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Name: Ivan D.

Reyes Philosophy DATE: January 11, 2008

SECTION: AC3 PROF: Arguelles

Activity Title: How Do You Wish To Be Remembered By Your Love Ones

or By The World?

Living in Eternity

Oh! What the heck, is this what I’m seeing true? Is this really me inside a
coffin? I can’t believe it, but I guess I have no choice but to accept this fate. Well, it
appears that we are merely visitors in this world, and we came only for a short visit
but; then eventually perish.

But have I really died? What does dying mean anyway? A certain anime
character said and I quote “Man only dies when he is lost in the hearts of those he
love and those who cared from him” and with that in mind, I know I didn’t die.

I may have physically abandoned this world, but I hope that others would still
remember me, the memories which I had left and the legacy I established when I’m
still living.

Here comes my love ones, all of them are in black and most are crying while
others look so downcast. I would not want them to look that way, I never wanted
them to cry when they reminisced their memories of me, but be glad instead. I like
them to view me as someone who is always there for them and one who would
always stand up for each and one of them in times of trial and difficulties in their
life. And ultimately as someone who may not be perfect, but will always try to be
one not just for him but for them as well.

And as for the world, I want it to remember me as one of the greatest man
who ever lived, I want it to forget my name, so that every time it speaks of me, it
would speak of my qualities of both the negative and positive, of my astonishing
accomplishments in the realm of Information Technology, and of what I am as a
whole person in their own perspective when I once lived.

All men lives but not all men truly die, the great ones lived eternally, perhaps
not in this world, but in the hearts of the ones they overwhelmed.
Name: Ivan D. Reyes Philosophy DATE: January 11, 2008
SECTION: AC3 PROF: Arguelles

Activity Title: Do you agree that religious leaders should be given the
chance to run the government to minimize, if not totally
eradicate, graft and corruption?

A Viable Strategy

“Desperate times need desperate measure.”

So as the dictum goes, and so is our government. Amidst the chaotic situation
they are in and the never ending political battling they are doing I wonder if we
Filipinos will buy the notion that we should allow our Religious leaders to run the
government, perhaps they are the one who would put an end to all the misery our
country’s facing.

As for me, there would be no harm in trying, several desperate methods are
pushed and are being pushed, but still show no progress or change at all. Our nation
is continuously struggling to find the right government officials for such a long time.
And maybe, just maybe, they are in the entity of the Holy man, taking in mind that
they live with the holiness and greatness of God that, would reflect the kind of
leadership they may have as well.

We had enough of our past and previous leaders, too greedy and vile, who
transformed our society into a vicious one. If we would just allow our religious leader
to participate in our government, it will give us a brighter hope that they can heal
our society, with our help of course.

If this will come true we can see a better nation in the future. And it would be
the best gift that the government can offer to the new generations to come.
Name: Ivan D. Reyes Philosophy DATE: January 11, 2008
SECTION: AC3 PROF: Arguelles

Activity Title: Research Work # 1

1. Why do Catholics make sign of the cross every time they pass by a church?

- Catholics make sign of the cross eve time they pass by a church to honor Jesus in
the Tabernacle.

Also, why do they ask intercessions from the Blessed Virgin Mary and the

– Catholics ask the saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary to mediate for them. One
reason is that the saints are closer to God then we are here on earth. There is a
belief that the saints and Mama Mary’s prayers are a lot stronger than your own
because they are perfected and in Heaven with God

2. Why Iglesia Ni Cristo members don’t eat dinuguan?

- They believe that blood is sacred because it is the very source of life, and should be
treated with respect

Also, why they don’t accept intermarriage?

- People with contrasting belief both in mind and in heart will never attain true
happiness when they lived together. One could only find a harmonic relation with
the one who share the same belief and conviction he had.

(Not quite sure about this, I just asked my cousin who used to be an Iglesia, he told
me that he is not sure of this)

3. Why do members of the Jehova’s Witnesses would not allow a blood


- The official teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses regards blood as sacred and rejects
allogeneic and pre-operative antilogous transfusions of whole blood, red cells, white cells,
platelets or plasma.] This is based on an understanding of the Biblical admonition, Leviticus
17:11 - 12, "For the life of the flesh is in the blood ... No soul of you shall eat blood,"

4. Why Muslims don’t eat pork?

- There is a part from the Quran prohibiting the consumption of pork; in fact the
Bible too in Leviticus 11, verse 8, regarding swine it says, "of their flesh (of the
swine another name for pig)shall you not eat, and of their carcass you shall not
touch; they are " unclean to you."
Also, why are they allowed to practice polygamy?

- The Quran, too, allowed polygamy, but not without restrictions:

"If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women
of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal
justly with them, then only one" (4:3).