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Dr. Nikolai P.

Vitti Superintendent of Schools 1701 Prudential Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32207 904.390.2000

Dear INSERT NAME OF PARENT (Needs personalization): In a few short weeks, I will begin my first full year as Superintendent of Duval County Schools. This is an incredibly exciting time as I am afforded the opportunity to lead a district where more than 13,000 qualified and committed leaders are dedicated to a new way of work: meeting the educational needs of every student in every classroom of every school, every day. Every is the key part of our mission statement and the focus of our efforts in preparing all students for college, career and life. As a father to four elementary school age children, I recognize that one of the most important responsibilities my wife and I share is to provide them with the tools, resources, and experiences that contribute to their success. I am holding Duval Schools accountable for providing high-quality services to my children and hold the same expectations for yours. Based on this, Ive requested information on students who are no longer enrolled in our district. According to current enrollment data, your child has left our school district. While I support and respect the wide variety of academic offerings provided by schools throughout our region, I want to ensure that you have complete and accurate information about the unique and high-quality opportunities available to Duval County students. Our Strategic Plan and budget for the new year (available for review at reflect an increased emphasis and greater priorities built with a student-centric focus. A few include: Every student will be enriched by curriculum focused on critical thinking and inquiry-based skills (instead of FCAT). Every student in all elementary schools will receive art, music and physical education. Every student who walks1.5 miles to a school or bus stop will be provided transportation, (previously 2 miles). Every magnet school student is offered transportation, restored services this coming school year. Every student who witnesses or is victimized by bullying can report it anonymously to an antibullying hotline (390-CALL) or to a Dean of Discipline available in all secondary schools. Every student two or more years behind grade level can receive services and support in schools and centers specialized in remediation. Every high school student is provided opportunities to participate in an ACT/SAT course, dual enrollment, industry certifications, and a variety of college readiness programs (IB, AICE, Early College, etc.). Every student in voluntary pre-kindergarten programs (expanded to non Title 1 schools this year) are provided advanced technology devices and digital content to support early learning.

If you share these priorities and believe that they too meet the needs of your child, I invite you to consider enrolling your child(ren) in Duval Schools. We are delighted to answer any questions you may have to assist you in making an informed decision, and request your completion of a survey located at that we will use to evaluate and improve our services. In the meantime, please contact us at 904-SCHOOLS (Pupil Assignment Office) or email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Dr. Nikolai P. Vitti, Superintendent

Every school. Every classroom. Every student. Every day.