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PCK3 SCE 3109: Energetics In Chemistry At the end of these activities, answer the following questions: 1.

From this activities I had learn that the changes of energy to others energy that occur in around us especially when using an apparatus. Although it is simple apparatus or things it also have a changes in energy when its work. From this activities we know that the energy cannot be destroy but can change to another form according to the First Laws of Conservation of Energy. 2. Year 5, investigating force and energy, Understand renewable and nonrenewable energy. 3. For these activities we can use this activity to the students; we can use these activities that related to their life using past experiences or previously collected data to make conclusions and make explanations of events. For examples likes ask the pupils what they know about energy, the appliances that use energy power and others. This can help them understand what is happening and it relationship to the activity. We can ask students to do in group to encourage them to share the ideas by communicate among themselves. They can use their prior knowledge, data or result to make inferences and more understandings. After that they present their answer and teacher as a guide gives a clear What have you learnt from these two activities? Which part of the primary science curriculum teaches this particular topic? Discuss how you can use these activities in your teaching and learning. What was the role of the teacher in these two activities?

explanation after students presents their answer. If pupils do not understand teacher will helps pupils by answering the question and at the end of the lesson teacher also give questions asks enrichment. This will helps pupils to understang the topic easy. 4. From this activity we as a teacher need to give clear examples and explanation because this topic is very interesting and relate to our life. For example teacher gives energy and state the sources of energy by give the examples like hydroelectric, dynamo and batteries, teacher also can give types of energy, and ask pupils to identify categories of energy. As a teacher, we must encourage the children to think and work scientifically. This is important to develop their creativity. The teacher must provide their pupils with creative and interesting lesson. Then, the teacher also must provide the students with the questions that engaging the high order thinking skills likes asks why we need to safe our energy? What will happen if we not turn off television in whole night? How to safe the energy? This will encourage pupil to can think scientifically. The students must explore and search the knowledge by theirselves with the help of the teachers as a facilitator and guide. This is important to make sure the students are on the right track. The teacher also needs to enhance moral values in their lesson.