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HireEzy for Temporary Fencing, Roofing and

Scaffolding companies
Roofing and Temporary fencing have some unique hire and rental
requirements specific to their business sector. In addition to the normal hire
or rental business needs, temporary roofing, scaffolding and fencing hire/
rental also need:

1. Estimation tools to support quotes

2. Management of services to support rental or hire solutions
3. The need for staff and contractor management
4. Issuing and tracking of safety data to meet safety requirements
5. Flexible payments and recurrent billing options.

HireEzy provides these specific needs, plus the standard hire and rental functional needs plus more!

HireEzy is a complete business solution for temporary roofing, scaffolding and fencing hire/ rental

HireEzy is a natural business flow software, part of the next generation of software solutions that are easy
to use but also fully integrate with the internet.

The SMALLEST to LARGEST companies use HireEzy because of its affordability and scalability.
Natural Business Flow that cuts costs: HireEzy is a complete hire business management solution, designed
to follow the natural flow of your business.

Reduce Operating Costs by 30% - we have clients who have reduced operating costs and in some
cases doubled revenue by using HireEzy.

Option for a Fully Integrated Web Site - in which you can update and control the web content from
HireEzy with a two simple clicks.

Protect your Cash by renting HireEzy - a small installation fee is charged to install HireEzy on your

The natural flow starts with creating and managing market leads and ends with banking the cash. This is
an extremely important difference and one that makes us the emerging market leader. Why have separate
un-related systems and processes for marketing, for your web site and for brochure production, for hire
operations, for servicing, for delivery and for accounting, when HireEzy provides one complete solution.

Even the simple things save time and dollars like one click conversion of quotes to invoices that also
updates the accounts with a new Account Receivable transaction.

In general terms any temporary roofing, scaffolding and fencing hire/ rental company follows these broad
business processes.

1. Market to create leads

2. Quotes supported by simple estimation tools and booking availability.
3. Convert quotes to invoices and confirmed bookings
4. Manage and allocate materials and labour resources – (either internal or contractor)
5. Delivery, Assemble, Inspect, Dissemble and Collect
6. Account for the money
7. Manage existing clients to generate new business
HireEzy assists you to manage each of these processes with not only the tools you need, but some you may
not even have thought of. Each of the processes will now be briefly discussed.

Marketing- Lead Generation

The primary purpose of marketing is to create sales leads. HireEzy provides a full range of in-built
marketing tools to enable you to produce your own high quality brochures, catalogue, e-mailers and
newsletters. Most importantly it enables you to control your own marketing from one location.

Marketing - Integrated Web Option

The internet is now increasing the primary source of lead gen-
eration for most businesses. However for it to work for you it
must have a high search engine ranking. That is if “scaffolding
hire Melbourne” is typed by a prospect, your company web
site must appear at a minimum on the first page of listings. It is
worth noting, research has shown that prospects will click on
a search result (organic result) over a paid ad appearing on the
same page.

HireEzy’s web integration option can significantly help here. By

integrating your hire or rental catalogue to the web site, any
changes you make in the catalogue are published to the web
site. Such changes ensure more frequent web site changes.
This in turn means a higher search engine ranking, increasing
the chances you will appear on the first page.

HireEzy is the only system in the world to offer this fully inte-
grated functionality – a critical business tool.
HireEzy has some simple inbuilt tools to support your quotation process, such as:

1. An inbuilt length estimator,

2. Contractor resource availability,
3. Inventory availability for a given date range, and
4. Discount rate for approved clients

Such tools simplify the quotation process,

meaning all information is at your finger tips.
Once a quote has been produced, a simple
high quality quotation with graphic images
can be produced, and emailed to the client or
printed and handed to them.

Quotes are turned to invoices with one click.
Or allow quotes to be adjusted to reflect any
changes in the original quote.

Industry payment terms and conditions are

included, such as recurring billing for long term
hire, part de-hiring of long term hire items,
even allows for adjustment of payments for
stand down days.
Manage and Allocate Resources
There are primarily two resources you need to manage, your inventory and your staff/ contractors. With
HireEzy you can effectively manage both of these key assets.

The inbuilt inventory management tools enable you to manage your inventory purchasing, receipt, mainte-
nance and dispatch to a job. Accurately providing you with real time information on your stock on hand.
If you have depots, no problems, HireEzy can manage your inventory at each site.

Your staff and contractors are essential to your service delivery. HireEzy provides the tools to improve your
management of your most valuable asset – people.

Like an item, the availability of staff and contractors is managed in HireEzy. Both can advise of leave peri-
ods, other jobs etc and these can be added to the system to provide accurate forecasts of availability. Got a
new job and want to confirm a contractor availability then just click SMS, and an SMS is sent straight to the
contractor with the job details and dates.
Most accounting packages rely on data being transferred from business operations. HireEzy accounting
package is driven by your hire transactions, saving enormously on double handling of data and the associ-
ated risk of errors. For example, creating an invoice in HireEzy immediately creates an Account Receivable
record. If you still have MYOB or Quickbooks then we can provide data export to those systems. HireEzy
accounting module has a full range of financial reports needed to run your business. HireEzy accounting
module is included with your purchase.
Manage Your Clients
The old adage is that it is 15 times harder to win a new client than to retain an existing client. HireEzy’s in-
built management tools, such as contact management, newsletter productions and customer discounts etc,
ensure that you have the tools at hand to support your on-going client retention.

Other screenshots and area’s

Easily manage item availability with a fully graphical availablility system that will warn you if you don’t have
the stock onhand to complete the order. This warning can be ignored and over booked items in the order
will be highlighted and can be placed into a Cross Hire Management System for cross hiring off an alternate
supplier. .
Bookings, Contracts and Picking Slips
Manage Bookings professionally with the World’s most powerful booking management system.
• Respond quickly and easily to sales inquiries with accurate and timely information,
• Produce pick lists for warehouse staff
• Track Bookings with Daily, Monthly, Weekly views. Bookings are color coded depending on
their status.
• Produce detailed delivery and collection schedules with route planning and directions through
Google Maps.
HireEzy is the ideal solution for temporary roofing, scaffolding and fencing hire/ rental companies who
want to grow their business.

If you are interested then your next step is to book an on-line demonstration of the system.

Please call us on (Internationally) +61 7 56071296 or in Australia on 1300 137337

or email us at

Features Glossary
Marketing Inventory
Customer relationship management Bookings generate warehouse pick slips
Customer transaction history, including damages Stock purchasing
Customer contact records Service and Maintenance scheduling
SMS marketing and reminders Service and Maintenance history
High Graphic brochure production Inventory levels by product
Integrated web content management – option Bill of Materials – for combination hire items
Integrated on-line catalogue – option Management Stock Reports
Product Marketing brochure production Delivery/ Collections
Product Combination brochure production Bookings generate delivery requests – where delivery re-
Inbuilt email for brochures quested
Lead Source identification and analysis
Management Marketing Reports Delivery schedule planning
Complete integration with Google Maps for delivery planning
Sales and Bookings Integrated collections planning with delivery
Equipment Sales On-site servicing or inspections requirements can be integrat-
Equipment Hire ed in to route planning
Equipment Availability Deposits and Bond management
Calendar view of equipment bookings Damages and waivers processing
Sales lead management
Process credit card payments Finance/ Accounting
POS – integrates to most hardware Bookings create accounting transaction records
Estimations and quotations for scaffolding and fencing Payroll (option)
Licence Scanning General Ledger
Quote to Invoice conversion Profit and Loss Statements
Deposits and Bond management Long term hire monthly/ period payment processing
Damages and waivers processing Links to Ezi-debit for 3rd party collection of period payments
Long term hire/ Cross hire Financial Management Reports
Hire Item Packages – suggests and manages sub-component
hire items
Existing Customer discounts
Management Sales Reports

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