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Understanding life

The subject I share with people is life. We all have this opportunity of life, but we do not have a very real and deep understanding of life. We are just searching but we do not know what to do with this life. The most beautiful thing is that only human beings have the possibility to think what to do with this life. No any other living creature has this problem; animals have no doubts, and they live with their own animal nature. And this is our beauty, this is our power. We have all the possibilities inside, the whole world of possibilities is inside us. Whatever you want you can make it a reality, you can make it possible. But how can we do that? Life is so beautiful and we are just an instrument, we are what we call this box. And through this instrument, through this box, you can manifest all the possibilities. The thing is that all the possibilities are inside you and they all want to manifest through you. Then which is my role in life? Then, which is my role in life? Everything has a role. Everything, whatever exists on this earth, it has a role, and the role is fixed. The role of this chair is to sit; even a small stone has a role. Which is my role in life? This is something we have to ask ourselves, this question must arise in our life. What am I doing here? And what do I want? And what is really my role in this life? If that clarity is with us, life will be very beautiful. If that clarity is not with us, then whole life will be a battlefield, all life will be a struggle. Life is given to us for what? Why are we here? What for is this life? How can we evolve? How can we make an evolution? Which is my role in this evolution? Do I have a role in this game of evolution or am I without a role? Nothing on this earth is without a role. -2-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV Which is my role? Life is a game, life is a play, but how does this game work? What is the most important in this game of life? Life is a game, life is a play, life is evolution, but what is the most important subject? To live is the most important subject. Peace and happiness are fruits, fruits of the tree. When the tree will grow, automatically, peace and happiness will appear. What do we need to live life? What do we need to live life? Life is to be lived, we are here to live. And when you are living, then everything is spontaneous in the living process and peace will come, happiness will come. If we are not happy, if we are not feeling peace, one thing is clear, we do not know how to live, something is wrong, we are not living. When I am living, there is no way that I am not happy or not in peace. When the tree will grow, fruit will come, flower will come. It does not happen that the tree grows and no fruit comes, it is not possible. But we are not having peace, the world is lacking peace, everywhere we are all suffering and confused; we do not know what to do. We are trying our best with our limited understanding, with our limited nature. We are searching, searching, and the results are not very good. How to live life? Where is that knowledge which can show us how to live? Who can help us? Where is that school, that university that can teach us this knowledge of life, how to live life? All nature is living around you. If you look around, everything is living; there is no problem, no confusion, no duality, and no sufferings. Sometimes nature suffers because of us, because of our ignorance. Nature is all spontaneity; it has a beautiful way of living, not in a hurry, not worried. We are part of nature. What happens to us that during all our life we are running, searching for peace, for love, for happiness, but they do not come permanently, they do not stay very long. If we are not living, then what are we doing? We think we are living, we feel we are living. Living means a life with perfect harmony. Nature is living and there is perfect harmony everywhere. Harmony means that where there is harmony there is everything; in harmony we -3-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV never miss anything. Where is the harmony in our life? Why are we not able to discover this harmony? Process of Evolution This is a beautiful drama, play, game, and in this drama, in this game, in this play, everything is moving, everything is happening in a process of evolution, of evolution of consciousness. Slowly, slowly, nature is teaching us, growing and unfolding us, developing a better consciousness, a better nature. We are born here, on this earth, to fulfil the will of the Divine, to fulfil Gods will. Whatever has been created exists with the will of the Divine, with the desire of the Divine. And the Divine has a purpose; Divine wants something from us, something from the stones, from the trees. And to fulfil this will of the Divine, this whole process of evolution is working. And in this process of evolution, we reach a level of life according to what we are living. The Process of Maintenance But in this game, at the present state of human life on earth, we are half complete. Neither are we living a very conscious life, nor are we living an unconscious life; neither are we perfect nor imperfect, but something in between. With our mind, with our emotions, with our physical consciousness, we are trying our best to understand, to create. But what happens? Instead of living, catch this point, instead of living life we enter into a non-living process. How is this non-living? Whatever system we have created, this system is only for maintenance and therefore we enter into maintenance, but not in living. We have beautiful mind, body and emotions, but all this system is working just for the maintenance of life, not for living life. All our activities, all our efforts, all our worries, all our education, all our knowledge, are just to maintain. To maintain what? To maintain the system which we have designed, the maintenance of this box. -4-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV We are not here to maintain This life has not been given to us to worry for the maintenance of this box, of the system, for the maintenance of traditions, of cultures, of our frames, of our religions. We are not here to maintain. Trees do not grow for maintaining anything, trees grow for living. Maintenance is not our job here. We enter into maintenance, and maintenance is not living, remember it, maintenance is not living. Why do we worry and why do we enter into the maintenance process? We are so limited, our life is so limited, and we spend our whole life with the worry of maintenance. Why do we enter into maintenance instead of living? Life is given to live. Live it! Live like nature does. But instead of living, we enter into the process of maintenance. Maintaining what? Maintaining the seed of life. We should not worry about the maintenance of the seed, we should let it blast and let the tree come out. Life is a Game of Possibilities If we are just maintaining, then life will never give us true possibilities. Life is a game, a play of possibilities. Inside you, someone is searching for possibilities and inside you there is someone who wants to give you the possibilities. The whole life is a game of possibilities, life is for possibilities. Both sources are inside, the one who wants the possibilities, and the one who has all the possibilities to give you. But how does that become possible? When the seed will break. Catch this point: the process is just for maintenance, but if we want, life gives us all the possibilities, all the possibilities may manifest through us. And what do we have to do? Break our seed of life. If the seed is packed and closed, we are only maintaining it, packing it. Then life will not give us peace, harmony, joy, bliss. Ignorance

When I say I am happy or in peace, this is just ignorance. And ignorance is a shadow of the truth; it is a falsehood of truth, a shadow of light. Ignorance is not a reality. And when we enter into the maintenance of life, what happens? We are just in the shadow of ignorance, in the darkness of ignorance, we exist in ignorance. -5-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV When we exist in ignorance, then whatever we are feeling, whatever we are doing, it is all a game of ignorance. Normal, ordinary life is a play of ignorance. We have locked ourselves in ignorance and in ignorance we fall in love with ignorance. When we are worried and when we are living just to maintain life, we are in love with ignorance. And why is this happening? There lies the beauty of the game, the beauty of the game of life: it is a trick of the game of life. The game of life is an Evolution of Consciousness Who can take us from ignorance? How can we avoid locking ourselves in ignorance and living a very limited life, very tiny life, very small life? Who can break this lock? Ignorance exists with the will of the Divine. Ignorance plays a very, very important part, it is perfectly playing its role, and we are all packed in it. But life is evolution and evolution means a bigger, better and newer life. The game of life is an Evolution of Consciousness. Always something better, always something bigger, always something more to know, always more and more. And we are packed in ignorance and instead of opening more and more, we are growing but very slowly. The Force of Consciousness There is no change in animals life. Cat is born as a cat and for years and years the nature of cat has been the same as it is today, not even one inch of change. In human nature, we are changing, we are growing, and something is changing. What is that which is helping us to become different? Something is helping us to become different; there is something which can make us very, very different. What is that? We say that life is a play, life is a game, life is an evolution of consciousness, and life is a game of consciousness. And when we use these words, evolution of consciousness, what is inside us? The Force of Consciousness. -6-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV God lives inside There is something in this box which is called Consciousness. Consciousness means force and energy, the light and the awareness of this supreme reality which is inside, consciousness of the Divine. Divinity is inside. In all religions, in all philosophies, in all cultures, there is a God living inside. God is a beautiful word, and we say God lives inside. And that is true, God lives inside, this is Gods home. And when we say God lives inside, what does God mean? What is the definition of God? God lives inside you. God means what? We have this knowledge, that God means everything. Everything means totality, completeness, the Origin, the Source. The Source of everything lives inside. When the Source, completeness, totality, the wholeness, lives inside what happens? And why? And what is God doing? Which is the role of God inside? Which is the role of God in my life? God lives inside. But what is the role of God in my life? Is He playing a role or not? God means everything, complete, and when God lives inside, which is his role? To make this life complete. This is his role, to make us complete. We should never miss anything, feel empty, nor suffer for anything. God does not mean sufferings, does not mean lack of peace, lack of love, of harmony. God means all peace, all harmony, all love, all joy, all bliss. Life is an Evolution of Consciousness

So life is an Evolution of Conscience, but that God who lives inside, He lives in our consciousness. In consciousness we are God, catch this point. Life is an evolution and evolution happens slowly, slowly. Some boxes are opening, and the tree of consciousness slowly, slowly is growing and growing. We all have different levels of consciousness; we all have a different level of understanding. We all have different levels of experiences, of awareness. And in consciousness, we are God, we are Divine. And in consciousness we are animals, we are still animals. In consciousness we are human beings, in consciousness we can be very good, very bad, everything. In consciousness we are ignorant, in consciousness we are full light. -7-


Which is our role? Which is our role in this life, this game, this play of evolution of consciousness? The role

of the Divine inside us, since He is perfect, supreme, is to make this life perfect. But which is our role? Think over it. It is not to maintain life; it is not to worry about maintenance. When the Perfect is living inside, everything is inside. Let him do his job, we should not worry about maintenance. We should not worry for the maintenance of life. We are worried about the maintenance of the system, of the culture, of our desires, our habits, and our small, small satisfactions. And the first thing is to discover within us the courage not to worry for maintenance. And then aspire. Aspire for what? Not to desire. When we desire, we enter into maintenance. All desires are just for maintenance. Aspiration is something different. Aspire to live. Playful Attitude And to live means what? What is needed to live? Life is a game and in the game what is the important thing? To have a playful attitude. If this attitude is not in the game, then we are not playing the game, we are fighting, and we are in a competition. Life is not a competition. Just have a playful attitude, only this one thing. We have in us hundreds of attitudes. What is attitude? It is a nature. Sometimes we have a very good attitude, positive attitude, creative attitude, constructive attitude, destructive attitude, fighting attitude, playing attitude. Attitude is a very powerful source. Source means that which can make things possible. With the power of my attitude, I have to change, to tune myself, and tune in the sense not to maintain but to play, and to play with a playful attitude. Always play. Face life with a playful attitude, but not like nothing is going to happen. If you have a playful attitude, life will give you something beautiful. Playful attitude means a Conscious attitude In a playful attitude you are in full awareness. In a playful attitude you are not ignorant, you are not closed, you are open. A playful attitude means you are self-giving; you are with a different energy inside. -8-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV A playful attitude is only possible when your Divinity is with you, when your inner light is involved. Divine is inside and your role is to involve him. How to activate him, how to involve him? I can do it consciously, either through my attitude or through many other ways. Who is involved when we are worried by the security of life and all the things of life, by the maintenance of life? Whom do we involve for life maintenance? With our small physical capacities, emotional capacities and mental capacities, we involve body, emotions and mind, and we are always busy and worried just to maintain. When in maintenance my Divinity is not involved, my limitedness is involved. My unlimitedness is not involved. In me, in this box, both limited and unlimited do live. Limited is my mind, limited is my body, limited are my emotions, and unlimited is my soul. In the maintenance process, all unlimited is not active and in the living process the unlimited awakens and gets involved. Our role in life is to involve this Divinity Our role in life is to involve this Divinity, and with the Divines influence, with the Divines light, with the Divines nature, with the Divines consciousness, with the Divines qualities, with the Divines attitudes, with the Divines light, live this life. Why are we not able to do these small things? Because of lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, lack of faith, lack of faith in us and lack of faith in the Divine. We have more faith in our limited capacities, in our limited nature. Why do we have more faith in our limited nature? Because of ignorance. And what do we have to do to get rid of ignorance? How can we reduce the influence of ignorance in our life so we can live life with more possibilities, with higher possibilities? That is what you have to think, this is the beginning. The day we start suffocating with ignorance, then something will break in us, something will open inside, something will want to change and will force you to get out from this ignorance, to change and discover something. And everything is spontaneous, natural. Either you live and grow with ignorance or without ignorance. Life is always growing you, always giving you something. What does life give you? Life is always giving you a drop of -9-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV knowledge. What is the nature of this life? Either you grow with ignorance or without ignorance. Life is always giving you one drop of knowledge. Life is movement and every movement in life is one drop of knowledge. What is movement? When there is no movement, life does not exist. All is movement, all is life, and life means movement. And life is moving us to what? Life is giving us only one drop of knowledge each time. When life gives you one drop of knowledge, who is moving? Your mind is moving, your body and your emotions are always moving. There are always mental movements, emotional movements, body movements, psychic movements, spiritual movements, egoistic movements. Every movement in life ends with one experience. All our life is just experiences. All life is a game, an experiment and experiences. Every movement is an experience. And each experience is one drop of knowledge. What is an experience? One small drop of knowledge. Self-knowledge, the knowledge of oneself Why does life give us this knowledge? Why do lifes experiences finish with one drop of knowledge? Which is the use of the knowledge given by the experiences of life? It should be used to live. We are missing the knowledge of life; and life, with all the experiences, every day is giving you this drop of knowledge. And this knowledge which comes from the experiences of life is a self-knowledge that is not available in any school, in any university. It is a selfknowledge, the knowledge of oneself. We give more importance to the knowledge of universities, of schools, to the outer knowledge. When we live with this outer knowledge, it keeps us in a maintenance process. And when we want to go out of this process, then we have to give importance to learn what the experiences are teaching us, what the self-knowledge gives us. We have to learn to give more importance to that knowledge and to not ignore this knowledge, not to store it, because very often we store it. -10-


Stored knowledge Life uses many experiences but we store them, do not use them. Sometimes our

ignorance is so strong that we store all the knowledge of our experiences and we never find the courage to use them. And when we start storing inside this knowledge of experiences, after some time the stored knowledge becomes not used knowledge. Never, never, never, keep with you unused knowledge, stored knowledge. The stored knowledge, not used, gives you whatever you do not want in life. How does that which we do not want in our life come to us? All that comes from the stored knowledge, unused knowledge. It does not come from something in the outside, no depression, frustration, sickness, could come to you. But because of some mistakes due to our ignorance, they start coming to us. And which is this ignorance? That we do not give importance to the knowledge of our experiences. We do not use the knowledge of our experiences, we store the knowledge inside, and that stored knowledge after some time becomes stagnant knowledge, old, expired. And everything that becomes expired, transforms into poison. So, unused knowledge transforms into poison. And with that, all kind of unwanted things that you do not want, start coming out, manifesting. Evolution means change That is also the natures way to teach us. Nature is always fulfilling the Divines will. All the processes, good, bad, are all the natures ways to teach us and grow us. To break our inertia nature, to break our ignorant nature and to make us as perfects as the Divinity we are carrying inside us. We love too much our limited nature and we do not want to change. When change comes, when change wants to come, we do not cooperate, do not collaborate. It is our nature that does not want to change. We do not want to change, we close all our doors and we are not able to live the highest possibilities of life. All the possibilities are waiting for us to change in order to come out, only then will they appear. We are closed with this nature who does not want to change. What are we waiting to awake? Who are we waiting for? Nature has all the ways to do its work. -11-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV Natures whole work, all this process of evolution, is based on change. All the game of life, all this process of evolution of conscience, is based on the principle of change. Evolution means change. Do not stop changes We see that all is becoming past, every moment is becoming past. Past means everything is changing, changing every second. If change stops, then the game stops. Because of change, game is there, life is there, and all possibilities are there. If change stops, no possibilities will come. We are carrying all possibilities inside, but there is something in our nature that does not want to change. There is something in our nature that falls in love with not changing, falls in love with our life- style, limited life-style. And when we fall in love with our limited life-style, limited way of thinking, limited way of understanding, what happens? We stop changing. And when we stop changing, then another process starts: depression, sadness, sickness, frustration, worries, hurries and all this kind of things which we are. And on the other side, we do not want that. We do not want to suffer; we do not want any bad thing. We want peace, we want happiness and love. Nevertheless we do not want to change ourselves. Nature knows everything and it knows its work. But it does not force you, never does it force you. That is the beauty of this life. Nature does not force you to change. Slowly, slowly like the tree, slowly, slowly. The tree is growing slowly, not immediately, and we are also slowly evolving. New information But now we have a very good information that in the process of evolution there is no need to go on with this slow process. Catch this point. There is no need to suffer. It is a very beautiful information given by Sri Aurobindo. He said there is no need now to die, there is no more need to die, and there is no more need to suffer. There is no more need to live with pain and sufferings, sadness and all this kind of things. If we can make small changes in ourselves, all these things, death, sufferings, ignorance, they will all go out. This is the latest research in the spiritual world. And now -12-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV nature is preparing this planet for a new kind of life, life without death, without sufferings, without any kind of falsehood, of ignorance. So to reach that kind of life, how do we play that game, how do we cooperate? How can we participate in this work? That is what we have to think. Break your attachments and aspire First thing is not to be attached with your lifestyle, your nature, whatever they are. Break those attachments, be ready to change and aspire, aspire. Aspire means open. Aspire to know better; aspire to realize your highest self. This aspiration is missing in life. And without aspiration, if tree does not aspire it will not grow. The tree is aspiring, and what is it aspiring for? Any tree is aspiring to grow more. What is the attraction for the tree? To see the sunlight. It aspires to touch that light. In darkness it does not aspire, and when light comes, it is active once again. In our life there is also a light, that there is no need to suffer. So aspire for this light. Aspire for this Divinity that is inside us. Every day aspire to reach that, to touch that. Life means aspiration. If aspiration is missing in life, then life will never be beautiful. It is a big subject and the design is so wonderful. level. But some of our natures do not help. Some of our natures do not allow us to play the game, to understand the game. And that is why we are always inviting the unwanted forces. In life there is no need to suffer; this is a very beautiful thing. Sufferings exist only because our love to the limitedness. When we are not aspiring, when we are not playing the game well, when we are not learning the game of life, we invite the unwanted forces and they come. They come and try to teach us. And when those forces we do not want, do come, they will teach us in their way, the hardest way. There is no need to suffer We are trying our best to understand and to live with our ignorance and our conscious

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Q: About the knowledge we do not use, I was intrigued about what you said. Why do we not use it? How do we store it? A: Life is a movement, every movement is one experience, and every experience is an experiment of nature and every experience is one drop of knowledge. And this is selfknowledge, which through our experiences, is coming to us. Then what happens? We have many, many knowledges inside, in our head, but we have no courage to use that knowledge. We do not use it. We know that sometimes experience comes and experience tells us this is not good. The knowledge is there, this is not to eat, this is not to do, not to think, but we are doing it the same, we are eating the same, we are repeating the same things. We are not using the knowledge. Knowledge is inside, but we do not have the courage to use it. That is stored knowledge, not used knowledge. We all have many stored knowledge, not used knowledge which we have not the courage to use, because we are in the maintenance process. In maintenance we have our own style. And we have to live that knowledge in order to grow and to progress. When in maintenance, we have no interest in learning, in progressing. We are maintaining our culture, our limited frames, our lifestyle, maintaining our habits. And what this knowledge is telling you is: do not just maintain. Stored knowledge, after some time, becomes expired knowledge. Everything is becoming past and knowledge also. Knowledge given me by life is to be used, and to be used now! It is the same as you see in the world, how evolution is changing everything. We are not living with the same old technology, with the one thousand years old systems, technologies. We are living with the latest, and life is always giving something new, that is knowledge. When knowledge comes, use it immediately. That will help you to get more knowledge. Because this knowledge surely is not the last one. And what happens? With any knowledge we have, we think this is the last knowledge and we close ourselves. So knowledge is to be used and to move forward, not to store it and not to ignore it. Each little small drop of knowledge is a small enlightment of life, is a small light from my Divine inside. -14-


Q: Were we conscious sometime? And if yes, how did we loose it, how did we enter this maintenance process? A: This human life is one drop of the ocean of consciousness. Catch this point: we are a drop of the ocean of consciousness. Life is the journey of a drop of water, of this drop of consciousness. How does the journey of the river start? How does the river get born? Who gives the water the idea to become a river? One drop of water aspires. For what? One drop of water starts aspiring to meet the source from where it comes. One drop of water, with its consciousness, starts aspiring to find the source. And when one drop of water starts aspiring, with the power of aspiration, what happens? Where is it aspiring? In the mountains, in the Himalayas. Most rivers do come from the snow of high mountains. So it starts aspiring in the mountain to meet the source. And when one drop aspires, then millions of other drops are also aspiring. And one drop meets another drop which is also aspiring to meet the source. When there are millions of drops aspiring to meet the source, they get together and transform into one big drop and due to the power of aspiration to meet the source, something starts moving them towards the source. And one day this one small drop becomes a huge drop and with the aspiration of all, the journey starts. And who is guiding them to the river? It is spontaneous and natural to meet the source with this true and sincere aspiration. If one drop of water can start the journey, become the river and one day reach to the sea, we are also like one drop of water, one drop of the Supreme Consciousness. The day this drop starts aspiring to meet the Source, we will also reach our Source. This consciousness is there inside, but it is covered with ignorance. What is ignorance? Forgetfulness. This drop of water forgets. Why do we forget? Many reasons. This forgetfulness may be because of the lifestyle in which we are living. In this system, the drop forgets, covered by layers of ignorance and sufferings because of ignorance. Q: Which is the cause of ignorance? A: Not having interest in life, no interest in living. We do not want to play this game. We are just in the process of ignorance. We have no interest in life. We are only interested in -15-

SWAMI BRAHMDEV fulfilling our needs, but we have no interest in what is really needed. We are spending all our time in what we do not really need and have no time left for what we do need. That is ignorance. Ignorance means a slow and wrong way to get to the truth. Through things and needs we are trying to find our peace, happiness, love. We are not able to understand that if things could give us peace, happiness, then what for would we need God? It is a small thing but we are not able to understand it, and we think things will give us love, peace. Things can satisfy your needs but they cannot give you real truth, peace, satisfaction, and what is really needed. Q: How can we get away from this ignorance which limits us? A: Using all that stored knowledge, open it and use it. And that will take you out from the ignorance. Never ignore the knowledge from experiences.

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