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Self-Generated Data Patterns

Recurring events
leave their mark
to create
visible data patterns
Footprints on a jogging track
Fingers on a keyboard
Riverwater flow on stones
Such patterns are

What is Self-Evident ?

That, which does not need to be

verbally explained by language or
labels, and can be directly grasped
visually by everyone.

Capable of universal understanding.

Smile, hair, broken teeth, glasses
Mountain profile, cloud pattern, radiating glow
Vigorous river water flow, battered stones
Whole data pattern visible at a glance.

Great density of detail as contributed

by various parameters which create the
Visual Information Diagrams: Typical Process

Data Collection
Analysis and Processing of data to reveal the
desired Data Pattern

Creating Visual Representation of Data Pattern by

assigning meanings to visual forms and labeling them

Final Data Diagram

Though the aim is to make visual diagrams,
the interpretation and understanding usually
is dependent on verbal labeling of the data

Data Distancing
The distance created by the extent of labeling
which must be read before data can be understood.
Generic quantitative variables need data labeling
Understanding totally dependent on verbal information
Many visual diagrams
exist just as
visual fillers on a page
or illustrations
without any significant
information function
Some seem to exist because the intended audience is not capable of
mentally visualizing the magnitude difference between 525 and 13
Piling Up the Electoral Votes


Republican Democrat
Isolating data bits and presenting them as
single parameter patterns destroys the
Context of the Data, as well as the Density of Detail.

Both the Context and the Detail can be very useful in

understanding the data. Eliminating them may lead
to data loss and partial understanding.
Data pattern
created with dots
Replacing dots
with foot-marks
Adding colour to
jogging track
Actual track image
not only shows data, but
also whole context, detail,
and relationships.
The Whole Pattern,
as well as magnifiable
detail showing further
patterns at smaller levels
Watering as a parameter, Data as it is.
contributing to grass
density on the track
A Virgin Computer Keyboard.

Unused and
without use data pattern.
Typing as creator of use data pattern
Frequency, stroke strength and location,
touching pattern for left and right hand fingers:
recorded automatically by use.
Co-existence of many different data types

including lack of proper housekeeping

Use frequency map of Keys
Strength and location of
finger stroke on individual keys
Possibility of composite mapping through multi-sampling
Data about fingering pattern on a
particular key from a sample of users
Use data pattern
on an old elevator
control panel
in an
Least visitors to
Office Building
30th floor

Maximum visitors for

First Floor
Door Close button used
much more than
Door Open button
Dynamic data
patterns on a beach
Wave force, slope, sand particles distribution
Wavelet sub-events
constantly changing
multi-level, multi-variable
data patterns
endlessly generating themselves
recording unfolding events
in real time,
as high resolution
3-D renderings
with great clarity
variety and beauty
naturally and effortlessly
Showing their story to whoever will see.

Individually and Collectively.

Visually, Completely, and Honestly.