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The Modern Methods/ Techniques Which Can We Use in Speaking Learning Teaching Process

Introduction Topic sentence Supporting point : The things that have to know in leaning English by the learners. : There are four skills in mastering English and each of their problems in learning teaching process. Supporting details : listening speaking writing reading Body Topic sentence Supporting point Supporting details : Speaking learning has a big attention both in factors and methods in learning process. : There are some factors that influenced the speaking learning process. : student ability, environment, experience teacher (role as facilitator) theory and material Supporting point Supporting details : There are four ways which can apply in speaking learning process by students. : practicing Tongue Twister A Lot minimizing pen in a speaking class making group (each students has a right to be a leader) Changing material being liked by students (caught their imaginative soul)

Conclusion Topic sentence Supporting point Supporting point Supporting detais : These techniques/ methods bring a great students achievement : The teacher are suggested to use those methods. : The students speaking ability increased : high self confidence

The Modern Methods/ Techniques Which Can We Use in Speaking Learning Teaching Process
English is one of the international language in the world which is must be learn by all countries in the world especially for the develop countries such as Indonesia. It plays a very important role in social relationship among human beings. In the education field, English taught as foreign language and it seems to be very difficult to be taught. Learners have to know that English should include four skills namely; listening, speaking, reading and writing which can not separated each others. In the learning English, we have to master in four skill above. They are learned by some students with its varieties tools. Each of for skills above has each difficulty in learning process. The first one is listening learning process. It can be must a specter for all subjects. Why? It is because we called English as a second language not as mother tongue in our motherland. It is simply not motivated at all if we dont use this language everyday even it learned by most of students once in a while. During the listening learning process, a teacher has prepared and hunted the listening material from any source for instance internet, TV satellites, cassette, film, etc. In fact, the native speaker reference is the best choice. It is rarely to hear that practising listening in a state-own background. We need a foreign lyrics even abroad conversation to ensure we have good listening practise. The second one is speaking learning process. In this term, it is rather difficult from the first one. It has become common for most students to have the lack of vocabulary and pronunciation, also its sound of the culture is unlike. It is affirmed by the book entitled The Speaking for Instructional Purpose: A Handbook on the writers preface here: The practice teaching was, however, done satisfactorily to some extent. But to some other extent, I felt that there were holes in my teaching. I reflected that my English in the classroom was not real English. My English sounded Greek when I wanted the students to work in groups, come to the board, and submit the assignment or other instruction. The language that I produced was hideous. In other words, my classrooms English do not sound English. (Listyaning, Zulfa, 2007)

The third one is reading learning process. The reading learning process itself has so many purposes. They are reading to search for simple information, to learn from texts, to integrate information, to write (search/ read needed information for writing), to critique texts and the last for basic comprehension. The teacher is not really face the bigger problem than two subjects above, listening and speaking. For reading comprehension process needs to identify/ recognize some keys here, such as lexical meaning, type of text, the chronological event/ story, being able to answer question and having depth information from their passage have read. It is clearly by looking this quote: What are need to think about, as language teachers, therefore, is how student can learn to recognize these words whose meaning they must know accurately in order to understand a particular text. (Parry 1991, p.650) The last one is writing learning process. As amazing as it may seem, the writing work stored funny or interesting process. Students can write any sense, events or states in their work. Teaching writing is easier than three above. Students need a lot of practising. Almost students may have an unwilling feeling to just keep listening materials during in the writing class. Teacher may to do is allow their student to write down what else so that make them feel that writing class is enjoyable. Considering the students have own style of their writing, teacher should discusses the materials properly and should not ban their ideas without heeding the standard and basic competence in curriculum. From four based-learning process, I believe that each teacher has to use properly tools and good/ creative materials in their teaching. But our focus here is the speaking learning process. What kind of tools and materials should be transferred? Remember that students skill of speaking is just a same, may be in stuck progress. Teaching speaking is not easy way. It needs hard work for teacher to rearrange the materials so that their student can be used to plicate this language as often as possible in classroom. The teacher and the student did this term in the classroom whether they are in an active and an efficient room, it will related with the criteria in the accuracy of language and the context of speaking. Both of them, it will be the goal of speaking learning that we talked about. So that, tools and materials must be carried weight.

The result of learning English is we can perform this international language fluently to communicate to others. But here we face the problem that practicing English without perform is useless. For example, without we practically used to speak English, our process is in vain. Speaking is one at the important components of English and is a foundation to learn English. And why speaking is becoming the stress way in part of learning teaching process? Speaking learning area has a big attention to teachers and students based on the material a teaching method. In the learning process, we might, as an educator, face some factors that influenced on it. If we are teaching in an English speaking community, there are so many barriers in our learning. These factors influence the achievement of the student greatly. Have you ever felt your class is too boring, have poor comprehension among your students and moreover, speaking class is not sound as English as much, rather like reading or the others certain subjects. Here there are divided into three. The first one is students factor. We analyse, who related most, them from their ability, environment and experience. We have to realize that there are wide differences as among student in classroom. What will you do if you not know anything have to do because some of your students did not have any response at all? It needs giving cognitive side also affective one. Ability means skill or power; the power or skill of your next students or learners may increasingly times to times. Perhaps we do not even to go down solving any problem concerned this first factor. Beside of that ability, environment gets the part. For an adult learner, learning English, especially for speaking, bring certain goal. If they learn to get a job or do further study, are possible to take them involved. In the speaking learning process, they (the students/learners) are permitted to show and express their own but in the teaching job domain, whatever they are in what environment, and the process must be proceeding. The last detail of student factor is experience. The experience which hold by some learners refer to how much they adopt and implicate language together. Their experiences might be higher than you as a teacher. It will be usable if we can use this situation properly. Second, it is between teachers, our role in the learning teaching process is as facilitator or mediator of learning.

Recently, teacher bring an important job that was little different like was. It was like as teacher played as a fronted central in classroom, but now it is like students turned a central. It will be strange if a teacher still transmit the knowledge purposely. On the other hand, she/ he has to pursue a specific goal or objective to them attractively and as human being is more acceptably. Now we live in a modern area, so the old habitude of teachers style must be left. Good teachers always ask him or her in many ways and times about their teaching. A variety of activities will be created. Desire of students participation also will be increased. Although all respond are not becoming that we expected, but we provide them special English speaking area in their own. A teacher has to know about all / her competence. Beside of pedagogic competence, social competence may be balanced. It makes every great effort among their job, students and community in daily activities. Last are theory, materials and technique in learning which concern to the learners active participation in the leaning process. These theories are two; they are cognitive theory and association or operant conditioning theory. First, cognitive theory, it means that the learner brings to the task of learning. Beside of the theory, it will seem to indicate that the nervous system store up images and memories which can then be evoked without preceding stimulus. The other theory is association or operant conditioning theory. In this theory, there is a bond between a stimulus and a response. Both of them have a place in language learning. In the speaking learning process, the more association theory is being implicated, the highest result that learners achieve and get. Having know about these theories of learning then we go to the technique and materials. Actually, there are so many devices which can supplement textbook even the teachers voice. It will help bring motivation into the language learning classroom, especially in the speaking learning process. There are so many practise are in newest method that can we apply to build the real speaking class. Here we take for practicing that very useful both for teachers and students. The first one is practicing Tongue Twister a lot. We can put this one in the beginning or in the end of the class or maybe in the middle of your class if you can manage well. Tongue Twister is a great fun.

What we say and think may be stimulated by this practice. Why not? Because it is very fast and control our lips to keep our saying up. Actually there are some forms of Tongue Twister. It is going to be a line in a sentence or more or like a poem. Having a consonant and vowel variation in every line is a unique thing. This unique thing has a big effort and result too. It trains our pronunciation; stimulate our mind to the high level. The important thing is we can speak louder with funny meaning without having depression. We can take a bold line on this. We can practice it together without any rivalry or think to gain the score of it. However it works well. We can gain these Tongue Twister practice from any source. As a variation, Tongue Twister gets portion in opening class. It builds a class atmosphere better in order to make a awkward learning. During these learning, the teacher is very rarely using this method. According to Tongue Twister become a modern or even too modern, I think it is possible. Using high technology is common among us. But why the simple thing games like this does not use as possible as they can? Seeing about this construction, every line has a consonant or vowel variation. This variation can we dig deeply about some vocabulary and their meaning. It is nearly contain a word ladder games, for example keep, beep, deep, jeep, etc. it makes a composition structure that the students can keep in mind with their own knowledge. The construction also has a phonetic sound that students are trained to their pronunciation, for instance sheep and ship. A teacher can explore their learning material by this simple thing actually. Saying these words with good articulation and exact pronunciation is the best way to teach if the teacher can be ravishing on the word training. It is possible too, to gain the other information based on Tongue Twister. Here take for example of Tongue Twister: This is one of the few types of wordplay that exist in every language.

The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick. Unique New York. Many an anemone sees an enemy anemone. Freshly-fried flying fish. She stood on the balcony

Imagine an imaginary menagerie manage. Imagining managing an imaginary menagerie. A skunk sat on a stump and trunk the stump stunk, Greek grapes.

but the stump thank the skunk stunk.

Not all tongue twisters are as short as these. In fact the famous Seashells twisters and Peter Piper come from longer than above. See these tongue twister poems. The first one is Seashells poem: Mr. See owned a saw. And Mr. Soar owned a seesaw. Now, See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw. Before Soar saw See, which made Soar sore. Had Soar seen See's saw? Before See sawed Soar's seesaw, See's saw would not have sawed. Soar's seesaw so See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw. But it was sad to see Soar so sore, just because See's saw sawed Soar's seesaw. The second one is Peter Piper poem: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers? If Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickled peppers, Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked? She sells seashells by the seashore. The shells she sells are surely seashells. So if she sells shells on the seashore, I'm sure she sells seashore shells. Red lorry, yellow lorry. Which wristwatches are Swiss wristwatches? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck If a woodchuck could chuck wood? He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, And chuck as much as a woodchuck would If a woodchuck could chuck wood. Tongue Twister has to put in the each Lesson Plan of each teacher materials to adopt the qualified in teaching Speaking.

The second one is minimising pen in speaking class. In the speaking class we have to try to allow our student to minimize using pen as long as in the English learning process. Our concentration is on our mind, the central of each motion. Start to reduce the hand motion. It will perhaps help a little for students who used to bring a pen in on hands. If we trough it the behaviour away and just saying the words by our mouth, pronounce well, and rain to say the more complex things, it will be such kind of the great idea to show them how articulate something is important. The other meaning is removing the traditional method of speaking learning process. The old teacher also gives a chance to write anything in their class. How it is possible? They will be suggested to rearrange again the material and using introducing to the handout. The handout that is given to the students with the proportional learning and student just only practice it. Fill them by practice and practice orally. We share our imaginary ting together, and the structure what we want to talk can easily said. During these activities, the teacher can involve the students being more active, such as standing, claps their hand and make a group discussion or even debate. A good teacher should not allow the students to do their anything speaking tasks with pen. It is too wrong. Remembering pen is using to do some writing task. While we order them to get our new language in spoken, try to make them understand first. Let them digest what we inform. We know that take note that is very important to get remember, but we have to remember also that we here are in the speaking class. The spoken ability is being called success depend on we can use that language carefully and fluently. Let students practise their speaking as much as they do without any instruction. Minimizing pen is regarded by many people that it is too hard for student in real class. That statement can be opposite if we more know about the content, the joint construction, and the building knowledge of the learning process. The teacher is used to give the building knowledge and the formation his or her materials as the same with others subjects. However this is applied in the schools for many years, but it can be changed. It will be changed by the second thing above. To create and improve our skill in teaching we can applied often to minimizing pen in our speaking class. The third one is making a group in

classroom. The teachers have the students make groups of five or six and point a leader. In the speaking class it is can be allowed and change the leader with another one. Someone who always takes any responsible for the group is the leader the function of this way is we, as a teacher, prepare all the students to be a leader. They will have a feeling like a leader, has the responsible to speak for his or her group member. This way is also force each student to speak. And if she or he did not do that, she or he will not be respected by others friends. And he who become a leader will have own proud of him or herself. The last one is changing material being liked by students (caught their imaginative soul). This is kind of the funniest and most interesting that two above, that are Tongue Twister and Minimizing Pen. If the Tongue Twister is the Mind and Lips Control, minimizing pen to allow their mind and share their information, but in this way, changing material by on the students interest is the combination of them. Students are seen to be like or dislike even hate the specific subject by their habitude or their body language. We can know easily from the unusual movement by them, it may be boring, sleepy or reluctantly attend our lesson. In the speaking class we can explore with this way directly. It is very easy to know what the students interest by the recently news in our surrounding. It may be about the songs, videos, or the events that are happened. The material should be can digest by students orally and let their mind freely. They can say these words or even imitate the material in their mind but take a note if they are interesting. The old materials are just as the monotone learning that is the teacher give the material, explaining, make drill and finally the students produce the material depend on the teacher saying. The important things of this way is the material has to as the interest as possible to attract the students. It is also using the up to date content of the learning. We can brows from any source, like internet, satellite television, newspaper, or even the radio. We are not supposed to surrender to get more and more materials. The newest is never end. The marking of the succeed materials that are given is the students can allow our material seriousness but fun even with the smile together. The other is the students can express their own idea creatively without pressure in their mind. The last is the teacher and the students do not reckon the time. Time


flows to fast for both of them. Are you ever felt the time pass to fast while you in the seminar or even do the works pair in class? Is not very interesting if we can apply the last way with the benefit above? The material should be consists of three parts, the students can see can hear, and can feel. If three of them are fulfilled, your materials will be interesting and fun. If the one of them is not fulfilled, the materials will not rather interest for students. The teacher can always mix and match those methods for their other time in speaking learning teaching process. These techniques/ methods bring a great students achievement. This is easy to measure. If the students can apply the form of language as fluently as before, the students ability are increased. In the learning teaching process, the applied method must to have cooperation between teachers and students. Without two of those, the teaching learning process is in vain. In speaking class, those methods are used by teacher have the well-prepared materials in balanced. It takes a big part. Whether the teacher have a limited time, if both method and material are good, the goal of learning teaching process in Speaking subject will be gotten. Refers to materials, some teachers are suggested to use are Tongue Twister, minimizing pen, making a group discussion (being the leader) and change the materials. Each of them has own character and function. First, Tongue Twister has a function that controls the lips movement, in order to the students used to speak English fluently. By practising Tongue Twister perhaps he students can say or pronounce any words well. Second one is minimizing pen. By using this way, the students are having a lot of time to express their ideas. They are not compulsory hold the pen to write any idea because here our topic is learning teaching process in speaking class. The teachers make the students express their ideas directly without any interventions at all. Third, it is making a group in classroom. Imagine that we are in groups of five or six are absolutely used a leader. Someone who always takes any responsible for the group is the leader the function of this way is we, as a teacher, prepare all the students to be a leader. They will have a feeling like a leader, has the responsible to speak for his or her group member. Anything what happened,


the leader takes a control. So, he or she has to speak at that tine. That is the function of it. This way is also force each student to speak. And if she or he did not do that, she or he will not be respected by others friends. The last, this is by changing materials to attract students interest. It is very useful and interesting for students. The teacher is also not too heavy, she or he just explains in front of the class. By this attractive media, the students are easy to get their attention. We can feel the benefit each learning using those methods in speaking class for both teachers and students. We just need more practise especially in the classroom. The important thing is practise that language more often is great. By some method above, those are perhaps can help the students and also teacher can explore the others method that are newest that before. The last part is these methods absolutely will increase the students ability. Students ability in a particular way is can comprehend the materials well, use the language fluently and high self confidence from inside. The three above can be gotten by them as the goal of the teacher that is shows in the daily learning. As a result, the learning teaching process in speaking class will be more vivid, attractive, and interesting. The goal of teaching will be easy for students to comprehend the material, the students ability increased and of course they will have high self confidence to use the language properly.