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All Students must abide by the College Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines as may be promulgated by the College Administration from time to time. Adhere to the rules of the college and discharge your responsibilities as a student with diligence, fidelity and honour. Breach of these Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines shall render them liable to disciplinary, administrative and legal action including but not limited to imposition of fine, suspension or expulsion (both provisional and permanent) from the College. Every student of the College is required to be punctual to the class as per college timings. Class timings are 9.00A.M to 4.30P.M and its common for all. In case of late has to get permission from the Principal. Students are not permitted to leave the campus during class hours to their hostel for no reasons. Wearing of Identity cards in the campus is must. Without woring Identity cards students in the campus will be punished on the spot itself by Collecting Fine and even struck out off campus too. Using of mobile phones within the classrooms is strictly restricted and also prohibited. Attendance will be taken in each and every class hours by the respective subject staff based on that only the attendance percentages will be calculated.

As per the university norms and regulations People with attendance shortages will not be permitted for their following University Examinations. Formal leave has to be taken with prior notice to the class Staff In-charge and it has to be forwarded to the principal. Misbehaviaral actions of any boy and girl within the campus are strictly prohibited and it will also be prosecuted. Misbehavior of any ward with the faculty members will be commissioned, actions and decisions will be taken by the principal and the chairman. Any student remaining absent from classes without proper permission for a continuous period of 03 days, excluding holidays, shall automatically be struck off from the Classes. They have to get their leave letter signed by the principal can get back to the classes regularly. Also the cause of absence is explained to the satisfaction of the Principal. Architectural studies normally encourages students activities and their Creative ideas, we do encourage doing art and architectural works on the campus walls and ceilings. But unwanted texts and sketches are purely punishable. Immoral activities and behavior towards other gender people will be punished by Struck out of the college. Library, Store and Computer lab are for the students and for their welfare only but timings and proper permissions are mandatory to access them all. (signing in and out time should be followed) Students will not be permitted to the computer studio and library during their class hours without the permission of their respective class in-charge.

Any query in the class/department has to be forwarded to their respective class in-charges and through which it has to be forwarded to the Principal. Each and every Subjects Assignments, Seminars and portfolios has to be periodically submitted to the faculty members based on those submissions the Internals will be validated. Each and every Semester Topper Awards will be announced in the campus and the students will be congratulated by Special offers and Awards.