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Introduction to Dark Lord Many of us have played Mu Online for several years already and we have used almost

all characters including the new Rage Fighter Class yet we know little about them, their history, strengths and weaknesses. Nonetheless, it is necessary for us to re-discover our own main characters of their attributes and their history to use it effectively. One of such character classes are the Dark Lord class and it will be our featured character for this issue. Introduction The Dark Lord is a fabled class, riding into battle on his steed; he is a terrifying. Equipped with insurmountable amount of damage and defense he can attack whilst withstanding incoming damage from the enemy. Equipped with a lethal skill set he can obliterate everything in its path. It can be unlocked when your character reaches level 250. The Background The Dark Lords of MU have surfaced to help face Kundun. They are bred leaders as they used to command great armies and creatures of power in the golden ages. As the threat of Kundun grows ever nearer some have decided to return and help the citizens survive these troubling times. Others on the other hand have returned to seize the opportunity to gain power from the battles that are about to begin. Attributes The Dark Lord is a unique character that has great strengths but also has some glaring weaknesses. It is true that the Dark Lord is equipped with some of the strongest long range attack in the continent but it lacks a true mass-killing attack unless you use the five skill combo order. The Dark Lord Class is a mixture of Dark Wizard, Elf and Blade Knight but with fewer options from the original character. It has effective delivery of damage due to its critical buff. It has also large physical and magical damage output compared to other class, more like a Magic Gladiator but without the fast attack speed. It has the ability to control pets effectively and be able to use the pets attributes according to the situation. It is truly unique because of the fact that it is the only character that had extra attribute stats called command which is mainly used for controlling pets. The larger the command, the stronger the pet attributes, pet skill damage and additional defense due to skill tree ability. Dark Lords are magnificent party members due to its summon skill but not ideal party members, which can be used to teleport all party members in a place ,very useful whether you are in a pvp, guildwar, castle siege or mainly hunting Kundun for fun. They have also good buffing skills, critical buff is considered as one of the most lethal buffs in-game. Further, Dark Lords can inflict large damage to the enemy however susceptible to reflect types. The ability to use pets distinguished the Dark Lords class than any other class; it can use Dark Horse and Dark Raven. Pet attributes and skills are added to the character itself boosting its attack range and damage, it also boosts defense and unlocks additional skills whilst Raven is used mainly on lvling. 10 Reasons Why use Dark Lord as Main Character

1. Critical Buff, a buff that increases the amount of physical damage inducing increased probability of occurrence of excellent (green damage) and critical (blue damage) to the enemy. 2. Large Defense when equipped with a level 50 Dark Horse , also due to Command to Def option on the skill tree wherein a certain amount of command stat are added as defense. 3. Large Damage due to Scepter Boost Damage capability in the Master Skill tree 4. Decent HP Pool with BK HP Swell 5. Ideal Party Leader/member due to Summon Skill 6. Has a lethal skill set with large damage. 7. Fully stun capable (fire burst mastery) and stomp (knockback and stun on Dark Horse Pet Mastery) and has additional skills and pet skills that can be unlocked 8. Can take BK combos, SM hellfires, and MGs Ice skill or just pretty anything you can throw at it as long it has BK HP Swell. 9. Has a lethal skill arrangement that can one hit even shield types and induced almost 100% damage making them like no def at all so called as DL combo. (Consists of using five skills in the following arrangement/order:: Fire Burst > Fire Scream > Bird Skill > Electric Spike > Stomp) 10. For fun and excitement, using DL is pretty challenging it requires more than skill timings and potting rates but one thing for sure, it does requires players intuition. This article is not that detailed yet it gives us a little bit of insight about Dark Lords in our server. Why not try Dark Lord for yourself? If not today, try it tomorrow. Whenever you get bored of using the mainstream character Blade Knight you can try something different such the magnificent Dark Lords.