone layer. We also use CFCs in refrigerators and air conditioners. When these chemicals escape into the atmosphere they move upward and affect the ozone layer. >> Question: How can we save our environment? i) We should use less natural resources . ii) We should minimize wastage . iii) We should recycle paper, glass, plastic and metals. iv) We should avoid pouring untreated sewage and wastes into rivers. v) We should stop materials that contain CFCs. vi) We should save water and energy. vii) We should plant new trees.
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