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Jennifer Lee, Max Muscle Franchisee

The Fuel You Need

Max Muscle's EnduroMax and Vit-Acell Energy will give you the boost you crave and help you go the distance.

To Get Up and Go

ental toughness is a pre-requisite for success at any level in sport. Weve all witnessed extraordinary moments when an athlete excels to a level most of us thought impossible, and many of us have pushed ourselves towards an accomplishment we didnt know we were capable of. A strong mind can push the body to new limits. So, what happens when the desire to push is there but our body isnt responding? When this happens, much of the time it can be traced back to improper nutrition. Max Muscles EnduroMax and Vit-Acell Energy were designed to provide your body with the fuel it needs to propel you toward reaching for higher levels in your sport, keeping both your mind and body in sync and ready to show everyone just how tough you are.

Why You Gotta Have It

The benefts you will experience by using EnduroMax include the following: Improve aerobic/anaerobic performance Minimize muscle damage Boost immune system Reduce infammation Fight fatigue Utilization of fat for energy Spare muscle glycogen Proper hydration

JULY 2013

Lou Scharpf, 58, Sacramento Shops at Max Muscle Natomas, CA

I have been using EnduroMax since September 2011. I frst started incorporating EnduroMax for motorcycle riding. My lap times got faster and I had more energy. It was unbelievable. I also felt like I was more focused. For cycling, I add a scoop of Emerge for that extra kick and feel great. Recently, I tried EnduroMax for snow skiing and had unbelievable energy. I was able to ski all day whereas before I would peter out about midday. I know it sounds cheesy, but I really love this stuff!

a dose of 1.5 grams per serving. Isoleucine and Valine are a direct source of energy for our muscles and can delay fatigue and speed recovery when taken during exercise.

EnduroMax is based on strong scientifc evidence and modeled after the newest American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines for fuid and electrolyte replacement during exercise. EnduroMax will provide the fuid, fuel, electrolytes, amino acids, metabolic cofactors and antioxidants your body needs during exercise to support optimal performance. Excessive exercise stresses the body. With the proper nutrients taken during exercise, it is possible to reduce some of this stress, speeding the recovery process. EnduroMax should be used during exercise lasting more than one hour or an intense training.

performance during exercise. It stimulates the central nervous system and causes the release of adrenaline, which increases speed, power and endurance. Caffeine also enhances free fatty acids in the blood and helps our body to utilize fat as energy during exercise.

coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid provide the antioxidant protection from free radicals produced during prolonged exercise and are key cofactors for mitochondrial function. Electrolytes are provided in the appropriate levels for proper hydration.

Antioxidants, Electrolytes and Cofactors: Vitamin C, vitamin E,

Get Your Boost On!

Quercetin: A favanoid that provides

Key Ingredients Found in EnduroMax

Carbohydrate: Carbohydrate
increases endurance, spares muscle glycogen and prevents muscle damage caused by excessive exercise. The combination of carbohydrate and protein has shown to stimulate insulin at a greater level than the consumption of carbohydrate alone. Insulin suppresses cortisol, a hormone that causes muscle damage and leads to a suppressed immune system.

antioxidant and anti-infammatory benefts, quercetin acts as an antiinfammatory inhibiting the release of histamine and other allergens. Quercetin has been shown in studies to enhance the benefts we get from caffeine on the central nervous system during exercise. A recent study showed that quercetin increased both VO2Max and endurance capacity in untrained individuals.

Vit-Acell Energy is abundant in the nutrients your body craves and needs to help with everything from immune support to anti-aging, from energy support to exercise recovery. It is not a synthetically designed, cheap one a day, it is the gold standard of multivitamins and will help your body meet its daily needs to live your life to the fullest.

Key Ingredients Found in Vit-Acell Energy

Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs:
Vitamins and minerals play essential roles in most metabolic processes in our bodies. They act as antioxidants, co-enzymes and catalysts playing roles in a number of chemical reactions. Vit-Acell Energy is a natural liquid nutrition supplement that provides 100 percent or more of 13 essential vitamins and essential minerals. It also contains a natural juice blend complete with antioxidants, 100 mg of colloidal minerals and energizing herbal extracts such as green tea, ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, ginseng, citrus biofavonoid extract, rutin powder and herperidin extract.

L-Carnitine: Studies have shown that L-carnitine improves energy producing enzyme levels in long distance runners. L-carnitine also functions as an anti-fatigue formula for endurance athletes because it increases the utilization of fatty acids during exercise, prolonging endurance and increasing energy. Glutamine: Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is the amino acid most responsible for keeping the muscles in a positive nitrogen balance. Glutamine is heavily depleted during exercise and when supplemented will help reduce muscle damage and promote protein synthesis. BCAAs: Like glutamine, branched
chain amino acids (BCAAs) are heavily depleted during exercise. Leucine plays a major role in protein synthesis and is provided in EnduroMax in

Protein: Per serving, EnduroMax

contains an 11 g blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate protein. Whey protein is easily digested and when taken during exercise will help to prevent muscle breakdown. With training that lasts several hours, it is important to consume some protein to prevent muscle loss and to optimize muscle recovery.

Caffeine: Caffeine enhances

Caffeine: Vit-Acell Energy also contains a natural kick, a caffeine blend, making it a perfect choice for your morning multivitamin. It provides 100 mg of caffeine coming from green coffee bean extract, guarana extract, yerba mate extract and kola extract.
JULY 2013



Caroll Mortensen, 47, Sacramento Shops at Max Muscle Natomas, CA

Eric Halverson, 44, Las Vegas Shops at Max Muscle Las Vegas, NV
I use Vit-Acell Energy on my work days. I take it just before my shift and it gives me the boost I need. I feel so energized because of it and it helps me maintain focus for the entire shift. No crash and it keeps my immune system strong. I never get sick (knock on wood). I use EnduroMax on days I play hockey. It is an awesome way to stay hydrated in between shifts. I sweat so much playing hockey and EnduroMax helps me skate hard the entire game. I also use it during long bike rides and high altitude hikes. I used to get headaches when I only had water, but EnduroMax put an end to that.

Ive been using EnduroMax for the past three years. I use it in regular conjunction with MaxPro protein, Max Glutamine, Max ARM and Xtinguisher. This combination, together with a healthy diet and smart training, has greatly increased my performance. About four years ago, I switched from running on the road to trails and fell in love with it. Being on the trails, running mile after mile in solitude over challenging, ever-changing terrain has reenergized me. I learned quickly that trail running is VERY different than running on the road. Often my long training runs are totally self-supported. No drinking fountains or supermarkets to swing by if you run out of food and water so having the right nutrition and hydration is critical. I started with the traditional running drinks, then tried some that were formulated for ultra running. I also carried a variety of gels and bars to get me through those runs that sometimes took 7 to 8 hours. After many trials, my nutrition coach (and my son!), Kris Nord, recommended EnduroMax. Wow what a difference! On the frst training run of 6 hours in the hot and hilly terrain, I noticed immediate results. My overall endurance was improved and, even better, cramping and nausea that often happen toward the end of a hard effort were gone! As time went on, I discovered I can carry fewer bars and gels and still have the energy and power to fnish strong. Thanks to Max Muscle for their great products!

Antioxidants: Anti-oxidants

and polyphenols such as grape seed extract, green tea extract, orange juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate, passion fruit concentrate, mango juice concentrate and citrus biofavonoids are included in Vit-Acell Energy. It also supplies vitamins C and E, two vitamins that offer powerful anti-oxidant protection. These anti-oxidants provide protection for our bodies, offering many health benefts, including: Neutralizing the negative effects of free radicals Enhancing energy Providing anti-aging benefts Assisting in detoxifcation processes Promoting immune system health Improving cardiovascular function Fighting infammation after strenuous exercise

niacin (B3,) pantothenic acid (B5,) pyridoxine (B6,) and biotin. The B vitamins folic acid, cobalamin (B12,) pyridoxine (B6,) and pantothenic acid (B5,) are involved in hematopoiesis (the formation of red blood cells). Each of the B vitamins is important for maintaining high energy levels and is delivered in liquid form for fast and optimal absorption. Because B vitamins are water soluble, they are lost through sweat and other bodily functions and must be replenished frequently.

Glucosamine: Vit-Acell Energy contains 500 mg of glucosamine. In addition to its structural role in connective tissue, glucosamine sulfate supports the youthful elasticity of skin, arteries, veins and heart valves. Oral supplementation of glucosamine is highly recommended for damaged connective tissue.
Healthier joints, stronger immune system, faster muscle recovery, increased fat burning, better endurance: EnduroMax and Vit-Acell Energy will energize your body and mind. MS&F

Glycine: Vit-acell Energy contains 2 g of the amino acid glycine. In studies, glycine has been shown to increase levels of human growth hormone and is also one of the amino acids involved detoxifcation. Ginkgo Biloba and Korean Ginseng are included to energize the mind and body. B Vitamins:
B vitamins are involved in many metabolic functions. The B vitamins involved in energy metabolism are thiamin (B1,) ribofavin (B2,)

Why You Gotta Have It

Taking a liquid vitamin offers a slew of benefts including the following: Better Absorption Super Concentrated Formula Easier to Swallow Better Utilization


JULY 2013