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A short one-pager as a caveat to what the BC-MMAR trust is all about We can do what we are doing and here's

In Canadian law, a Pier trust must come from a federal program and then it's offered onto the provinces [for example by a vessel called Health Canada] in fact because of their breach of fiduciary trust, we [the competition [in a vessel under The Marijuana Party of Canada] are actually empowered to be their competition. A Pier trust is set up to correct the wrongs when an archetypal form has failed [exactly like the MMAR has produced - exactly like OHIP did and that Trustee who did it is our Trustee] - Had the Harpster not dropped the MMAR i would have no case for filing this BC-MMAR Pier trust challenge. He created an oppressed people who are about to be legally slaughtered by tax rulings, - He is actually fixing what he calls a mess thru civilization - just like i'm doing] If i did not do this trust challenge means he would have gotten away with corporate tyranny, because no competition tried to stop him. BUT BECAUSE we did this Pier trust means we cannot be denied to protect those who have been abused by establishing a federal program that over-sees a provincial program to implement a better program then they are offering. By DEFINITION the form MUST correct this wrong by offering amnesty to anyone who literally and figuratively 'are jumping off of a sinking ship'. A Pier trust is an open trust and an EDA can only have an open trust. A political party is actually design to do just that. So we [Quadra EDA] formed a trust inside our open pool and we toss it overboard in a vessel with the baby, when it lands on water it floats because it is funded by ill be gotten goods [just like any blind trust is designed to do]. The definition of a Pure trust best fits our purpose. This Pure trust is where the victims of a Pier trust find refuge. A Pier trust looks backwards [regret] AND a Pure trust looks forward [hope] The function of what's been undertaken will start with a ripple in still waters, that inspires hope, and this triggers a very powerful esoteric force created by the consent of the governed. - BECAUSE it's coming from a federal party in Parliament, under the Supremacy of Parliament in a provincial court, means they simply have no jurisdiction to intercede and [in our case] getting a Tax ruling means this court MUST recognize our Pier trust and our Pure trust [in that order] AND we should be able to walk out of that first court appearance with a ruling saying that we are in 'deed' compliant with a lawful and legal ways and means to pay our taxes. The HARPSTER can do nothing about it, because he is the root cause of why we can grab these dangling articles. AND in this way [very soon] we can enter into contract with any local Dispensary or Cannabis Growers Guild that can then form a Co-op and negotiate 'the terms of engagement' with their City. In short order the cannabis sold in a city will come from that immediate area, because there are growers in every city already, who will jump at this notion of being Scot Free by starting a legitimate Co-op Once we get this court ruling to 'recognize' our 'accreditation' means a Pier trust and a Pure trust are formed to our ED trust [as opposed to EDA] Only Trustees can form trusts and only they can walk up to a wicket in Turtle Island and the Registrar there simply will take the form and stamp it, just like they do with any other blind trust. It actually is that simple, and the first City we try this on actually wants us to succeed because they want the Tax revenue, and especially happy voters. Our trusts CAN contract with any City in North America because it's registered on Turtle Island, because the American Constitution of 1776 is also parked on this Pier, and that makes us an agricultural fiduciary, with international and federal authority that can protect any State or City from the abuse of the Feds. BY DEFINITION: We are offering what an agricultural fiduciary Trustee is supposed to offer. All any Canadian needs to become 'interested' is join our Party [free] then join Our 420 Quadra Federal Agency [$42.] then subscribe to our Cannabis Cultural Guild' [$420] and in this way wash all the personal liability contained in/by all your fungible goods from being confiscated, because once you cross the line you cannot be charged [period]. As soon as an American branch for our Pier and Pure trust opens under an American Trustee means everything we do here, can be done in the USA by implementing a variety of Co-op platforms under our federal protection, by applying the same laws they screwed us with. In this way, any City can get immunity from prosecution by taking a 10% tax from its citizens in order to make them happy. Everyone benefits civilly from being Scot Free