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3 Ways to Use the Power of Affirmations to Enrich Your Life I remember growing up wanting to be the average happy child,

but it didn t seem to work out that way. I think it had a lot to do with being only five years old an d seeing my father do drugs right in front of me. If that wasn t enough, I got beat up and bullied from third grade all the way up u ntil high school. During those yearsI heard everything you could possibly imagin e that a child doesn t deserve to hear. From all the harsh language of being called fatty , dumb , stupid , I suddenly accepted t hese harsh words as a true reality for me. These words would have the ultimate m anifestation on my life years later. Shortly after I lefthigh school, I found th at I had taken on the identity of these words spoken over my life. As I was walking passed the mirror one day I found that I stared into the eyes o f a 270-pound, extremely angry and anxiety-filled guy. To top that off I was very pessimistic about events in my life and had very low self-esteem. It was no wonder thatthe relationships in my life were such in chao s as I barley had any friends. As I was deep in negative thought contemplating ending my life because everythin g seemed to be going so wrong, I got a call from one of the onlyfriends who was left in my life. He wanted me to go with him to a seminarthat was about changing your life usingthe power of words. I thought how bad could life get and decided to take him up on the offer. I honestly didn t expect for anything atall to change so I decided to just go and see what could possibly happen. As I sat and listened to the speaker talkabout the power of words he said someth ing so profound it was as if it was directed at me. He said, Your life at this present moment is a reflection of the words you ve chose n to accept as the truth. When you realize that you are the creator of words and your reality you will regain power by speaking positive things into your own li fe. Those words had a direct impact on mylife and I finally knew the exact reason wh y my life had been the way it was. From the negativity and feedback I received a s a child, I accepted most of which I heard as the truth and it directly impacte d my reality. From that day moving forward things would never be the same for me. I went on a journey of reprogramming my mind to be in direct proportion of who I really was past the negative labels. In my journey I experienced much failure, but I persisted until I was able to re verse most of my anxiety, worry, low self esteem and much deep rootedanger that had infected my life. Through my journey I discovered affirmations and how to tap into changing my min d and reverse negativebeliefs. Affirmations are statements that we hold to be tr uth. When affirmations are done the correct way you can change your entire way of life and thinking. When you realize that the problem isn tyou, but the negative thoughts and beliefs that you hold you will take the grip of guilt, blame and constant judgment from yourself and focus on changing the words that impact your life on a daily basis. Truly understandinghow powerful and great you are will have a direct impact on your life and everything around you from this moment forward. Here are 3 ways to reprogram yourmind using the power of affirmations: 1. Discovering the negative thoughtpatterns: The problem when most people approach affirmations is they never get a chance to discover limiting beliefs thatare holding them back from moving forward. This i s the first step in changing your life using affirmations. You want to lay out a ll the negative beliefs that are holding you back. Here are some questions below to help you begin the process: What negative things did you hear about yourself when you were growing up? What are some things you heard about the things you want to achieve now in life? Who were some of the people thatyou heard these things from? -Teacher

-Parents -Friends -Family Example: My mom would often say that money is the root of all evil. As you can i magine this held me back from making money. 2. Validating the belief Do you remember when you used to believe in Santa Clause? Do you believe in him now? Probably not. How did youget rid of this belief? Well our minds process eve rything in meanings. The most effective way to reverse a belief isto reverse wha t your mind holds as truth. Below are some questions to askyourself about the be liefs you just laid out. -Is this belief true? -What has this belief cost me? -Why do I believe this? -Why do I act as though this is true? -Is their proof that this belief is true? 3. Reversing the negative beliefs into positive affirmations: The final thing we want to do is turn our negative beliefs into positive affirma tions. Now that we understand ifthe belief is true or not, we can now start the healing process. All you simply want to do is take your negative belief and reverse it into a pre sent day statement as though it is already true. For example: My negative belief: Money is the root of all evil Positive Affirmation: Money is naturally good and can be used to benefit my life and the lives of others. In order to effectively enhance this make sure you say your affirmations in many different ways, such as: Writing them in journal a few times a day Say them aloud more than once a day Saying them to yourself in the mirror once a day Getting them to your cell phone like with our service TextAffirmations In all understanding the power of words will drastically improve your quality of life and you will being to live alife of true meaning and ultimate purpose. You might also like: Changing Your Beliefs Mind Alchemy Day 9 Change Your Body Image Is Self-Esteem Just a Big Con? Mind Alchemy Day 18 My Reality is not Your Reality Paradigm Shifting LinkWithin Filed Under: Goal setting , Guest Authors , Productivity , Tips for a better lif e Tagged With: affirmations , beliefs , change , identity , manifestation , posi tive thinking , purpose , reality , Relationships , self-esteem , truth , words *********************************************************** PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT OF THE WEEK Natural Technique To Stop Panic Attacks ********************************************************** Comments rob white says: March 15, 2012 at 12:29 pm Great idea Justin. I can see this being a very powerful tool. Indeed, what I cal l passive positive listening is the bane of folks seeking breakthroughs intheir li ves. There is a nasty habit I see of collecting inspiring quotes and not putting them into action. Reading quotes and self-help books with an attitude of WOE wi ll render them useless. The books and quotes are not flawed flawed; it is only o ur attitude and willingness to take action that is flawed. The strong wings of a neagle are meaningless to the eagle that forgets he has them. The inner strength and creative mind of a human being are also meaningless to the person that forg ets he has it. Most of us forget.

rob white recently posted.. Stage One of Creation Know Thyself Reply Justin Burns says: March 15, 2012 at 4:48 pm Thanks Rob, Yes it seems as though there is sort of a passiveness to personal growth. Glad y ou enjoyed the article. Thanks so much Reply Galen Pearl says: March 15, 2012 at 3:59 pm This is so true! I heard a sermon in which the preacher talked about hitting the delete button when we catch ourselves replaying these negative words we ve heard. The negative thoughts become habitual thinking patterns that we reply without e ven thinking about it. Once we see that we do it, the affirmations give us a substitute belief that, if repeated, will develop into a new and healthier thinking habit. Great post! Galen Pearl recently posted.. The Unkindest Cut Reply Justin Burns says: March 15, 2012 at 4:50 pm Thanks so much Galen. This happened for me and now I want thesame impact for oth ers in their life. I am glad you enjoyed the article so much. Reply Stuart - Limitless Believing says: March 15, 2012 at 5:24 pm Hi Justin, I like the idea of text affirmations andI think it will do well people check their mobile phones far more often than making conscious effort to change their thoug hts, so a tool which would bring the addictive behaviour of phone checking to go od use is certainly helpful. Affirmations are rarely vouched for in common society, possibly because people a re so busy running their lives, trying to keep up with the mountain of things to do. It s like the homeowner who frantically finds more buckets and containers to catch the drips of water leaking from his roof, but who doesn t take the time to g o to the roof and fix the leak. Or the racing car driver who s too busy racingarou nd and not taking the time to invest in a pit-stop. Eventually, our lack of focu s on replenishing ourselves will catch up to us.