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Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform - CNN.


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It's not Syria holding up immigration reform
By Ruben Navarrette, CNN Contributor
updated 8:15 AM EDT, Thu September 12, 2013

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Ruben Navarrette: Some say Syria kept House from passing immigration reform. That's bogus He says debate over until 2015; bill was cumbersome and porkladen He says sticking points are over things not vital to reform movement, such as citizenship Navarrette: Both parties panicked; Syria gives them out, but it's not the real reason

Editor's note: Ruben Navarrette is a CNN contributor and a nationally syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group. Follow him on Twitter: @rubennavarrette (CNN) -- Blame it on Damascus? No, let's not. This week's preferred media narrative comes in two parts: First, that comprehensive immigration reform isn't just headed to the back burner but will be completely off the stove until 2015 and beyond. And second, that it was the crisis in Syria that pushed the issue off the agenda. After all, we're told, how can Congress concentrate on anything else when it has to decide whether to approve a military strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad? The first part is fact, but the second part is fiction. It's true that Congress is done with the immigration debate for the rest of this year. The GOP-controlled House of Representatives might hold a vote on a "reformlite" bill where illegal immigrants get legal status but not citizenship. Or it might offer legal status only to farm

updated 1:42 PM EDT, Thu September 12, 2013

Frida Ghitis says the irony of the Russian president's pose as a champion of peace and democracy is thick, given Russia's repressive laws and its role as arms supplier to the Assad regime.

Fighting marijuana ... or reality?

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David Nathan says David Frum's op-ed shows why Americans are becoming deaf to the critics of pot legalization.

Was there a strategy behind the Anthony Weiner trainwreck?
updated 2:20 PM EDT, Thu September 12, 2013

S.E. Cupp says that maybe winning wasn't the goal of Weiner's comeback, but his embarrassing defeat likely won't help the career of his wife Huma Abedin or his own.

Why we're risking arrest over[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM]

Two: As broken as Washington is on most issues. when the subject is immigration. Weeks ago. Wed September 11. Weiner. That's because. that it was Syria that killed immigration reform for this Congress.S.and it's also an excuse that comes in handy for lawmakers looking for an exit door. and the aid displaced still in Syria Zuckerberg pushes immigration overhaul Besides. the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act -.interests are at stake Kerry. The amendment process pushed it past 1. Raúl Labrador. the debate was always about politics instead of what it should have been about: policy. Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act -collapsed under its own weight. Humanitarian crisis spilling from Syria updated 8:36 AM EDT. 2013 Rep. Labrador walked away from immigration reform efforts in the House.S. The folks who have helped pass immigration reform legislation -i. more data doesn't mean better outcome. Many of the giveways have had nothing to do with immigration but were merely intended to get the support of senator so-and-so from such-and-such state. It is not true.cnn. as California-based policy analyst Arnold Torres maintains. One of them is Rep.e. When the Senate's bipartisan "Gang of Eight" unveiled its masterpiece in April. however. Could U. who recently told Univision's Jorge Ramos that it is becoming less likely that immigration reform will pass anytime soon because Congress is turning its attention to Syria.the Border Security. Here are three of them: One: The major legislative offering -. Wed September 11. 2013 Megan Bradley says the global community must help to keep borders open for fleeing Ruben Navarrette Jr. to give a thought to whether what they had on the table was worth passing or how it would be implemented. Tue September 10. And because Congress really only shows up for work in oddnumbered years (so members can run for re-election in-between).CNN. Spitzer out: Thank you New York updated 9:44 AM EDT. the bill was 844 pages long. having contributed to the debate over reform in 1986 as executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens. 2013 David Kusnet says postspeech polling shows the president made some headway with Americans on his approach to Syria. there was too much pork. Clinton and a glimmer of hope on Syria updated 12:07 PM EDT. Wed September 11. 2013 John Avlon says New York voters wisely chose to reject the comeback attempts of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer Obama's pitch to war-weary Americans updated 12:42 PM EDT. 2017 and 2019. anything. But any hope of a large-scale reform that offers legal status to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States has faded.000 pages. we'll probably be having this conversation in 2015. Steve King on immigration Aaron David Miller says despite his description of the gassing of children. That's just a quick and easy explanation -one favored by those who don't understand the issue in all its complexities -. 2013 Immigration overhaul stalled That town is filled with people who use this issue to further their own agendas. not the opposite. get children into school.Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform .com/2013/09/12/opinion/navarrette-immigration-stalled/index. immigration updated 9:28 AM EDT..before will tell you that when you want to pass legislation. have stopped Syria's chemical attack? updated 12:17 PM EDT. No. 2013 Bruce Schneier says there are limits to our intelligence apparatus. 2013 Ai-jen Poo and Terry O'Neill say immigration reform must free up visas for jobs to give women power. 2013 Talat Hamdani says her son. a proper autopsy would show that immigration reform is meeting its demise in this Congress for a variety of reasons.and I've done just that David Rothkopf says Kerry's "goof" remark about Syria yielding chemical weapons to avert strike--and Clinton's backing the idea--may shape http://www. should be listed on the 9/11 Memorial as a first responder. My son died as a first responder on 9/11 updated 11:32 AM EDT. you want the bill to get smaller as time goes on. who bravely rushed toward the WTC. Many advocates this time around were too busy worrying about passing something. Wed September 11. Wed September 11. R-Idaho. the president's case for action on Syria won't persuade warweary Americans that U. workers and DREAMers. Torres knows this terrain well. Obama's speech a model of persuasion updated 7:56 AM EDT.html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] . Wed September 11. it is doubly dysfunctional. Thu September 12. If you interviewed illegal immigrants and asked them what they would have liked to have achieved in the immigration reform process -. those publicity-seeking undocumented young people who want preferential treatment because they intend to go to college or join the military.

with neither side able to trust the other. Whatever you do. don't give us more agents to train and more fencing that doesn't keep out up into a real plan. who--despite the fact that their leadership supports reform-. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Ruben Navarrette. and business interests that want more immigration because they need workers. The solution? Fool everyone.thanks to the Corker-Hoeven "border surge" amendment -offer? More agents and more fencing. Tue September 10. Sometimes. Tue September 10. 2013 Daniel Pinkston says bringing former NBA players and North Korea players for basketball games is good diplomacy. members of Congress in both parties have a way out. which is a repeated deal-breaker for politicians. And. Tue September 10. Now thanks to the crisis in Syria. Follow us on Twitter @CNNOpinion.Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform .and I've done that.they would ask for three things: a work permit. J. What's not on that list? Citizenship and the voting privileges that come with it. with the enthusiasm of a dying man in the desert reaching for a bottle of water. they'd say.CNN. It divides their constituencies. 2013 Peter Bergen says the terror threat in America largely comes from loners rather than from Republicans talk tough but go soft on employers by creating loopholes and delaying enforcement efforts.cnn. 2013 LaMar Campbell says that key questions about concussions go unanswered in the NFL's settlement with former players. Be afraid of Big Marijuana updated 9:17 AM EDT. surveillance equipment and tunnel detection capability. -. the ability to travel across borders and a driver's license. More from CNN Video: Comments » 212 SHARE THIS Print Email More sharing Friends: Wife lied after husband's death On GPS: Obama's power to strike Syria From Around the Web 14 Famous Couples Time Forgot (But We Never Will) refinery29 League admits a second blown call in 49ers- More from CNN Why we're risking arrest over immigration Trayvon Martin medical examiner fired Developmentally delayed teen girl missing in Couple has sex every day for 365 days http://www.K. Three: The debate has been inherently dishonest. they're grabbing it. it is one heck of a tough spot to be in. 2013 David Frum says "medical marijuana" is a laughable fiction. which hasn't launched a successful attack here in the past 12 years. it works. neither party really wanted to have this debate. Dennis Rodman builds trust with North Korea updated 5:56 PM EDT. Democrats have to keep the peace between Latinos who want illegal immigrants to have a pathway to citizenship because they feel their pain. Rowling Voyager 1 Syria Breaking Bad Join us on Facebook/CNNOpinion. or at least buy Obama some time. too -. and some members of organized labor. NFL concussion settlement raises questions updated 6:45 AM EDT.would like to give immigrants a one-way bus ticket to their home country because they fear the competition. Posturing and hot air to the contrary.html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] . Still. So what did the Senate bill -. Jihadist terrorism in America since 9/11 updated 7:54 AM EDT. Democrats talk soft but pander to working-class Americans by ratcheting up deportations and building walls. Mon September 9. Republicans have to referee a civil war between nativists who want less immigration because they fear that the country's complexion is changing. Washington is also filled with people who think they know more than the folks on the frontlines. If you sat down with Border Patrol agents and supervisors and asked them what they need -.they would ask for new roads on the border.

$16. vs Syria Should the U.Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform .CNN. that won't change.S. Our border capture rate is 50% -.. Ever Refinery29 Only reform needed is to make a change! Change our current inaction on enforcing current laws. Proactive Identity Theft Protection. Enforce our Immigration laws. Learn how. No Streaks. Our laws say that we can't spend money that isn't approved in http://www.000 mile rugged border where smugglers collect $4.95/mo.which is pretty impressive for a 2. Attack Syria? Vote in this Urgent National Poll.   Buy a link here   One small shoe: A legacy of the Birmingham church bombing Barack Obama's speech won't sell Americans on Syria 212 comments ★ 0 From Around the Web: They Deserved Better: 15 Actors And Their Final Performances In Bad Movies Styleblazer Leave a message. No more Federal dollars for States that provide sanctuary cities! 60 △ 2▽ Reply Share › mk_1001 > suqamidiq • 4 hours ago We do enforce our laws. vs Syria Should the U.S. Attack Syria? Vote in this Urgent National Poll. Best Community Share ⤤ ⚙ suqamidiq • 13 hours ago Jessica Simpson's Daughter May Be The Cutest Little Girl.000 per crossing. -.S.S..morally admirable. Free Credit Score w/ Trial UNLIMITED TransUnion® score access: FREE 7-day trial. Free Step-byStep Guide Regularguy22 > mk_1001   Buy a link here   • 3 hours ago We do not enforce our laws.html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] . We have many millions of illegal immigrants already in the U. legally damaging Missouri man gets 20 years for keeping young woman as sex slave Obama's uphill climb on Syria More from CNN: Was there a strategy behind the Anthony Weiner trainwreck? Fighting marijuana .S. #1 Rated Sunless Tanner No Packers game Sports Illustrated Will Employer-Based Health Care Live or Die? Moss Adams Emma Watson in Teen Vogue Photos Teen Vogue Stunning Photos Of Leonardo DiCaprio's For Sale Home Lonny Magazine Jennifer Lawrence one of the Best Dressed Actresses Vanity Fair Recommended by Massachusetts Fire engulfs buildings on New Jersey boardwalk hit by Superstorm Sandy Online confession -. U. after And even a 95% capture rate (which isn't achievable anyway) doesn't represent a solution. Sponsored Links LifeLock® Official Site Relax this vacation season & stay protected with LifeLock® protection. We allow identified illegals to stay 5 △ ▽ Reply Share › mk_1001 > Regularguy22 • 3 hours ago Our laws conflict with each other.some since they were small children -.and even if we turn ourselves into an enforcementfrenzied police state.. No Orange! Best Tan In California △ ▽ Reply Share › Want to Be a Millionaire? Trading Strategies from a Genuine Trader. or reality? Sponsored Links LifeLock® Official Site Identity Theft Protection Service.

idiots . If you think the capture rate is much lower. And our laws say that we can't deport people who don't have a home to return to. People coming here illegally would be better served by staying in their native country and making it a better place for them to live and prosper. no matter where he is from and how he came ! Those who are purchasing a happy life are never criminals !!! On the contrary. We need enforcement of the existing laws and system.cnn.CNN. 1 △ ▽ Reply Share › mk_1001 > Jim • 2 hours ago Independent studies and audits using different methodologies have produced similar estimates close to that figure. The DOJ / ICE is only funded to deport 400. And a few more are smuggled by boat across oceans.Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform . 49 △ 2▽ Reply Share › http://www. and chances are the capture rate is lower than 50% and the illegal immigrant numbers are much higher than 11 million. No one has the stomach to spend what it would take (and endure the police state it would take) to deport the federal budget.html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] 1 △ ▽ Reply Share › remmett70 • 12 hours ago We don't need reform.. Which of these laws would you ignore? 1 △ ▽ Reply Share › iron76 > mk_1001 • an hour ago Every life on the earth has the right to purchase a better life.000 people per year. And let's not forget that 40% of illegal immigrants arrived legally and overstayed their visas. Our laws also say that minor children can't be charged with crimes. 1 △ ▽ Reply Share › Jim > mk_1001 • 3 hours ago How do you know that the border capture rate is really 50%? How many illegal immigrants are really in this country? I seriously doubt that anyone actually knows. and we deport the maximum. those who are against human rights are criminals and they are pigheaded. then that's all the more reason to recognize that throwing more money at border security won't solve the problem.

we need to deport them ALL. That will end it.html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] . E verify. but try illegals as spies under the Geneva Convention and execute them. Declare war on alphacat4 > remmett70 • 10 hours ago Because those laws are working so well. what they really do is depress wages for American workers. The laws are not being enforced because they don't work. driver licenses.Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform . Congress is supposed to protect the US from invasion. just on paper. not the other way 2 △ ▽ Reply Share › Reckless > Dnice • 6 hours ago Do you realize that deporting all of them will seriously harm our economy? You're taking their purchasing power out of our economy.cnn. But they will self deport if we stop giving them everything. 24 △ 1▽ Reply Share › Dnice > alphacat4 • 9 hours ago Hogwash .CNN. renting apts. If you flood the labor market with surplus labor then http://www.and yet the same people wonder why income equality is so drastic. then no one will have jobs. Yeah right... Mexico approves of the invasion of the US by its people and aids and abets them.. 5 △ 3▽ Reply Share › BeanAdult > alphacat4 • 9 hours ago Send employers to jail for hiring illegals. What evidence do you offer that the laws are not being enforced? The numbers are telling a different story. But no worries the dems are going to crash the economy in no time . 4 △ 3▽ Reply Share › Chris Engel > Reckless • 6 hours ago Bunk. We are deporting illegals in record numbers. Then you'll start seeing some self-deportation. Which means layoffs unless you want to pick produce for less than minimum wage. Don't attack Mexico.aren't you repubs always going on about job killing regulations? 6 △ ▽ Reply Share › Wastrel Way > Dnice • 4 hours ago I had a better idea years ago. 21 △ 2▽ Reply Share › illz > Dnice • 8 hours ago Hmm. See the aca for examples.

Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform . In this report we describe the direct impacts of either deporting or legalizing undocumented workers... Mass deportation. not even the immigrant can really get by on the minimal wages they are paid.. The effects of their labor and consumption on economic growth and fiscal health must be factored in as we consider how to address the situation of a large undocumented workforce. Debates about the economic and fiscal benefits and drawbacks http://www. Also illegal immigrants can't receive social assistance through the government.. The employer can take more in proffit and his real purchasing power goes up compared to the employee... 6 △ ▽ Reply Share › Reckless > Chris Engel • 4 hours ago Really because I can find countless experts who disagree..html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] .. they are also consumers and taxpayers.cnn. Immigrants are not just workers.. The middle class getting nailed on both ends.. essentialy subsidizing the employers ability to pay low's sent home in terms of cash payments to thier country of origion where relatives can benefit from a favorable exchange rate on the dollar. Also illegal immigrants can't receive social assistance through the government. What actualy happens if the farmer can't find someone to pick produce at slave wages is that they have to raise the compensation offered for that job (benefitting the worker).they need to augment that by seeking out social services which are paid by the American taxpayer.. for they will find that the impact that immigrants (or any group for that matter) have on the economy is multifaceted and complex. Adding insult to injury a good portion of the immigrants "purchasing power" isn't even spent here... or new market opportunity arises for companies to produce and sell automated equipment to do that job. Worse yet... the effects would be much larger. Debates about the economic and fiscal benefits and drawbacks of immigrants typically oversimplify the role that immigrants play in our economy. That's why money sent home is such an important part of Mexico's a workers ability to negotiate for fair compensation for his work goes down.CNN. When one looks more closely. In reality.....again spurring the economy and producing more (and better) job opportunities. would result in an indirect negative impact on local businesses because there see more 2 △ 1▽ Reply Share › Norman Dostal > Reckless • 4 hours ago wont at all actually △ ▽ Reply Share › Reckless > Norman Dostal • 4 hours ago Really because I can find countless experts who disagree..

please don't run for office. △ ▽ Reply Share › Norman Dostal > alphacat4 • 4 hours ago because. would result in an indirect negative impact on local businesses because there would be less money circulating in the local economy which see more △ ▽ Reply Share › Reckless > Norman Dostal • 4 hours ago I posted studies that support it.CNN. U.. Mass deportation. they will find that the impact that immigrants (or any group for that matter) have on the economy is multifaceted and complex. Navarrette. if parents are detained. When one looks more closely. The effects of their labor and consumption on economic growth and fiscal health must be factored in as we consider how to address the situation of a large undocumented workforce. In this report we describe the direct impacts of either deporting or legalizing undocumented workers. 5 △ 1▽ Reply Share › Regularguy22 > alphacat4 • 3 hours ago The Obama administration issued a policy late last week telling immigration agents to try not to arrest and deport illegal immigrant parents of minor children — a move that adds to the categories of people the administration is trying not to deport.html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] . the effects would be much larger. 4 △ ▽ Reply Share › Steven Szirotnyak > alphacat4 • 8 hours ago We're asking illegal immigrants how they would like to see our laws rewritten to benefit them? Mr.. In a nine-page memo issued Friday. In reality. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said agents should use “prosecutorial discretion” to try to avoid detaining parents and.cnn.Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform . please don't run for office.S.. △ ▽ Reply Share › remmett70 > alphacat4 • 9 hours ago You cannot honestly be this dim. Immigrants are not just workers. dumdum.. the laws arent enforced-they would work if enforced http://www. alphacat4. for example. agents should make sure they have the ability to visit with their children or participate in family court they are also consumers and of immigrants typically oversimplify the role that immigrants play in our economy..

he will enforce the parts he likes and change or ignore the parts he doesn't like. and keeps arrestees in federal facilities at taxpayer expense because they all claim refugee status. 13 △ ▽ Reply Share › Lance Sjogren > Brad4 • 12 hours ago You can trust Obama to enforce the new immigration law because the new immigration law abolishes enforcement of the immigration laws! 4 △ 4▽ Reply Share › freedomliberty13 > Lance Sjogren • 11 hours ago As he has done with ObamaCare. that concept doesn't work with a lawless administration that uses the Constitution as a rug to wipe their feet on. allows employers to flaunt them.Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform . The executive branch was created to execute our laws and that includes the laws they might disagree with. They are not working well (I detect your sarcasm) but the federal government allows cities to flaunt them. is right. Unfortunately. in their This is a constitutional crisis. The executive branch is not following what it has been directed to do by the constitution.CNN. △ ▽ Reply Share › ThinkStraight > remmett70 • 8 hours ago blah blah blah △ ▽ Reply Share › Brad4 • 13 hours ago If we changed our immigration law what forces the executive branch to follow that law? Already the executive branch ignores our laws and does what. Germany once had good laws & a △ ▽ Reply Share › Wastrel Way > alphacat4 • 4 hours ago You are partly correct. 13 △ ▽ Reply Share › ThinkStraight > freedomliberty13 • 8 hours ago http://www.cnn. 29 △ 1▽ Reply Share › freedomliberty13 > Brad4 • 11 hours ago The Constitution "forces" the executive to follow the laws. Their problem was that Hitler just ignored them and forced laws to give him increasingly more power.html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] .

Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform . Chaney for one example of legal precedent.html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] Except that he helped write the law so your comment makes no sense. △ ▽ Reply Share › ThinkStraight > freedomliberty13 • 2 hours ago Are you someone who believes it's a good idea to shut down the http://www. 2 △ ▽ Reply Share › freedomliberty13 > ThinkStraight • 4 hours ago Like many Americans. 2 △ 1▽ Reply Share › freedomliberty13 > ThinkStraight • 8 hours ago Can you please point me towards the section of our Constitution that says "our president can unilaterally delay. The GOP is considering defunding it. I believe that ObamaCare should never have been passed considering: it was done with few or no Congressmen having read it." I missed that part. 4 △ ▽ Reply Share › ThinkStraight > freedomliberty13 • 5 hours ago If you understood what the constitution does then you would know that such language wouldn't appear there. and in the face of MA sending Sen Scott Brown to be the vote to kill it in the Senate. As you know. it has only become LESS POPULAR now that "they passed it so we could find out what's in I'm looking forward to a GOP Prez in 2017. against public opinion according to the polls.cnn. If all else fails and it moves forward. which I feel Obama is using UNCONSTITUTIONAL means to subvert. SO. BTW if you don't like the Affordable Care Act why are you upset about a piece of it being delayed? Your condescension is not appreciated. You can research the supreme court case Heckler vs. on purely partisan lines (guaranteed to generate opposition when it affects 1/6 of our economy). using that same "discretion" Obama has used and that is mentioned in that court case you cited to destroy it and/or fail to enforce it. the GOP CONSTITUTIONAL tools to FIGHT it include letting it collapse of its own weight and internal contradictions and problems. voted upon and signed into law. IF he suggested parts of it when it was being created. none of my above complaints claim any unconstitutionality. I think that sword can cut BOTH WAYS. but I'm not confident of what will happen there. delete or change parts of ANY law WITHOUT Congress voting to amend it. it required the bribing of at least 2 Dem senators (Landrieu of LA & Ben Nelson of NE) with public money to spend in their states." Yet. Delaying pieces of legislation is actually quite routine under administrations of both parties.

THEN.CNN. The GOP will communicate to voters that they are willing to pass EVERYTHING in the proposed Dem budget EXCEPT OBAMACARE.cnn." This upcoming budget battle is an opportunity to act upon that promise." I don't think so no matter how much Obama & his media minions try to spin it the other there would be no shutdown. △ ▽ Reply Share › ThinkStraight > freedomliberty13 • 2 hours ago It's a yes or no question. 1 △ 1▽ Reply Share › my131staccount • 13 hours ago What is killing immigration reform is the realization by Americans that the Democrats want to sell citizenship for future votes. If Obama & Reid would only agree to the GOP proposed budget.Opinion: It's not Syria holding up immigration reform . You've heard the saying "it takes 2 to tango?" Budgets are the same thing. 32 △ 2▽ Reply Share › ThinkStraight > my131staccount • 8 hours ago Any support for that statement? http://www. THEY would be the ones who CAUSED the shutdown because THEY REFUSED to pass the rest of the budget and decided to HOLD THE COUNTRY AS HOSTAGE unless they got their way on Obamacare. there would be no shutdown. if Obama & Reid choose not go government in order to defund the Affordable Care Act? △ 1▽ Reply Share › freedomliberty13 > ThinkStraight • 2 hours ago 1) First.html[9/12/2013 8:33:59 PM] . Are you going to answer it? You're ducking and dodging like a politician. let's get some facts & logic straight. So they are equally accountable. 2) Many of the GOP ran & were elected upon the promise to "do everything in their power (considering that the GOP does NOT hold the Senate OR the White House) to slow down or stop ObamaCare. △ ▽ Reply Share › ThinkStraight > Brad4 • 8 hours ago Please provide one good example of what you're talking about. If the GOP would only agree to what Obama/Reid wants. Do you really think a majority of Americans will say "are you crazy GOP? WE LOVE OBAMACARE & don't want you to touch it! Stop it or we'll vote you out.

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