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Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

CONTACTS: President of ACNA, Graham Jeffery, 519-578-9603, or Vice President of ACNA Anne Zeiger - Website: Alpine Community


Halloween Food Drive 2013 Soon it will be the time of year when we collect hundreds of pounds of food for the benefit of those needing the services of the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. We have THREE ways you can give and we need your help - as donors, or as volunteers. 1) Halloween Night - we will be going around the neighbourhood during Trick Or Treat and collecting at the door. From around 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. 2) Haunted House! - On Halloween Night, there will be a Haunted House at 52 Lucerne. Drop off your donations in the coffin on their lawn, and tour their haunted home, if you DARE! They start accepting victims... um, I mean visitors 6:00 pm. 3) From one week before Halloween to one week after - call 519-578-9603 for a food donation pickup from your home at a time and day convenient to you. Only non-perishable food, still factory-sealed please. VOLUNTEERS - On Halloween night, we will cover more homes on the streets of our neighbourhood if YOU come out and help us. Call 519-578-9603 and let us know you wish to help. In advance, Thank You for helping our neighbours keep food on their tables.

Neighbourhood Association

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Oct. 2013 Contact: Graham Jeffery, 519-578-9603, or Anne Zeiger -

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297 Kingswood

Winner! Alpine Community Garden Contest

Recently, Kitchener City Ward 6 Councillor Paul Singh and Graham Jeffery went around the Alpine neighbourhood reviewing and enjoying the front gardens that people have spent so much time making beautiful. This year the front garden at 297 Kingswood was chosen as the best, and the runner-up is at 43 Lucerne. Congratulations and thanks to both of these residents. Maybe your garden will be chosen next year. Our policy is to not award the top prize to any garden twice, so everyone has a chance.

43 Lucerne
Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Oct. 2013 Contact: Graham Jeffery, 519-578-9603, or Anne Zeiger -
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Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

The Holiday Lights & Decorations Contest is coming soon.

We love to see the neighbourhood lit up for the holiday season, as people celebrate Christmas or just try to brighten up the long, chilly nights. ACNA volunteers will be going around in early December to select a NEW house as our contest winner. Repeat winners are not considered. So string up those lights and keep our neighbourhood cheery this winter.

Thank you Neighbour!

Elizabeth Brown wishes to recognize her Lucerne Avenue neighbour, Falvio Micheli, for his efforts to keep the neighbourhood clean. While out walking his dog each day, he picks up discarded recyclable containers and makes sure they are collected by the recycling truck each week. Thank you, Falvio!

Fall Cleanup Tips

Before storing the patio umbrella away for the winter, take a pair of pantyhose and use one leg to cover the closed umbrella and the other leg to wrap around the bottom (to keep it closed). This will help protect the umbrella yet still give it air to breathe. Remove or cover all open containers and pots. It helps protect them when it freezes plus you dont want to provide pools of water for a mosquito breeding ground in the spring. If you have bags of birdseed to feed the birds in the fall and over winter, make sure the bags are in covered containers. The mice will find them otherwise and camp out in your storage area. Fill a pail with sand and used motor oil. Dig your garden tools in the mixture to sharpen them up and clean them. From Submitted by Roberta Ness

10 Fall Law Care Tips

Fall is here. Read the tips below to ensure your lawn has the best chance to thrive next year. This summer has been hot and dry. You may have had it with your lawn. It's natural. After summer winds down, the tendency is to put lawn care on the back burner until spring blooms anew. But by taking time to put your yard and landscape to bed in fall, your lawn will reap the rewards. Give your lawn a healthy start next spring by managing these 10 fall tasks.
Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Oct. 2013 Contact: Graham Jeffery, 519-578-9603, or Anne Zeiger -

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1. Feed your lawn. Think of fall fertilization as refueling and replenishing your lawn after a long, hot summer. Fall fertilization will help maintain your lawns root health and replenish nutrients that were expended in summer months. Fall feedings should be timed when plants are still absorbing nutrients, so dont wait too long. Depending on your region, fall feeding can take place beginning on Labor Day or into early October. 2. Remember to water. Before you put away that watering can and retire your sprinklers for the season, remember that thriving plants are still thirsty. Water early in the day to avoid evaporation and disease development. And water deep: When you see moisture soak into the soil of container plants and beds, apply another dose. 3. Air out the soil. Thatch build-up and foot traffic can compact soil, which cuts off oxygen and nutrient supply to the roots. Aeration loosens soil and literally airs out the earth. Soil plugs that are removed can be left on the lawn - they will eventually break down, providing nutrients to your lawn. Balding turf, matted-down grass, sparse new growth, pools of water and tough ground are signs you need to aerate. 4. Level and reseed. Start spring on level ground by filling ruts and low spots where water collects now. Early fall is the best time to reseed a lawn so turf roots establish before winter. Loosen soil with a dethatching rake, add a soil amendment and evenly apply seed. 5. Divide plants. If your perennials are overcrowded, fall is an ideal time to divide the root ball and replant. Cutting back the plants prior to transplanting can help reduce shock. 6. Plant fall bulbs. Plant in fall to enjoy springs first blooms - crocus, daffodil, tulip. The best time to plant is after the first frost so the bulbs will stay cool all winter. Dig holes for bulbs and fertilize before replacing soil. 7. Pick up leaves. Fall cleanup will save time for gardening come spring, and clearing your lawn of leaves and sticks will prevent the heavy, wet foliage from suffocating the turf. Dark, moist environments are breeding grounds for disease. 8. Mow low. Make the last mowing of the season a short cut since youll retire lawn equipment until spring comes around again. 9. Decorate for the holidays. Fall is the time to think festive! Draw attention to your landscape with lighting, and find ways to incorporate a pop of color by filling containers with seasonal selections mums for fall. 10. Clean up. Wash down the patio furniture and store it for the season. Make sure to pick up toys so they dont get buried or lost. Submitted by Roberta Ness

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Oct. 2013 Contact: Graham Jeffery, 519-578-9603, or Anne Zeiger -

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Hello Ward 6 Residents, On Saturday, September 7, the Cinema Under the Stars event played DespicableMe2 for residents of Ward 6, with the intention to entertain, and also strengthen and develop community relationships. Members of the Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association, Country Hills Recreation Association and Chandler-Mowat Neighbourhood Association joined me and other volunteers for the second year, to plan what has now become an annual event. I hope that you and your family had the chance to attend. Although it was unfortunate that uncooperative weather shifted the location form the McLennan Park commons to the gym at the Country Hills Community Centre, the event still drew more people than the gym could hold. Had the weather not been a factor, there were numerous activities planned to accompany this event at McLennan Park. Outdoor games, bouncy castles, music, and our own Kitchener Fire and Waterloo Regional Police were to attend with a fire truck and cruiser. I am glad though, that many of you were entertained by the movie while sitting alongside your neighbours and friends enjoying the free popcorn provided by the Kitchener Lions Club. Holding the movie night at McLennan Park is an opportunity to promote our newest district park in this mature neighbourhood. Through various community engagement methods like the Ward 6 survey, my monthly community meetings and speaking with residents at their doorsteps, I have heard different requests for further improvements and additions to McLennan Park which I shared with parks staff. Since working with staff to provide those amenities most desired by the community, it is my pleasure to let you know that you will see the following improvements in the park this fall: 1. The trail on the west side of the park running from Blackhorne to the Hydro corridor will be asphalted. 2. Roughly a dozen benches and picnic tables combined will be added to the park near the playground and splash pad. 3. There is a contract out for tender to plant 100 trees around the playground and splash pad, to eventually add shade and benefit the environment 4. Lighting will be added to the dog park. These lights will be on until 11pm each evening. Since the McLennan Park Cinema Under the Stars movie event is only in its second year, I plan to continue my support of the neighbourhood associations and other community partners to ensure its ongoing success. We will continue to grow and build upon this great foundation. Now that regular community centre hours have begun, I am available again to meet with you personally on the third Wednesday of each month at the Chandler Mowat Community Centre from 7-7:30pm, and the Country Hills Community Centre between 7:30-8:30 pm. You can also reach me at the office 519-741-2793, by email, or follow me on Twitter @paulsinghward6. Please also participate in a survey I have put together to help me better serve you at Sincerely,

Councillor Paul Singh Ward 6

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Oct. 2013 Contact: Graham Jeffery, 519-578-9603, or Anne Zeiger -

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Cyclists Belong on the Road

It has been noticed in the area that there are adults riding their bicycles on the sidewalks. This can be dangerous and is against the law. Children are vulnerable as their movements can be unpredictable. Same too for dogs being walked. Please ride on the road, and let's all stay safe. Thank you.

Living with Coyotes

In the last couple of months, a coyote has been seen in the ACNA area. Here are some tips for living with coyotes... Coyotes are most active at dusk, overnight and dawn. They very seldom carry rabies and do not form large packs, like wolves do. Coyotes usually do not pose a direct threat to humans and help keep down the population of small rodents. Coyotes will generally steer clear of humans. Simply seeing a coyote, even during daylight, should not be a reason for concern. If you are approached by a coyote, you should: - Stay calm - do NOT run or turn your back on them! - Be loud, aggressive, wave your arms and shout - Allow space between you and the animal - Slowly back away - If the animal has not moved away, throw something to scare it away. - Walk with a partner or carry a walking stick for comfort - Report any problem animals to the City of Kitchener, by calling: 519-741-2345. A coyote that is being intentionally fed by humans is more likely to become a problem animal. By providing food to coyotes, you are causing problems for wildlife and for your neighbours. Feeding other wildlife, including squirrels, rabbits, birds etc. could attract coyotes to a neighbourhood and unintentionally feed them. - Store garbage and pet food so coyotes cannot get to it. A recent change to City of Kitchener bylaws means keeping wild animals out of your garbage is the law. - Make sure that your outdoor compost is kept in a secured location with a locking lid. - Do not use compost pits or open compost piles. - Do not put meat and other food scraps in your compost. - Clean up fallen fruit around fruit trees. Dogs are considered by a coyote to be a potential threat and should be kept on a leash at all times. Small dogs and cats are also often viewed as prey to a coyote. - Keep your cats indoors and your dog on a leash at all times

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Oct. 2013 Contact: Graham Jeffery, 519-578-9603, or Anne Zeiger -

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Making Fun of Pigs

Q: What do you call it when you cross a dinosaur and a pig? A: Jurassic pork! A man in a movie theater notices what looks like a pig sitting next to him. "Are you a pig?" asked the man, surprised. "Yes." "What are you doing watching the movie?" The pig replied, "Well, I liked the book." A man walks into a pub with a pig under his arm. As he walks in, the barman spots him and exclaims, "Hell Fire! That's one ugly looking animal you've got there! Where on earth did you get it?" "I won him in a raffle", says the pig. This guy was sitting out on his porch. Up the way, he saw his hillbilly neighbor holding up one of his pigs in an apple tree. The pig was eating the apples. Whenever the pig got full, he sat him down and got another... Finally, the guy walks over and says "That's mighty good natured of you, but ain't that a terrible waste of time? The hillbilly replies: "Well, what's time to a pig? Q: What happened to the pig who lost its voice? A: It became disgruntled! In the winter a farmer says to his wife: "We should we get the pig inside, it is freezing out there." "But it stinks", says the wife, to which the husband replies: "He will get used to it!" Q: What do you get when you cross a pig with a canary? A: I don't know, but when it sits on your power line and sings, all your lights go out. Q: What should you say to a pig on roller skates? A: Don't say anything. Just get out of the way.

Its natural, its natural

10 Games for Old Age

1.)Sag, you're it 2.)Pin the toupee on the bald guy 3.)20 questions shouted into your good ear 4.)Kick the bucket 5.)Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says bend Over 6.)Doc Goose 7.)Simon says something incoherent 8.)Hide and go pee 9.)Spin the bottle of Mylanta 10.)Musical recliners

Three girls walk into a bar; a brunette a red head and a green haired girl. The bar tender asks the brunette how she keeps her hair so brown. The brunette combs her hands through her hair and says, It's natural it's natural. Then the bar tender asks the red head how she keeps her hair so red. She combs her hands through her hair and says, It's natural, it's natural. Then he asks the green haired girl how she keeps her hair so green. She sneezes into her hands, combs her hands through her hair and says, Its natural, its natural.
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Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Oct. 2013 Contact: Graham Jeffery, 519-578-9603, or Anne Zeiger -

Some important numbers:

Emergency! - Call 911 if there is an immediate risk to the safety of people or property, like a crime in progress, medical emergency, fire, or serious motor vehicle collision. Call the police at 519-653-7700 for non-emergency situations, like theft from a vehicle, property damage where suspects have fled the scene, a motor vehicle collision where no injuries are reported, and general inquires. For Alpine Public School property issues, please call Bestel Security at 519-749-3838 For Our Lady of Grace School property issues, you can call the Catholic School Board facilities department at 519-578-3660 x 5555. What can you do to be more involved in your neighbourhood? - Come out to our monthly meetings. We enjoy getting together. We plan events, discuss issues of concern, exchange information. - Tell us what you want in this newsletter, suggest a topic, or write something yourself; perhaps an interesting story you want to share. - Pay a tribute to a special neighbour, through the newsletter, blog or Facebook page. - Get involved in our events - like our Earth Day Cleanup, or Halloween Food Drive. - Join our Facebook page and contribute there. - Help us deliver the newsletter. It's a volunteer effort! Four times a year and no more than a few dozen for each person to deliver. Call Graham at 519-578-9603 or email for details on any of these.

ACNA is on Facebook. Look for our group under the name Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association and join up. The group page will provide notification of upcoming events and provide a link to our blog, where you can learn more about ACNA and our neighbourhood. Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association - Who Are We? We are the neighbourhood association for the area bounded by Block Line Road, Homer Watson Blvd, Strasburg Road and Ottawa Street. Anybody living within these boundaries is welcome to join. We volunteer to ensure a better social, economic and business climate in the neighbourhood. We publish this newsletter, organize events, hold an annual food drive, provide our neighbours with useful information, and focus on problems in the neighbourhood. We meet once a month during the school year, usually the first Tuesday of each month, in the Alpine Public School library, at 7:00PM. Feel free to come to a meeting! For more information, call Graham Jeffery 519-578-9603.

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association

Alpine Community Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Oct. 2013 Contact: Graham Jeffery, 519-578-9603, or Anne Zeiger -

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