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Job Vacancy: Customer Service Officer

Requirements: The Customer Service Officer (CSO) will take on a series of tasks and responsibilities relating to customer relations and communication. The CSO will work closely with our production team to ensure on time delivery, update new requirements and handle communication work with clients. Besides that, the CSO will provide sales support to the sales team.

More specifically, responsibilities will include: Monitor customer requests/ complaints: Monitor customer service email account, skype account and filter all incoming requests, and distribute to the right persons/people. Follow up on all customer requests and ensure that clients receive the necessary responses/information in due time, Follow up pro-actively with production to "warn" customers in case of late delivery or any other issues that might affect the customer such as delivery time, technical updates etc. Update customer requirements: Report and update customer's requirement - to management, related parties for working and feedback on the solutions. Report customer's new request / concern. Feedback on customer's satisfaction in terms of delivery, quality, service and support. Provide monthly / quarterly volume forecast to Sales Manager and Production Manager. Support sales team: Update and maintain the customer information records, customer contact list, carry out the customer satisfaction survey every quarter and report results. Support sales with various tasks including lead generation, competitor analysis, client database and key account plans Coordinate other departments in customer relations: Coordinate with Accounting to generate and update weekly / monthly sales report to Sales Manager and Production Manager. Properly handover the ongoing / outstanding tasks among the daily shifts between CSOs and Night Shift Manager. Others: Support production with reporting on client satisfaction including complaints and on time delivery Other tasks assigned by Sales Manager
Job Vacancy: Customer Service Officer Tel: +84 (4) 3641 6864 Email:

Benefits: Qualifications:

Report directly to Sales Manager.

Attractive salary and benefit package is offered. Salary is negotiable and depending on qualifications and experience. Gender: Female/male above 25 years. Education: University degree in English, Customer Service, Marketing & Sales, etc... are preferable Experience: At least 2 years of working experience with customer service and/or marketing and sales, English speaking Experience with quality assurance and quality management for graphics and photos is an advantage. Languages: Excellent English skills, especially speaking and writing skills. Fluent in Vietnamese. Competencies:

Solid background in Customer Service Good communication skills. A professional mindset with an eye for detail. Patient personality. Good leadership and management skills. Proven capacity to apply a structured approach to working with assignments. Self-motivated with strong team skills, high degree of punctuality. Hard working and good health. Willingness to work in shifts (6am 2pm, 2pm 10pm).


Interested candidates should submit the followings: Cover letter Curriculum vitae References Cover letter and CV should be prepared in English and submitted to Esoftflow: Email: and Website: Address: Suite 504, Thanh Ha Building, CC2 Bac Linh Dam, Hoang Mai, Hanoi Tel: +84 4 3641 6864 (ext. 0/11) Fax: +84 4 3641 6870 Early application is preferable. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Salary: Type of job:

negotiable Full-time

Job Vacancy: Customer Service Officer Tel: +84 (4) 3641 6864 Email: