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Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Nagpur


24th Annual Conference of Maharashtra Academy of Pediatrics

N A G P U R ...basics & ethics...

Date : 18, 19 & 20 October 2013 Venue : Hotel Centre Point, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur


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9th Annual Conference of Academy of Pediatrics, Nagpur

...basics & ethics...

It gives us deep sense of privilege & pride to blow the tutari of Mahapedicon-2013-Nagpur. The organising committee welcomes you to the City of Oranges on 18th, 19th & 20th Oct. 2013 for the academic Maha-Event. IAP Nagpur branch is proud to host the 24th Annual Conference of Maharashtra Academy of Pediatrics in the year 2013. Every pediatrician in Maharashtra is eager to attend the annual event which has unique academic content to fulfill the needs of a general pediatrician to critical care personnel. The theme of the conference is ... basics & ethics , which ably tells the motto of our scientific committee. Rich academic content which will rebuild your basic fundamental of child care and also remind/brush your ethics in today's fast pace & changing world of medicine . Various hands-on Workshops, interactive sessions and distinguished faculties will be the highlight of the MEGA-EVENT. Welcome as well to the 9th Annual Conference of Academy of Pediatrics (NAPCON), Nagpur. NAPCON today has an exalted position amongst the pediatric conferences. So much so, that for many pediatricians it is an annual pilgrimage. The success and adulation of previous NAPCON conferences humbles us and brings a deep sense of responsibility. Lets once again humbly invite you to Nagpur & MAHAPEDICON. Come to Nagpur and experience the real VARHADI ZATKA.

Dr. Uday Bodhankar


Dr. Anil Raut


Dr. Upendra Kinjawadekar

President, MahaIAP

Dr. Vaibhav Pustake

Secretary, MahaIAP

...basics & ethics...

Seats available : 40 each (First come basis)
Contact : Dr. Manish Jain - 9822695195 Dr. Shilpa Hazare - 9822463880

Thursday, 17 Oct 2013; 8 am onwards Medicolegal Issues In The Pediatric Practice Acute Respiratory Care In A Critically Ill Child On Simulator Friday, 18 Oct 2013; 8 am onwards Neonatal Resuscitation Programme Adolescent Office Practice

EEG In Clinical Practice

9th Annual Conference of Academy of Pediatrics, Nagpur

SESSION 1 9.00 am 10.00 am 10.30 am : Award Paper Presentation.

Friday, 18 Oct 2013

SESSION 3 1.00 pm 1.30 pm 2.00 pm : : :

Palacio Hall

Panel Discussion : Management of Constipation. Antenatally diagnosed hydronephrosis : Approach & management. Gastroesophageal Reflux : An ethical management.

: Neonatal failure to thrive: How to combat ? : Developmental Disorders: Every Pediatrician can do better.

SESSION 2 11.00 am 11.40 am : Dr. A. M. Sur Oration : Status of Children in Rural Maharashtra : Iron chelation: Approach and practice.

SESSION 4 2.30 pm 3.00 pm 3.30 pm : : : Iron Therapy : A short approach to therapy. Adolescent Medicine. Surfing the Net : Optimum use by pediatrician for reference & article search.

12.05 pm : Immunoglobulins in pediatric practice. 12.30 pm : Bed Wetting : How to investigate and intervene ?


Day - 1
...basics & ethics...

Saturday, 19 Oct 2013

Hall A G I DISORDERS & NEONATOLOGY 9.00 am 9.30 am : Clinical approach to a child with suspected malabsorption : CPAP : Underutilized modality Hall B PEDIATRIC CRITICAL CARE Upper Airway emergencies Management of Shock Osmolarity in ICU Analgesia and Sedation : Optimum practice in children Hall C NEUROLOGY Diagnostic approach to stroke in children Status Epilepticus: Management in Indian scenario Seizure mimics Panel Discussion : Choosing an anti-convulsant.

10.00 am : Cholestesis in post neonatal age group : Clinical practice 10.30 am : Respiratory distress in full term neonate

Hall A - Plenary session 11.00 am : Plenary Discussion : Ethics 11.45 am : Dr. D B Shirole Oration : Status of Pediatric Medical Education : Past, Present and Future

Hall A - Plenary session 1.00 pm 1.30 pm 2.00 pm : Recurrent Pneumonia : A multidisciplinary approach : Childhood Obesity : What should Pediatrician do? : Advances in PPTCT of HIV.

Hall A VACCINOLOGY 2.30 pm 3.00 pm 3.30 pm : IAP Immunization schedule 2012 : A critical analysis : Immuno compromised child : Vaccination possibilities : Panel Discussion : Vaccination Controversies

Hall B NEPHROLOGY Acute Renal Failure : Management practice Nephrotic Syndrome : Treatment & follow up Chronic kidney Disease : Comprehensive management AGM 7.00 pm Onwards Banquet

Hall C GENETICS & METABOLIC DISEASES Lysosomal Storage Disorders Chromosomal analysis : Face reading (facial dysmorphism) Metabolic approach.

4.30 pm


Day - 2
...basics & ethics...

Sunday, 20 Oct 2013

Hall A PULMONOLOGY & ALLERGIC DISORDERS 9.00 am 9.30 am : Asthma : Everything you want to know about relievers & preventers. : Pediatric Tuberculosis : Case Based Hall B INFECTIOUS DISEASES Immunization in a travelling child. Nosocomial infections: How to contain? Management of dengue in children. Approach to fever with rash. Hall C

ENDOCRINOLOGY & ADOLESCENT MEDICINE Short stature : Clinical approach to diagnosis. Insulin therapy in children : Domiciliary management. Management of various menstrual problems in adolescent girls. Lifestyle disorders in adolescents.

10.00 am : Allergic Testing : Hope or Hype? 10.30 am : Anti-allergic agents : a broad review.

Hall A - Plenary session 11.00 am : Dr. P R Dange Oration : History, Mystery & Victory in the battle against Childhood Leukemias. 11.45 am : Dr. P M Udani Oration : 12.30 pm : Achieving the best outcomes in Preterms. 1.00 pm : Vanquishing Diarrhea : Lets make it simple.

Hall A MIX BAG 1.00 pm 1.30 pm 2.00 pm 2.30 pm : : X-ray : Lungs : Allergic nose and sinuses. : Clinical Pearls with Dr. B P Khobragade. Hall B Rheumatology & Neonatology What is Sepsis like? Phototherapy : Present perspective: Approach to vasculitis in children Diagnosis of JIA Hall C ETHICS & MEDICO-LEGAL ISUES Ethics and Basics in Pediatrics. Suspected Sexual Abuse : How to proceed? Medico-legal cases : Eye openers. Consents and Documentation in pediatric practice.

Hall A 3 pm 3.30 pm : Media and children. : Conflicts and I. Hall B Pediatic Orthopedic X-Rays and cases Panel Discussion : Recurrent UTI Diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis Hall C Computers, Tablets, Smart-phones for pediatrician What they do not teach in the Medical Colleges?

Dr. Bharat R Agrawal Dr. Rohit Agrawal Dr. Satish Agrawal Dr. Arif Ahmed Dr. Uma Ali Dr. Paramanad Andankar Dr. Mohini Apte Dr. Mahesh Baldwa Dr. Shripad Banavali Dr. Abhay Bang Dr. Akash Bang Dr. C.P. Bansal Dr. Ashish Bavdekar Dr. Abhijeet Bhardwaj Dr. Anand Bhutada Dr. Uday Bodhankar Dr. C.M. Bokade Dr. Vishram Buche Dr. Ketan Chaturvedi Dr. Naveen Choudhari Dr. Samir Dalwai Dr. Vitthalrao P Dandge Dr. V. S. Dani Dr. Satish Deopujari Dr. L. S. Deshmukh Dr. Pankaj Deshpande Dr. Leena Dhande Dr. Ratna Dua Puri Dr. Chandrashekhar Funde Dr. Vinod Gandhi Dr. Sanjay Ghorpade Dr. Meenakshi Girish Dr. Deepak Goel Dr Anirudh Gurjalwar Dr. Shilpa Hazare Dr. Jitendra Hazare Dr. Dipty Jain Dr. Manish Jain Dr. Sita Jayalaxmi Dr Pramod P Jog Dr Panna Choudury Dr. Hemant A Joshi Dr Jayant Joshi Dr. S. L. Joshi Dr. Atul Kanikar Dr. Vaman Khadilkar Dr. Suchita Khadse Dr. B P Khobragade Dr. Raju Khubchandani Dr. Upendra Kinjawadekar Dr. Deepti Kiratkar Dr. Rajkumar Kiratkar Dr. Abhishek Kulkarni Dr. Ganesh Kulkarni Dr. Alka Kuthe Dr. Lokesh Lingappa Dr. Mamta Maglani Dr. Milind Mandlik Dr. Sanjay Marathe Dr. Sheila Mathai Dr. Pravin Mehta Dr. Shishir Modak Dr. Rajiv Mohta Dr. Mamta Muranjan Dr Neeta Naik Dr Neelam Mohan Dr. Anurag Pangarikar Dr. Bakul Parekh Dr. Rajendra G. Patil Dr. Mrudula Phadke Dr. Shubha Phadke Dr. Avinash Pophali Dr. Suhas Prabhu Dr Vaibhav Pustake Dr. Manoj Rathi Dr. D. S. Raut Dr. Vijay Sarthi

...basics & ethics...

Dr. Narendra Rathi Dr. Rajendra Saoji Dr. Prakash Sanghavi Dr. G.R. Sethi Dr. Digant Shastri Dr. Prafulla Shembalkar Dr. Viraj Shingade Dr. Kamlesh Shrivastava Dr. Girish Subramaniam Dr. Kuldeep Sukhadeve Dr. Pradeep Suryawanshi Dr. Suchit Tamboli Dr Satish Tiwari Dr. Manohar Tule Dr Vijay Tuteja Dr. J. S. Tuteja Dr. Deepak Ugra Dr. Jayant Upadhye Dr. Jayant Vagha Dr. Umesh Vaidya Dr. Nitish Vora Dr. Yogesh Waikar Dr. Vijay Yewale

...basics & ethics...

Organizing Committee

Dr. Uday Bodhankar

CO-ORG CHAIRMAN Dr. Jayant Upadhye JOINT ORG CHAIRMAN Dr. Avinash Gawande Dr. Rajkumar Kiratkar Dr. Shilpa Hazare Dr. Sandeep Mogre Co-TREASURER Dr. Chetan Shende JOINT ORG SECRETARY Dr. Anju Kadu Dr. Mohini Apte Dr. Rajesh Agrawal Dr. Sanjay Pakhmode Dr. Suchita Khadse SCIENTIFIC COMMIITTE CHAIRMAN : Dr. D. S. Raut Co-Chairman: Dr. B. P. Khobragade Dr. Deepak Goel Dr. Dipty Jain Dr. Girish Subramanium Dr. Jayant Upadhye Dr. Vinod Gandhi Dr. Rajendra Saoji Dr. Kuldeep Sukhadeve WORKSHOP COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Manish Jain Co-Chairman : Dr. Abhay Matte Dr. Akash Bang Dr. Anand Bhutada Dr. Ashish Lothe Dr. Meenakshi Girish Dr. Prashant Bhutada Dr. Pravin Khapekar Dr. Rajiv Mohata Dr. Sandeep Yadav Dr. Sangram Wagh Dr. Suchita Khadse Dr. Tushar Jagzape Dr. Yogesh Tembhekar

Dr. Anil Raut

RECEPTION COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Anup Radke Co-Chairman : Dr. Anil Badwaik Dr. Anil Salpekar Dr. D. N. Balpande Dr. Manmohan Daga Dr. Manohar Tule Dr. Milind Munshi Dr. N. R. Kotwal Dr. P. P. Pimpalwar Dr. Pradeep Jaiswal Dr. R. Khemuka Dr. Ravi Waikar Dr. Ravindra Bhonsule Dr. S. W. Chorghade Dr. Suresh G. Ninawe Dr. Upendra Puniyani Dr. Vishram Buche Dr. Yashwant Patil Dr. Z. Hussain REGISTRATION COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Vasant Khalatkar Co-Chairman : Dr. Ajay Keswani Dr. Anil Loya Dr. Anup Kothari Dr. Bhanuprakash Kadam Dr. Deepak Goel Dr. Devidas Kothalkar Dr. Madhumati Dehankar Dr. Manjusha Giri Dr. Narendra Vywahare Dr. Rafique Mawani Dr. Rajendra Daga Dr. Rajesh Boob Dr. Rakesh Gupta Dr. Ratan Luthara Dr Rishi Lodaya Dr Satish Tiwari Dr. Shilpa Bhoyar Dr. Vagish Kataria Dr. Viraj Shingade

Dr. Kush Jhunjhunwala, Dr. Milind Mandlik, Dr. Mohib Haque, Dr Kuldeep Sukhadeve, Dr. Ravi Bhelonde
VENUE COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Praveen Pagey Co-Chairman : Dr. Anju Kadu Dr. Archana Jaiswal Dr. Hari Mangtani Dr. Hrishikesh Belsare Dr. Kirtish Balpande Dr. Kush Jhunjhunwala Dr. Nilesh Kumbhare Dr. Niranjan Dharaskar Dr. Pravin Mishra Dr. Rishi Lodaya Dr. Tushar Thakre FINANCE COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Sanjay Marathe Co-Chairman : Dr. Anup Marar Dr. Hemat Murkey Dr. S. J. Khan Dr. S. L. Joshi Dr. Sandeep Mogre Dr. Sanjay Rathi Dr. Subhash Bhagde Dr. Vinky Rughwani Dr. Vagish Kataria PRESS & MEDIA COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Suchit Bagde Co-Chairman : Dr. Anirudh Gurjalwar Dr. Avinash Gawande Dr. Leena Dhande Dr. Milind Mane Dr. R. G. Patil Dr. Rajesh Sahu Dr. Sameer Golawar Dr. Sandeep Golhar Dr. Sanjeev Rokade Dr. Sunil Bajaj Dr Suvarna Nanoti CATERING COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Sanjay Pakhmode Co-Chairman : Dr. Amul Mahajan Dr. Harshal Ingole Dr. Jayant Vagha Dr. Sanjay Bhishikar Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh Dr. Shahid Ali Jafri BANQUET COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Anil Jaiswal Co-Chairman: Dr. Vijay Dhote Dr. Anil Singh Chauhan Dr. Avinash Banait Dr. Saurabh Kubde Dr. Sanjeev Prakash Chugh Dr. Vipin Jaiswal Dr. Deepak Madavi Dr. Sachin Pawde Dr. Sanjay Rathi HOSPITALITY Chairman : Dr. C. M. Bokade Co-Chairman: Dr. Amit Arora Dr. Anil Dange Dr. Anil Patil Dr. Jaya Shiwalkar Dr. Niranjan Dharaskar Dr. Prakash Patil Dr. Sangeeta Gedam Dr. Sanjay Panjwani Dr. Shubda Khirwadkar Dr. Swati Waghmare Dr. Yogesh Papde Dr. Saira Merchant TRANSPORT & ACCOMMODATION Chairman : Dr. Viraj Shingade Co-Chairman : Dr. Girish Charde Dr. Shirish Modi Dr. Prashant Bhutada Dr. Chetan Dixit Dr. Bhupendra Chande Dr. Rajendra Brahmankar Dr. Abhishekh Sondawale TRADE EXHIBITION Chairman : Dr. Jeetendra Hazare Co-Chairman : Dr. Prashant Sapate Dr. Kapil Jain Dr. Charuhas Akre Dr. Shailesh Chalkhor Dr. Deepak Gupta Dr. Sachin Gulhane Dr. Linesh Yawalkar Dr. Kalpana Brahmankar SOUVENIR Chairman : Dr. Pravin Mishra Co-Chairman : Dr. Sandeep Golhar Dr. Pravir Trivedi Dr. Vipin Jaiswal Dr. Seema Pande Dr. Prajana Barapatre Dr. Vijayalaxmi Gupta Dr. Archana Jaiswal Dr. Hrishikesh Belsare KIT, GIFT & AWARDS Chairman : Dr. Avinash Pophali Co-Chairman : Dr. Shashank Bhole Dr. Dhiraj Patil Dr. Anjali Edbor Dr. Nandini Babhulkar Dr. Sandhya Sonone AUDIO-VISUAL Chairman : Dr. Sandeep Mogre Co-Chairman : Dr. Ajay Bhojwani Dr. Rajkumar Meshram Dr. Mustafa Ali Dr. Prasad Zode Dr. Sachin Pimpalshende Dr. C. K. Jambholkar Dr. Pradeep Arora Dr. Vishakha Bagde CORRESPONDENCE & COMMUNICATION Chairman : Dr. Kuldeep Sukhadeve Co-Chairman : Dr. Milind Mandlik Dr. Mohib Haque Dr. Ravi Bhelonde Dr. Kush Jhunjhunwala Dr. Avinash Gawande INAUGURATION COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Rajiv Mohata Co-Chairman : Dr. Bhagyalaxmi Rajan Dr. Viram Rajan Dr. Priti Waghmare Dr. Kiran Vaidya Dr. Avinash Pophali ORATION COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Dipty Jain Co-Chairman: Dr. Sandeep Hatwar Dr. Kush Jhunjhunwala Dr. Jitendra Hazare GOLDEN JUBILEE COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Jayant Upadhye Co-Chairman : Dr. Manoj Rathi Dr. S. L. Joshi Dr. Smita Desai Dr. Pravin Lad Dr. Anil Balwaik Dr. Rani Deshpande Dr. Alka Jogewar Dr. Neeta Joshi Dr. Jyoti Chavhan Dr. Suchita Mehata Dr. Neeta Bhole Dr. Manisha Albal

Dr. Deepak Goel

VALEDICTORY COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Kush Jhunjhunwala Co-Chairman : Dr. Manjusha Giri Dr. Sandeep Mogre Dr. Shilpa Hazare Dr. Abhijeet Bharadwaj Dr. Nilesh Nagdeve Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh Dr. Leena Dhande TOURS & TRAVELS COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. M. S. Hadi Co-Chairman : Dr. Subash Dhawale Dr. Balaji Pallewar Dr. Bhushan Sutaone Dr. Shams Khan Dr. Mustafa Ali Dr. Rakesh Dhoke Dr. Haridas Gajbhiye PAPER AND AWARDS COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Nilofer Mujawar Co-Chairman : Dr. Girish Nanoti Dr. Kiran Gaikwad Dr. Mohini Apte Sukhadeve Dr. Varsha Bhargav Dr. Atulya Kambale Dr. Manoj Bhatnagar Dr. Anjali Edbor Dr. Himanshu Dua DISASTER MANAGEMENT COMMIITTE Chairman : Dr. Anup Marar Co-Chairman : Dr Jitendra Hazare Dr. Sandeep Khanzode Dr. V. P. Dandge Dr. Achanta Shrinivasu Dr. Sudhanwa Bhoot Dr. Sandeep Chourasia Dr. Pravin Dahake Dr. Yogesh Waikar

...basics & ethics...


The city well-known as orange city of India due to its famous Mandarin oranges, a city that enjoys the privilege of being a fast growing metropolis-in-the-making at the same time maintaining the pleasures of a large well spread idyllic unhurried town, welcomes you. Nagpur, an emerging metro and Orange City of India has best of its climates in the month of October. It also has best air & rail connectivity with all the major cities of India. Nagpur lies precisely at the center of the country with the Zero Mile marker indicating the geographical center of India. Nagpur can also be called as Tiger Capital of India, as maximum number of tigers in the country are found around Nagpur. Nagpur is strategically located in the very centre of India, at the cross roads of India's North-South & East-West routes by road, rail & air. A city 300 years old is now the industrial, commercial & transportation milestone of India. Added attraction is the Kanha National Park, the home to tigers, spread over 940 sq. km about 250 km from Nagpur and Pench Tiger Reserve & Tadoba National Park located around 100 km from the city.

Zero Mile

Anandwan, Warora

Diksha Bhumi

Medical College, Nagpur


Dragon Palace

Ganesh Tekdi

Nagpur University

Bapu Kuti, Sevagram

Come, Discover & Get Enlightened ...

RSS Nagpur Paunar Ashram Ramtek

Organising Chairman :


Mother & Child Care Hospital, Shankar Nagar Sq., WHC Road, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra, INDIA. Tel : +91 712 2551594, 2532169 M: 07350606464 E- mail :,

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